French Omelette - How to Make Soft, Buttery French-Style Omelets

  • Published on Apr 14, 2017
  • Learn how to make a French Omelette recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy French-Style Omelet recipe!
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  • Canadian Cannabis
    Canadian Cannabis 2 years ago +29

    Good videos but god your inflections are annoying.

  • Joshua Bergeron
    Joshua Bergeron 2 years ago +2

    Where did you go to culinary school?

  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen 2 years ago +4

    I never knew there was a French omelette style... I've made mine like this since 8th grade home economics! I do tend to grate in a small amount of nice, dry, mildly salty cheese before the rolling/folding.

  • scyther1
    scyther1 2 years ago

    That looks so freaking good Chef.

  • Authan Johnson
    Authan Johnson 2 years ago

    chef ur so cool

  • Sven Smith
    Sven Smith 2 years ago

    Mmm, liquid chicken is the bomb!

  • islezeus
    islezeus 2 years ago

    who the fuck is Suzanne Placchette? Can i have an omelet with a glass of red wine for dinner or is that gauche?

  • Inna Altman
    Inna Altman 2 years ago


  • GirlwthCurls
    GirlwthCurls 2 years ago +234

    great video but your voice inflection is kinda freakin' me out 😕

  • Equinox68
    Equinox68 2 years ago

    Your vocal pitches peak like steady waves. Good video though. I love to cook.

  • zanesmith666
    zanesmith666 2 years ago

    and some more butter* best served with mashed potatoes with more butter.

  • Pappy Tron
    Pappy Tron 2 years ago +4

    The secret to a French omelette is motion; lots of motion when whisking and lots of motion when the eggs hit the pan.

  • cemwalker
    cemwalker 2 years ago +4

    Sorry, raw eggs are disgusting.

  • Victoria Chism
    Victoria Chism 2 years ago +3

    I don't like wet, runny eggs. Give me a drier omlette any day.

  • Ubertrain
    Ubertrain 2 years ago +92

    Why are you talking like that did u have a stroke

  • Mharti McDonhalds
    Mharti McDonhalds 2 years ago +268

    Why tf do you talk like that????

  • himakgam
    himakgam 2 years ago +5

    that's neither classic french style nor country french style omelette. You are getting rusty or there wasn't much to begin with- your technique sucked for chef level

  • Heavenpad
    Heavenpad 2 years ago


  • Al S.
    Al S. 2 years ago +1

    "You are the Suzanne Pleshette of your French Ome-lette"

  • lovelyamor13
    lovelyamor13 2 years ago


  • Rhian Meaney
    Rhian Meaney 2 years ago

    Triggered. Runny eggs.

  • Mike Canning
    Mike Canning 2 years ago

    too much movement John.....

  • Ethan DyTioco
    Ethan DyTioco 2 years ago +1

    I tried making this for the first time: my stove thinks that it's medium low is your medium high, so I was kinda rushed in going through the steps.
    Still turned out pretty well, tomorrow I'll turn down the heat

  • Felixite
    Felixite 2 years ago +1

    Just went and made this and holy cow is it night and day to the omelettes I'm used to.

  • HalalaChout Oof
    HalalaChout Oof 2 years ago +30

    gawd the way you talk is like ur going to cum but then tip and stop like wtf...

  • faceious2006
    faceious2006 2 years ago +62

    Great video but your voice flection is intolerable.

  • David Giggle
    David Giggle 2 years ago

    I've heard that you should salt eggs when they are cooked but a lot of chefs salt their eggs before what is it about that?

  • Golbon Mol
    Golbon Mol 2 years ago +1

    Is it only me or this omelette looks like a banana?

  • Jordon Lees
    Jordon Lees 2 years ago +42

    great video but the voice is so painful to my ears

  • AFilonov
    AFilonov 2 years ago

    I thought that french omelette is one made over a steam bath (kind of a part of Benedict sauce but an omelette). Oh nevermind - it's scrambled eggs french way. But it really almost the same thing.

  • Maysam Goudarzi
    Maysam Goudarzi 2 years ago

    Is that the di Oro Living silicone spatula? I've been wanting one since I saw it on America's test kitchen, but don't have a good enough reason to buy it.

  • Xx420Y0L0 SC0P3ZxX
    Xx420Y0L0 SC0P3ZxX 2 years ago +5

    Never salt the eggs before cooking. Stopped watching after that. Gordon Ramsay would not approve.

  • JINXtheGamer
    JINXtheGamer 2 years ago

    I like to pile up eggs to have a nice pillow which then I turn on another side just for a moment. In the end, i have super soft aired scrambled egg pillow with a bit of salt and fresh grounded black pepper on top (plus toasts ofc.) :D

  • Artur Kushukov
    Artur Kushukov 2 years ago

    What's wrong with buying motor oil and eggs at Tesco's?

  • Billy Krzemien
    Billy Krzemien 2 years ago

    Yummm...and I AM the Suzanne Pleshette of my French omelette...EVERYTHING! ;D

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 2 years ago

    I don't always eat omelettes, but when I do...

    They are inspired by the great chef John

  • Johnny Tsunami
    Johnny Tsunami 2 years ago

    I don't make perfect omelet bc I don't want to put that much fat on my pan

  • Jesse Travens
    Jesse Travens 2 years ago +26

    Ugggh why is he talking like that. It's like there's 3 periods after each statement

  • Sidnei de Jesus
    Sidnei de Jesus 2 years ago +1

    isn't that technique to fold the cooked egg, Japanese?

  • Alefiya Huzaifa
    Alefiya Huzaifa 2 years ago

    you crack me up :D

  • Kristy Van Son
    Kristy Van Son 2 years ago

    How do I make sure the egg does not stick if I have stainless steal pans?

  • LaFeé Verte
    LaFeé Verte 2 years ago

    i love eggs... i love omelets but i still dont like runny eggs.... the inside of the omelete is still runny and i dont care if its the right way or a 5 star Michelin recommendation .. aside from that, everything was great.. i would just cook it longer

  • Joseph Falsetta
    Joseph Falsetta 2 years ago +74

    His voice is ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Schattefor
    Mark Schattefor 2 years ago +9

    Am I the only one who thinks that this guy has a very annoying way of speaking/voice?

  • David Ge
    David Ge 2 years ago +438

    Why this dude always asking me questions

  • Venz Lucero
    Venz Lucero 2 years ago +6

    U sometime sounds annoying ur accent is stupid but the food is ok.. I have to put it in silent

  • Jason Cataldi
    Jason Cataldi 2 years ago

    Hate "golden brown, dried out , American omelettes"! ....nice job!

  • Fic Read
    Fic Read 2 years ago

    The comments made me think he used a whole stick of butter or something. It's not that much butter people, you will survive if you eat it.

  • trucker44
    trucker44 2 years ago

    4:00 haha

  • clkgenius
    clkgenius 2 years ago +1

    You don't have to justify the butter. more butter = better !

  • WakeeWakee
    WakeeWakee 2 years ago

    Thank god for the cayenne at the end. I was wondering if Chef John was losing his feistiness.

  • Billy Banks
    Billy Banks 2 years ago +1

    80% butter 20% egg

  • Bridger Murray
    Bridger Murray 2 years ago

    Shouldn't you not add salt to eggs right away? I've heard that it starts some kind of chemical reaction that breaks down the eggs and gives them a slimy texture.

  • Tim K
    Tim K 2 years ago

    why do you speak with that cadence? It's awful

  • kimberly miller
    kimberly miller 2 years ago

    That looks so delicious.

  • morning coffee
    morning coffee 2 years ago

    thanks a lot for this one, john :)

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S 2 years ago

    Looks so delish, does anyone know if you could do this without egg yolk? (im allegic)

  • Ardent Dfender
    Ardent Dfender 2 years ago


  • SierraSierraFoxtrot
    SierraSierraFoxtrot 2 years ago

    Oh noes did Chef John just tell us not to buy food at Costco? :(

  • bob down
    bob down 2 years ago

    Love the shape lol does it remind you of something else maybe?
    In all seriousness thanks for this recipe and keep up the good work.