NERF Don't Get Caught By The Babysitter Challenge!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019
  • NERF Giant Baby Brother vs. Sister Battle Royale! ➡
    NERF Don't Wake Daddy Challenge! GIANT Baby Edition! ➡
    Sup guys! Hope you've enjoyed Giant Baby Week! Today is the final video of this little themed series, and it's basically just a prison escape with giant babies!
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Comments • 872

  • Battle Universe
    Battle Universe  Month ago +255

    What other themed weeks would you love to see?!

  • OTR Mint
    OTR Mint 22 hours ago

    FBI stands for freaking baby investorgater

  • Kelly Wilkinson
    Kelly Wilkinson Day ago

    Is sow fun to whach

  • Earth beats
    Earth beats Day ago +1

    sams a visco girl I saw that scrunchy

  • Londin Morning
    Londin Morning Day ago +1

    I want my own set of GANGSTER BABIES 😈👶🏻👶🏽

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez Day ago

    I can imagine being mugged by babies

  • Wyatt Bauman
    Wyatt Bauman 2 days ago

    I like the new intro

  • Fortnite noob
    Fortnite noob 3 days ago +1

    Fortnite fortnite

  • Maheen Imran
    Maheen Imran 4 days ago

    I love the intro it's so catchy!

  • Zachary Nguyen
    Zachary Nguyen 5 days ago

    Woods/Debbie is the most gangster baby of them all

  • Pikachu Poker
    Pikachu Poker 5 days ago

    I know it a game but I feel bad for sam

  • Red Zealot
    Red Zealot 5 days ago

    I actually had a nightmare about those horrid baby costumes

  • Mis Mija
    Mis Mija 6 days ago

    "Its only bcuz i like ur ear rings "
    I am literly crying of lougher

  • Reuben Matthias
    Reuben Matthias 6 days ago

    Baby mafia

  • Tina Shelton
    Tina Shelton 6 days ago

    I think Minecraft

  • Daie Orgas
    Daie Orgas 9 days ago

    ROFL the moment woods screamed just made my day ahahaha

  • matthew hull
    matthew hull 9 days ago

    Why does that robot look like Soundwave?

  • matthew hull
    matthew hull 9 days ago

    Don't get caught by either the Baby or the Babysitter. You have to return the Baby's toys without waking him, but the Sitter is insane and will shoot on site with the Blasters, so avoid them.

  • Storm Dragon
    Storm Dragon 11 days ago

    An ocean or like water themed week would be cool. But I’m a little late for that😂😂

  • Mona L.
    Mona L. 11 days ago

    2:28 lol XD

  • Ιωάννης Κουτσούπης

    Babies: Find Nerf guns and suddenly they become gangsters.
    I loved every minute of it.

  • krystalin Wagner
    krystalin Wagner 11 days ago +1

    I dont know why but watching the baby vids this one especially it makes me laugh so much when they keep making jokes as babies

  • Villager Guy
    Villager Guy 12 days ago

    Babies with guns love it

  • Michelle Wiggins
    Michelle Wiggins 12 days ago

    What is this

  • piano and gaming legend

    Child abuse

  • Darren Lin
    Darren Lin 12 days ago +1

    You should call this who’s your babysitter

  • Vannila Doggos
    Vannila Doggos 12 days ago

    5:15 I freaking lost it LMAO

  • Brooklyn Hanson
    Brooklyn Hanson 13 days ago +1

    I'm voting for Woods to win

  • i like fish
    i like fish 13 days ago

    Lol i have that robot toy it stinks.....

  • MitchMatt Williamson
    MitchMatt Williamson 13 days ago

    Hush now Gregory

  • Brr brr Yay
    Brr brr Yay 13 days ago

    Plants vs baby

  • Samara Parks
    Samara Parks 14 days ago

    Tbh the suits were creepy

  • Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper 14 days ago


  • the gamergarren
    the gamergarren 14 days ago

    Hands down, the funniest moment in the video

  • Brendan Milligan
    Brendan Milligan 14 days ago

    I LOVE No Doubt

  • Anastasia khoury
    Anastasia khoury 15 days ago

    I love this video can’t stop watching it

  • Lila Prevalla
    Lila Prevalla 16 days ago

    ngl this was definitely the funniest video I have ever seen on youtube !!!!

  • Jayden Boucher
    Jayden Boucher 16 days ago

    9:01 when squeakers play pac standard in gta

  • Aiden Games
    Aiden Games 19 days ago

    I miss the old battle unverise

  • Marina Pazos
    Marina Pazos 19 days ago

    Go 7:16 Woods makes a funny noise

  • Cat Boy
    Cat Boy 20 days ago

    i need more of this

  • Ryan Han
    Ryan Han 20 days ago

    Zombie survival

  • Ryan Han
    Ryan Han 20 days ago

    This was soooooooooooo funny.

  • rackie trinh
    rackie trinh 21 day ago


  • Germandoge 26
    Germandoge 26 22 days ago

    Replace "we own this house " with "put the money in the bag it would look so funny"

  • BestBudClips
    BestBudClips 22 days ago

    You should make a part two and make it so there’s two babysitters

  • Forrest Cox
    Forrest Cox 22 days ago

    Me: Stops watching Battle Universe for about a year

    Also me: Who the hell are THESE PEOPLE?

  • fluffy the porg
    fluffy the porg 22 days ago

    You should have another battle

  • Panda Life
    Panda Life 23 days ago

    1:05 big flex right there

  • venteris rimas
    venteris rimas 23 days ago

    nerf vending machine

  • Loland Hansen
    Loland Hansen 23 days ago

    I really love the new intro

  • Levi Draper
    Levi Draper 23 days ago +1

    The baby’s are apart of the Goo Goo Gang Gang

  • sTella
    sTella 24 days ago +8

    Sam: your so HEAVY!
    Woods: well yeah! Look at the size of me!
    Do more of these videos

  • Andrew Connor
    Andrew Connor 25 days ago


  • Andrew Connor
    Andrew Connor 25 days ago


  • Bazooka 227
    Bazooka 227 25 days ago

    Babies:We take after our father.
    Me:Must be a hardcore father then.

  • beanos bOI
    beanos bOI 25 days ago

    babies sound like police

  • beanos bOI
    beanos bOI 25 days ago

    OH NO... the babies, they are now....


  • Roxana Seijo
    Roxana Seijo 25 days ago

    I love these types of challenges

  • Robert Buchanan jr
    Robert Buchanan jr 25 days ago +1

    Too this was on my birthday