New Menu Brings in the Cash - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares


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  • dasuberkaiser6
    dasuberkaiser6 2 months ago

    Why does the thumbnail look like Alan is plotting murder us?

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy 10 months ago

    That old lady was a Savage A.F.

  • Dicky Ball
    Dicky Ball Year ago

    Gordon is a fucking genius.

  • martin quinn
    martin quinn Year ago

    Over priced

  • Moist ApplesTM
    Moist ApplesTM Year ago +1

    i shall have it again

  • Egg The Jew
    Egg The Jew Year ago


  • Albin S
    Albin S Year ago

    This Sushi


  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 Year ago

    Thumbnail is creepy

  • slimj091
    slimj091 Year ago +3

    1:36 damn.. granny is savage.

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson Year ago

    1:07 why was that so strange

  • Atticus Lee
    Atticus Lee Year ago +29

    That old lady who tells Gordon Ramsay to Fuck Off is my hero and I love her

  • Felix Walton
    Felix Walton 2 years ago

    Omfg she said it melts in the mouth kill me not one person on here doesn't say that

  • janosiadam
    janosiadam 2 years ago +3

    What did Gordon say to the lady before she told him to fuck off? I can't exactly catch that.

    • Jamie B
      Jamie B Year ago +1

      'I thought you were great in The Queen by the way.'

  • Kusal Gunasekera
    Kusal Gunasekera 2 years ago +46

    That exchange between Gordon and that old lady XD (1:35)

  • ArmouredLemming
    ArmouredLemming 2 years ago

    1:43 'AVE HIM!!!

  • Huzufu
    Huzufu 2 years ago +53

    Gotta love that old woman!

  • crashpal
    crashpal 2 years ago +5

    lol the owner makes me laugh. Thug life

  • Viewer
    Viewer 2 years ago +197

    That old woman was savage as fuck

    • Ace D Uchiha
      Ace D Uchiha 2 years ago +1

      +TheAzureKite ah

    • Akidryt
      Akidryt 2 years ago +14

      she asks "how are yours, dear?"

    • Ace D Uchiha
      Ace D Uchiha 2 years ago +4

      what did she say before she said fuck off?

    • Miss Piggy
      Miss Piggy 2 years ago +3

      that old lady is a hardnut

  • Brad Weaver
    Brad Weaver 2 years ago +30

    1.30 mins - "how's your bollocks" "Bollocks are good'

  • Simon0
    Simon0 3 years ago +6

    i am no fish expert but i always thought pollack inferior to haddock or cod. When you buy birdseye fish fingers, if it is cod is says COD on the front. When it is haddock is says HADDOCK. And when it is pollack is just say '100 per cent fish fillet'. BEcause it knows people wont buy pollack!

    • Simon0
      Simon0 3 years ago

      yeah maybe. I have tried the pollock ones and i dont like them as much as cod or haddock.

    • Ganzicus
      Ganzicus 3 years ago +4

      +Simon0 or maybe they advertise that way because the people who know about cod and haddock are more common than those who know about pollack or are willing to take the risk of buying something they don't know about

  • Lsoon
    Lsoon 3 years ago

    Why are there perverts on here?

  • Lsoon
    Lsoon 3 years ago

    Why is somebody saying they tried to sue Gordon? News said he thanked Gordon but credit crunch caused restaurant to close.

    • Charizarzar
      Charizarzar 2 years ago

      Aw that's depressing to see that it shut down

  • Lsoon
    Lsoon 3 years ago +8

    more swearing in British version.

    • Eris ✨
      Eris ✨ 3 years ago +17

      welcome to the fucking UK :')

  • KidOnTheNet
    KidOnTheNet 4 years ago +141

    I love these old ladies.

    • Mike M
      Mike M Year ago

      "I shall have it again." LOL!!

  • George Dawson
    George Dawson 4 years ago +32


  • Josh Daly
    Josh Daly 4 years ago +12

    OMG thst women

  • Mohsin Naseer
    Mohsin Naseer 4 years ago +89

    1:35 How's yours(bullocks), dear? Hahahahhahahahahahahaah

    • Charizarzar
      Charizarzar 2 years ago +2

      Bollocks* ...

    • Mohsin Naseer
      Mohsin Naseer 2 years ago +17

      lsentimentl__ {Fold} I was referring to the old lady. she was definitely referring to his bullocks, dumbass.

    • Spiicybeans
      Spiicybeans 2 years ago

      Mohsin Naseer pullock. It's a type of fish really made yourself look like a fool.

  • Charlie Mills
    Charlie Mills 4 years ago +5


  • chris paul
    chris paul 5 years ago

    Lonewolf so does someone cook for you

  • eega100
    eega100 6 years ago +1

    this owner is a tool..he tried to sue ramsay when he finally had to shut down...ramsay shouldve put the crusty knickers in batter and served them to him

  • Nicolas Damian
    Nicolas Damian 6 years ago +11

    Gordon's only weakness; sweet old ladies

  • Jack Bolton
    Jack Bolton 6 years ago +2

    1:45 grannie's had a bit too much wine haha

  • John Silverman
    John Silverman 6 years ago

    I guess thats pretty much what I do too haha. I wish Gordon Ramsay would make take aways for me

  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago

    i said you're welcome

  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago

    you're whalecum

  • John Silverman
    John Silverman 6 years ago

    Well what the hell do you eat then?

  • Martin Alexander
    Martin Alexander 6 years ago

    Well, that's pretty stupid. Why watch a whole episode over several months?
    Anyway, thanks for clearing that up, fat cow!

  • thepoop1537
    thepoop1537 6 years ago

    i know right :D

  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago

    Well he's not so GET OUT YOU DONKEY! IT'S RAW!

  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago

    diff clips from the same episode you donkey

  • Azmir Rayne
    Azmir Rayne 6 years ago +1

    pause at 2:00 = Nice rear bumpers :P

  • Martin Alexander
    Martin Alexander 6 years ago +1

    Does the whole season revolve around the same restaurant? Or does he keep going back? Or are we just seeing different clips of the same episode every several weeks??

  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago


  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago


  • Nataly RAW
    Nataly RAW 6 years ago


  • Kyle Fisher
    Kyle Fisher 6 years ago

    Well Ramsey is obvious;y a good cook but also a good business man, but at a price of opening up eyes of people in denial!!