Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Join Basically editor Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook an egg in almost every way possible. Which method is the best? Can there be a best method? What does 'best' even mean? Who says what's best? Not us. They're all eggcelent (besides the ones that aren't).

    Check out each of the methods here (thanks to Asaf Lebovic for making this list):
    0:47 raw egg
    1:10 prairie oyster
    1:34 amber moon
    2:00 sunny side up egg
    2:25 olive oil fried egg
    2:51 olive oil fried (basted) egg
    3:18 olive oil friend (steamed) egg
    3:43 over easy/medium/hard egg
    4:26 salt block fried egg
    4:41 McMuffin Egg
    4:58 cracked and scrambled egg
    5:30 low and slow scrambled egg
    6:00 hot and fast scrambled egg
    6:33 boiled egg
    7:39 steamed whole egg
    8:37 sous-vide egg
    9:08 pickled egg
    10:11 poached egg
    10:40 egg poached in tomato sauce
    11:14 microwave scrambled egg
    11:32 microwave poached egg
    11:52 grilled in George Foreman egg
    12:17 waffle iron egg
    12:46 blowtorched egg
    13:09 diner style omelet egg
    13:41 French omelet egg
    14:16 souffled omelet egg
    14:47 cloud egg
    15:20 steamed custard egg (Chinese style steamed egg custard)
    15:53 coddled egg
    16:26 shirred egg
    16:54 air fried egg
    17:31 deep-fried egg
    17:54 dehydrated egg
    18:18 frittata egg
    18:48 frozen egg
    19:17 dishwasher egg
    19:49 rice cooker egg
    20:22 egg cooker egg
    20:50 Rollie cooked egg
    21:18 oven cooked egg
    22:08 cooked in broth egg
    22:48 grilled egg
    23:13 smoked egg
    23:43 campfire (cast iron) egg
    24:19 campfire (foil pouch) egg
    24:49 campfire (burned in coals) egg
    25:11 sauna cooked egg
    25:38 engine cooked egg
    26:03 solar oven egg
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    Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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