I Make YouTube a Diamond Dislike Button (and then mail it to them)

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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    TVclip Rewind 2018 hit over 10 Million dislikes and since TVclip rewards creators with the diamond play button if they get over 10 million subs, I figured they needed a reward! So I made them one. I also shipped it to them, lol.
    So that I know they received it, it would be really cool if you would tweet a picture of it to @TVclip and we'll see if they respond :) Love you guys
    Also, I wanna give a big thank you to my sisters for helping me with some sweet dancing. Here are their Instagrams:
    Ashfield- @ashfieldmay
    Annie Rose- @annieoftheroses
    And Eliza

    My Instagram @bobbydukearts
    and Twitter @bobbydukearts
    and Patreon www.patreon.com/bobbydukearts
    and P.O. Box
    Bobby Duke
    9463 Benbrook Blvd. #1135
    Benbrook, TX 76126
    #subscribetopewdiepie #playbutton #bobbydukearts
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  • Bobby Duke Arts
    Bobby Duke Arts  Month ago +11659

    To all of the people saying that TVclip can just turn it upside down to make a thumbs-up button. Watch till the end ya dingus. Also, if you would like to see more pictures of it, follow me on Instagram @bobbydukearts and Twitter @bobbydukeart yaaaaaay!!

    • Razinoid
      Razinoid Day ago

      What does the dog at the end have to do with turning it upside down?

    • Stacey Morgan
      Stacey Morgan 4 days ago

      Hello bobbydukeart I have designed a TVclip Wall play button please contact me at StacyMo40383505 MY TWITTER ACCOUNT.. all I want to do is send you a video trust me leave me it is beautiful leave me a message let me send you a video please and thank you sir I love your artwork keep it up

    • Rice Is For Dinner
      Rice Is For Dinner 5 days ago

      hilarious :D

    • P1 K1dding
      P1 K1dding 5 days ago +1

      +super NERDY Twat (JK) but still, don't!

    • Sameer Karn
      Sameer Karn 6 days ago

      +Katherine McGuire I was the follower of him since he made a disstrack on my country I realised that I made a huge mistake by supporting him . I don't care what he said to t series but he don't have any right to say my country...

  • Avill95
    Avill95 53 minutes ago

    i hit the dislike button 4 times, and the like button 3 times

  • Blight-kunシ
    Blight-kunシ 9 hours ago

    just flip it, BOOM like button

  • Metsurit
    Metsurit 13 hours ago

    5k dislikes = 5k youtube agents

  • Batool Alhibshi
    Batool Alhibshi 16 hours ago +1

    pleaaasseee make a cloud out of aerogel. Like one of those giant room decor ones. theyre mostly made of cotton but no matter how expertly crafted they are they always end up looking like a blob of cotton, aerogel on the other hand looks like actual gas but its a solid so i think itll be more realistic looking.

  • Meme's art
    Meme's art 20 hours ago

    It's beautiful 👌 👎

  • Crijen Crayon
    Crijen Crayon 21 hour ago

    he sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  • Mackenzie Wells
    Mackenzie Wells 23 hours ago

    He Lowkey reminds me of Ryan Reynolds. Idk why 😂

  • JedHead
    JedHead 23 hours ago

    who else stopped to read the letter he put inside the case? because I did lol.

  • Ella Harris
    Ella Harris Day ago

    I can’t get over his “Vincent Van Go Away” shirt *I NEED ONE*

  • Chloe Lopez
    Chloe Lopez Day ago

    Why do you bite and lick everything you create or get? 😂😂

  • Kid golden Foxy the pirate

    You need a silver like button

  • FlameDestroyer
    FlameDestroyer Day ago

    XD 6:59 there’s one thing that’s missing the diamond play button ahah

    What you doing like my jokes come on

  • Trestan Ray
    Trestan Ray Day ago

    This would be clever, if they couldn't just fucking FLIP IT OVER

  • Stacey Morgan
    Stacey Morgan Day ago

    @Bobby Duke HELLO SIR .... I am the one that showed you my BUTTON LOL {TVclip BUTTON}

  • Katherine Richardson

    I even love his sponsor bits. No one is trying to steal my bank info cause I'm damn broke its hour cut season.



  • Bearlyyy Draws
    Bearlyyy Draws Day ago

    What if they tur upside

  • I Suck At Life
    I Suck At Life Day ago

    Burn intensifies

  • Minegeorge
    Minegeorge Day ago

    7:17 *AHAHAHA (looks at the telescope )LOOK A DAT , THAT HAT*

  • Matas Mazevicius

    I have 7 subs

  • Nightmare Bunny
    Nightmare Bunny Day ago

    That hashtag subscribe to pewds made me cry

  • Sascha Shám
    Sascha Shám 2 days ago

    Everyone: memes
    Me: damn his daughters are pretty

  • Mic Puffletin
    Mic Puffletin 2 days ago

    I agree that KPop was needed

  • fastjesse jr
    fastjesse jr 2 days ago

    “Ahhh that’s hot”

  • Tamjid Hossain
    Tamjid Hossain 2 days ago

    He lowkey sounds like MrBeast

  • LILProductions
    LILProductions 2 days ago

    I ' M S O P R O U D O F T H I S C O M M U N I T Y .

  • Devang Baheti
    Devang Baheti 2 days ago

    ElectroBOOM got me here

  • CadiroPT
    CadiroPT 2 days ago

    they will use it upside down anyway

  • Mark Tikhansky
    Mark Tikhansky 2 days ago

    Direct action

  • Conscire Shooter
    Conscire Shooter 2 days ago

    You are that special class of thankless retards who crap where they eat. Let me ask you a question, where would you be without youtube? You think they are not being fair and creative enough, just find yourself a different platform and post there.

  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson

    Don't press read more

    Your 2019 is cursed like to undo

  • Jordan Engen
    Jordan Engen 2 days ago

    They'd probably get it and assume it was a like button at first

  • local Giselle
    local Giselle 2 days ago

    Me after 6:58 - oh oh oooohhh, can’t call me artist

  • Scary Kirby
    Scary Kirby 2 days ago

    The Ruby dislike button would be something

  • Furret
    Furret 2 days ago

    Where can I find TVclip's reply XD

  • Furret
    Furret 2 days ago

    "The kids are in the backseat yelling 'I have to go to the bathroom dad'" So true

  • I H
    I H 3 days ago

    Dude when the TVclip shooting happened this last year I was about 15-20 miles from there offices. I gunned it and followed all the California Highway patrol over the bridge and got there in about ten mins. Had a family member that were one of the responders. I was worried.

  • oyhen_18 #LoveARMY
    oyhen_18 #LoveARMY 3 days ago

    I mentally cried when he said
    “we’re not doing kpop”

  • Azumi Hoshino
    Azumi Hoshino 3 days ago


  • Gus Boi
    Gus Boi 3 days ago

    you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  • Quintin Cipriano
    Quintin Cipriano 3 days ago +1

    TVclip:wats dis?
    *opens it upside down*
    TVclip:oh look it’s a diamond like button
    Bobbby:oh brother

  • Avery Rios
    Avery Rios 3 days ago

    Bobby:*sends to TVclip with a letter about it being a dislike button*
    TVclip:*flips it*

  • Hydra Scarlet
    Hydra Scarlet 3 days ago +1


  • Louco Ao Cubo Oliveira

    Hello , salve Brasil ...

  • ツculpric
    ツculpric 3 days ago

    *_OH YEAH YEAH_*

  • Za Bleanie
    Za Bleanie 3 days ago

    Bobby: as your friend you shouldn’t be online without being protected by a VPN
    Me: ok
    Fangirl: *FRIEND?!?!*

  • Mamta Tiwari
    Mamta Tiwari 3 days ago

    You are graet

  • Human Person
    Human Person 3 days ago

    Every one dislike to share the love it’s already sent to TVclip because you uploaded

  • Rina Dombe
    Rina Dombe 3 days ago

    you're crazy 😂😂😁and Great!

  • B Ningthouja
    B Ningthouja 3 days ago +2

    B'ful sisters..

  • Raven Jhay
    Raven Jhay 3 days ago

    It can be a TVclip Like button by turning it Upside down

  • The Night Sky
    The Night Sky 3 days ago


  • moviemakerwannabe
    moviemakerwannabe 3 days ago

    I wonder if the diamond has separation anxiety.

  • kiet dao
    kiet dao 3 days ago

    What is music

  • Alphα Rσѕíє
    Alphα Rσѕíє 3 days ago

    Even with the label on the back the team at TVclip were probably just assholes and turned it right side up so that it was a "like" button instead.😂 Just to make themselves feel better.

  • Stacey Morgan
    Stacey Morgan 4 days ago


  • Addy Barrett
    Addy Barrett 4 days ago

    He took his fire hand apart😢

  • Joe Pelletier
    Joe Pelletier 4 days ago

    So do I click like or dislike?

  • Ashley Hayes
    Ashley Hayes 4 days ago

    10/10 best sponsor explanation XD

  • clipperjr316
    clipperjr316 4 days ago

    Make another 1 but call it the most subbed channel and send it to T series or Pewdz

  • makenzi jordan
    makenzi jordan 4 days ago

    Why does that look better than The actual TVclip play button

  • FunBuddiesWAHOOOO
    FunBuddiesWAHOOOO 4 days ago

    bobby please when you use the band saw can you play banjo music

  • Mark The Robot
    Mark The Robot 4 days ago

    why didn't i think of that!?

  • KingTube204 ___
    KingTube204 ___ 4 days ago

    We need your help!
    The sub gap between
    PewDiePie and TSeries is coming to a close
    All you need to do is the following steps
    1. Subscribe to PewDiePie
    2.Un Subscribe form TSeries
    3. Dislike TVclip Rewind 2018
    4. Subscribe to Grandaay
    5. Subscribe to Mr.Beast

    Thank you for joining the cause
    I’m sending this to random numbers
    Help by doing the same
    Reply to say you’ve done your part

  • Jocelyn Rios
    Jocelyn Rios 4 days ago

    Take thAt SusAn

  • Fluffy blue thing
    Fluffy blue thing 4 days ago

    Why is this in Make Anything's fusion 360 tutorial playlist

  • Andreas Heger
    Andreas Heger 4 days ago

    If you turn around this button, it will be actually a like button.

  • Moses Rodriguez
    Moses Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Stacey Morgan
    Stacey Morgan 4 days ago

    Bobbydukeart I have followed you on Twitter please accept my invite I have a gorgeous TVclip Wall play button to show you done by a rookie TVclipr. Twitter me at StacyMo40383505 as well I have some pretty cool ostrich egg lamps to show you as well

  • Dennis Türk
    Dennis Türk 4 days ago

    everyone wants to hack me what about my grandma she gonna hack me?

  • Ben
    Ben 4 days ago

    This isn’t the diamond dislike button... this is the diamond like button flipped upside down.

  • YourMum
    YourMum 4 days ago +1

    Every time I go back to rewind to check the dislikes I have to REdislike the video. Everytime.....sus af

  • Circuit Strike
    Circuit Strike 4 days ago

    TVclip’s just gonna send it back to him when he hits 10mil

  • Cathy Banderob
    Cathy Banderob 4 days ago


  • Bianca Editz
    Bianca Editz 4 days ago

    Guys i have a question, who’s the most worst...TVclip rewind(2018) or T-series or...me?

  • AJ Pays
    AJ Pays 5 days ago +1

    One of these days, you're going to loose a finger.

  • Reggaeman YO
    Reggaeman YO 5 days ago

    Any update on this?

  • Tye Delaney
    Tye Delaney 5 days ago

    *Bobby Duke Arts* What are the names of the music you used in this video????

  • Ty
    Ty 5 days ago +1

    Man this guy is funny. Love the sense of humor. And the make skills. So good.

  • LionKing Lover 2
    LionKing Lover 2 5 days ago

    What if this video got 10 million dislikes and youtube gave you a diamond dislike button

  • Rice Is For Dinner
    Rice Is For Dinner 5 days ago

    This is awesome! Sub'd! AND getting NordVPN, Thanks!

  • Little brown girl
    Little brown girl 5 days ago

    I wonder if the youtube team has done an unboxing video of the dislike button!

  • NeedyGamingTV
    NeedyGamingTV 5 days ago

    Whats the end song?

  • Дамир Федоров

    Модная стретимся в Казахстане

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  • Trung Crafter
    Trung Crafter 5 days ago +1

    Also subscribe to Pewdiepie

  • Amar Nath Jha
    Amar Nath Jha 5 days ago +3

    What if youtube sees it upside down and be like wow someone sent us a diamond like button

    • Amar Nath Jha
      Amar Nath Jha Day ago

      +Rin Babiee ohhh right yeah i didnt see it but when they get the box they arent gonna see the bottom

    • Rin Babiee
      Rin Babiee 4 days ago +1


  • I.L SHOW
    I.L SHOW 5 days ago

    Ooh that's hot ♨

  • yumi dua
    yumi dua 5 days ago

    I subscribed not because you're handsome, but that talent is just way too amazing and TVclip should know that. Instead of hating it they should be thankful for the effort you put on making that "dislike button" for them 😁
    Love from the Philippines ❤

  • Hanmant Dole
    Hanmant Dole 5 days ago

    FK *why don't promet small u promet big TVclip only * promet

  • Atharva Garole
    Atharva Garole 5 days ago +1

    The best thing about this dislike button is that if you flip the button it turns into thumbs up button

    WJUSD 5 days ago

    6:43 😂😂😂

  • Tammie Cowan
    Tammie Cowan 5 days ago

    This only my 3rd video ive seen on this channel and the other two i saw, he was always wearing a high collar jacket! And im thinking, ok hes kinda so\so funny but definitely a bit of a "corny dweeb" type dude, right?! And here i am watching this one and.... Whoa, 😮😵😱 what do i see!? A straight up Neck Tat! 😵😰😂 Ok well my whole perception of him just changed, can he keep up with it!? We shall see... Carry on... 😂😂😂 LMAO

  • Vishal Daberao
    Vishal Daberao 5 days ago

    Just create a like button and put it upside down.

  • Olivia Hederstrom
    Olivia Hederstrom 6 days ago

    My fellow weirdo. I love yo channel. 📱🎮📷📹🎥📁📂📃📄📂📁big chungus

  • Patrick Trist
    Patrick Trist 6 days ago

    You just got demonitised

  • Flappable
    Flappable 6 days ago

    and by lets, i mean-

  • Ilay Ozkara
    Ilay Ozkara 6 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that the title is wrong, TVclip and A is in the wrong position 😂

  • Harold Petiluna
    Harold Petiluna 6 days ago

    You shouldve put the 13 mil dislike mark on he literal dislike button so youtube wont make stuff up that its a thumbs up sent my a devoted fan.