INTENSE 3 COLOR CHALLENGE: Oversaturated Markers ONLY!

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
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Comments • 6 137

  • Benedikte Johannessen
    Benedikte Johannessen 9 months ago +5633

    I love your app! I don’t use it for drawing😂 But for makeup😛 I love the customization option💖

  • Natalie Devitt
    Natalie Devitt 2 days ago

    3 Marker challenge but only using pastel colors

  • Samantha Maxis
    Samantha Maxis 3 days ago

    Is the print still available because I love this so so much

    YATES BROOKE 6 days ago

    I love how I'm eating Greek yogurt as he's drawing a Greek god

  • Werewolf Gamergirl
    Werewolf Gamergirl 7 days ago

    Wh- ya know what, I won't question Jazza's ultimate art powers. Im just not gonna. Not anymore

  • Ace Boogey
    Ace Boogey 8 days ago

    Use one marker and draw something

  • Ace Boogey
    Ace Boogey 8 days ago

    Use all of the cobic colars you have then draw something on a huge peise of paper

  • Sienna Beck
    Sienna Beck 8 days ago

    Kinda looked like Poseidon with the blue

  • Louise Porter
    Louise Porter 8 days ago

    Did you breathe in the intro?

  • George Swayne
    George Swayne 11 days ago

    Lego challenge

  • Bug_bug 09
    Bug_bug 09 12 days ago

    I really want to use your app but it won’t load do you know why it won’t load if you do will you please tell me

  • Aimee-Leigh Cairney
    Aimee-Leigh Cairney 12 days ago

    Gosh, the pronunciation of Persephone.

  • Lindxey_The_Dreamer
    Lindxey_The_Dreamer 14 days ago +1

    Persephone: this is c h i l l

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 14 days ago

    what beautiful colours.

  • Alana Oliver
    Alana Oliver 15 days ago

    Should do a challange where you have to make something from clay or have to draw something with funny gloves on like costume gloves

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART 15 days ago

    3 plugs... gg Jazza... gg...

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART 15 days ago

    Dang, I want that shirt so much

  • C A T S & A N I M E
    C A T S & A N I M E 20 days ago

    I thought he was gonna say ‘ From the greek word Satan ‘

  • Depressed pita bread Studios

    Soup of da DAM

  • Depressed pita bread Studios

    The most vibrant colors are
    Gacha life: green screan, yellow, hot pink.
    Minecraft: the grass in 2009-2019 (maybe ferther or before idk)
    ROBLOX: mary sue characters
    Me: by hot pink scrunchy

    Hotel: travago

    MUNIIRA IBRAHIM 22 days ago +1

    You should try drawing girls. It could be fun😉👍

  • shabana zaheer
    shabana zaheer 23 days ago

    Do a chalkboard challenge

    UNKNOWN ARTIST 24 days ago

    How do you get those witch crafted markers?!?!

  • Scotthist_ NootNoot
    Scotthist_ NootNoot 24 days ago

    Jazza’s shirt reminds me when I switch for electronic to traditional art, and automatically go for the CTRL+Z when I mess up, then realize how dumb I am. Or when I try to zoom in, ON PAPER.

  • Alana Tang
    Alana Tang 25 days ago

    Try using ONE only using your merch challenge not pencil

    If u want

  • Luke Honeycutt
    Luke Honeycutt 25 days ago

    Use only grayscale colors

  • TinyT
    TinyT 26 days ago

    Why does this have 400 dislikes?

  • Gionfunn
    Gionfunn 26 days ago +2

    Much love from Greece

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 26 days ago

    U should try get Ohuhu markers. They are cheap achohal marker that are pretty good. You should also add them to your app because I don’t know how to find the right colors on the custom marker thing

  • Invisible Drumsticks
    Invisible Drumsticks 26 days ago

    Are you going to start doing character designs again?

  • Trent Centini
    Trent Centini 27 days ago +1

    7:54 I think you mean gods

  • watsgoinonhere1
    watsgoinonhere1 27 days ago

    Shoulda' done this with Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta. Easy mode.

  • Kat Bristow cs
    Kat Bristow cs 27 days ago +1

    Here's some idea's: make a joker with the 3d pen the size of the bigger venom, make a life size sculpture with the 3d pen (only in spare time of course), and draw a god in the opposite gender

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 28 days ago

    try only 5 colored pencils for realism

    I know someone who did

  • Jyoti Mundlik
    Jyoti Mundlik 28 days ago

    You can only use 3 copic marker colours . But you even used a white gel pen

  • Angel :P
    Angel :P 29 days ago

    You should make your own version of Greek gods like you did in your new joker video

  • Oceanna Campbell
    Oceanna Campbell 29 days ago +1

    you should do sand art

  • Craig
    Craig 29 days ago

    i really love ot bloody awesome m8!

  • Cassandra Berglund
    Cassandra Berglund Month ago

    You sould make a ceracter with one marker?? Btw I❤️❤️you and you inspirer me every day😍😍

  • Greg Chamberlain
    Greg Chamberlain Month ago

    the first one was more than 3 colours

  • Mary Flavell
    Mary Flavell Month ago

    Who are these crazy people who are clicking thumbs down on these videos?! I don't GET IT!!!!!!!

  • killa -s
    killa -s Month ago +1


  • killa -s
    killa -s Month ago

    Its 3 dollar

  • Hades Daughter
    Hades Daughter Month ago


  • Mrs Rose
    Mrs Rose Month ago

    That moment when your mother buys Merch only when that person comes from Germany (where we live) 😭😂

  • Aisling Hanly
    Aisling Hanly Month ago

    I found your channel by zhc😃

  • Girl from St. Eugene
    Girl from St. Eugene Month ago +1

    Ik Greek and the three chosen colours are the colours of my living room no one cares but I do.

  • Girl from St. Eugene
    Girl from St. Eugene Month ago +1

    The three colours of my living room and the Greekness jazz’s made this video for me

  • Girl from St. Eugene
    Girl from St. Eugene Month ago +1

    The Greek god Satarato?

  • Girl from St. Eugene
    Girl from St. Eugene Month ago +1

    U should’ve chosen the Greek god “Sataronto” I’m allowed to say it I’m greek

  • nilesh rahi
    nilesh rahi Month ago

    Why don't u recreate this using all the colours let's see if you can make this even better

  • Lóa Margrét Hauksdóttir


  • Alysa Osowski
    Alysa Osowski Month ago

    I want this to hang up in my house

  • xXMatunafishXx
    xXMatunafishXx Month ago +2

    him: draw with jazza! fun and educational!
    me: **remembers all of his sex jokes** yeah very educational....

  • Polar Bunny
    Polar Bunny Month ago

    what does cntrl Z do?

  • Tricia T-B
    Tricia T-B Month ago

    Magic, Jazza ! Looks like something from Hieronymus Bosch ! Stunning

  • Lilly Maddy
    Lilly Maddy Month ago +1

    Hi I love art and your app I just got it today love you

  • Dark Stalkers
    Dark Stalkers Month ago

    Awesome! Super great job Jazza!!!

  • Mick Ey
    Mick Ey Month ago


  • Narelle Shurdington

    Can you please draw something from the dark crystal like a gelfling, skeksis,podling or mother aughra