Virtual Reality - SteamVR featuring the HTC Vive

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
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    Full list of games featured in this video:
    The Lab
    Job Simulator
    Cloudlands: VR Minigolf
    Fantastic Contraption
    Irrational Exuberance
    Final Approach
    Space Pirate Trainer
    Everest VR
    Arizona Sunshine
    Elite Dangerous
    Budget Cuts
    Hover Junkers
    Tilt Brush
    The Gallery - Episode 1
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  • Sample Text
    Sample Text 5 hours ago

    Half life it gonna come?

  • Naami Oussama
    Naami Oussama 16 hours ago

    I very much enjoyed the movie really really good made and very modern this is what we need in this world thank you so much . Can i have a free vive ?

  • lasdi
    lasdi 20 hours ago +1


  • SonicSpinDash 276

    Imagine VR for Team Fortress 2.

  • Joshua Schab
    Joshua Schab Day ago

    very good video

  • Burning Blaze
    Burning Blaze Day ago

    Dont have enough money

  • Mohammad Sean
    Mohammad Sean 2 days ago +1

    Hi I enjoyed that video so much but I wish I have vr headset :(

  • King Allen TV
    King Allen TV 2 days ago

    Now 3 ammo really

  • King Allen TV
    King Allen TV 2 days ago

    You make demoman horrible

  • Ryan Hinze
    Ryan Hinze 3 days ago +1

    Hello I enjoyed this video can I have a free Vive?

  • Lee Ara
    Lee Ara 3 days ago

    Imagine working out in a simulation by this.

  • Leah's Random Videos

    This is a great video because the people are having a lot of fun. This video is also pretty funny, the girl said she actually felt heat, there were families having a lot of fun I wish I had an HTC vive because there's creative, fun, high quality games on it unlike my current vr which is only good for rollercoaster games. But the vive has tons and tons of games I really want one and would buy it if they weren't so expensive maybe if the full set was $200 I could afford it anyway thank you for the great video

  • Shalom
    Shalom 3 days ago

    Quando vc e pobre e só pode ver ....

  • Dakila Maristela
    Dakila Maristela 4 days ago

    Ok so no half life 3 I think how about half life VR?

  • the blue wolf masked gamer

    Okay valve remember the orange box for 2007 I want war between pc vs Xbox and ps3 last gen vs new gen on dust bowl for if we win last gen gets an update you pc wins it's all yours we have to many problems and your reports don't work deal

  • loganboi
    loganboi 4 days ago

    Man I wish I had $800

  • lugerry
    lugerry 5 days ago

    I wish i was a steam member

  • Draw 360
    Draw 360 5 days ago

    Hi, could you send me htc vive (can be any version) ?????? I can not pay, my gmail send me a message

  • a0001521
    a0001521 6 days ago

    A puppy

    AP PROGAMER 6 days ago

    Hlo srr i really love this this so osm i like half life games can i give a chance to win this

  • RePlaV
    RePlaV 6 days ago

    Very nice Video! And since VR came out I asked my parents for a VR but they said no... they don't know how cool it is and how amazing... but well I tried. My dream is to collect money and buy one. I hope u guys will keep doing your good work! It would be nice if u guys could make a giveaway ;D

  • Scott Hume
    Scott Hume 7 days ago

    Such a bad way to advertise a product, paid actors and fake reactions.

  • Maddox McCulloch
    Maddox McCulloch 8 days ago

    I sold my dragon lord for this idk what to spend with the rest of the money

  • Dark Foxer
    Dark Foxer 8 days ago

    MAKE It

  • Dark Foxer
    Dark Foxer 8 days ago


  • Charlie Ben
    Charlie Ben 10 days ago

    I'm ready for Half Life 3

  • Ya Bio Karma!! Game Boi

    L4d 3 we need it now but have the l4d2 people and l4d1 people

  • Koh Ri Ting
    Koh Ri Ting 11 days ago

    Woaahhhh this is legit!
    Wish i had one of these :/

  • Nuclear nerds
    Nuclear nerds 11 days ago

    Appature science (archery) game

    SAIF TV 12 days ago

    omg. I realy enjoyed watching it an I love it so much I am the biggest fan of HTC VIVE can I have one please😘😘😍😍

  • FeKaGe
    FeKaGe 13 days ago

    accept kidney as payment method?

  • Reyoso
    Reyoso 14 days ago

    whens that knuckle controller coming?

  • Dubby Dalls
    Dubby Dalls 16 days ago

    I have already psvr butt dis is cool🤗

  • the supermonkey
    the supermonkey 17 days ago


  • Vlaadiously
    Vlaadiously 18 days ago

    Is it normal to get Vive just to touch some Anime girls on Vrchat? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • TurtlePowderPow
    TurtlePowderPow 19 days ago +1

    I have collected 673€. I am almost there

  • wirtualny gamer
    wirtualny gamer 19 days ago

    WHERE IS HALF-LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Half Life
    Half Life 22 days ago

    Vaaaaaaaaalve , Where is Half Life 3 or half life 2 episode three we need to finish the story of half life

  • progress wind
    progress wind 22 days ago

    quiero que en left 4 dead 3 reviva bill

  • NoiR
    NoiR 22 days ago

    look at those long ass wire

  • Nicholas Ladd
    Nicholas Ladd 23 days ago


  • Nicholas Ladd
    Nicholas Ladd 23 days ago

    I have this VR headset. I got it Christmas. It was amazing. We play it almost everyday.

  • AlexLun
    AlexLun 26 days ago

    dammit if only had another kidney

  • calDragon345
    calDragon345 27 days ago

    Wish I could afford it

  • ian denny
    ian denny 27 days ago


  • ian denny
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  • ian denny
    ian denny 27 days ago


    UZMA_UZ 28 days ago

    wow what a game ....can I have that htc vive too

    UZMA_UZ 28 days ago

    wow what a game

    UZMA_UZ 28 days ago

    wow what a game

    UZMA_UZ 28 days ago

    wow what a game

  • Daniel Paneque
    Daniel Paneque 28 days ago

    Are you guys in bellevue wa really?

  • SR4F
    SR4F Month ago

    people want half life 3 tf 2 without bugs or csgo without limitation of spraying make it so the valve thanks to steam earns a lot of power and find out that when they do stuff so many microtransactions so earn 10 times more because all lost confidence in half life 3 and other games to be continued

  • rupa lama
    rupa lama Month ago

    can you guys also give me the HTC vive

  • Tanuj Koirala
    Tanuj Koirala Month ago

    it's awesome to see valve wered by other i do not know how fun it is to were ourself. Can you give one for me? Please!!!!!

  • Galactic Space
    Galactic Space Month ago

    what game is shown at 3:18?

  • Friday Slater
    Friday Slater Month ago

    hello I have been watching your TVclip videos and yeah so I was just wondering if I could have a free Vive

  • BlueDangerGamer
    BlueDangerGamer Month ago +1

    WOW good vid. i liked the part when U can get people to try this. every year im wishing for this saince it came out .
    if you can give me a free vive?.
    would you give a vive for a poor kid?

    here is my email:

  • Jamie Abegail Maya
    Jamie Abegail Maya Month ago

    I like the how the vr look like;its inspire for me even the space , can i have a vive for freee

  • Jonathan Naddeo
    Jonathan Naddeo Month ago

    The lab was the one with the robot slinky dog

  • InsertNameHere - CS:GO


  • anant kanungo
    anant kanungo Month ago

    Can i get one??

  • Randy Me
    Randy Me Month ago

    i think valve is overrated and does not care about the storys they started. fuck i hate valve

  • clash of clan base design

    nice video,i share it with my friends

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  • Ollie Nix
    Ollie Nix Month ago +1

    The only thing i have to say about valve is...


  • manlego031
    manlego031 Month ago

    wow, i said to my parents i want it and they bought me this now im playing the lab :D

  • Sébastien Junker
    Sébastien Junker Month ago

    Purée,jeter htc, et mettez oculus rift avec les touch,

  • chase1146
    chase1146 Month ago

    I got mine in November as an early Christmas gift for both me and my mom. It's absolutely awesome, don't regret spending nearly 1000 getting it

    DEBILOIDE GAMERツ Month ago

    Half life 3 please

  • Alex Str
    Alex Str Month ago

    I am a game developer and I want to create some cool games for Vive. How I can get developer edition for free?

  • TheRedGamer87
    TheRedGamer87 Month ago

    I watched this video a lot of times and I'm still fascinated in front of this fantastic HTC VIVE I always asked myself questions about how it was possible to combine technology with real life I wondered if I could have a free vive to bring us some fantastic videos on :)

  • Александр Стрижнёв

    Hello i am a game developer and i want to craete some cool apps for vive. Where i can get free developer headset?

  • Ahmet Jumanazarov
    Ahmet Jumanazarov Month ago

    Hi I really want to buy a Htc vive but I’m a kid and I can’t afford one so I want one free but I can’t so if someone want to give me an free one I’m gonna cry of happiness and this is my dads account

  • fatangrykid x
    fatangrykid x Month ago

    Wauw i need one

  • Shingeki no kyojin Season 2

    Typical wamen. In game, also in the kitchen lol

  • Чернов Андрей

  • H4ck3rMC
    H4ck3rMC Month ago

    where is half life 3

  • ckorpi100
    ckorpi100 Month ago

    Valve pleas half life 3 life pleas to create half life 3 sorry my english i am rus

  • Brayden Hamilton
    Brayden Hamilton Month ago

    Hello i really enjoyed this video and was wondering if i could do a review on the HTC Vive and in the Review i could explain why the HTC Vive is the top of the line for VR and Why it will be for another 5 more years so it will not be a waste of money when you by one this late and a new or better VR Technology . If you could send me a HTC Vive for Free for me to Review This would be awesome it would help my Channel Grow and will also help your company sell your product more in the future. So if you could Send me a HTC Vive for Review that would be great just message me at my Email at Thanks.
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