How Bill Belichick and the Patriots held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    In my latest video breakdown, I wanted to see how the Patriots held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl. We’ll cover:
    1. Bill Belichick’s game plan
    2. Front seven’s performance and how they took away the Rams’ zone running game
    3. Coverage trends that Belichick used to counter Sean McVay’s scheme
    4. Jared Goff's performance - Was it as bad as people thought it was?
    Hope you enjoy the show!
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  • Mokouteh Toe
    Mokouteh Toe Day ago

    Personally I expected the Rams to do better.

  • Robert Sharpless
    Robert Sharpless 2 days ago

    It’s easy to scheme when you know what they were running*** Joey porter is still around you should ask him what he thinks about their schemes

    EULISS BENOIT 3 days ago

    The Rams suck

  • Manny Jimenez
    Manny Jimenez 4 days ago

    It’s so oblivious why the rams suck balls is that there fucken coach sucks he so overrated he can even adjust in the second half golf sucks as a Qb and it will show when 2019 season starts

  • 1960jack
    1960jack 4 days ago

    Hey L.A. LAMBS at least my team can get in the end zone when they get to the Super Bowl, still own the dumbest play call in Super bowl history but ... Go SEAHAWKS, Belicheck is one hell of a coach!

  • Everything
    Everything 4 days ago

    the patriots gameplan really great, must be cheating XD

    JAMES CONNOR 5 days ago


  • yersopunk
    yersopunk 5 days ago

    How many times have New England coaches or players been fined or suspended for cheating?? Where was Robert Kraft arrested?? You think Kraft wouldnt cheat at football when hes out getting with teen girls at sex massage parlors?? Just so happens Kraft and Goodell are bffs....Im sure its all just coincidence

  • C. S.
    C. S. 5 days ago

    I'm beginning to think this Belichick fellow has a future in the NFL.

  • Charlie Vespa
    Charlie Vespa 6 days ago

    How the rams held the patriots to 13 points

  • JuniorandPatty MacArthur

    Thank you for the breakdown.....

  • Nathan Cordrey
    Nathan Cordrey 7 days ago

    The reason the patriots see so much success is due to Bill not playing the current game. He plans his plays to throw off future opponents. He dominated the rams because he set them up to think he would play more man due to previous weeks. But Bill knew this and adjusted. Most coaches dont have that awareness. Between the amazing players and a coach who can see what happens before it does, it makes a hard team to take down.

  • Mxeno skorpion
    Mxeno skorpion 7 days ago


  • 1017ALYX 9SM
    1017ALYX 9SM 7 days ago

    Held em to 3 points because the rams weren’t supposed to be in the Super Bowl in the first place. Coming from a Pats fan, it should’ve Been Brady vs Brees

  • Edwen Casaus
    Edwen Casaus 7 days ago

    By copying what the Bears did to them earlier in the season

  • BlizzardPeak
    BlizzardPeak 8 days ago

    The Rams defense played a game they’d win 9/10 times. Holding Brady and the Pats to 13 points. The offense just couldn’t get a thing done.

  • Vick P
    Vick P 8 days ago

    All i seen basically was hightower all over the place he is a clutch smart defensive player

  • Vegas eye Media
    Vegas eye Media 8 days ago

    This game was like watching Floyd mayweather. Masterful but not very entertaining. Just a dude at the absolute pinnacle of his game.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 8 days ago

    If you have the personal you can copy this and adjust it to your system before and during the game.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 8 days ago

    It was a master class in the adage that defense wins championships.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 8 days ago +1

    The Rams really missed Cooper Kupp as well in the SB because he was like their Julian Edelman.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 8 days ago

    Remember to that the Bears ran this defense in December and the Pat's took that and tweaked it to fit their system. Seriously look at the film of that game. In addition remember Belecheck stopped the 49's in the 80's, The Bills in the 90's and the Rams in the 00's. Too bad the Saints didn't get there.

  • Freddy Ruelas
    Freddy Ruelas 8 days ago

    Cheating patriots cheating Brady

  • Jeff splatford
    Jeff splatford 8 days ago

    Simplified ..The rams gave up on the run Game WAY to early .. dont know if gurley was injured or what. But they put the ball in Goff's hands . without even a half assed attempt at a run game the pats defense had no reason to play them honest

    N0TYALC 8 days ago

    Tom Brady is the only man alive who could score a measly 13 points against the 19th best defense in the league, while his defense holds the #2 offense in the league to only 3 points... and still win MVP.

    FANG THEHEROWOLF 8 days ago +1

    If cooper kupp was playing it would have been a whole different game. The D killed pats, however the D got tired cuz rams Off was playing stupid.

  • bigbear76095
    bigbear76095 8 days ago

    They copied the Bears

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee 8 days ago

    Yeah and Cooks dropped TWO TDs!

  • EJ 13
    EJ 13 9 days ago +2

    Cooks why rams lost if you ask me man drop TWO tds

      FANG THEHEROWOLF 8 days ago

      @Andrew Rincon kupp is just a vital player becuse he forces LBs to be humble or get scored and that opens it up for bombs

    • Andrew Rincon
      Andrew Rincon 8 days ago

      That’s very true and that’s because he isn’t that type of player. I’m a Rams fan and we needed Cooper Kupp more than ever in this game. He’s big enough to get over guys and has proven that he can catch the big passes like during the Vikings Wednesday night game. Coop is my favorite player on the team and I hope he comes back healthy and strong next season

      FANG THEHEROWOLF 8 days ago

      He did drop 2 but rams didnt run it like the used to

  • Brett Sterken
    Brett Sterken 9 days ago

    Easy, they didn't belong there and knew it.

  • horsedevoursy
    horsedevoursy 9 days ago

    "Objectively a well coached team". Objective does not mean consensus. I've heard people misuse that recently, the way literally has been misused. Consensus or undisputed is more appropriate. Just a tip.

  • Alex Mathis
    Alex Mathis 9 days ago

    Man need some arrows

  • Kevin Harris Sr
    Kevin Harris Sr 9 days ago +1

    The rams lost because they're not patient on offense. Sometimes you have to take what the defense gives you. Goff repeatedly ignored the check off guy and tried to get the ball down the field againt mostly zone defense. For the rams to truly take the next step they absolutely have to demonstrate more patience and stop with the long ball throws. After watching tape, im sure Mcvay will figure it out.

  • laidbacc9
    laidbacc9 9 days ago

    It's called cheating! Something they're good at!

  • my take on
    my take on 9 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 blah blah blah,the only reason is Rams QB had no intention on winning the game...he gave up 3 mi utes in to the game,you can see his face when he walked back to rhe bench
    Sometime during the game Rams pick up a first down...but Dumbass Rams QB is seen walking back to the bench until one if his players had to go get him back 😂😂😂😂

  • Rodger Morrison
    Rodger Morrison 9 days ago

    Haha stolen play books , wire tap locker room ? Deflated footballs , can't touch Brady ! Hmmm let me think , maybe one flag changes the game . Non flags ?

  • George Washington
    George Washington 9 days ago +1

    O:09 - You meant "unstoppable" right?

  • nydwarf1
    nydwarf1 10 days ago

    So the Patriots cheated, got it!

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass 10 days ago

    Skill and brilliance

  • KT420ish
    KT420ish 10 days ago +7

    Can someone call John Madden so we can get some circles and arrows drawn in this video. You lost me on the first minute

    • jnordne2
      jnordne2 3 days ago

      Now here's a guy...

  • yetor K10 benton
    yetor K10 benton 10 days ago

    The Pats placed more players in the box, shutting down the rushing game that killed the Cowboys. They boxed in Goff so he had no place to run, the constant pressure rattled this young QB early and often. Not to mention the Rams were helped out by officials from California in both the Cowboys and Saints playoff games. With one hand briefly touching Dak he was ruled down and the CB hit the WR long before the ball arrived in the Saints game. One of the most corrupt years in playoff history, the NFL is hitting rock bottom fast.

  • catronc22
    catronc22 10 days ago

    The weakness of Bill’s defense is man to man coverage. That’s how you attack. See the NYG and Philly SB games. You have to make the LBs cover. Goff hasn’t learned yet the nuances of the defenses and what to look out for. He’ll struggle until he does.

  • Jerry Junior
    Jerry Junior 10 days ago

    Wished they would’ve been shutout 👀 that had been amazing considering they were the highly powered and undefeated offense in the league that season.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 10 days ago

    Bill Belichick aggressively stole back his hoodie in this game after haters started to creep in all year long. One of the best defensive performances in super bowl history.

  • john wonder
    john wonder 10 days ago +1

    Another example of Brady's greatness. He was a second year Quarterback when he played in his first Super Bowl. He handled the pressure and the #2 Pick in the draft, Jarrod Goff, didnt.

    • Andrew Rincon
      Andrew Rincon 8 days ago

      Jacob Lee Brady dick riders just live with their head stuck in the sand

    • Jacob Lee
      Jacob Lee 8 days ago

      Are you f'king kidding!? Brady didn't play well at all! The Pats won this game because of their D.

  • walter hicks
    walter hicks 10 days ago

    I predict the worst ratings for the NFL, ever, this upcoming 2019/2020 season.

    • OC Beezilla
      OC Beezilla 10 days ago

      walter hicks I don’t understand a word your thinking, also, yes, I do have testicles, believe it or not. I also chose lung cancer because I would have a higher chance of dying instead of reading your comments. Also why are you getting all aggressive? I called you an idiot once, it’s almost like you’re self conscious and insecure...

    • walter hicks
      walter hicks 10 days ago

      @OC Beezilla That's what I thought cupcake,...keep walking.

    • walter hicks
      walter hicks 10 days ago

      @OC Beezilla Lung cancer would be your only option, as you lack the balls for Testicular cancer. Now go put on your cheerleaders outfit, Alex Smith is 'cuming for you'.

    • OC Beezilla
      OC Beezilla 10 days ago

      walter hicks that sentence gave me stage 4 lung cancer. What was that even supposed to say

    • walter hicks
      walter hicks 10 days ago

      @OC Beezilla LOLOL....found the groupie. You like your football boiz alot,...don't ya Sparkles?

  • Thomas Dellarosa
    Thomas Dellarosa 11 days ago

    All the games are rigged that's how . Fucking Jews ,all they do is lie . Lie when we're face to face , it won't end well for you , fucking Jew bastard .

  • Cliff Hanger
    Cliff Hanger 11 days ago

    The RAMs should a won but even my team the Broncos held them to a low score.

  • ram29jackson
    ram29jackson 11 days ago

    Because its what the league wanted. Sports is staged entertainment

  • badgyrl310
    badgyrl310 11 days ago +8

    The Rams got embarrassed and as a Saints fan, I'm happy about it. 😁😂 Is it petty? Hell yes. Do I give a damn? Absolutely not. 💅

      FANG THEHEROWOLF 8 days ago

      But the saints early in the season should have lost 5 games but it caught up with them. Watch football

    • James Hersom
      James Hersom 10 days ago +1

      I still want a pats saints Superbowl.

  • nallen100
    nallen100 11 days ago

    First play of the game was a tripping play on 98 of he defense. No call

  • Johnny M
    Johnny M 12 days ago

    Let say Bill Belichek outsmart and outwork Shaun Mcvay and Pats def line dominate Rams Off line. that is why they where very slapy by number of plays they didn finish his guy on time and so on. That is difrence between Patriots and other teams there is not individual slapy playes you do yours job or get out there.

  • nate stroh
    nate stroh 12 days ago

    This was our BEST defensive performance’s since the parting of Matt Patricia. Bill will always be a defense Jedi. None better.

  • Coach Tim Mendoza
    Coach Tim Mendoza 12 days ago +1

    Not only Goff, but McVay played into their hands by not being better prepared for a defense the Pats used in the AFC Championship game. McVay & Goff get way too much credit. Goff was not up to the competition, and McVay was out coached, HEAVILY.

    • Andrew Rincon
      Andrew Rincon 8 days ago

      Who exactly is Goff throwing to other than Cooks? Our best wide receiver was out with and ACL injury. If Cooper Kupp played this game things are a lot more closer. He would have caught at least 1 of those 2 TD passes Cooks dropped guaranteed.

  • Bradley Walker
    Bradley Walker 12 days ago +1

    Jared Goff is why

  • Darren B.
    Darren B. 13 days ago

    Belichick has been in the league for 50 years...he knows every concept..every route just 9 of them...and run play left or right and middle...

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 13 days ago

    Goff’s youth was exposed during this game. Bill B and Brian Flores took full advantage. Goff will be ok. He’s definitely the future but this defensive scheme was masterful. Congrats to the Pats again.

  • Bob Gentry
    Bob Gentry 13 days ago

    Prob cheated like usual

  • Jackson Mcmurray
    Jackson Mcmurray 14 days ago

    The chiefs offensive line did better against the Patriots defense.

  • Bret Yeilding
    Bret Yeilding 14 days ago

    Excellent breakdown. Are you a coach, Samuel?

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 14 days ago

    To this day No1 mentions Goff’s horrible footwork misstep that caused a poor pass
    Is this the twilight zone or what ?

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 14 days ago

    “Reynolds realistically would’ve been destroyed anyway”
    That SOME analysis

  • gls600
    gls600 15 days ago

    The rams needed to use reverses, screen passes, and bootlegs because the Pats were overcomitting.

  • Jae Crae
    Jae Crae 19 days ago

    This is brian Flores work. His defense. Now he is my new head coach. Look out everyone here come the Dolphins!!

  • Larry Calicchio
    Larry Calicchio 19 days ago

    Bill can thank Vic Fangio for that gameplan.

  • Damon Johnson
    Damon Johnson 20 days ago

    Todd Gurley was injured and cook is overrated Tom Brady look like like a bum had a weak ass game

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 20 days ago

    The Patriots got their blueprint from my Lions 🦁, but boy did the Patriots kick the shit out of the Rams.

  • Troy James
    Troy James 21 day ago

    By the time Goff had chances to hit tight windows he had already lost his confidence
    Rams need to trade Goff after this tear when he is still worth something and tank for Trevor Lawrence

    • Andrew Rincon
      Andrew Rincon 8 days ago

      Who exactly is Goff throwing to other than Cooks? Our best wide receiver was out with and ACL injury. If Cooper Kupp played this game things are a lot more closer. He would have caught at least 1 of those 2 TD passes Cooks dropped, guaranteed. I like Goff and want him to stay as our QB.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 21 day ago

    7:45 if it was third down a check down at the 50 yardline isnt gonna get you into field goal ramge

  • Dorothy McDonald
    Dorothy McDonald 21 day ago

    BY CHEATING no just kidding but that’s what people said after the super bowl