Riffs - Little Girl - Fantastic Uptempo Early 60's Doo Wop

  • Published on Mar 30, 2010
  • Great one written by Phil Spina
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  • Riff156
    Riff156 6 months ago

    ooh I like this one!

  • jim mig
    jim mig 9 months ago +1

    in 1963 a revamped line-up consisting of JIMMY NISI along with RICHIE GIOVELLI-CARMINE DESENA AND LOUIE LIGOURI recorded this uptempo classic.

  • Paul Singer
    Paul Singer Year ago +1

    so many g roups; some made it, so many didn't; it doesn't mean they were bad; we were so spoiled! ROCK N'ROLL IS HERE TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milton Kanfer
    Milton Kanfer Year ago

    Classic Do-Wop elements although I find the lead a little flat. Maybe it's just me.

  • nicky0016dd
    nicky0016dd Year ago +5

    Excellent! Classic uptempo doo wop!

  • PLT 108
    PLT 108 2 years ago

    Wow, energy good beat and sound...

  • Rhea Geberer
    Rhea Geberer 2 years ago

    The group is very good, but this record suffers from a lack of instruments. I think there's only a drum.

    • countrypaul
      countrypaul 6 months ago

      Bass and rhythm guitar mixed way back.

  • Jitka Kenjova
    Jitka Kenjova 3 years ago +1


  • Ken Cohen
    Ken Cohen 3 years ago

    Strong double sided uptempo doowop..Classic N.Y. This group, with changes in personnel, were also the Creations ("Strolling Through The Park" on Pine Crest) and the Velvet Keys ("My Baby's Gone" on King). The Pine Crest release - which is a styrene press with paste on labels -is very sought after and brings a pretty high price, especially in top condition.

    • Philip Spina
      Philip Spina 9 months ago

      The Velvet Keys
      Comprised of a totally different group 1957 king records.
      I was a member of that group .
      I worked with various groups over the years writing arranging producing . i always enjoyed my special association with the guys as till this date 2018 we all stay in touch. Phil Spina

    • Philip Spina
      Philip Spina 9 months ago

      Correct the Riffs originally the Creations recorded Strolling in the park- Wake up in morning.
      I changed the name to the Riffs gave them a new lead overhauled the harmonies wrote and arranged a few tunes and these guys worled so hard and i thought they did a kick ass job. The Beatles sqaushed any chance of success.
      Fil Spina- Philip Spina
      Producer of Another time Around Cds 2016

  • Jim Ervin
    Jim Ervin 4 years ago +4

    A common subject sung about in an uncommon superfine way, the same way I try to write music.

  • woofer32
    woofer32 7 years ago

    I love this, generally I think I prefer the more uptempo stuff.

    PETE CONNOLLY 7 years ago

    myself and a guy named joe sigerello from new jersey, found about 6 copies of this record in a used book store in queens in april 1974, and the other dop wop collectors went crazy once they heard it, a great song it is beyond any doubt.

  • Doowopdan
    Doowopdan 8 years ago

    He did. I taped it off the radio when he interviewed the group around 1979 or 1980.

    4JUKEBOXSATURDAYNITE 8 years ago +1

    Little girl / Why Are The Nights So Cold --Sunny Records 22 -- 1964.
    THE RIFFS-Little Girl

  • Philip Spina
    Philip Spina 8 years ago +7

    Thanks for all the positive comments we really appreciate the fact that people try to keep this great doo wop sound alive..
    Fil Spina

    • greatPretender79
      greatPretender79 11 months ago

      OOOOOOHHHHHH I get it now. If I can ever stop playing this I'll get to it ;)

  • Philip Spina
    Philip Spina 9 years ago +2

    WMCA Good Guy's were the major station in New York and they were suppose to help promote the record but,do to lack of distribution it was never played.The song has been done in Germany and is well known in the Doo Wop circles.I know Don K played it because we did his show with Ribetones and Velvet Riffs

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  9 years ago +2

    I'm sure Don K Reed played it at some point, but the current CBS format is a waste of time.

    • Paul Singer
      Paul Singer Year ago

      WHEN CBS stopped doo wopp; so many people complained! I was one of them

  • Laurie Christian
    Laurie Christian 9 years ago +2

    Fun tune Phil! Too bad it isn't on CBS FM.

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  9 years ago +1

    I do agree that songwriters are one of the unsung heroes of the era. That's a damn shame that you didn't record your song professionally. Any plans on doing something with it?

  • Philip Spina
    Philip Spina 9 years ago +2

    PJ thanks for the plug , old Doo Wop songwriters really don't get much credit for createtivity --FIL SPINA (PHIL SPINA)
    I wrote a song call "All Grown Up" never got to do it professionally yet???

  • howard schwartz
    howard schwartz 9 years ago

    always loved this

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  9 years ago +2

    don't bump into people while you're bopping

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  9 years ago

    Good stuff Neil. It's always a pleasure to introduce someone to a new favorite

  • TBirdNeil
    TBirdNeil 9 years ago +3

    PJ, this is unfair! Now I owe you about 97 pints of beer when you come to England! Ah what the hell, you're worth it. Thanks for another great upload mate and for contributing to my continuing education in the cool iceberg of DooWop that previously I only knew the tip of. Great track mate, immediately added to my second playlist for saturday nights fixin the bike in the garage.

  • Junky Bob
    Junky Bob 9 years ago +2

    very good :)