Glass -Trailer (My Thoughts)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this movie for nearly 18 years, so now that we have a trailer for GLASS, I'm going to talk about it!
    Watch the trailer here:
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  • Alex P
    Alex P 7 months ago

    Totally misleading title. Act I is good, Act II slow af. Act III wtf. Glass is Split 2 with guest
    appearance from Bruce Willis and Mr. Glass. If you like James McAvoy, go
    see it. Basically it is more of Split. Many plot holes and
    inconsistencies. Bad story telling and writing.

    • codafett
      codafett 6 months ago

      There aren't any plot holes. It's a pretty good movie.

  • cowboycraft13
    cowboycraft13 7 months ago

    The glass is unbreakable,but it is also split.

  • jairo ravelo
    jairo ravelo 7 months ago

    Dr. Staple wrote the comic books.

    PLAYER ONE 8 months ago

    It would be cool if Cole Sear, the kid from the sixth sense showed up In this one.

  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton 9 months ago

    What would happen if mastermind brought an unstoppable force and an immovable object together?

  • Tybetts
    Tybetts 10 months ago

    Ive seen split, however i haven’t seen unbreakable yet. I plan to watch unbreakable as soon as the opportunity presents itself. But can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN the correlation between Split and Unbreakable? I need some closure lol 😩

  • Dixie Normis
    Dixie Normis 10 months ago

    How did Jeremy makes a better Teaser while half assing than the actual teasers? Lol

  • #godwill rise
    #godwill rise 10 months ago

    I think you may be right about the women. But I think in the 18years that has passed a lot of those years will come up in the movie by flash backs. Glass will maybe show this has been the reason he was born to in some way be the "Father" of this Awakening of man's true nature. This then may go into human history and ahow the hero's of the pass were " Hercules , SamSun, Giants ... Were real people some how time forgot. I just hope M.Night Shyamalan dont fuck this up!!

  • Kristmaz808
    Kristmaz808 10 months ago

    Ahhhhh my heart can't take it

  • FreshAsImIz
    FreshAsImIz 10 months ago

    Every video is getting less dislikes.... Good Job Jeremy

  • Regular Music
    Regular Music 10 months ago

    Jeremy spoke in Gla-a-ass
    -pearl jam

  • Macaroni
    Macaroni 11 months ago

    Just watched unbreakable. It was kind of boring. Not enough action and its revolves around him denying that hes not special in a way. And then when he finally do believes in himself the action scene was short af. Really boring movie for me

  • jesse williams
    jesse williams Year ago

    Ngl I prefer unbreakable to split. I think it’s absolutely amazing

  • Omar Cavazos
    Omar Cavazos Year ago

    Come on man...Bruce is like 64 years old. David Dunn being played as Bruce Willis is fuck'n retarded.

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    The Unbreakable, Split Glass

  • soapie sins
    soapie sins Year ago

    I wish the i see dead people kid could make it in a Shyamalan movie.

  • The Rebel One
    The Rebel One Year ago

    This is my fav "superhero" saga...I like it better than any Marvel and/or DC movie for now...because of the dark and simple realism!

  • Johnny Calliber
    Johnny Calliber Year ago +3

    It will be soo awesometacular if all the posters of the unbreakable trilogy has the glass cracks continued throughout

  • hans gruber
    hans gruber Year ago

    these are better than even marvel films

  • David Dunn
    David Dunn Year ago

    Hi Jeremy :D

  • Richard Meikle
    Richard Meikle Year ago

    She will be the professor X

  • Daenerys
    Daenerys Year ago

    It looks so good though I’m so excited

  • Pasquale Rappa
    Pasquale Rappa Year ago

    Twist ending. All three characters are in the mind of the Malcolm Rivers from Identity.

  • Super Stache Bros.

    Looks like you enjoyed all these trailers as much as us!

  • Titan MacDougall
    Titan MacDougall Year ago

    Split was by far Shyamalan's redemption. It was his comeback to what made his movies great in the first place. And of course prior to seeing Split on DVD, I had heard the rumors of an Unbreakable/Split sequel. And when they showed that tease with Bruce Willis at the end, even I was cheering! Now after seeing this, I gotta see the trailer. But as to whether or not the movie will be good, or necessary, or if 18 years really is too long, or whether these stories and characters belong in the same universe, I don't know. Still iffy about that.

  • Rene Marino
    Rene Marino Year ago

    just watch the ending be that they are actually crazy and are in the asylum and everything was in their imagination like the rugrats lol

  • andile majozi
    andile majozi Year ago

    glass will beat thanos

  • bigraviolees
    bigraviolees Year ago

    also later killer bushes from the happening come after everyone

  • Olympian Samson
    Olympian Samson Year ago

    SO FUCKING PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giani Popescu
    Giani Popescu Year ago

    "First name: Neil... Second name: deGlass"

    GODZILLAERC Year ago



    are you getting burned out?

  • McBehrer
    McBehrer Year ago

    Damn, I'm gonna need to watch Unbreakable.
    ... And Split.
    ... And Glass, obviously.

  • Rose Waters
    Rose Waters Year ago

    It’s like magneto and prof.x had a role reversal. 💖 unbreakable

  • Floyd Williams
    Floyd Williams Year ago

    I just know Glass is going to shatter the box office!!

    DUAL MORE Year ago


  • road runner
    road runner Year ago

    I hope this isn`t the last movie.
    It would be really cool if on of the future movies would give kevin wendell crumb one last indetity. Just when the horde is about to lose, the heroes of this story turns him good. And he becomes the new protector ( David Dunn personality). That could be a cool twist.

  • NoorALI Legend
    NoorALI Legend Year ago +1

    I grew up inside a glass

  • Anguirus2012
    Anguirus2012 Year ago

    I cannot wait..........

  • Barmander
    Barmander Year ago +1

    Its cause of the kids!

  • Nikola Martinovic

    Watch Peaky blinders Jeremy please

  • Enemy of the State / VCD King

    M Knight comic universe before mcu dceu =)

  • Gerson Cajuste
    Gerson Cajuste Year ago

    I actually think Elijah Price (Mr Glass) is going to win in the third movie .
    David won in Unbreakable, Kevin( Beast) won in Split , because he didn’t get caught at the end .

  • Titus Yang
    Titus Yang Year ago

    I love the title of these movies.

  • Don The Movie Reviewer

    It was EPIC!

  • Kazzong
    Kazzong Year ago

    I loved Unbreakable, and am super excited for this.

  • Conner Miller
    Conner Miller Year ago

    Hey Jeremy, you should review Donnie Darko

  • Biblical Criticism

    I think Elijah was training Kevin all these years. As much as he could, given that he was in jail.

  • Frank Teryngel
    Frank Teryngel Year ago

    Ok, if we go by the things said in Unbreakable, then there are two types of villains. We know who they are and we already have them in the Glass. But... what about superheroes? There could be few variations: superpowers/money/skill(or just two of those) or main/sidekicks/neutrals(or, again, just two of those). Bruce's character would fit into superpowers and main type of superhero, so if there will be continuation, then there'll be some of the other type. My quess would be neutral or sidekick.

  • AK V
    AK V Year ago

    I liked unbreakable.. But I hated! I mean hated split. Boring predictable and Jesus no storyline..
    Please explain what I was missing

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald Year ago

    The crazy thing is that Shaymalan has stated that these movies being tied together and being a trilogy was always planned ever since 2000 when Unbreakable came out

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey Year ago +1

    God I hope this is good and he does not go back to horrible M night...... waited so long for this.............

  • Urban_chameleon
    Urban_chameleon Year ago

    M night made a joker vs Batman!!!!!!!

  • The Spaz From Rainman

    Prediction adult Cole from the 6th sense is in the movie and his ability to see the dead makes him one of "them"

    • Captain85
      Captain85 Year ago

      Then wouldn't that make Bruce Willis dead?

  • Sabre
    Sabre Year ago

    Quick gen z question.. the fuck is unbreakable?

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens Year ago

    Sitting in the theater at the end of Split, when Kevin is talking to himself in the reflection and the theme from Unbreakable starts to play, I totally lost my shit. Also, no one else in the theater knew what was going on (until Dunn showed up) so I count myself among the "elite" (read: overly obsessed with that film) crowd of Unbreakable fans :) As for this trailer, I totally dug it right up until the final line: "First name: Mister. Last name: Glass." My eyes rolled so hard at that. I really hope they don't keep that line in the movie. Otherwise VERY excited for this.

  • ruben garcia
    ruben garcia Year ago

    I can't wait for it it looks good. It's sad its the last one of the trilogy.

  • damian gac
    damian gac Year ago


  • Boyet&Angela
    Boyet&Angela Year ago

    Did anyone else find it extremely funny when he talked about squeezing Mr. Glass's arms and did the motion with his arms?

  • Alicia Bell
    Alicia Bell Year ago

    I'm not convinced this will be good...

  • Philipp Niemann
    Philipp Niemann Year ago

    how many times did you hit your camera?

  • William Steyert
    William Steyert Year ago

    Must be the age difference but I get a migraine watching this guy and the 30 million edit cuts. Thank god for Chris Stuckman reviews.

  • Rectus Rectumius
    Rectus Rectumius Year ago

    If this is good, then we have a second best super hero movie trilogy on our hands, at least.

  • malcolm adderley
    malcolm adderley Year ago

    Split was so damn Boring, I hope this has some gas!

  • Raul Mejia
    Raul Mejia Year ago

    Shyamalan is making better superhero movies than DC. What a weird timeline.

  • Javier
    Javier Year ago


  • idfkgohst
    idfkgohst Year ago +1

    can somebody give me a quick rundown of this movie lineup? because i have never heard of these movies

    • Etang Bose
      Etang Bose Year ago +1

      idfkgohst just watch them okay cuz I don’t want to spoil the ending of unbreakable for you find a copy (legally or illegally) and watch it and split okay they are so good just watch them

  • TheMasterQuests
    TheMasterQuests Year ago

    I dubbed this the Psychological Avengers.

  • Pheenix23
    Pheenix23 Year ago

    I noticed the room they were in was pink. Shyamalan loves using colours to differentiate each character (just check out their clothes). Maybe Paulson's colour is pink?

  • Humberto Manlio
    Humberto Manlio Year ago

    I’m going to see this movie with no expectations, like 18 years a go... before the social media... it’s gonna be great!...

  • 49ers1975
    49ers1975 Year ago

    it was awesome

  • Ana Perez
    Ana Perez Year ago

    Unbreakable is one of M. Might Shyalaman's iconic movies (6th Sense being the other)
    The trailer looks unbelievable.
    Let's hope M. Night is back in true form.

  • ARottenMuffin
    ARottenMuffin Year ago

    I can't wait to see more of the Jake Paul frat boy personality they had in the trailer "WE ALMOST GOT YOU BROHHHHH"
    It's all I can think of after hearing that line.

  • EtchedInStone
    EtchedInStone Year ago

    M. Night Shyamalan could conceivably rescue his legacy with this film. After Unbreakable, he went all kinds of wrong. But if this one goes right, all will be forgiven.

  • greato80
    greato80 Year ago

    I agree sarah is a special. Look how bright her hair is..y know how m night uses color escpecially when all are sitting down. Each of the three have their own color.