AMAZING GOLD PAINT ✨ Drawing Mythical Creature - ScrawlrBox December 2017

  • Published on Feb 24, 2018
  • Hello! Today I'm drawing a Skvader by using the supplies in December’s ScrawlrBox. Enjoy ^^
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    Facebook: pages/Artwork-of-Kattvalk/231749516860371
    Twitter: Kattvalk
    Canon 750D for recording
    iMovie for editing

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    DON REVIE 7 months ago

    yes they are good paints.. today i got a box of gamsai tembi watercolours.. had the starry colours for about a year now and well used. would recommend them

  • Mackenzie Breanne
    Mackenzie Breanne 7 months ago

    LOVE this drawing!

  • Ash The Animator
    Ash The Animator 10 months ago

    But it's watercolor

    TEXAS 11 months ago

    Haha, Im swedish too. Ive never heard of that creature since i live near the sea (In Gävle btw)

  • ollie uwu
    ollie uwu Year ago

    Oh I know some about that creature : D I'm from Småland

    I just like mythical creatures oof

  • * homosexual nugget *

    Your voice is so relaxing

  • Rareș Răduță
    Rareș Răduță Year ago +1

    Is this where Easter eggs come from? lol

  • Celeste Kittie
    Celeste Kittie Year ago +1

    I'm glad NerdECrafter sent me. You've introduced me to a myth I've never heard of! Now THAT'S rare!

  • Kay K
    Kay K Year ago


  • ReichHop
    ReichHop Year ago


  • TRV Film
    TRV Film Year ago

    Try to make a 10 different animal challenge

  • Lulu 21
    Lulu 21 Year ago

    Gansai Tambi is an amazing brand of watercolor paints.

  • Orchid Arts
    Orchid Arts Year ago

    I know I'm a bit late. But I don't think you should stress too much about an art style. Why? Your style is always going to evolve because you're always going to improve. So instead of stressing about it, have fun experimenting. Let yourself make mistakes and try new things. Don't worry about making yourself unique. (Technically, none of us are unique.) A truly unique style will come to you freely, so don't put too much emphasis on it when you're creating art.

  • Moni Rmz
    Moni Rmz Year ago

    Your piece reminded me of the classic illustrations of the Alice in Wonderland book :)

  • Joyce vaughn
    Joyce vaughn Year ago


  • Carole Traynor
    Carole Traynor Year ago

    Beautiful luminous gold paints.

  • Azrael śmierć
    Azrael śmierć Year ago

    Ive happened upon the gem metallic paints myself and was absolutely astounded by them.

  • Herdina Negassi
    Herdina Negassi Year ago

    Im from sweden and I didn’t know about the Skvader

  • SoundlessVoices
    SoundlessVoices Year ago

    its so cute 💗
    we have a similar mythical creature im germany which is called wolpertinger, it is part rabbit, duck and deer.
    its really cool to see something similar exist in sweden too :D

  • neon flame
    neon flame Year ago

    I wish I had your skill it's so beautiful

  • Taylor Kitsmiller

    I just stumbled across your channel, and i love this art style so much. Im definately subscribing, but im probably late to tell you that you should play around with this art style, youre so good at it.

  • Aohakath
    Aohakath Year ago

    I perfectly know this struggle in finding your art style... If you take a look on my channel, you will see that I used different techniques. To be honest with you, I really like to draw many things >_

  • chocomint ELF
    chocomint ELF Year ago

    I enjoy this video so much ♡♡♡

  • Kyrridwen Dalca
    Kyrridwen Dalca Year ago

    not poopy at all ! absolutely beautiful work

  • CareBeartje
    CareBeartje Year ago

    Try all the mediums and styles you can and you want. When you tried them all, you can be sure what medium(s) and style you want to focus on because you like it best. All the others are great to have to play around with, but you will know what to turn to when you go for your particular style that you decided on and developped after being sure of that one being your absolute favorite :)
    I really love this artwork! It is absolutely amazing and cute and funny , but most of all , CUTE!

  • neko shiro
    neko shiro Year ago

    Do they charge extra if they ship outside UK?

  • i don't even know what i'm doing

    Why do uou talk like that? Like

  • • etsiA •
    • etsiA • Year ago

    *A Happy Accident*

  • Angie :P
    Angie :P Year ago


  • Cringe
    Cringe Year ago

    Wooow it turned out very good

  • Legendary Power
    Legendary Power Year ago

    Jag är en tjej från Sverige som tycker du är bääääst!! Jag har inte prenumererat så länge, men när jag såg dig så prenumererade jag direkt. 💗❤️💗❤️👍🏼

  • IFY QuiiN
    IFY QuiiN Year ago

    Kattvalk more like kattsrock

  • Mugen stars
    Mugen stars Year ago

    As soon as I'm done watching this video I am so going to do the same thing I'm going to try to mix a bunny with a deer does that sound cool

  • Das A-Team
    Das A-Team Year ago

    Did you ever tried out “twinklings h20“? These are metallic watercolors which come in many different colors and they are amazing. Would love to see you working with them.

  • Kylie Jardino
    Kylie Jardino Year ago

    I love your accent

  • Pidovey
    Pidovey Year ago

    I might make a character based off of this creature, very intriguing.

  • Destemona Black
    Destemona Black Year ago

    I've been using microns for ages and never noticed the size thing, I always thought it was like the 05 number that was the size too.. argh 😂

  • hello baby
    hello baby Year ago

    That is beautiful!

  • anna blue
    anna blue Year ago

    A happy accident? Do you watch Bob Ross my friend?

  • felechete
    felechete Year ago

    Waa when will she give us prizes😢😢😢. If she does that ill be the happiest woman on earth if i got that prizi huhuhu

  • Inna Filjannati
    Inna Filjannati Year ago

    This is really pretty...

  • Lucas Guaraldo
    Lucas Guaraldo Year ago

    give this as a gift for your grandma ^^ sure she would love it

  • Emilias Handmade
    Emilias Handmade Year ago

    I love it! Great work! 😍

  • raja green valley

    Her voice or tone is annoying

    • Kattvalk
      Kattvalk  Year ago +1

      Just like this comment lol

  • Emily Gutierrez
    Emily Gutierrez Year ago

    Amazing! That paint looks so cool

  • tsukii m
    tsukii m Year ago

    aaaaA i want

  • Sam Scarlett
    Sam Scarlett Year ago

    I had no idea about the size, just realised

  • im gonna kermit soup of side

    I'm surprised you didn't draw a mythical cat

  • ImJustSB
    ImJustSB Year ago

    The creature reminded me of the flying mint bunny from hetalia. Anyways beautiful artwork :D

  • Bert Tyson
    Bert Tyson Year ago

    penthil theven doethent theriouthly obviouthly

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat Year ago

    Isn't that creature called wolperdinger?

  • Katherine Jasmin Belangel Valencia

    a bunny that can jump high,
    and sky high fly!


  • kiliyah perry
    kiliyah perry Year ago

    God I want that paint

  • Jeason
    Jeason Year ago

    In Germany there's a creature similar to that one. It's called wolpertinger and is a rapit with fang, antlers, duck feet and wings/bird tale. Depending on who you ask it's look changes.

  • isame 00
    isame 00 Year ago +2

    I didn’t know of the Skvader (?) and I’m Swedish! Really nice painting!

  • omk573
    omk573 Year ago +2

    Is it normal to be sexually atractted to paint

  • Charlene Stardust

    Alltså jag ÄLSKAR dina videos!! Älskar att se din konst och tycker du är grymt kreativ och duktig, jag är själv konstnär på amatör nivå även om jag har mitt diplom sen 2008 men jag måste bara säga att jag är inte ems hälften så duktig som du! Men du ger mig ett enormt mått av inspiration till att fortsätta utvecklas! Din skvader blev verkligen fin btw! :) Fortsätt vara awesome med din konst, du är grym!

  • naly202
    naly202 Year ago

    This is an amazing drawing. I like the splashes of colour ( I would have never tried that- too scared I might destroy it).
    My favourite part is the bunny's eye: it looks like a shiny piece of amber. Wonderful!

  • Bad Drawings
    Bad Drawings Year ago

    Amazing! Love your techniques and it was very fascinating to see you lining the feathered rabbit!

  • Jessie Gumanab
    Jessie Gumanab Year ago

    I love your video's thank you for sharing your talents! It really does help me in my journey through art!~