Casually Explained: Critical Thinking

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • Watch out for those deceptive sachets of fruity flavours.
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  • el peachy
    el peachy Day ago

    Critical thinking is one of the only tests I pass

  • Josh Link
    Josh Link Day ago

    Yeah.... Nobody cares.

  • Krissarii
    Krissarii 2 days ago

    *iTs BiG bRaIn TiMe*

  • DefaultPeak
    DefaultPeak 4 days ago

    Moon truthers unite

  • Alacaster Soi
    Alacaster Soi 15 days ago

    I was like wow these are old jokes.
    Then I seen it was 2018

  • Conmanandahalf
    Conmanandahalf 22 days ago

    Wasn’t the line from 2:52 in another one his videos

  • Judd Otto
    Judd Otto 25 days ago

    Sometimes I think I under-think, then I remember thinking that - is a thought and I move on with life.

  • hey you
    hey you 25 days ago

    Stage 4 would be that "logical conclusions" dont work the way you believe they do and realizing that you're outing youself to be a moron by starting your sentences with "by this logic..". Stage 4 is where you realize that implications don't work the way you think they did and trying to apply classic logical "reasoning" just doesn't work out in a nonmonotonic environment with more uncertainity than you realize. Source: salty and butthurt cs grad student.

  • salaa23
    salaa23 27 days ago

    I am trying to turn the swag down

  • F.
    F. 28 days ago

    2:43 Still waiting for that enlightenment... fml

  • Cameraman
    Cameraman 29 days ago

    That last quote is bs because we all know you don’t have friends

  • spim randsley
    spim randsley Month ago

    CHICAGO -- Chicago's Shedd Aquarium unveiled a new Water Touch Tank exhibit Wednesday, offerng children of all ages the opportunity to observe and pet the beautiful marine liquid in its natural environment. "Many of our young guests have already seen water, most likely in textbooks or during previous...

  • SeppukuKitty !
    SeppukuKitty ! Month ago

    I overthink so much that i overthink how much I overthink

  • Burns burnson
    Burns burnson Month ago

    tfw somebody put it into words...

  • Donn CLC
    Donn CLC Month ago

    You kinda sound like Edisonparklive

  • mr schneider
    mr schneider Month ago

    had to pause at 2:25 because i felt personally attacked

  • asdf
    asdf Month ago

    *double click big_brain.exe*

  • Sriracha Donut
    Sriracha Donut Month ago

    2:50 you know it’s a real story because he’s used that same line in two vids

  • Yeop Azman
    Yeop Azman Month ago

    Apparently a lot of people think about you since you're a TVclip personality. On the other hand, when I get that statement/ advice after overthinking, I get a call from work because someone complained about me. I don't have many friends.

  • Tynox 01
    Tynox 01 Month ago

    To make a long story short

  • Failed Hivemind
    Failed Hivemind Month ago

    I had to google up what good decisions are, man I sure do feel stupid.

  • Admiral Dragon
    Admiral Dragon Month ago

    I actually needed this right now because of paranoia about others' opinions of me.

  • RayMysteryo
    RayMysteryo Month ago

    I too have achieved the superior levels of thinking and have seen the ultimate answer to the universe. The answer is so powerful that it has to be a secret. 🤫


    I’m beyond critical thinking questions. I’m on overthinking questions.

  • Lord Odysseus
    Lord Odysseus Month ago +32

    "If you're sad ask your friends and family for help."
    My what and family?

  • Eris Cyl
    Eris Cyl Month ago

    0:20 A straight line from instinct* to action.

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    It just causes a lot of damage.

  • True Intellectual
    True Intellectual Month ago +1

    I’m a level 1.5 thinker

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple Month ago

    Wait, who cites wikipedia instead of the references?

  • Petyr Baelish
    Petyr Baelish Month ago

    oh my God I'm definitely the overthinking guy. I acutely declined a date because a girl wanted to go somewhere else. In case that seemes extreme to you... it's acutely genius... You can't get hurt if you don't go on that date.
    She was actually quite sad and she is now lesbian... not even joking! :D
    how am I supposed to cope with that?
    I'm so undesirable that I turn people around I'm the gay maker!
    - again probably overthinking

  • Braŭljo
    Braŭljo Month ago +2

    2:11 Can confirm, am a glorified greeter and people sometimes say "hello welcome" back to me, I smile and don't really think much of it.

  • Rishi Ramkumar
    Rishi Ramkumar Month ago

    you make good youtube videos ive been fan for a year or so

  • Fluffy Suga Kookies

    yuppp lmfaoo I'm a critical and over thinker

  • Twister
    Twister Month ago

    I'm having a feeling that the target demographic here is leaning towards depressed college students... am I the only 12 year old here?

  • Absolus
    Absolus Month ago

    Idk if this is funny or fking depressing

  • Chelsea Charles
    Chelsea Charles Month ago

    $20k a year for hope is a fucking bargain.

  • xDhruboVai
    xDhruboVai Month ago

    the first stage of thinking is not thinking

  • Sanuku
    Sanuku Month ago

    I AM lvl 4 + 1.
    I AM a philosopher.

  • Carazy123
    Carazy123 Month ago +11

    Tier 3 sounds like people who have perfect pitch

  • Pianomaster Dany
    Pianomaster Dany Month ago

    Not all of us are making good decisions, and some of us are making bad decisions
    Me: Did somebody call me?

  • Taimur Ali
    Taimur Ali Month ago +2

    Extreme overthinking is when you read the "terms and conditions"

  • JacobDragon
    JacobDragon Month ago +1

    The last one is me.....

  • Juvia Loxar
    Juvia Loxar Month ago

    what kind of an idiot still believes in the moon

  • CaptXan
    CaptXan Month ago +16

    "You don't let the headlines decide what you think, you read the comments for that..." literally r/politics in a nutshell, they think they're so smart xD.

  • KrTheMaster
    KrTheMaster Month ago

    The sad truth is that 99% of people are either on level 1 or level 4.
    You're either a complete potato, or you're trying to use advanced calculus to find the perfect time to text back that girl you like

  • Sky
    Sky Month ago +14

    _Overthinking a proper comment for this video_
    Wait, so nobody's even gonna read my comment?

    • Nightmare Jack
      Nightmare Jack 26 days ago

      I read your comment, rest assured. Lol

    • Truong Laivan
      Truong Laivan Month ago

      idk a lot people here are not getting any likes

  • cleggster
    cleggster Month ago

    oh my god u described me exactly with the overthinking idea.

  • Caughtinjail
    Caughtinjail Month ago

    Anyone think there was something on their screen at 2:26?

  • Nicholas Santiago
    Nicholas Santiago Month ago +4

    Critically explained: casual thinking

  • a purple crayon
    a purple crayon 2 months ago

    Is it just me or is halfway through the video is just black

  • Reynolds Langstaff
    Reynolds Langstaff 2 months ago

    can you do a vid about making yourself not have emotions? how to stop liking someone?

    • MinishMilly
      MinishMilly Month ago +1

      Find Interest in other things or people. That's the fastest way to overcome prior feelings. ^^

  • Mack Williams
    Mack Williams 2 months ago +299

    Me: *has crush
    Me: “okay overthinking it is”

    • Good ol' No Name
      Good ol' No Name Month ago +2

      @ekhlypse y. Thank you random comment man, I hope this was a blessing instead of a curse

    • ekhlypse y.
      ekhlypse y. Month ago

      @Good ol' No Name ά rάήḏσm ςσmmέήτ τσ βσσṣτ (((Ÿøűťübę's))) άłĝσrΐτhm.

    • Good ol' No Name
      Good ol' No Name Month ago

      @Dakota Denton It's alright I am also under a 7. The key to living happily despite not passing your genes on the way you were created to is to *reject your humanity*

    • Dakota Denton
      Dakota Denton Month ago

      Good ol' No Name bug Oof.

    • Good ol' No Name
      Good ol' No Name Month ago +1

      @Dakota Denton If you're under a 7 the girl won't let you near her unless she thinks you're gay. Sorry bro, you're under a 7

  • Kennidee Lee
    Kennidee Lee 2 months ago +2

    Ringing in the background made me scared For a sec

  • Aftermath Nihil
    Aftermath Nihil 2 months ago +1

    Bit disappointed in this one. Was expecting mention of depression and existential crises level

  • JimbyTheBlueFox
    JimbyTheBlueFox 2 months ago

    Am I the only person that never used incognito mode and neither do I delete history
    I don't care who the fuck find out if I watch porn it's normal so why hide it ?

  • Mark Suckerberg
    Mark Suckerberg 2 months ago

    Quote from the video
    Yey so many likes

  • StrikerHeadshot
    StrikerHeadshot 2 months ago

    I've learned a lot from this video lmao

  • Jefri Manuel
    Jefri Manuel 2 months ago

    0:32 did not get it

  • Lion Tyleraned
    Lion Tyleraned 2 months ago +1

    So, personally, I've gotten past this overthinking stuff by continuing to overthink the issue until by understanding is capable to cope for the issues I#ve produced in the process.
    Sadly, your model isn't able to include this level since you made level 4 infinitely long and math decided to make countable and uncountable infinities non-differentiable by virtue of drawing them in MS Paint :(

  • Relii V
    Relii V 2 months ago

    I love this guy, makes me laugh so much!!