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  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Rango - In Deep Water: Rango (Johnny Depp) and Beans (Ilsa Fischer) find themselves in over their head.
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    A chameleon (Johnny Depp) who has lived as a sheltered family pet finds himself in the grip of an identity crisis. Rango wonders how to stand out when it is his nature to blend in. When he accidentally winds up in a frontier town called Dirt, he takes the first step on a transformational journey as the town's new sheriff. Though at first Rango only role-plays, a series of thrilling situations and outrageous encounters forces him to become a real hero.
    TM & © Paramount (2011)
    Cast: Bill Nighy, Isla Fisher, Johnny Depp, Ned Beatty
    Director: Gore Verbinski
    Producer: Gore Verbinski
    Screewriter: John Logan
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Comments • 495

  • Snake being
    Snake being 21 hour ago

    Man that turtle when that snake grab him and took him to the desert to a well-deserved fate was amazing and scary.

  • 4WESTM00R
    4WESTM00R Day ago

    I thought of a different Plan B 💀

  • Salamence Mega
    Salamence Mega 2 days ago

    0:09 beans freeze for the third time,how conventine

  • SomeWhat Awesome
    SomeWhat Awesome 3 days ago

    That must be a really small tortoise to be almost the size of a chameleon.

  • Dirt
    Dirt 3 days ago

    Just love Jake's character.

  • Ducks
    Ducks 3 days ago

    Jake takes the L like a boss.
    He admitted defeat. He could have just rush Rango and eat him but he was out bested. Truly legends.

  • GAMING2.0
    GAMING2.0 4 days ago

    Why dose she keep looking like that it gives me da creeps 0:09

    • Ducks
      Ducks 3 days ago

      @GAMING2.0 I guess other people found it funny.
      Back then I found it funny but now I don't that much. It's just okay gimmick

    • GAMING2.0
      GAMING2.0 3 days ago

      @Ducks yeah but why 😕

    • Ducks
      Ducks 3 days ago

      A movie gag. She would freeze up if she got anxious or something like that.

  • Julie Hansen
    Julie Hansen 6 days ago +1

    It’s sad that a lot of movies with Johnny Depp as the star isn’t that high rated... I mean, who doesn’t love Johnny Depp?!

  • Zombie Hunter
    Zombie Hunter 7 days ago

    Wait did the snake and rango became brothers or friends?

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage 7 days ago

    1:37 What Did He Say There?

  • Munchmole Danger
    Munchmole Danger 8 days ago

    I want rango 2

    DEADLIGHTS 9 days ago

    The rattlesnake reminds me of Lee Van Cleef

  • Daniel Vincent morrell
    Daniel Vincent morrell 10 days ago +1

    A mini gun on a rattlesnake. Genius

  • zina tv
    zina tv 11 days ago

    Omg :))

    RICARDO ARGUETA 11 days ago

    Hey guys do you know what happened to the turtle when the snake takes him away?

  • darkspire91
    darkspire91 12 days ago

    PMC hasn't made .45 Colt in a long while, but I'm honestly surprised they put the effort in using a legit name for the headstamping on that bullet.

  • Fishing for Calculators

    This movie was so fricken weird

  • Saucy Sean
    Saucy Sean 13 days ago

    It really did take only one bullet.

  • Chelsie Jones
    Chelsie Jones 14 days ago +3

    Jake: one bullet I tip my hat to you one legend to another
    Jake: what was that you said ? Pretty soon no one will believe you've even existed
    Jake snake sound: waaaahhha
    The turtle: woah oh ok no ahh
    Nooooooooo nooooo ahhhh

  • TheJPJT1234
    TheJPJT1234 16 days ago

    Swallowed plan B... oooooooh

  • Titanus Gojira
    Titanus Gojira 16 days ago

    The only thing that would make this movie better is if at least one villain was voiced by Frank Welker; the voice of Frenzy, Rumble, Ravage, Soundwave, and those last three words; "All Hail Megatron"

  • solorhypercane 695
    solorhypercane 695 16 days ago

    1:37 courier 6 confronts benny at the tops casino (2281 colorized)

  • Hydrix64
    Hydrix64 16 days ago

    Now come to think about it

    How did a snake manage to put on that hat on?

  • Brenys martinez
    Brenys martinez 17 days ago

    Things I love in 10/10 in Ringo
    1.women swallow a bullet.
    2.Jack’s tail gun.
    3. “One Bullet. I tip my hat to
    you.legend to another”
    4.Some animals get pushed or Lift by water
    5.jakes movement when he get the Tortoise
    6. R.I.P bats pack
    7.Ringo:a thing about heroes is
    Little girl: Don’t spoil it
    8.the kiss I think
    9.R.I.P Tortoise is
    10.can you make a movie about Jake the Rattlesnake

  • Andrew Calderon
    Andrew Calderon 17 days ago

    Jake:what was that you said ,soon no one would believe that you never existed.

  • gremlok 360
    gremlok 360 17 days ago

    Is the voice of jake Davy Jones

  • Austin Lawrence
    Austin Lawrence 17 days ago +1

    Who thinks there should be a part 2 to this movie? Like if you agree.

  • Yoshimitsu
    Yoshimitsu 17 days ago +1

    Jake is a badass rattlesnake.

  • Not the real Verlexive


  • Alan_ Drawz
    Alan_ Drawz 18 days ago +1

    This movie was a fever dream

  • Syn Dragosa
    Syn Dragosa 18 days ago

    8 years on, I now realise those black soot-looking lines across his upper lip are meant to represent an evil mustache

  • Huy Trần
    Huy Trần 18 days ago +8

    The animation/graphics is even more realistic than pubg wtf

  • Joshua Mohlman
    Joshua Mohlman 19 days ago +2

    1:29 when you meet another great gunslinger in Red Dead 2

  • Wassup 123
    Wassup 123 19 days ago

    For 2011 this animation is ridiculously amazing

  • Rousingwhale97
    Rousingwhale97 19 days ago +21

    I never knew Rango was such a SAVAGE
    Rango:Don't panick but I think you just swallowed plan B
    Plan B:is a bullet

  • Kristof Benko
    Kristof Benko 19 days ago

    underrated movie

  • BIG3506/ ZeeBenton
    BIG3506/ ZeeBenton 19 days ago

    “What was that you said? ‘Pretty soon no one will believe you even existed!’” Chills. And the final delivery of “existed” fucken awesome

  • Xismir
    Xismir 19 days ago +1

    1:17 Jake just looks like a complete badass here, the way he raises his head towering above John. Combined with the sound effect, it really gave the vibe of a true badass.

  • Odd Freaks
    Odd Freaks 20 days ago +1

    I love how Beans goes Stiffy T Pose for a second when the glass breaks

  • Ng Li Jie
    Ng Li Jie 20 days ago +1

    Betrayal against evil is the best justice. 😎

  • Coach Chollett
    Coach Chollett 20 days ago

    Johnny Depps makeup artist is a god

  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett 20 days ago

    Eat lead! Woah, woah, woah! I was half-joking!

  • Midnight Soldier
    Midnight Soldier 21 day ago

    Slurped him up like a spaghetti noodle

  • Cactus Slayer
    Cactus Slayer 21 day ago

    Bill Nighey needs to be in more stuff

  • Rango pistacho
    Rango pistacho 21 day ago

    Funny thing is he is my actual brother
    It was actually my dad who was a lizard and my mum a snake
    Don't ask how it happened wierd stuff happens in the west

  • Nice Migz
    Nice Migz 21 day ago

    Mayor: The west is changing, there is no room for gunslingers! Dutch: This place, ain't no such thing as civilized.

  • Nice Migz
    Nice Migz 21 day ago +1

    I just noticed that a group of scales near the nose of Jake looks like a mustache, sweet secret!😆😁

  • *Only True Vanoss* *Fan Knows*

    I just watch the whole movie in this channel lol

  • Block 2288
    Block 2288 21 day ago

    So, the snake is a good guy? :)

    • Dres2000
      Dres2000 17 days ago

      Block 2288 more like he respects rango.

  • UndeadNation
    UndeadNation 22 days ago

    u know i saw that movie when it came out and i just now got the joke XD XD XD SUBTLE JOKE JOHNNY DEPP VERY FUNNY XD XD

  • Tryhard Games
    Tryhard Games 22 days ago +3

    Jake is trying to kill everybodey but he know that he got defeated and he excepts it he is a good Person deep inside

  • Ultimate Fitness
    Ultimate Fitness 22 days ago

    What you think happen to the turtle 😂

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave 22 days ago +1

    Underrated movie, underrated characters. This movie flew under everybody's radar

  • Bora Kızılbudak
    Bora Kızılbudak 22 days ago +8

    1:44 Damn, they even got the rainbow right back then

    • James Leon
      James Leon 19 days ago +4

      You gotta love the animation quality and attention to detail in this movie. If this came out today, it would still be amazing. For something from 2011, it's unbelievable.

  • Zuhayr Foendoe
    Zuhayr Foendoe 22 days ago

    He's turtle soup

  • phx4
    phx4 22 days ago

    Jack marston

  • Induced Rhino438
    Induced Rhino438 22 days ago +1

    This is one of those films where I didn’t really like it as much when I first watched it 8 years ago as a kid, but now that I fully understand it and know that it’s not exactly a kids movie, I now really like it

  • Ghost Frost
    Ghost Frost 22 days ago +1

    1:46 that's a one quickass snake goddamn

  • Skunk Squad
    Skunk Squad 22 days ago +1

    Kiss Scene *HD*

  • Dres2000
    Dres2000 22 days ago

    We need a sequel!!!

  • Commander Kumii
    Commander Kumii 22 days ago +32

    "Jake never leaves Dirt without taking a life."

  • Uzair 507
    Uzair 507 22 days ago

    I know the snake is the real nightmare 😂

  • Earth-616
    Earth-616 22 days ago

    🐍 + 🐢 ain't no much for 🐸

  • ThunderAZ27
    ThunderAZ27 23 days ago +1

    1:46 my uncle taking me away to his basement

  • Someguyy867
    Someguyy867 23 days ago

    That’s bullshit.

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot 23 days ago

    Bruh I have a pet turtle

  • I'm. not. Famous.
    I'm. not. Famous. 23 days ago +1

    This movie was so misunderstood.
    The only movie where the bad guy realized he's not match.

  • Blake Lochinvar
    Blake Lochinvar 23 days ago

    Red dead redemption 3 footage

  • Cole Gero
    Cole Gero 23 days ago +2

    Guess that means Rango and Jake call a truce.🙂

  • Nikolai 205
    Nikolai 205 23 days ago

    this is one good movie

  • Gonzalo Gutierrez
    Gonzalo Gutierrez 23 days ago

    They even got Bill's head movement.

    RAGE FIRE 23 days ago

    Never back stab a legend

  • MiracleCDiala !
    MiracleCDiala ! 23 days ago +1

    The fact that this movie still looks good even in 2019

    • Reshaun Ware
      Reshaun Ware 4 days ago

      MiracleCDiala ! Animations wise or story wise. Because it looks good in both areas

  • Cosmic Genesis3
    Cosmic Genesis3 23 days ago

    Dude Jake the rattle snake is a badass

  • Anthony Abou Samra
    Anthony Abou Samra 23 days ago

    why does the snake remind me of Freddy Krueger is it because of his hat or his smile

  • General Lee
    General Lee 23 days ago +2

    This has better quality than any other 2012-2019 animation movie

  • Alejandro Yañez
    Alejandro Yañez 23 days ago +2

    I didn't knew that Rattlesnake was Davy Jones until: ''What was that you sai-D? Pretty soon no one will believe you even existe-D.''

  • Ꭺмαzιиgdυllαh
    Ꭺмαzιиgdυllαh 23 days ago +11

    "What was that you said? Pretty soon noone will believe you even existed."
    Man that line was awesome coming from someone thats awesome

  • Tzeentch And Co.
    Tzeentch And Co. 23 days ago +2

    In the end Rango and Jake really did became brothers for a sec there

  • Thomas Truong
    Thomas Truong 23 days ago

    Red dead looks different rn 🤔

  • Colby Uetake
    Colby Uetake 23 days ago

    Well...plan B you say?

  • Extraterrestrial Meatball

    Anybody else feel like Rattle Snake Jake is their spirit animal?

  • CherryBomb
    CherryBomb 23 days ago

    Jake auditioning to be the next Eye Of Sauron.

  • Relic of Sithis
    Relic of Sithis 23 days ago +1

    And this is a Nickelodeon movie? Damn

  • Papi_gigante 2
    Papi_gigante 2 23 days ago +1

    Hero’s get remembered but legends never die

  • Ezekiel Alimpia
    Ezekiel Alimpia 23 days ago +1

    I really liked this movie. It was also nickelodeon

  • Philipp Schneider
    Philipp Schneider 23 days ago

    That Rattlesnake has a beard

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz 24 days ago +1

    0:00 😘 1:44-1:48 that’s the end of evil 👿 mayor tortoise.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 24 days ago

    Don't get me wrong Johnny Depp is one of my gab actors but Jake will always be my gab character from this movie

  • Scorponox93
    Scorponox93 24 days ago +2

    How can a movie so ugly be so beautiful.

  • T Lui
    T Lui 24 days ago +1

    All scenes pop up on recommend


  • Bunny GOD87
    Bunny GOD87 24 days ago +1

    Badass movie, always think what would people think If they saw a snake with a minigun slithering around with a hat lol

  • mark
    mark 24 days ago +12

    Damn Jake is so badass and honorable. He's a true gunslinger.

  • Leonardo Dank
    Leonardo Dank 24 days ago +1

    am i the only one who is a big fan of jake the rattlesnake?

  • The Yellow
    The Yellow 24 days ago +1

    This 2011 film has better CGI and graphics than some 2019 movies and games, this movie really is ahead of its time!

  • CatGirlAlena
    CatGirlAlena 24 days ago

    I almost feel sorry for the mayor.

    SPIDEYJIZZLE 24 days ago

    i like the little detail at 1:43

  • Dr DanDy
    Dr DanDy 24 days ago

    I didn’t know Jake was so cool as a kid, seeing this now I’m realizing that.

  • Safety Doggo
    Safety Doggo 24 days ago

    "Pretty soon no one will believe you existed" Thanos where you at

  • cx k
    cx k 24 days ago +1

    Man, this movie went HARD for an animated feature. Animals getting shot, mauled, dragged away into certain death. Love it!