What do protests in Hong Kong and Barcelona have in common? | DW News

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • In Spain, mass protests gripping the Catalan capital Barcelona are being compared to the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, as uproar over the jailing of independence leaders sweeps through Catalonia. A general strike by pro-independence unions has brought much of the area to a halt. Flights have been cancelled and road and rail links disrupted. DW's Cherie Chan discusses what the movements in Hong Kong and Catalonia have learned from each other.
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Comments • 953

  • Jorg llaverl
    Jorg llaverl 3 days ago

    Catalonian protesters are communists. Exactly what HK protesters are fighting against.
    Be careful with the trolls that try to relate them, they are the exact oposite.

  • Yol Brennan
    Yol Brennan 17 days ago

    in Hong Kong, the tyranny Commie government do not respect people's vote, they will suppress us more in the future ! We scored a landslide victory on 24 Nov 2019 at district council's election, 86% seats went to democracy movement, but still in futile to stop Chinese Communists colonization.
    We support Catalonia/Basque independence from the Spanish Crown, which is the only tyranny in West Europe, how dare it NOT respect people's vote.

  • Abby El Conquistador
    Abby El Conquistador 25 days ago

    If Spain were as evil as China, it would have already died in the streets

  • CandyCat Lara
    CandyCat Lara 26 days ago

    Have they learnt how to set people on fire? I hope not

  • Eric Louclair
    Eric Louclair 27 days ago

    I only say one thing: long live with catalonia independence, long life with hk independence!
    Death the sovereign state monsters!

    宋JINGZHI Month ago

    No wonder Spain hasn’t mixed up with Hong Kong.

  • studier C
    studier C Month ago

    Who shuts the mouths of CNN and BBC and all the other mainstream western media on the Catalonia demonstrations ??

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Month ago

    Free Tibet Hong Kong and south China sea from brutal Chinese army

  • Jiajun Xiao
    Jiajun Xiao Month ago

    The whiter protesters simply have no balls. Act like chick in front of the Police. Please, learn from Hongkong, show your guts!!

  • ko napi
    ko napi Month ago

    「&^3 肉と愛」
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    meat. Appears in the meat.
    eat me.
    The Bible is always full of mysteries.
    I would like to eat thanks to all the food.
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  • 丸子头JOJO
    丸子头JOJO Month ago

    double standard...makes the whole story dramatic and ironic....
    Oh pls, those western mainstream media, you shouldn't be absent in reporting and encouraging those true rights fighting for democracy!

  • 盛文辞
    盛文辞 Month ago


  • Kye Ung
    Kye Ung Month ago

    Looked like 5million protestors coming out. Peacefully light some fire to keep warm.

  • Jerry Teh
    Jerry Teh Month ago

    Barcelona >>>>> Madrid.
    There is no argument

  • Jerry Teh
    Jerry Teh Month ago

    TVclip keep recommend me Hong Kong videos but not Catalonia's video.
    Catalan's voice is too weak i think.
    Maybe the Chinese always speak louder. No pun intended.

  • enkii82
    enkii82 Month ago

    Latest HK export!! violent riot!!

  • هيونكل الغضوري العنزي

    I'm just curious, Where is BBC CNN coverage of this?

    • Chexa
      Chexa Month ago

      They'll never cover this because independentists aren't right.

    • Good Kangaroo
      Good Kangaroo Month ago


  • fireball2222
    fireball2222 Month ago +2

    They call them 'separatists' in Spain and in HK they call them 'peaceful protesters for freedom' talking double standards of the west........

  • Samuel Kane
    Samuel Kane Month ago

    Nothing in common

    • Samuel Kane
      Samuel Kane Month ago

      In ha they fight for the entire country....in cat they fight for less than half the population

  • Lyman Lee
    Lyman Lee Month ago +2

    NBA rocket team manager Daryl Morey is your show time: stand with them !

  • Shams
    Shams Month ago

    HK protesters look like gangsters and haters to me. attacking people, destroying property, brutalizing those who don't agree with them etc. I am sure they are being used by world powers.

  • Jake Tom
    Jake Tom Month ago

    Come on,this is pro democracy protest support for the Catalonia and be water

  • THANOS El Destructor

    Catalonia is from Spain 🇪🇸❤

  • Truth G
    Truth G Month ago

    Where are the righteous CNN, BBC reporters? These Catalonia people are fighting for their freedom. Spain have locked up their leaders. Please report the truth like you did in Hong Kong .

  • Truth G
    Truth G Month ago +2

    Nancy Pelosi, this is a beautiful sight. Pls help them like u back up Hong Kong rioters.

  • Infoworld
    Infoworld Month ago

    Catalan people are peaceful and listen to police most of the time, while the HK protesters beat people who don't agree with them, and police are also one of HK protesters' targets. And the US senator Nancy Pelosi didn't see Catalonia protest as a great movement and didn't pass Catalonia Human Rights Act are another two differences.

    Oh, one more thing, the Catalonian protesters are quite honest about how many protesters when they said the number was 500,000. The HK protesters claimed 2 million while we could clearly see from above the sky that they were merely more than half of Catalonia protesters.

  • Eric Louclair
    Eric Louclair Month ago

    No worry! Dear germany, after spain, france (corsica), your turn will come (bayern)!

  • V Highlander
    V Highlander Month ago

    No Catalonians separatism .

  • Glen G
    Glen G Month ago +2

    free catalonia! (If you Spanish and you don't agree with me, I apologize. Unlike nba.)

  • Alex ander
    Alex ander Month ago +1

    the next Scotland independent ,then Bayern Independent !

  • urdbest
    urdbest Month ago +6

    Nancy Pelosi: Yeah, What a beautiful sight to behold!

  • Bad Boy 2000
    Bad Boy 2000 Month ago


  • Smartwatch
    Smartwatch Month ago +1

    I am just thinking when will this beautiful scenery arrive in America. I hope it will be soon

  • B G
    B G Month ago +2

    Dang, that may be the largest protest I have ever seen.

  • SAYHELLO 2018
    SAYHELLO 2018 Month ago

    HongKong protests are losers

  • Kay Bass
    Kay Bass Month ago

    The powers of the 'heavens', [the governments] are 'shaken' by wrath of nations Luke 21: 26 Revelation 11: 18. This includes protests and riots appearing all over the world.

  • Marv Z.
    Marv Z. Month ago

    What a beautiful scenery.
    Scotsman and North Irishman, time to show your guts!

  • Stanley Wong
    Stanley Wong Month ago

    2 million in HK vs 3 hundred thousand in Barcelona‼️🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Jin
    Kevin Jin Month ago

    this is just like HK

    • Kevin Jin
      Kevin Jin Month ago

      come to think of it, I seriously hope this won't turn into another tactic for the terrorists......

  • A O
    A O Month ago +1

    Why is the US keeping its eyes and mouth shut on the Catalonia protests? Because it is a big liar and hypocrite playing double standards of foreign policy.

  • CS C
    CS C Month ago

    Hey, at least they’re protesting without any masks on. They have the courage to face the consequences. Compared to HK protestors, who are so scared of getting caught for their destruction. If you are so scared in the first place, why do it then?

  • CS C
    CS C Month ago

    Hey, at least they’re protesting without any masks on. They have the courage to face the consequences. Compared to HK protestors, who are so scared of getting caught for their destruction. If you are so scared in the first place, why do it then?

  • Bri an
    Bri an Month ago

    The protesters are peaceful. The undercover cops are violent and damaging properties so it can be blamed on protesters. Be water. Free Catalan.

  • Kobi1976
    Kobi1976 Month ago

    Most peoples known by now that the HK protests was a cover for a separatist movement.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago

    Glad to see that the CIA supported insurgency is spreading to the west. What a beautiful sight.

  • T Leslie
    T Leslie Month ago +1

    double standard

  • gonda g
    gonda g Month ago

    China would like you to think that there's no difference. The difference is Barcelona has always been part of Spain politically. Hong Kong was operating completely separate from China for more than a hundred years.

    • Kobi1976
      Kobi1976 Month ago

      Speaking of fact, China owned HK and will integrate HK with China eventually under the ONE China policy. Get over it!!!

    • gonda g
      gonda g Month ago

      @Kobi1976 that doesn't change the fact

    • Kobi1976
      Kobi1976 Month ago

      That's because HK was stolen from China by UK for more than a hundred years.

  • lifejourney08
    lifejourney08 Month ago

    Be sewage water and get flushed - good strategy.

  • I Never Win
    I Never Win Month ago +2

    Fight for freedom, stand with Catalonia, California and Scotland!

    • Chexa
      Chexa Month ago

      Nooo. Independentists are being moved by fanatism/nonsense. Please stop with these comments.

  • Victor Olvera
    Victor Olvera Month ago

    When these many people want independence, the central government should make concessions to let them have it gracefully. I suppose is reason for hesitation is the loss of taxes. But the constitution declaring Spain "indivisible" is not enforceable.

    • Victor Olvera
      Victor Olvera Month ago

      The US should pay attention cause it could happen in California.

  • Chen Feng
    Chen Feng Month ago

    separatists in Catalonia, free fighters in Hong Kong. Poor people in Catalonia, I feel sorry for you.

  • Kaiser Katze
    Kaiser Katze Month ago

    Catalonia is a part of France de jure. :)

  • intl goh
    intl goh Month ago +1

    Fight for freedom, stand with Catalonia, Northern Ireland, California !

    • V Highlander
      V Highlander Month ago

      Do not touch California . It is USA . WE are united

  • YU HE
    YU HE Month ago

    BBC and CNN said protests in HongKong is peaceful, but I think Catalonia is also peaceful.

  • YU HE
    YU HE Month ago

    BBC and CNN said protests in HongKong is peaceful, but I think Catalonia is also peaceful.

  • YU HE
    YU HE Month ago

    BBC and CNN conerns China problem, but have no interest in Their own problem. that`s interesting.

  • YU HE
    YU HE Month ago

    BBC and CNN conerns China problem, but have no interest in Their own problem. that`s interesting.

  • Sammy Leung
    Sammy Leung Month ago +1

    Hong Kong's protestors have set a new standard for the world. They are far more experienced on the site and their strategies are far more advanced. Besides, they are fully supported and coached.

  • Kuanon Chan
    Kuanon Chan Month ago

    时代革命 ! 光复加泰 !

  • Gringo Sinting
    Gringo Sinting Month ago +1

    we know the similarity, but the differences are that HK police is far more restraint in dealing with the protesters than Spanish ones, and HK protesters are more prepared for violence than their Catalan counterparts.