7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut
    #Cut #Challenge #1000to1
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Comments • 11 939

  • Giaa’s World• {Gigi}
    Giaa’s World• {Gigi} 4 minutes ago

    Nobody is gonna talk about eluci winning with scissors when the man put rock ?

  • bipul kalita
    bipul kalita 14 minutes ago

    wait the beard guy will win, now lets see

    damn i lost him first

  • ezra
    ezra 23 minutes ago

    Business major budget your way into finding ways to pay for that book

  • Nevaeh Parente
    Nevaeh Parente 25 minutes ago

    I hated this video so much. Everyone was so ... Rude and just ... I dunno. Except Parker and Max I liked them

  • V01DHYPE 1
    V01DHYPE 1 28 minutes ago

    Fuck arti

  • revved up
    revved up 35 minutes ago

    can’t believe they got pewdiepie, susan wojcicki and lorde on here, you’d think they’d have all the money they could need

  • Annahi Delacruz
    Annahi Delacruz Hour ago

    ha isn’t it funny how salty people can be.😅

  • E&G 19
    E&G 19 Hour ago

    Why did the best ppl get voted off tho🤦‍♀️

  • Hannah Rivera
    Hannah Rivera Hour ago

    These people are so childish 🤢 (aka the lawyer and that ejul girl)

  • Hannah Rivera
    Hannah Rivera Hour ago

    She wanted a book?!!! And she wasn’t voted off first?

  • Katherine Studt
    Katherine Studt 2 hours ago

    Aarti deserved it more than anyone else

  • Stressed Judge Bøy
    Stressed Judge Bøy 2 hours ago

    Some people are sooo annoying.

  • Chlix
    Chlix 2 hours ago

    lmfao is the cucumber girl ok shes so manipulative

  • Gravity
    Gravity 2 hours ago

    Ukuiji was so weird and fucking WEIRD.

  • Kalani Ausmus
    Kalani Ausmus 2 hours ago

    all three guys on the bench should’ve not been there and be replaced with arrti ryan and EELIJUI

  • Kalani Ausmus
    Kalani Ausmus 2 hours ago

    just wanna give ma boy parker a hug bc he has kids and wanted to help kids in ecuador and got out before ms. bug eyes

  • Kalani Ausmus
    Kalani Ausmus 2 hours ago

    parker should’ve won it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Acaciah .
    Acaciah . 3 hours ago +1

    Max sounds like a good teacher

  • Zyno
    Zyno 3 hours ago +1

    I Wanted Max Or Parker To Win

  • Mooey Sews
    Mooey Sews 3 hours ago +1

    Parker really deserved it, he has a family, he is very kind, he wants to help families in Equador. I just think that he needs it because he is a father. Dosent matter if you agree, I just want to say it. Eluij needs books, if she didn’t have the money, don’t do the corse or a student loan. I don’t know because I’m not in collage. Parker shouldn’t of got voted of first. I feel like Eluij should. Plus I didn’t like her vibe. She seemed a bit rude. Parker needs it the most. But Eluij just needs books. She could save up and get a job.

  • Hailey Napolitano
    Hailey Napolitano 3 hours ago

    I don think Jon should have gotten out it very expensive to have a child am spay rent

  • Hailey Napolitano
    Hailey Napolitano 3 hours ago

    A book she wanted a damn book

  • Casey BCD
    Casey BCD 3 hours ago

    I feel like no one votes for the Ejejg girl because no one knew how to spell her fucking name

  • Ashlyn Tatiana
    Ashlyn Tatiana 3 hours ago

    Luigi should’ve been voted off first that’s on periodt

  • Funny Ugly news FUN
    Funny Ugly news FUN 4 hours ago +1

    El luli ju girl was really rude. Edit: but it was more on the low key

  • Nikki Truong
    Nikki Truong 4 hours ago +1

    get rekt eyeloogi

  • Adlin Ahmed
    Adlin Ahmed 5 hours ago

    Anyone hear what she said after saying congrats to Danielle?

  • •Apollo•
    •Apollo• 5 hours ago

    Parker~ I have a kid at home and was working a shift before this to make sure I can fully support him/her. Sorry I was late...-gets voted off bc he was late-
    E-juice girl- I wAnT a FaNcY BOoK 🤪

  • mia
    mia 5 hours ago

    I hate hippie luigi girl

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh 5 hours ago

    Disliking the video because the producer or whoever was behind the camera completely interfered with the game at 4:43 when he asked who was late to the shoot. It was so so so unnecessary and irrelevant. Parker could've won and really used the money.

  • Natalie Fishman
    Natalie Fishman 5 hours ago +1

    10:33... HE WON U CANT CUT A ROCK

  • Cheeto Lifeu
    Cheeto Lifeu 6 hours ago

    I'm smiling so much at how everyone in the comments don't know how to write her name like they're all interpreting it differently. Hard name.

  • DOA
    DOA 6 hours ago

    Did everyone forget that Weegee wanted a fucking *book* ???

  • Nicolas Benoît élève
    Nicolas Benoît élève 6 hours ago +1

    Petition to start a GoFundMe for my boy Parker

  • S. SK
    S. SK 7 hours ago


  • niveda kumar
    niveda kumar 8 hours ago

    am i the only one who thought parker needed it the MOST he has a child how could they kick him furst

  • x
    x 8 hours ago

    Eiluji gives me bad vibes. Reminds me of Amanda Knox.

  • Alfie Oliver
    Alfie Oliver 8 hours ago

    Elijuli is a total Dick head, honestly wanted to punch her through the screen.

  • StumpSteph
    StumpSteph 9 hours ago +1

    Crazy how when I first started watching I expected Jon to be that character that everybody hates cause he was a little aggressive, but ended up being the realist and Best person there

  • L x
    L x 10 hours ago

    Jon got annoying after he got voted off tbh

  • Samantha Holford
    Samantha Holford 10 hours ago

    First guy to get voted off had the most Noble reasons for the money and got voted off first. 😑🤦🏼‍♀️ I hate people so much

  • yoogeo1
    yoogeo1 10 hours ago

    "Just do a three way, right now"
    Max you sly dog

  • Y’alljustmad
    Y’alljustmad 10 hours ago +1

    These people are so retarded. Why would you vote Parker off because he took an extra shift to support his family. Ridiculous

  • yoogeo1
    yoogeo1 10 hours ago

    A book, Eejit? A BOOK????

  • mun
    mun 11 hours ago

    still wondering why parker didn’t win honestly

  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran 11 hours ago

    Y'all need to do more of these asap... it's so amusing to see people be so passive aggressive towards each other, see how quickly people can change up their moods and how much they care to see who voted them off.

  • M &M
    M &M 11 hours ago +3

    We all know Artie (sorry if I spelled it wrong) purposely didn’t vote so she wouldn’t be kicked

  • bacelona -gano
    bacelona -gano 11 hours ago

    Parker has a family, goes to college and works and is using his money to save Ecuador, Luigi bitch I need books

  • Paden Shorey
    Paden Shorey 11 hours ago

    Her name is Eiluj.... which is Julie backwards. Real hipster.

  • Allison Tang
    Allison Tang 11 hours ago

    these videos are incredibly frustrating smhhhh

  • purnata
    purnata 12 hours ago

    jon gives himself way too much credit like he wasn’t likable and kept emphasizing his situation that the others have piled with other ones

  • おめがえいち
    おめがえいち 12 hours ago

    They should add one round where people on lose couch can vote for someone

  • P1lzn224otst5op135 Fuck you

    why is jon such an asshole

  • Anne h
    Anne h 13 hours ago

    Parker has kids why was he voted off first

  • Jessica Chilcote
    Jessica Chilcote 13 hours ago

    book girl was mega peeved when the lawyer said Danielle

  • Keyontae
    Keyontae 13 hours ago

    I can't deal with the comments about the EnEma girl 😹💀

  • MistaRudeBoy
    MistaRudeBoy 13 hours ago

    that bitch won cause she sucked off the producer

  • Koala Kay
    Koala Kay 14 hours ago

    I think Aarti should’ve won I feel like she had the most valid right now reason

  • kenneth naya
    kenneth naya 14 hours ago

    That dude is a terrible lawyer

  • kenneth naya
    kenneth naya 14 hours ago

    12:50 😭😭😭😭

  • Tobias Hillier-milton
    Tobias Hillier-milton 14 hours ago +1

    fuck luigi bro

  • Felisha Wagaga
    Felisha Wagaga 15 hours ago +2

    Can you guys do this again and just let Parker get the money?

  • Gillian I Rodriguez L
    Gillian I Rodriguez L 15 hours ago +1

    never ever invite eiluji back

    • Tobias Hillier-milton
      Tobias Hillier-milton 14 hours ago

      nah keep getting luigi on episodes cuz then all the comments will be hating on her

  • Ana Caeiro
    Ana Caeiro 16 hours ago

    omg th first was the best!!

  • Miss Clean
    Miss Clean 16 hours ago +1

    I hate the blonde chick so fucking much it’s not even funny

  • Katarina
    Katarina 16 hours ago

    Everyone’s spelling it wrong it’s eulogy

  • xJaxonPlayzMC
    xJaxonPlayzMC 16 hours ago

    i NeEd a bOoK

  • agus
    agus 16 hours ago +1

    that luigigirl gives off th eexact same vibe like my ex - i dont like em

  • A Aridi
    A Aridi 16 hours ago

    LMAOOOO not a single person is spelling luigeili’s name like another.
    Her running at the very beginning to take the center seat though 👋🏼 👋🏼
    Her ‘dominant and sneaky under the veil of insecurity’ personality though 😡 🥊
    Glad Leighiwnxneig didn’t win

  • m i n i !
    m i n i ! 16 hours ago +1

    Not gonna lie I think the reason the girl in the grey tank top made it to the final three is because nobody could remember her name