BTS Say They Don't Need Girlfriends When They Have Fan Army (Exclusive)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
  • More from Entertainment Tonight:
    K-pop boy band BTS also told ET whether they would collaborate with Zedd while at the 2017 American Music Awards on Sunday.
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  • -Idkwhtimdoin-_sendHeLP -

    I've had multiple beautiful boyfriends this whole time and I didn't even know....
    **cries in Korean**

  • Anisha Imran
    Anisha Imran 3 days ago

    Awww that was so sweet! I love that BTS said armies are their girlfriends.

  • Kpop Iraq
    Kpop Iraq 4 days ago

    Me just me😂

  • Yieng Hee
    Yieng Hee 5 days ago

    So touchy when BTS say they just need army n not gitlfriend.


    2:33 *Me JuSt Me*

  • Elene Kaldani
    Elene Kaldani 6 days ago

    lol what was Namjoon on?

  • ilapynbiang warjri
    ilapynbiang warjri 7 days ago

    Reality sucks
    International ARMYS are in a long distance relationship
    *Just because you have seven boyfriends doesn't mean your a s*ut it means your an ARMY*

  • Precious MJ
    Precious MJ 8 days ago

    Bruh this interviewer is annoying me 😂

  • Czarmaine Areta vlogs

    Did rm said there gf is us ahhahahahahaha😂😂

  • markie boo
    markie boo 9 days ago

    can’t help myself but to keep playing 0:09
    “guys looking so handsome…wooooooooo ooo ooo ooo oh” 😂

  • Luki Das
    Luki Das 12 days ago

    I was just crying.luv you bts

  • Simi Draws
    Simi Draws 12 days ago

    Me JuSt Me

  • Leisha & Lillian Show Fun Show

    RM said he'll yeah we love Zed

  • TheAngelic Emerald
    TheAngelic Emerald 15 days ago

    Joonie's brain: don't do it
    Don't do it
    Don't do it
    Don't do it
    Don't do it
    Joonie: My favorite word is pigeon

  • Bangtan_ Lifeu's
    Bangtan_ Lifeu's 16 days ago

    There's really an add pop in my screen saying if you want him to be you're boyfreind or husband this word you should never use them if you want them to be you'res. Really internet playing with me,

  • BANGTAN Boys Armys
    BANGTAN Boys Armys 17 days ago

    There english is so BOOTIFUL I LOVE IT

  • MahKookieWithMilk BTS
    MahKookieWithMilk BTS 17 days ago

    I like peace
    I like pigeon
    My favorite word is pigeons

  • CheesyCheese Storiezz
    CheesyCheese Storiezz 18 days ago +1

    She dancing smh

  • stiffany del Monte
    stiffany del Monte 18 days ago

    I’m a bad boy - Baby suga haha

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 19 days ago

    1 like = 1 ticket to go to Korea

  • GachaBoys _Vid
    GachaBoys _Vid 19 days ago

    This is why I dont ship them with other group couse I know I will brake millions of heart

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull 21 day ago

    I have been dating BTS all this time? YES

  • irish Villarino
    irish Villarino 21 day ago

    OH I forgot that jungkook scared of girls leteraly national playboy haha

  • irish Villarino
    irish Villarino 21 day ago +1

    Why is jungkook hiding i said where is jungkook?and I saw jungkook when they answer

  • irish Villarino
    irish Villarino 21 day ago

    The girl said who is the likely to maried first and everyone pick jungkok ohhh i like that haha

  • irish Villarino
    irish Villarino 21 day ago

    When the girl said why are bring your girlfriends i think v i have girlfriend haha

  • irish Villarino
    irish Villarino 21 day ago

    When there old they don't have any girlfriends hahha i gonna die on one protect them

  • Dulce Cerna
    Dulce Cerna 22 days ago

    2:06 I will marry with Jungkook. Ya le eché el ojo. 😊❤😘

  • Prasanna Thummalacheruvu
    Prasanna Thummalacheruvu 22 days ago +1

    Who's most likely to get married first?
    BTS: *points at jungkook*
    Jk:"wae naya??? ""
    His laugh tho

  • Gracie Barnes
    Gracie Barnes 24 days ago

    And i dont need a bf i have bts

  • Shraddha Kamble
    Shraddha Kamble 24 days ago

    The reporter at the start though 😂😅
    "Are you searching for girlfriend?" She was so ready to bring a bunch of girls over to meet them.
    And that twirling to show her outfit.... Perfect 😂😂😂😂

  • Twonee vlogs1470
    Twonee vlogs1470 26 days ago

    I never met my boyfriends

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez 27 days ago +1

    Still waiting for the collaborate

  • Can i have a kookie, my favorite kookies

    They have us and plus there too busy

  • Layla Kuya
    Layla Kuya 28 days ago

    Omfg the interviewer is so extra

  • neha sayed
    neha sayed 28 days ago

    Yeah. ..right 😒

  • Sae Ra Young
    Sae Ra Young 28 days ago

    Namjoon Looked at Jimin When she said about the girlfriend thingy? So who do you think is it

  • Bungarose Bungamawar
    Bungarose Bungamawar 29 days ago

    😆😆😆 married

  • LadySephora
    LadySephora 29 days ago

    The hostess is quite adorable

  • Xx Lil_Potato xX
    Xx Lil_Potato xX Month ago +1

    -who is the bad boy?

  • work for charity
    work for charity Month ago +1

    But i need bts

  • Brianna Jackson
    Brianna Jackson Month ago

    *jin felt the disrespect*

  • Ed Dios
    Ed Dios Month ago

    BTS 💜💝💝💝💝

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    *_Guy Armys triggered_*

  • I love BTS 3000
    I love BTS 3000 Month ago

    Who’s most likely to get married first?
    *everyone points at Jungkook*

  • I love BTS 3000
    I love BTS 3000 Month ago

    0:05 RELATE 10000

  • Sabeena Shahul
    Sabeena Shahul Month ago

    Anchor: who is most likely to be late for rehearsal?
    Taehyung: What .... oh yah it's me
    only mee

  • blackpink bts
    blackpink bts Month ago

    When i felt sorry for jimin he couldn't speak English

  • Ejuirn the pigeon
    Ejuirn the pigeon Month ago

    Ooh pIgEoN

  • Abdp Hi
    Abdp Hi Month ago

    V-me, just me🤩

  • be a yoongi stan like me

    Boy: um...would you like to go a movie tonight
    Me: Boi I'm TAKEN!

  • Kim NamJuice
    Kim NamJuice Month ago +1

    The moment RM said that
    Army is their girlfriends
    I wanted to cry and scream anyone else?

  • Mrs. Jungkook
    Mrs. Jungkook Month ago

    Sugar: I'm bad boy

  • Tamx Gold
    Tamx Gold Month ago

    Just when I though I had no boyfriend. Was told I’ve had 7 this whole time. Got a different man everyday of the week. I’ll take it. 😇😇😇😇

  • Taiwo Adeyemi
    Taiwo Adeyemi Month ago

    3:42 hell yeah RM say ur mind

  • Taiwo Adeyemi
    Taiwo Adeyemi Month ago

    3:29 me. or ARMY walking down the street and BTS goes ohhhhhhhhhh*whistle* at US

  • Taiwo Adeyemi
    Taiwo Adeyemi Month ago

    3:03 almost punch my freaking jimin face lady u better watch ur hand or else it wouldn't be there again

  • Taiwo Adeyemi
    Taiwo Adeyemi Month ago

    2:39 when RM tilt is head down hus face looks like Lay Zhang with his dimple

  • Jannel Salvador
    Jannel Salvador Month ago +3

    Mhmmm...have you ever heard of Namjin? VKOOK? Sope? Yoonmin?

  • Pusheen Lover
    Pusheen Lover Month ago

    this girl is straightforward XD

  • LoveLade Gacha
    LoveLade Gacha Month ago

    1:56 Suga: im bad boy 😂💖💖

  • Wah K Paw Soe
    Wah K Paw Soe Month ago

    That women should be quite about gf/bf.
    My opinion

  • Koushiki Singh
    Koushiki Singh Month ago

    Cricket players are famouse than than BTS beacause cricket players played for our country

  • Terrible Person
    Terrible Person Month ago

    I know it feels bad... but it just blows my mind when you know somebody from one fandom is related to another fandom because of this interview

  • Black Angel
    Black Angel Month ago

    They only need boyfriends 😉😉

  • Angelina71205
    Angelina71205 Month ago

    she almost hit Jimin

  • Roxy RiD
    Roxy RiD Month ago

    Well I got 7 boyfriends, love it

  • Simren Jeon JKook
    Simren Jeon JKook Month ago

    I am not able to see jungkook properly

  • Pearl Lilly
    Pearl Lilly Month ago

    *"I like the pigeons."*

  • Kimmie Foodie
    Kimmie Foodie Month ago

    One day their gonna find their true love and all us army’s are gonna cry and the world is gonna end

  • Tae is Bae
    Tae is Bae Month ago +1

    What if I don’t wanna watch TVclip.... What’s good Namjoon u wanna fight me? I wanna see u live WTF do u mean by go watch TVclip

    TIM ACE Month ago


  • ѕєσк• ѕєχυαl

    3:40 Hell Yeah😂

  • Ree_Ree_ Rexa
    Ree_Ree_ Rexa Month ago +1


  • Ines Bj
    Ines Bj Month ago


  • the real
    the real Month ago

    The interviewer is a bit extra but lucky !!!!!!

  • yan yan bui
    yan yan bui Month ago

    1:28 cracks me up so bad!!!

  • Muktar Amin
    Muktar Amin Month ago


  • Samia aktar
    Samia aktar Month ago +1

    Thousands of 😂😂
    U guys have millions of girlfrdz nd I m included in that

  • Victoria Stephenson
    Victoria Stephenson Month ago +1

    Namjoon saying they don’t need girlfriends because they have ARMY was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard

  • jhudzky jhudzky
    jhudzky jhudzky Month ago

    Now I know why so many single 😂😂💜💜💜

  • Thaddar Ye' Naing Khit

    When Presenter asked BTS why didn't they bring GF......
    Presenter: Your guys are all together but you didn't bring your girlfriends
    RM ( Haha ): No
    Presenter: Are you looking?
    RM: We got ARMIES. We got like thousands of girlfriends today in here and Mike Ross selfie arena. So, we don't worry, no need to worry
    V: Becuase of ARMIES
    BTS is looking RM, cause they are so proud of his answer.

    After watching their interview......
    Me: It made me cry. I will be ARMY forever and support them forever.
    Am I right, ARMY?

  • Atifa Tanzeem X
    Atifa Tanzeem X Month ago +3

    RM : "I like peace. I like the pigeons ..... My fave bird is pigeons"

    how to not get scolded by the principle 101

  • katariina _
    katariina _ Month ago

    *we are still waiting for a collab, zedd*

  • Lia leimapokpam
    Lia leimapokpam Month ago

    The reporter is CRRRRRRRRRINGE

  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min Month ago

    Sooo...i haven't actually been single.....i have been dating 7 hot men....AH HELL YEAH!!

  • Alyosha Diaz
    Alyosha Diaz Month ago

    still waiting on that collaboration with zedd

  • kalin Simonian
    kalin Simonian Month ago +1

    Where are your girlfriends why didn’t anyone realized that someone said make one 😂😂

  • Fareed uddin Fareed uddin

    Seriously they don't need gf bcoz a million of girls who loves them😍😘

  • Leanelia 08
    Leanelia 08 Month ago


  • Kritvi Dutta
    Kritvi Dutta Month ago

    During the whole video I kept smiling 😄😄

  • Anamika Singh
    Anamika Singh Month ago +1

    2:45.......😂😂 I love this part

  • anonabun you nice keep going

    “mY faVoRItE wOrd iS PiGeON” same nammie same😂😂

  • Monica Luna
    Monica Luna Month ago

    "I like the peace, I like the pigeons. My favorite word is 'Pigeon'." 3:10

  • siwar bc
    siwar bc Month ago

    When namjoon said he likes her outfit too.. Smooth

  • Kieron Aladdin
    Kieron Aladdin Month ago

    at 2:04 Jungkook literally says "no" (to V saying "Jungkook" to the Question who's most likely to get married first)

  • Kieron Aladdin
    Kieron Aladdin Month ago

    Min Yoongi = Suga = Agust D = lil meow meow = BAD BOY...……………......… are we sure these aren't five different persons?

  • MM army
    MM army Month ago


  • Eya Laaribi
    Eya Laaribi Month ago +2

    0:06 v's cringe reaction is priceless 😆 the way she laughed is so WTF she's so annoying

  • Leslie Diesman
    Leslie Diesman Month ago

    I cringed so hard I hurt my fucking neck.. please ask my boys better questions