Funny Marvel Guys


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  • MistaLee
    MistaLee Day ago

    Now Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio!! XD

  • Hannah Willard
    Hannah Willard Day ago

    Jake gylenhaal

  • Torrdog
    Torrdog 3 days ago

    Funny how Jake is now also a part of Marvel with Mysterio. :P

  • Robert Ramppen
    Robert Ramppen 4 days ago

    She protects herself with an army of women so her friends can all sleep with famous people

  • izzy
    izzy 5 days ago

    Evans always touches his chest when he laughs

  • mobymobzkie
    mobymobzkie 5 days ago

    Anthony Mackie is the new Will Smith

  • Johana Ocampo
    Johana Ocampo 5 days ago

    I've realized that I adore Chris Evans, Hemsworth is funnier than people give him credit for and that I love Sebastian so much that when he's in a clip I blush.

  • Max Scherm
    Max Scherm 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does Chris Hemsworth look like Edward kenway from AC 4

    • Tony Treloar
      Tony Treloar 23 hours ago

      I always thought Kenway looked like a mix of Hemsworth and Heath Ledger.

  • reiwell del
    reiwell del 5 days ago

    And Clarence lives at home with both parents.
    And Clarence's parents have a real good marriage.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 5 days ago

    dave as such a deep voice need him as a tale-teller :o

  • Cristina Daniela
    Cristina Daniela 6 days ago

    Jeremy's What is me everyday πŸ˜‚

  • Ruth K
    Ruth K 6 days ago

    This is such a great video! Whenever I look at other compilations, it seems to me that I've seen 90% of the content before. This video was full of clips I'd never seen before and kept me laughing constantly. Great job, thank you for all the work you put into it!

  • William Kilpatrick
    William Kilpatrick 6 days ago

    Anthony Mackie is just jealous of Tom Holland.

  • anomaly P
    anomaly P 6 days ago

    10:40 'Now THAT's a noif' had me rolling

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera 6 days ago


  • Reginald Dove
    Reginald Dove 7 days ago +2

    Elizabeth Olsen is just divine!

  • Cotton Candy Queen
    Cotton Candy Queen 8 days ago

    99% of these men ARE GIFTS OF GOD FOR THAT COMEDY

  • TheHutch 11
    TheHutch 11 9 days ago

    Drax, what are you wearing?
    Drax, who are you wearing?
    Drax, why are you wearing?

  • Sushan M
    Sushan M 9 days ago

    13:57 - Jeremy!
    - What?

  • Tmo T
    Tmo T 9 days ago

    Simon Pegg is an improv genius and an incredible asshole. Alice Eve had to cover her face and gasp for air. R.I.P. Benedict lol

  • XxTheSlashexX 1
    XxTheSlashexX 1 10 days ago


  • Khemae Almosa
    Khemae Almosa 11 days ago

    "Some of us had intense stunts... She's at a rave the whole movie"
    LMAOOOOOO mackieee πŸ˜‚

    TERMINATOR 54x0 12 days ago

    Im confused
    Do falcon and spiderman actors truly have beef or are they just joking

  • Jacob Guffey
    Jacob Guffey 13 days ago

    16:47 Severed human head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • AramBamari
    AramBamari 13 days ago

    Chris Pratt is just the funniest guy

  • Katelyn Murray
    Katelyn Murray 14 days ago

    So... Macky and the chrises are the funniest.

  • fufuf fuzz
    fufuf fuzz 14 days ago

    3:33 What happened to their hair ?

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 16 days ago

    I love how close Sebastian and Anthony seem to be

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 16 days ago

    Anthony Mackie is hilarious

  • winfaria a
    winfaria a 17 days ago

    Nobody's talking about Chris Pratt burping and farting?πŸ˜‚

  • Angel Lavarez
    Angel Lavarez 18 days ago +2

    Can we just stop and listen to Jeremy Renner's singing.. That was pretty impressive i gotta say.

  • johnny jh
    johnny jh 18 days ago

    1:58 GODDAMN anthony mackie is JACKED holy shit

  • Z.G
    Z.G 20 days ago

    *breathy voice* I used to do Shakespeare …. I nearly died laughin

  • STH
    STH 24 days ago

    2:57 destroyed my faith in Captain America...πŸ˜‚

  • Canon Kingsley
    Canon Kingsley 25 days ago

    It's ok for Jake Gylanhall to be here because he's gonna play Mysterio in Spiderman Far from Home.

  • wolfia 4eva
    wolfia 4eva 27 days ago

    17:55 that's it I'm dead I've finally seen everything thank you πŸ™πŸ‘‹βœŒ

  • Jessy de gamer
    Jessy de gamer Month ago

    10:10 i feel like Chris has walked in heels before

  • veganbutleather
    veganbutleather Month ago

    I laughed for 32 years when Vin Diesel said, β€œyes, father”

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago

    Bring James Gunn back

  • Jesus Pedraza
    Jesus Pedraza Month ago

    5:52 That eyebrow

  • Jemiah DaPap
    Jemiah DaPap Month ago

    8:46 favorite bit so far, 18:21 second. 20:50

  • El Lobo Uchiha
    El Lobo Uchiha Month ago

    I highly appreciate him saying, "synthetic person, please." Because it shows me dedication to his craft of learning who his character is. (+)

  • jinxie712
    jinxie712 Month ago

    Best part is that now Jake Gyllenhaal is now in the MCU. So he's a Marvel guy too.

  • Lily Fire
    Lily Fire Month ago

    2:50 🀣

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist Month ago

    It’s so cringy to see how much these interviewers kiss ass sometimes! act so unbelievably unnatural trying to laugh more then they should overacting and also when they ask these idiotic questions about what their character would say or do. They didn’t write it! Ask the writer and producer. Like, act natural. It’s not respectful, it’s just cringy.

  • Kathy Ford
    Kathy Ford Month ago

    I want to hang out with Macklemore and Stan!

  • Kathy Ford
    Kathy Ford Month ago

    We love Ryan Reynolds!

  • hesham el-sherbiny
    hesham el-sherbiny Month ago

    This real Benedict story cracked me up 🀣

  • Jeremy Karwoski
    Jeremy Karwoski Month ago

    Hugh doing crocodile dundee lmfao

  • Jeremy Karwoski
    Jeremy Karwoski Month ago

    Pratt’s fucking hilarious

  • EleMnT SportZtV
    EleMnT SportZtV Month ago

    20:51 killed me

  • Emily Thibodeau
    Emily Thibodeau Month ago

    This is the best content I've seen all day

  • mysterious mane
    mysterious mane Month ago

    Draxx what are you wearing

  • ranger rick
    ranger rick Month ago

    13:25 is chris okay πŸ˜‚

  • Phoenix Blaze
    Phoenix Blaze Month ago +1

    8:21 *And a lot of people are actually legitamitely concerned.
    So am I. Back to cleaning breast pumps* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Crystal Swift
    Crystal Swift Month ago

    Every single day I just question how Chris Evans could jump over Chris Pratt so easily, and then land so quietly.

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago

    11:36 Renner's eyebrow raise lmfao!

  • Phill Munyaradzi
    Phill Munyaradzi Month ago

    Did Drax say I can move things with my mind(s)?! @ 12:52

  • Oceanic Blue
    Oceanic Blue Month ago

    13:35 I definitely don’t want a full rendition of this xD

  • Berko
    Berko Month ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal now qualifies as a Marvel guy now he's playing Mysterio, spoiler alert..

  • Erik Mudd
    Erik Mudd Month ago

    Hugh jackman: thats a knife

  • abigail
    abigail Month ago

    This is honestly amazing background if you're doing other stuff.

  • R5 Redemtion
    R5 Redemtion Month ago

    Simon Pegg makes a joke about benedict needing a 4 sided Rubix cube instead of a 6 sided rubix cube, but they have nine on each side

  • nxssm
    nxssm Month ago +2

    11:58 23:50πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • - -
    - - Month ago +1

    15:48 who farted ?

  • rain_ droop
    rain_ droop Month ago

    "I use to do Shakespear!"

  • rain_ droop
    rain_ droop Month ago

    Mackie: *talking about Tom Holland.*
    Stan: *just done-*

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 2 months ago

    0:32 HOLY FUCK OH MY G--

  • Aleesha Kaine
    Aleesha Kaine 2 months ago

    18:01 Damn... Chris Evans can jump over a person. I can barely lift myself up

  • Ariadna Cobain
    Ariadna Cobain 2 months ago

    6:35 his lips reads: 'son of a bitch' xd

  • nells _summer
    nells _summer 2 months ago

    β€œ...he writes” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Christopher Tomines
    Christopher Tomines 2 months ago

    Chris Evans and i loves coffee a lot thats insane :) love it l,,btw im chris too hehe

  • SaultnPepper
    SaultnPepper 2 months ago

    7:19 That "Why" made me laugh way too much

  • colaboytje
    colaboytje 3 months ago

    See what steroids do? Look at the body in the movie and look at the body a year later.

  • Noah Sapp
    Noah Sapp 3 months ago

    Chris Evans laugh sounds like a kazoo

  • Brian Baastrup
    Brian Baastrup 3 months ago


  • Jimmy Campbell
    Jimmy Campbell 3 months ago +1

    14:27 he said a bad language word..

  • Jimmy Campbell
    Jimmy Campbell 3 months ago

    2:41 im dead! XD

  • Psy Steinborg
    Psy Steinborg 3 months ago


  • Ray G
    Ray G 3 months ago

    Dave Bautista the most unintentionally funny man on earth

  • The Hero
    The Hero 3 months ago

    I loved the covenant, mostly because I seen in a theatre with 4 girls but sebatian stan did all the work, cheers brother.

  • Sathu
    Sathu 3 months ago +1

    Goodbye Chris Evans!;(

  • Omar Beno
    Omar Beno 3 months ago

    People complaining why Bradley Cooper is in this video...

  • Shrill_
    Shrill_ 3 months ago

    β€œIt’s such a bummer to pass away”

  • zachary939
    zachary939 3 months ago

    How is Terry Cruise NOT in any of these movies?

  • Ben Rice
    Ben Rice 3 months ago

    could not keep a straight face at 8:46

  • Tommy
    Tommy 3 months ago

    That fart tho lol

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 3 months ago

    RDJ is a god damn savage allright

  • Disha Magu
    Disha Magu 3 months ago

    There should be a movie with just all the Chris’s and it should be released on Christmas πŸŽ„

  • Collective. Entertainment
    Collective. Entertainment 3 months ago +1

    I'm fucking dying at 20:53 HAHAHA

  • sirwann
    sirwann 3 months ago

    I must say batista is funniest so is drax in the movies to be honest.

  • Casper91
    Casper91 3 months ago

    Does anyone else think Mackey is funny but also kind of annoying ? Lol

  • Ananya Neralla
    Ananya Neralla 3 months ago

    Jeremy Renner is so hot and cute and not to forget, a brilliant singer~
    I think that chinese interviewer had no clue what "chocolate" Mackie was talking about
    Seb: wow~πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    If 20:55 - 21:19 is true, it makes me love him all the way more~ (is that even physically possible?)
    Most likely to watch KKK
    "Me! Whaddup Chloe? Yeah!"
    Most likely to take a shirtless selfie
    "Me! Whaddup Chloe? Yeah!"
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love this guy

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz 3 months ago

    benedict cumberbatch is the mandarin from iron man 3

  • Manda Hartmann
    Manda Hartmann 4 months ago

    whats the video with the civil war cast eating a dinner?

  • Mi
    Mi 4 months ago

    The amount of Renner made me so happy

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 4 months ago

    0:33 Did he actually just fart?