7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut
    #Cut #Challenge #1000to1
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Comments • 13 706

  • Marcc
    Marcc 12 hours ago

    Jon was lowkey mad when he got out 💀

  • Marcc
    Marcc 12 hours ago

    Max was lowkey mad

  • lawrence is a loser
    lawrence is a loser 12 hours ago

    jon was so salty when he got voted out omg he made everyone so uncomfortable ;((

  • Indiya
    Indiya 22 hours ago

    lmao not to be THAT bitch but everyone thinks lawyers make all this money but in reality, most lawyers make 60k-80k a year, which is less than computer science, and about the same as nursing and accounting. lawyers who make 100k+ normally work in a very good firm, have a higher up lawyer field (idk how to explain it), or own their own firm. lawyers like human rights, disability, etc.. dont get hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
    also that luigi bitch was like bOoK but honestly Parker needed that money. bitches.

  • Ryan WHITE
    Ryan WHITE 23 hours ago

    The Frick was that excluding Danielle how come the two worst ones came top 3 and Parker the best one came last?

  • Guilherme Farias
    Guilherme Farias 23 hours ago

    AND BACKWARDS JULIE WANTS A BOOK????????¿??????? MADE TOP 3??????????????????

  • Kaleahs Channel
    Kaleahs Channel Day ago

    They put Artee out cause she needed it the most

  • Kaleahs Channel
    Kaleahs Channel Day ago

    Aarti needs it most😑

  • goblin man
    goblin man Day ago

    the sound sucks in this its all echo-e

  • Trey Masta
    Trey Masta Day ago

    Parker deserves it more than 95% of us. He is willing to put in the work which is most important

  • Trey Masta
    Trey Masta Day ago

    Eulogy deserved it the least for sure

  • CheetahHunt
    CheetahHunt Day ago

    Jon looks like he fucks his sister

  • Everliza A
    Everliza A Day ago

    This was a very embarrassing episode. All of these reasons were stupid tbh. Aarti needed it the most. Everyone else saying they needed to pay tuition and rent those are regular things. Some even have parents to help. This one was a no brainer but somehow book girl got that damn far. Stupid as hell.

  • Sofia Warren
    Sofia Warren Day ago

    I’m so happy to come to the comments and see everyone else thinks Luigi should have lost and Parker should have won 😂

  • Savage Jojo
    Savage Jojo 2 days ago

    Is this Survivor or...? Lol.

  • Kris Lobo
    Kris Lobo 2 days ago

    How did Parker get voted off first when he's doing such a selfless, valuable thing for others? Not to mention the fact that he has kids on top of studying, working, and volunteering.

  • George Weah
    George Weah 2 days ago

    Aarti cheated her way into 1k, waits for a tie and then just breaks the tie 🤦‍♂️

  • Max Salzinger (Student)

    Eulji needs to step it up if she wants to succeed...
    She seams selfish

  • Annie Dancona
    Annie Dancona 2 days ago

    The guy has a kid and needs a ticket to help people in Ecuador?? Let’s vote HIM off

  • Petar Broulekov
    Petar Broulekov 3 days ago

    8:31 holy this guy sweats so much

  • Paisley Marylin
    Paisley Marylin 3 days ago

    I was like ‘?????’ The heck. Who is that on the screen!?!?!?

  • Jacob Garza
    Jacob Garza 4 days ago

    She voted for the nurse girl so people didn’t suspect her

  • Ciara Picou Grant
    Ciara Picou Grant 4 days ago

    So the first person that is voted off is the person who's paying a mortgage, supporting his kids, which he didn't want to mention in the beginning, and would use his money to go to Ecuador to help the poor? This is once again completely ludicrous.

  • K A N E K I
    K A N E K I 4 days ago +1


  • Dee mg
    Dee mg 4 days ago

    What's the music ? Thank you.

  • Soleil Bleau
    Soleil Bleau 4 days ago

    The commercially pretty girl. Shocking

  • Godgirl24_7
    Godgirl24_7 5 days ago

    Oh come on I liked Jon

  • Taylor Holland
    Taylor Holland 6 days ago

    Ew Jon is a butthole

  • VenomTitan
    VenomTitan 6 days ago

    *Waluigi mad that she or he is not in smash bros ultimate...*

  • julia andrea
    julia andrea 7 days ago

    the most expensive business textbook i can find is 500 or 600 dollars, so whats eiluj gonna do with the other 500? sus that she didnt say how expensive it was.

  • julia andrea
    julia andrea 7 days ago

    dont know how eiluj didnt get immediately voted off. hated her, she needed a book. idk why aarti got voted off, i felt like she needed it the most and had a really specific reason

  • Regina Almillátegui

    I loved parker

  • Iconic
    Iconic 7 days ago

    Eloogjhah should’ve been the first voted

  • José Linares
    José Linares 7 days ago +2

    Everyone on the video: tuition fees are high.
    Me: laughs in European.

  • chels manihera
    chels manihera 7 days ago

    that jon cunts giving me pure aids

  • Shruti B
    Shruti B 7 days ago

    So, you just need to convince people in this world

  • Hey imma shark
    Hey imma shark 7 days ago

    This kind of reminds me of septem but happier. (Go watch septem if you havent seen it. It’s so good)

  • Miss MESSI
    Miss MESSI 8 days ago

    Parker and the winning girl I'm happy either way and I am happy the nurse won

  • Miss MESSI
    Miss MESSI 8 days ago

    I'm happy the nurse won. coz they help people and don't get paid enough and that girl Elujui pissed me off I would of voted her ff in a heart beat book? wtf we all buy expensive books for uni tf

  • Josiah Williams
    Josiah Williams 9 days ago

    Aarti looks like violet myers

  • Irma Baulop
    Irma Baulop 9 days ago

    Anyone else saw how shiny Aarti hair was

  • raul loo
    raul loo 10 days ago

    she was soo bitter i love it

  • Emily Riley
    Emily Riley 10 days ago

    Max is cute ngl

  • Avela Ngqangashe
    Avela Ngqangashe 10 days ago +1

    How does a girl who wants book stay in the game longer than a guy who wants to help the indigenous people in Ecuador?

  • Avela Ngqangashe
    Avela Ngqangashe 10 days ago

    People are kinda stupid in this game.

  • Jaguwa
    Jaguwa 10 days ago

    Idk if it's just me, but I dislike Eiluj a lot.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 11 days ago

    The one that admitted she wanted a new car....are you serious? Use transit, or lie about why you needed the money. #FirstWorldProblems #Melenials

  • slik silver
    slik silver 11 days ago

    Why do i fell so bad

  • Tin Tin Xod Hlondo
    Tin Tin Xod Hlondo 11 days ago

    Interesting how behaviour changes and adapt quickly when something is at stake...good or bad?...🤷🏽

  • Local Weeb
    Local Weeb 11 days ago

    God what a weird fucking atmosphere

  • scooby25611
    scooby25611 12 days ago

    Everybody hating on Eiluj cuz she had least need and an unconventional name and "fake vibes" which I didn't get but maybe I'm just a trusting person I dunno, I liked her. Would I have given her the money? No. Would I treat her like trash like all of you folks? Also no.

  • BennduR
    BennduR 12 days ago

    Aliyah look like the female version of lil wayne or am I trippin

  • Byron Leaño
    Byron Leaño 12 days ago

    I felt like I was watching SURVIVOR! My winner pick from the get-go was between Eiluj and Danielle. I thought there would be a TWIST in the end like the players who got voted out will decide who gets the money.

  • Joslyn Marqs
    Joslyn Marqs 12 days ago

    Since when did scissors beat rock????

    ABEGOTGAME 12 days ago

    Bro that eiluj girl, guy whatever. Literally seems like the person to be rejected all the time because they have hidden anger all the time bruh

  • NGC Plzz
    NGC Plzz 13 days ago

    Big brother in a nut shell

  • kaylee
    kaylee 13 days ago +17

    no one:
    not a single person on earth:
    not even erin the vegan:
    el juul: need book 👁 👄 👁

  • Thimbelle
    Thimbelle 14 days ago

    I hate that they didn't ask anymore questions after the first round. Like they never got more info from most people past like "I'm also in school". Like they voted Max out because tuition was his only reason, but that was also almost everyone else's reason they just phrased it differently. They should have taken a closer look at people's reasoning, for example where is Aarti being driven that she can't take public transit? Or why can't Eiluj buy her book second hand? These are the questions that would have better informed their decision.

  • Ian McDonald
    Ian McDonald 14 days ago +2

    Aarti and her car bro, I feel for that :(

  • MAX
    MAX 14 days ago

    those bitches on the couch at halfway r fake af