Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Join Basically editor Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook an egg in almost every way possible. Which method is the best? Can there be a best method? What does 'best' even mean? Who says what's best? Not us. They're all eggcelent (besides the ones that aren't).

    Check out each of the methods here (thanks to Asaf Lebovic for making this list):
    0:47 raw egg
    1:10 prairie oyster
    1:34 amber moon
    2:00 sunny side up egg
    2:25 olive oil fried egg
    2:51 olive oil fried (basted) egg
    3:18 olive oil friend (steamed) egg
    3:43 over easy/medium/hard egg
    4:26 salt block fried egg
    4:41 McMuffin Egg
    4:58 cracked and scrambled egg
    5:30 low and slow scrambled egg
    6:00 hot and fast scrambled egg
    6:33 boiled egg
    7:39 steamed whole egg
    8:37 sous-vide egg
    9:08 pickled egg
    10:11 poached egg
    10:40 egg poached in tomato sauce
    11:14 microwave scrambled egg
    11:32 microwave poached egg
    11:52 grilled in George Foreman egg
    12:17 waffle iron egg
    12:46 blowtorched egg
    13:09 diner style omelet egg
    13:41 French omelet egg
    14:16 souffled omelet egg
    14:47 cloud egg
    15:20 steamed custard egg (Chinese style steamed egg custard)
    15:53 coddled egg
    16:26 shirred egg
    16:54 air fried egg
    17:31 deep-fried egg
    17:54 dehydrated egg
    18:18 frittata egg
    18:48 frozen egg
    19:17 dishwasher egg
    19:49 rice cooker egg
    20:22 egg cooker egg
    20:50 Rollie cooked egg
    21:18 oven cooked egg
    22:08 cooked in broth egg
    22:48 grilled egg
    23:13 smoked egg
    23:43 campfire (cast iron) egg
    24:19 campfire (foil pouch) egg
    24:49 campfire (burned in coals) egg
    25:11 sauna cooked egg
    25:38 engine cooked egg
    26:03 solar oven egg
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    Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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    ninja resin 9 hours ago

    Rip alergy to eggs

  • Me Is Andrew
    Me Is Andrew 9 hours ago

    Many eggs were harmed in this video...

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    beamerLiLpeeP 1 10 hours ago

    This is how many eggs died in this video
    \ | /

  • Nick Warren
    Nick Warren 10 hours ago +1

    If he burps or farts it will be cherenobyl all over again!!!

  • hope
    hope 11 hours ago

    he kinda sounds like remy and i like that a lot

  • Galawgaw Tv
    Galawgaw Tv 11 hours ago

    I like eating eggs raw. I mix it with a bowl of rice, add some salt and voila. Dinner is served.

  • kelly paul
    kelly paul 11 hours ago

    RIP to this mans toilet.

  • chrisk283
    chrisk283 11 hours ago

    I hope he really has toast soldiers with his coddled eggs. Toe soldiers seem a bit yuck.

  • miana woods
    miana woods 12 hours ago

    I would actually love the George Forman egg I hate yolk unless it’s completely cooked and I like my eggs a little brown and crunchy

  • Im 2 Fresh 4 U
    Im 2 Fresh 4 U 13 hours ago

    The day chickens gain sentience
    59 methods to cook human fetus

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    do shrimp 😂

  • Your Local Trash Can
    Your Local Trash Can 13 hours ago +1

    It’s 2:00 am and I’m watching a video on how to make eggs in 59 ways

    *i hate eggs*
    _why am I watching this_

  • Bhupesh Sahu
    Bhupesh Sahu 13 hours ago

    I think he's just dumping them over his shoulder :O...

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 13 hours ago

    i have realized he moves his hands randomly after he tries egg lol

  • Zane Dobler
    Zane Dobler 14 hours ago

    You forgot to use a sidewalk.

  • tia dickson
    tia dickson 14 hours ago

    Did anyone else start cooking eggs while watching?

  • RockinL7BuckingBulls
    RockinL7BuckingBulls 14 hours ago

    There’s film of German soldiers in Africa during WWII frying eggs on the fenders of there tanks. Pretty cool 😎.

  • Insidecart76873
    Insidecart76873 14 hours ago


  • RockinL7BuckingBulls
    RockinL7BuckingBulls 14 hours ago

    My mom use to make the cloud egg, we called them Fluffy Eggs. I haven’t thought of them in say 40 years , I’m so going to make them tomorrow for breakfast. She’s gone now thanks for the memorie.

  • seldomseenstan
    seldomseenstan 14 hours ago

    Y U no cook on sidewalk

  • Nadia D’Mello
    Nadia D’Mello 15 hours ago +2

    Glad to know that 15 million other people also spent 30 minutes watching this video.

  • iWannadie
    iWannadie 15 hours ago

    “It looks like it’s in a condom” LMAO

  • Ashlyn612
    Ashlyn612 15 hours ago

    Man: **drink 4 raw eggs**
    Salmonella: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Sandeep Khetawat
    Sandeep Khetawat 15 hours ago

    Ok.... I am hungry now.

  • Son Jae
    Son Jae 15 hours ago

    Please try a Pressure rice cooker. It will give an browned egg.

  • Yui Vazquez
    Yui Vazquez 16 hours ago

    Y el huevo con chorizo

  • o Keol
    o Keol 16 hours ago

    Just realising everything in this video was said twice for better mic quality and he literally voice acts everything... EVERYTHING... Even the sound effects like mmm 😩 or ew😣

  • o Keol
    o Keol 16 hours ago

    The dishwasher egg is basically the sous vide egg. It works the same way and works with steak. Just remember to bag it like a sous vide cooked product

  • Kameron Hammerstone
    Kameron Hammerstone 16 hours ago

    If you eat eggs super runny.....just grow tf up smh

    • Qui P
      Qui P 9 hours ago

      Kameron Hammerstone Unless you know, the egg isn’t fertilized and is just an egg that will never be a baby chick.

    • Kameron Hammerstone
      Kameron Hammerstone 15 hours ago

      @Qui P you are most definitely disgusting. Your pretty much eating the liquid membrane of a chick. Think about it. I ain't vegan In the least but it's just disgusting

    • Qui P
      Qui P 16 hours ago

      If you’re talking about the yolk then you are most definitely wrong.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 17 hours ago

    Who the hell has a blowtorch

  • TeaCup
    TeaCup 17 hours ago

    Some people think it’s a bit raw I don’t...
    Takes a shot of a raw egg

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    Shout out to bulleit bourbon

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    Salmonella: am I a joke to you ?

  • My Account
    My Account 18 hours ago

    Shouldn't eat a raw egg without working out really hard after. Otherwise you could very easily catch salmanila. Not even sure if its posaible to not catch it without working out after.
    🙉how many raw eggs is he gonna eat in one day? I assume this was all shot in one day since hes wearing the same clothes.

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  • Evan Yeet
    Evan Yeet 18 hours ago

    Aren’t some of these poisonous?

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    Why am I here at 2 in the morning watching a man cooking eggs

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  • Citizen F1
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  • Jumpy Mango
    Jumpy Mango 19 hours ago +1

    Halfway through the vid and
    I really wished u put a scale for each one

  • Roy Haddad
    Roy Haddad 19 hours ago

    1) heat some butter in a small pan
    2) scramble a couple of eggs well with a pinch of salt and pepper
    3) pour the eggs in the pan BUT DON'T TOUCH THEM
    4) wait a minute and flip the omelette over
    5) let it cook and sizzle with the butter well then serve in a plate
    simply delicious 😅

  • Jamboy Hedlund
    Jamboy Hedlund 20 hours ago

    So the instant pot egg is what I always eat I hate the jam like yolk I just prefer it

  • Mr KosovanGamer690
    Mr KosovanGamer690 20 hours ago

    As im studying automotive at college (engineering) placing the egg near the engine block wouldnt do anything. Especially since you put it in tin foil which is suppose to heat up quick it failed. The part with most heat is at the top of yhe engine bay. You take the covers off and place it on the valves.... Gordon ramsay did this menthod of cooking a whole fish when he forgot the bbq

  • Rin The Dreamer
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    Wtf am I doing?

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  • owlinadayswork
    owlinadayswork 22 hours ago +2

    Imagine how sick of eggs this guy must have been afterwards

  • Marlene Taylor
    Marlene Taylor 22 hours ago

    The egg cooker has several attachments to cook eggs a myriad of ways, and it's great to set and forget, especially when you are doing a lot of eggs. After you put them in the fridge, removed from an ice bath they are actually easier to peel. No matter if you used fresh eggs or aged eggs.

  • Neuro Eudaimonia
    Neuro Eudaimonia 23 hours ago

    The scrambled eggs (the first and last ones) are definitely overcooked!

  • Neuro Eudaimonia
    Neuro Eudaimonia 23 hours ago

    The Amber Moon probably is more effective against a hangover. Just a little shot of alcohol to get the edge off! ;-)

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