Lady Gaga's Critic's Choice Awards Inspiring Acceptance Speech

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Exactly what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, I love and respect you more than I can ever express. Thank you for giving this "PerseveringStar" the most beautiful inspiring "pep talk" when I so desperately needed it. Congratulations on your well-deserved award, you beautiful soul.
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Comments • 406

  • Vladimir Fernerhin
    Vladimir Fernerhin Month ago


  • Iolanda R
    Iolanda R Month ago

    lady caca

  • Mae Davis
    Mae Davis 2 months ago +3

    Stefani Germanotta deserved the Oscar too. Bradley Cooper and Stefani's performances were magical. They 'Oscared' chemistry; the screenplay was wonderful, coupled with the music, which was the best partner to the story.

  • sandinyourshoes
    sandinyourshoes 3 months ago

    The Germanottas? Why did she pronounce it with a false accent? Is she now a minority who suffered for art?

  • Judith Ann Angel
    Judith Ann Angel 5 months ago

    Very touching. A Soulful being.

  • Lizzie Bowen
    Lizzie Bowen 5 months ago

    She tripped on the way up but didn’t make a big deal like Jennifer Lawrence did idk

  • Ancalagon
    Ancalagon 5 months ago

    Cringe... Too much fakeness, terrible acting

  • Charlie96204
    Charlie96204 5 months ago

    Who is “Christian, my love”?

    • Mairead McCann
      Mairead McCann 4 months ago

      Charlie96204 Christian Carino. They were engaged at the time but not anymore.

  • Michelle Eaton
    Michelle Eaton 5 months ago +2

    The way Bradley Cooper smiles at Stefani Germanotta... the way she praised “bravery and perseverance” as being the true stars of the film.

  • Ana Maria Vieira Alves
    Ana Maria Vieira Alves 5 months ago

    Você é um ser humano adorável, Lady Gaga!!!

  • Survivrs
    Survivrs 6 months ago

    Like all of the young pop stars of today, I had a preconceived notion that I didn't like Gaga or her music just like most of the shit that's on the radio these days. I'm glad I can listen to music here before wasting money on some piece of crap by Ariana Grande who thinks she's the queen or something.

  • Survivrs
    Survivrs 6 months ago

    Who knew what a genius Opie Taylor would turn into?? And then there's his brother Clint. He would be working at Walmart if it wasn't for Ron putting him in small roles in his movies.

  • The Light One
    The Light One 6 months ago

    Fck her, she just pass wiliem dafoe

  • Moms Daily Agenda
    Moms Daily Agenda 6 months ago

    When she tripped over her gown, I was like, Oh no it pulled down, Someone tell her before she’s exposing herself. 😳😬
    Congrats to Gaga well deserved win! 👍💕🎉

  • anunnaki2007
    anunnaki2007 6 months ago +1

    LADY GAGA FOR THE OSCAR! Gee, it's so funny Madonna is 60 and NO ACTING AWARD hahahahaha

    • sandinyourshoes
      sandinyourshoes Month ago

      anunnaki2007 , Madonna has nothing to prove any longer.

  • David B
    David B 6 months ago

    Let me guess: “there could be 100 people in a room....” ?

  • Plavčak Zofija
    Plavčak Zofija 6 months ago

    Iskreno in iz srca čestitam, to sta si zaslužila!

  • Julio Mateo
    Julio Mateo 6 months ago

    If only this exact same thing happened at the Oscars... the one who truly deserves it and the overdue veteran who was snubbed so many times before...

  • Birdie Vlogs
    Birdie Vlogs 7 months ago +1

    You are beautiful and amazing you deserve to shine shine shine you are so talented beautiful voice you are not only beautiful but you are beautiful inside and out God bless you

  • Joe Whitehead
    Joe Whitehead 7 months ago

    Will she or Glen win the Oscar?

  • jajceboy
    jajceboy 7 months ago +1

    Gaga might act again. But will she get a tailor made prestige role ever again? And will she get acclaim for her acting again? I fear this is Diana Ross and Bette Midler situation: getting acclaim for a prestige role, losing out and then never getting acclaim and acting in subpar movies where her talent is wasted. Gaga is better than just appearing in horror movies.

  • Arielee Montana
    Arielee Montana 7 months ago

    Lady Gaga is gonna die

  • Arielee Montana
    Arielee Montana 7 months ago

    Are u people stupid! Open yall mf eyes

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    I dunno why but I was expecting Bradley Cooper to join her onstage, pee himself, and then pass out.

  • A E
    A E 7 months ago

    I love the trip

  • M D
    M D 7 months ago

    Immigrants make America great! Thank you Italian queen, I am so happy your immigrant family decided to migrate to the U.S and give birth to such a beautiful talented woman like yourselves! Immigrants make America great!

  • Ana Vzco90
    Ana Vzco90 7 months ago

    Someone also think this is overrated?

  • Mafe romero
    Mafe romero 7 months ago

    LOL, what a drama queen 🤭 where are your tears?

  • Shannon McCormick
    Shannon McCormick 7 months ago +1


  • Valerie Konoski
    Valerie Konoski 7 months ago +3

    once again...just another example of why she is such an amazing human being!!!!!! LOVE YOU LADY GAGA!!!

  • Pixal Snow
    Pixal Snow 7 months ago

    i'm crying rn because she is so awesome 😭😍

  • Pixal Snow
    Pixal Snow 7 months ago


  • heyday ASMR
    heyday ASMR 7 months ago +1

    this was beautiful. thank you 💖

  • Maha Mohamed
    Maha Mohamed 7 months ago +3

    Isn't she sweet :') 💓💓
    I love her authenticity ✨✨

  • David Potts
    David Potts 7 months ago

    Bradley Cooper in love with an engaged woman… and he has a girlfriend 🙄

    • Joe Whitehead
      Joe Whitehead 7 months ago

      David Potts What makes you think he’s in love with her?

  • José Rodriguez
    José Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Dude she is amazing

  • Fernanda Paez
    Fernanda Paez 7 months ago +3

    2 words:
    Toni Colette

  • Becky Smeilus
    Becky Smeilus 7 months ago +5

    Yes! This little monster is so proud of you Gaga!

  • Diana Sandoval
    Diana Sandoval 7 months ago +1


  • Papa Dinero
    Papa Dinero 7 months ago

    God, is she still acting, come on. Act genuine for once.

  • shihlin1
    shihlin1 7 months ago +1

    Folks, just an update on Glenn Close's total number of Oscar noms is actually ==> SIX, not Five as I previously got it wrong. She is really in Oscar select company with Six nominations, no wins. We all know a lot less deserving actors have walked away with Oscars, sometimes on their first shot. It's hard to go against someone with six acting noms and no wins. Gaga will get hers someday.

  • jsuero1532
    jsuero1532 7 months ago

    Wow did she snub willem defoe or what?? Snatched her award and started flapping her gums...smdh

    • sandinyourshoes
      sandinyourshoes Month ago

      jsuero1532 , what should she have done for Will? Should she have baked him a cake?

  • Allison Elizabeth
    Allison Elizabeth 7 months ago

    I have known from the beginning she was an icon, like her with every new album I was living like I was supposed to rather than being honest. Joanne was a masterpiece. She is wonderful and honest in a way that many people don’t get too without years of therapy, which she has endured. I love you Gaga/stefani, whatever you prefer to be known as, you are an absolutely positive figure in this world. So much love, FUCK THE PRODUCERS I GUARENTEE THE PIANIST WAS ON YOUR SIDE!! Love you baby!!

  • Nikolai Pavotny
    Nikolai Pavotny 7 months ago

    Last Gag gag looks more and more like a grey hound dog every year...i'm not being mean...she really is " Fugly" (Fuckin' ugly).

  • reecewindsor10
    reecewindsor10 7 months ago +4

    She's acting hysterically now. Get a grip. If 100 people are in a room and 99 tell you that you are wonderful and inspiring and talented but just one tells you to get a grip and realise that it's all meaningless...

    • Papa Dinero
      Papa Dinero 6 months ago

      @Anne Francis Hemilga How's that hate? Didn't think acting was a bad thing negative nancy.

    • Anne Francis Hemilga
      Anne Francis Hemilga 7 months ago

      @Papa Dinero you're leaving hate replies, what a typical obsessed hater

    • Papa Dinero
      Papa Dinero 7 months ago

      She's acting.

  • Katalin Kucsa
    Katalin Kucsa 7 months ago


  • cris Sugar
    cris Sugar 7 months ago +1

    Stefani!! you forgot to hug Mr.Willem Dafoe!! i hope you hugged him behind the stage!! Pls do!! We love Mr. Willem Dafoe as we do like you!! @ladygaga

  • Lucas Vermeulen
    Lucas Vermeulen 7 months ago

    I'm so over this fake crying

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 7 months ago

    There could be a 100 people in the room...

  • katiquette
    katiquette 7 months ago +3

    I guess I will just cry with her every time she will give a speech. What a special lady!

  • equivocarse85
    equivocarse85 7 months ago

    This is what I call a drama queen...

  • lol okay
    lol okay 7 months ago +1

    Most deserved!!!

  • lol okay
    lol okay 7 months ago

    Wow yesss. Did glenn win too?

  • oenrob98000
    oenrob98000 7 months ago

    OK...seriously I the only one who thinks that Gaga was OK in ASiB but it's not *that* amazing...she was "acting" as a singer for God sake...and singing is what she does for a living. Not hatin' just sayin'...

  • David Bosquette
    David Bosquette 7 months ago

    Give GAGA that Oscar please X A Million.

  • Jesse Fontaine
    Jesse Fontaine 7 months ago

    There are 100 people in a room and 99 ......

  • Dawn Brady
    Dawn Brady 7 months ago +4

    Glenn Close a seasoned thespian had to split an acting award with Lady

  • shihlin1
    shihlin1 7 months ago

    Wow, I'm surprised how short Glenn is. Only bc at 0:45 when they shared a buzz, Glenn is barely matching Gaga's height and Gaga herself is pretty short.

  • Debbie Vidal
    Debbie Vidal 7 months ago

    Wow she completely ignored Willem Dafoe 😳

  • Sal Raniolo
    Sal Raniolo 7 months ago +11

    She is sweet but just overly dramatic with everything

    • Hooligans
      Hooligans 2 months ago

      She can do what ever she wants😉

    • Wendy S.
      Wendy S. 6 months ago +3

      This is the thing she's wanted the most for all her life, to be recognized as an actress

    • Robert R
      Robert R 6 months ago +3

      Sal Raniolo “overly dramatic”. I mean, that’s subjective, isn’t it? She’s a sensitive soul, and she feels a lot. We need more like her in this world.

    • cxxcxx xx
      cxxcxx xx 6 months ago +6

      She's always appreciative to every single award she receives and i think there's nothing wrong with it since we all have different levels of sensitivity right?

    • Michelle Denver
      Michelle Denver 6 months ago +3

      She is herself and always has been. Its who she is. I wouldn't call that overly dramatic at all.

  • Nicholas Gilmore
    Nicholas Gilmore 7 months ago +2

    Sooo dramatic... I love it!! 😂🤣

  • MS CM
    MS CM 7 months ago

    What is going on with her dress?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Alavini Lata
    Alavini Lata 7 months ago

    Great speach
    Very well spoken. I must go see it now.

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR 7 months ago +1

    Lady Gaga very well deserved it.😊

  • storkman
    storkman 7 months ago

    Can't hear audio at all, why would you take video of a tv screen & then upload/share it online? There has to be much better videos posted online reference this.

  • ann landers
    ann landers 7 months ago +1

    That dress is horrible. It doesn't fit her on top at all. Even that other blue "forever" dress at another event was awful. Who designs her clothes????????

  • Alexi Ichigo
    Alexi Ichigo 7 months ago +1

    Amongst many other awards, Gaga has won -
    6 Grammy awards, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Critic's Choice, 13 VMAs, 10 EMAs, 3 Brit Awards, 7 Billoard awards, 10 World Music Awards, 12 Guinness Book of World Records,a songwriter hall of Fame award, is 4th on the VH1 Greatest Women in Music history AND an OSCAR( *yet to be but trust me she will this year, either for best actress or best original song* ).
    She has sold 173 million records worldwide making her one of the most successful artists of all time.
    I still remember watching her first song when it came out and then being mesmerized by her look in 'Poker Face'... Damn she's come such a long way and I'm still as broke. :)

    • Anne Francis Hemilga
      Anne Francis Hemilga 7 months ago

      And 31 million albums not including a star is born soundtrack and shallow, ARUTW,INLA sales.

    • Anne Francis Hemilga
      Anne Francis Hemilga 7 months ago

      You're outdated MGM records stated last year she already sold 220+ million records.

  • elle_aye
    elle_aye 7 months ago

    There could be a hundred people in the room

  • Rachelle Jones
    Rachelle Jones 7 months ago +1

    She made me cry too. 😂 I’m so proud of her!!! 😍

  • Maymunah Kelly
    Maymunah Kelly 7 months ago

    What was Glenn Close in? I wanna watch

  • A. Martinez
    A. Martinez 7 months ago +1

    Love her. 🥰🌹

  • David Q
    David Q 7 months ago

    Oh Stfu fucking fake and rape apologist. Gaga is a hypocrite and he sucks ass!

  • FIFI
    FIFI 7 months ago +1

    She's fake

  • Junior Tejeda
    Junior Tejeda 7 months ago

    Fucking Faking it

  • Crystal Moreland
    Crystal Moreland 7 months ago

    Love you gaga.. You are amazing!!! You are incediable