Basically me for an entire month

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • When flu season hit
    Melodic - King Kaiyo
    8.16.18 - Oddwin
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Very Spoopy
    Very Spoopy 9 hours ago


  • Marcus Ledge
    Marcus Ledge 10 hours ago

    Man you funny as hell...subbed

  • King Jamez
    King Jamez 15 hours ago

    *slaps the living shii out of innocent human*
    Common cold: survive

  • Lani Belle
    Lani Belle 15 hours ago


  • Pato
    Pato 17 hours ago

    0:45 "images with powerful auras"

  • godlyBlade
    godlyBlade 20 hours ago

    What is that curtain thing he has outside his door?

  • Bad Guy Forever
    Bad Guy Forever 21 hour ago

    me rn

  • mac34677
    mac34677 Day ago


  • kavmanproductions

    Oh It smell healthy in here!!!!!!

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Day ago

    *S U R V I V E*

  • JayTheCasualGamer

    0:50 when you take a vaccine and it didn't work

  • Rin Amitski
    Rin Amitski Day ago

    I be dying but my mom still sends me to school

  • Rin Amitski
    Rin Amitski Day ago

    Bro same

    MANFOOD MAN Day ago

    I got the same problem at 5th grade

  • ReddxRedd
    ReddxRedd Day ago

    Am i the only person whos nose got slightly clogged from watching this video 😂😂

  • Neat Tea
    Neat Tea Day ago +1

    *"Oh, it smells heathy in here."*

  • Chronical Varsity

    The dweh noise he makes when he gets hit

  • moms spaghetti
    moms spaghetti Day ago

    Wasn't expecting to learn something

  • SShïrø SSùrgê
    SShïrø SSùrgê 2 days ago +1

    Who is watching a month after the vid was posted

  • --
    -- 2 days ago

    Oh I got something for you to do

  • Fox_Sox
    Fox_Sox 2 days ago

    The greatest super power
    Instantly make people hate their life

  • Denise Jimene
    Denise Jimene 3 days ago

    Yoooo we have the same bed cover 🤩

  • 3ch_0 _0
    3ch_0 _0 3 days ago

    S U R V I V E

  • Jauixou A.
    Jauixou A. 4 days ago

    Tell me why this was me a couple weeks ago? I kept sneezing thinking it was allergic but *NOPE* ! Straight up common cold

  • Aaron McCombs
    Aaron McCombs 4 days ago

    What 328 disliked this video? It’s some weirdos out here.

  • man that sucks
    man that sucks 4 days ago

    1:26 *LMFAOOO I’M DEAD*

  • Daundre S.
    Daundre S. 5 days ago

    Still hilarious! Lololol “survive”!!! Literally how it felt last month!!!!! Lolol

  • Ibrahim Conteh
    Ibrahim Conteh 5 days ago

    When it season1 on fortnite and your duo partner kills you 2:03

  • Ibrahim Conteh
    Ibrahim Conteh 5 days ago


  • Chelsea Valentine
    Chelsea Valentine 6 days ago

    Can you do a video on migraines and headaches

  • Serenity Rencher
    Serenity Rencher 6 days ago

    Bruh... this is sooo fucking real....I'm going through this right now😁😫🤒😠🤬🤬😁

  • Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 2

    Me:bye allergies GET THE HELL OUT
    Allergies: want me to stay again?
    The point is
    I’m suppose to get my allergies out of here
    But now it’s just allergies and allergies and a bit less common cold

  • BlueGamer
    BlueGamer 6 days ago

    I'm 15 and this is deep.

  • Liberty Bell
    Liberty Bell 6 days ago +1

    "Oh, It smell healthy up in here"
    *"I Like That"*
    Me: aw, shit! I ain't tryna get sick bro T^T

  • Aus Tronaut
    Aus Tronaut 6 days ago

    1:36 Common Cold turning off your chakra points

  • Hya Moeller
    Hya Moeller 7 days ago

    I know this ain't your fault but I watched this wiTh mMmYyY common cold. It's cheering help-

  • Jayla Alexander
    Jayla Alexander 7 days ago +3

    1:21 that slap had me dyin' laughing 😂😂😭😭💀

    • Brandonlon
      Brandonlon 5 days ago

      Jayla Alexander
      *S U R V I V E*

  • Reflective Moni
    Reflective Moni 7 days ago +7

    As someone who suffer from sinus since I was 21, I relate to this on a mental and spiritual level.

  • Tmakavelli
    Tmakavelli 7 days ago

    Osmosis Jones

  • puppyscruff
    puppyscruff 7 days ago

    I still think you need more subscribers then pewdiepie

  • FuriousTiger8878
    FuriousTiger8878 7 days ago +1

    No one:
    Vegans in the vegetable isle of the Shop Rite: 0:42

  • Shadowshard1001
    Shadowshard1001 7 days ago

    This is legit me for the whole year allergies for the whole summer and spring then common cold for fall and winter then I'm allergic to dogs and cats even though I still love them, my life is turf bro 😭

  • Alexis Diamond
    Alexis Diamond 7 days ago +4

    Allergies: *leaves*
    CalebCity: Finally-
    Common Cold: *I'm about to end this whole mans career*

  • Narrow Spread
    Narrow Spread 8 days ago

    The Bommon Bold.

  • VisKeroo
    VisKeroo 8 days ago

    I literally never had that
    Atleast no with those symptom
    I just go achuu and that's it

  • SaifXad
    SaifXad 8 days ago +1

    Man your lucky my door already broken 😢😭

  • a3 blac24
    a3 blac24 8 days ago

    I’ve never related to something so much in my life

  • SVFFriday s
    SVFFriday s 8 days ago

    This is just the common cold

  • Meesh S
    Meesh S 9 days ago

    Literally me for two weeks in the middle of May

  • vleesevlons
    vleesevlons 9 days ago

    All I'm gonna say is Xylometazoline

  • o'brian king
    o'brian king 9 days ago

    Yoooo this was legit me

  • Xonix Striker
    Xonix Striker 9 days ago

    Common cold - true evil villain , boi just comes into random ass houses to fuck ya day up

  • The bibliophilic player. 1000 subscriber challenge.

    328 shits were sick and pressed the wrong button.

  • Pancake
    Pancake 10 days ago

    Lmao, he got that magnet screen for the doorway

  • echoedlegend
    echoedlegend 10 days ago

    I am watching this while getting over a week long cold and this made my night thank you caleb!

  • Lucas Bitencourt
    Lucas Bitencourt 10 days ago +1

    I can feel that coughing beat

  • Dontee Weaver
    Dontee Weaver 11 days ago +1


  • julian12465
    julian12465 11 days ago

    What if you wanted to go outside
    but Common Cold said *SURVIVE*

  • Andy Tran
    Andy Tran 11 days ago

    cold: *S U R V I V E*

  • Zombieguy2006
    Zombieguy2006 11 days ago

    No joke this happened in April I had a cold and allergies

  • drzloewayv
    drzloewayv 11 days ago

    Smacked him and said survive

  • Bryce allen
    Bryce allen 11 days ago +4

    The allergies one got me😂

  • In Between
    In Between 12 days ago

    Actually really accurate 😂

    DERRICK BACHA 12 days ago

    You left your door open😂😂😂

  • justin why_1
    justin why_1 12 days ago +3

    I know I smell healthy, but you don't want me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 12 days ago


  • Zack Corduan
    Zack Corduan 12 days ago

    Do feet

  • Titan Mc Shane
    Titan Mc Shane 12 days ago


  • Berny Fontil
    Berny Fontil 12 days ago


  • SSJ Arnold
    SSJ Arnold 12 days ago

    Is this the second part of "Me during any season change"

  • Imprint Beats [SegaMercury]

    At least he gave him some tissues.

  • Sipho AstralMan
    Sipho AstralMan 13 days ago +2

    When he lost his hearing it sent me to a new dimension of laughter

  • Lucas
    Lucas 13 days ago

    "Hey, I'm here for the interview."

  • Wafflecop124
    Wafflecop124 13 days ago

    1:20 My grades

  • Hero of Slime
    Hero of Slime 13 days ago

    This is making me dead inside lol
    Too relatable

  • alien sauce
    alien sauce 14 days ago

    anti-vax kids:
    *oh it smell healthy in here*

  • Carried Cannon
    Carried Cannon 14 days ago

    Just watching this I got a cold😔

  • Black Mug
    Black Mug 14 days ago

    Basically me for an entire vacation.

  • Tessa Gray
    Tessa Gray 14 days ago

    *Watch the fan! watch the fan!*

  • Alyssa Arriola
    Alyssa Arriola 14 days ago


  • That_Anime_Girl_
    That_Anime_Girl_ 14 days ago

    0:13 I have that at my house on my door and it’s so satisfying to see it do that

  • WhiteCourtain
    WhiteCourtain 14 days ago

    S U R V I V E

  • 18Imani Donovan
    18Imani Donovan 15 days ago

    Yo what kind of common cold is this??? It took his ability to see clearly!!!???

  • Buns for Funs
    Buns for Funs 15 days ago

    what is the soundtrack at 1:25 called?

  • Tyamon Cotton
    Tyamon Cotton 15 days ago

    Nigga slap his ass😂😂😂😂

  • Prince Holiday
    Prince Holiday 15 days ago +1

    Don’t trip imma see you again. Real soon😂

  • Chillin' with TaJai
    Chillin' with TaJai 15 days ago +1


  • SAM_ Jumpingblock206
    SAM_ Jumpingblock206 15 days ago

    "I got something to do for you"

  • gloria lalor
    gloria lalor 15 days ago

    You’re awesome. So talented man

  • Yeno SeeKnowt
    Yeno SeeKnowt 15 days ago

    That was me for years

  • requix
    requix 15 days ago +2

    no one:
    Common cold: SURVIVE

  • Angelica Muse
    Angelica Muse 15 days ago


  • Nicholas Mari
    Nicholas Mari 15 days ago

    1:20 when you find that one kid you hated in 8th grade

  • Tamara vonBiedenfeld
    Tamara vonBiedenfeld 15 days ago +1

    I went from allergies to a cold in 3 days. Even with medicine.

  • Baelong Jr
    Baelong Jr 15 days ago

    What’s the outro song?!?!?

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 15 days ago

    Can someone tell me what the music was at 2:00?
    Or anything that sounds similar at least
    It was so peaceful

  • Kaye Boogie
    Kaye Boogie 15 days ago

    I hate when I'm feeling perfectly fine, and then I start getting a sore throat, then the next day, I feel like I'm actually dying.

  • zerø
    zerø 15 days ago

    *s u r v i v e*

  • Lilli. 24
    Lilli. 24 15 days ago +1

    Literally just recovered from the WORST cold ever and this is just what I needed 😓👏

  • Perfected Omega Productions

    I’m dying