• Published on Nov 11, 2019
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    Kids who can sleep without clothes on meme
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Comments • 2 082

  • Mr. Blue donkey
    Mr. Blue donkey 24 days ago +1922

    Subscribe to clumsy

  • samo mano
    samo mano Hour ago

    When your mom says "save the rapping"
    I start beatboxing
    mom punches herself in face

  • Bill Webb
    Bill Webb 22 hours ago


  • Dr.AsianRice
    Dr.AsianRice Day ago

    0:43 you forgot sing

    *me after typing that*
    “ok boomer”

  • Sprinter Trueno
    Sprinter Trueno Day ago

    You m**f**s leave my Rainbow Dash alone!!! :)

  • Tony DeMarco
    Tony DeMarco Day ago

    You say doritoes are the escape, but I have dumb braces

  • Mr.Lewis
    Mr.Lewis Day ago

    13:57 yeah, probably for me the same HER WORST NIGHTMARE.

  • Eevee co Offical

    Gamers:*leaves minecraft for fortnite*
    Also Gamers:*leaves fortnite for minecraft*
    Minecraft:You cant live up to your own failure
    Where did that bring you? back to me -_|

  • Still Clapxz
    Still Clapxz Day ago


  • Blood Cleaver
    Blood Cleaver 2 days ago

    8:33 Hey what about pin head

  • Anthony Scotillo
    Anthony Scotillo 2 days ago

    14:25 to 14:42
    Train Go BOOM

  • Demon Pumpkin
    Demon Pumpkin 2 days ago

    me in 2104 : *sees a karen walk in* war like flashback

  • Sarina Camacho
    Sarina Camacho 2 days ago

    lol when they spoke Italian they in that meme the captions translated to skull turkey piccolo murder

  • Vendetta Incognito
    Vendetta Incognito 3 days ago +1

    I almost said "i want"at spongebobs buns while watching this with my parents

  • Mercury_Mad_Dog
    Mercury_Mad_Dog 4 days ago

    This video made me appreciate my grandma

  • æ _gacha
    æ _gacha 4 days ago

    6:55 autism was first discovered in 1942

  • tanner
    tanner 4 days ago

    At 15 seconds it would be bonjour comment tou tappele

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White 4 days ago


  • Aaliah Elsi
    Aaliah Elsi 4 days ago

    11:46 is so relatable to me

  • Random assassination 123

    Girls: how did you not cry in titanic
    Me: -demonic voice- ever felt the pain of braking glass without silk touch

  • Krypton Plays
    Krypton Plays 5 days ago

    11:35 soooooo real

  • Reuben Sibbald
    Reuben Sibbald 5 days ago

    9:37 i speak italian and i understand what this means lol

  • SheepishSharkie
    SheepishSharkie 5 days ago

    Me: sleeps naked*
    The dead person in the cell next to me waiting to be chosen for expection: 💀

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 6 days ago

    Who else searched the keyboard cat

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King 6 days ago

    Not even a soul
    Cats wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAaaaaaaAAAaaa

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 7 days ago

    The third one really got me since I'm french 😂

  • Hayden Brooks
    Hayden Brooks 7 days ago

    14:27 just F

  • Spyjams08 The Roblox Master

    Did this packet in science class, I almost did that but sorta needed a good grade.

  • Stanky
    Stanky 8 days ago

    I got the boomerang right when it came up

  • Crushumalisha Channels

    2,051st commet

  • ADailyDoseOfSkate
    ADailyDoseOfSkate 8 days ago +1

    Subcribe to crumsy

  • Lily Master of memes
    Lily Master of memes 9 days ago +2

    I’d play with them
    Any Brony hater is a friend of mine
    My fandom is prone to bronies we need backup

  • oneword 29
    oneword 29 9 days ago

    4:07 tbh that looks fun

  • Slinkyboi
    Slinkyboi 10 days ago

    Just in case you didn’t know the French meme said hello sir it’s ok... listen here you little shit

  • me also me
    me also me 10 days ago

    Love the vids sorry i had to press the dislike so i will make it 420

  • A PRESON!!!???
    A PRESON!!!??? 10 days ago

    Me:(sees dislikes 419)
    Also me: I’m gonna press its

  • ZTheOrangeWolf YT
    ZTheOrangeWolf YT 10 days ago

    3:01 then im a 60s kid.

  • Kaydxn_editz
    Kaydxn_editz 11 days ago +2

    Thots on pyjama day when boys sleep naked: ah boys we'ved hit the mother load

  • Matthew Uriarte
    Matthew Uriarte 11 days ago

    2:08 was my fave

  • Korbin Batting
    Korbin Batting 12 days ago

    1:23 I cried at that part

  • Daphne Macedonia
    Daphne Macedonia 12 days ago

    1:58 though

  • William Alvarado
    William Alvarado 12 days ago

    My mom:what?
    Me:did u jst say what nani meant?

  • Poke Dan
    Poke Dan 13 days ago

    2:17 ok
    2:18 ok
    2:19 ok
    2:20 WTH

  • Nitro Killer
    Nitro Killer 14 days ago

    2:20 you forgot the jellyfish jam

  • Toothless : p
    Toothless : p 14 days ago

    Please stop making as many jokes about autism because it could be taken the wrong and it is quit rude for people that have it, also, PEOPLE WITH AUTISM ARN’T DUMB OR INCOMPETENT!!! Stop thinking that, it is not funny. THANK YOU.
    Btw not a hate comment, just a bit insulted!!

  • Ellam21 :3
    Ellam21 :3 14 days ago

    I laughed when watching Titanic

  • MoonstoneLuigi’s Animations

    7:14 **my fursona being a raccoon**
    me: **ugly sobbing**

  • William Julius
    William Julius 14 days ago

    Confused 100

  • Laughwondugh Steel
    Laughwondugh Steel 14 days ago

    I like how most people wait for the PC to restart. I just yank the plug

  • Phil Phlanigen
    Phil Phlanigen 15 days ago

    We just gonna ignore "are nuns CIA or FBI"?


    1:24 my older cousin told me that when he saw transformers the movie(not that Michal bay crap) he cried when the autobots died and his girlfriend just said "there just robots"

  • Deimos Reid
    Deimos Reid 15 days ago

    I hate this

  • Goth Kitty
    Goth Kitty 15 days ago +1

    2:41 THAT is NOT a rice cooker! THAT is trauma

  • ozzy_ boss_19
    ozzy_ boss_19 16 days ago +1

    11:32 so true I can't think of any other way that I learned english.

    In the Netherlands (in dutch)
    Teacher: alright everyone today we are going to learn English.
    Me: I already know what all of the words mean.

  • Softgirl Xx
    Softgirl Xx 16 days ago

    1:22 noooooo I literally just got over that and forgot it ughhhhh 😭😭😭😭

  • Doge_Playz_MC
    Doge_Playz_MC 16 days ago

    What's this music call its really good

  • Spid3r Sauce
    Spid3r Sauce 16 days ago


    when you get 1st in line but your almost last to wherever your going.

    [Visible irritation]

  • Pokecat90
    Pokecat90 16 days ago

    1:55 dirty

    OBESE HAMSTER NUGGET 17 days ago

    3:05 boomer rang