Mitchell Robbins Vacuums Floors

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • Mitchell Robbins tries to vacuum some floors.
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    Mitchell Robbins is very afraid of the vacuum, but he still tries to vacuum the floor.
    I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  6 months ago +1096

    things are getting out of hand
    follow me on twitter as your emergency contact @Gusbuckets

    • ChickenMaster2580
      ChickenMaster2580 4 months ago

      Gus Johnson Mitch is only truly comfortable when he is making music

    • Ahead Venus94
      Ahead Venus94 5 months ago

      Gus Johnson dude the last part where the song came in was good why did u guys have to stop the music

    • Edelgard_
      Edelgard_ 5 months ago

      Gus, please ask Mitchell and Sven (or Mike, i dont remember ._.) to make a full vid singing the song because i always back to watch this video just to hear your version of it. Thanks :)

    • thinthinthinguy thinguy
      thinthinthinguy thinguy 6 months ago

      You should do Mitchell Robbins videos until he’s well into his 300s.

    • OversizedParka
      OversizedParka 6 months ago +1

      I can’t get the beautiful harmonies out of my head, I keep clicking on the video to watch just that part. you guys could become the next Simon and Garfunkel

  • Seddi
    Seddi 3 days ago +1

    good part starts at 2:33

    • Bunni3ars
      Bunni3ars 2 days ago

      Seddi what do you mean? All of it was good

  • FearForce S
    FearForce S 7 days ago

    When he said ok Google my phone reacted

  • Samantha werbanjanwingleston

    I could go for way more piano playing

  • Andrew Berndt
    Andrew Berndt 11 days ago

    I lost it when he started punching it

  • jean
    jean 12 days ago

    I'm rewatching this, and you're so so goddamn good. You are so valuable and important. please never stop.

  • Llama Fusion
    Llama Fusion 13 days ago +1

    I love his voice

  • Aethelwulf
    Aethelwulf 13 days ago

    i think i liek love you

  • Scary doc and you
    Scary doc and you 15 days ago

    More Mitchell Robbins!

  • The Collector
    The Collector 17 days ago

    He's like Robin Williams and Jim Carrey fused on crack

  • Gamer Knight
    Gamer Knight 18 days ago

    You guys are amazing at singing

  • AlmightyMrXpG
    AlmightyMrXpG 18 days ago

    I like it how he is always a different age and at the end he disagrees withe the vidio

  • Emily Healy
    Emily Healy 19 days ago

    Chaotic Fearful

  • axa993
    axa993 20 days ago

    can just someone please explain this video to me thanks

  • Claire Kryger
    Claire Kryger 21 day ago

    I feel like these types of videos are a cry for help

  • marina
    marina 22 days ago


  • CookingMeathXD
    CookingMeathXD 23 days ago

    Release a cover niga 1!!à

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller 23 days ago


  • Natan Tataran
    Natan Tataran 24 days ago

    Age of Empires 2 is a great game

  • /\
    /\ 26 days ago

    holy crap this is good

  • dragon ass
    dragon ass Month ago

    I was promised more suck.

  • Thibbs2341
    Thibbs2341 Month ago

    help me write a slip and slide note

  • Animallovercomedian

    Gus, you’re a hilarious comedian, but why the hell didn’t you become a musician?

  • Charles A
    Charles A Month ago

    The moment I saw you play memories I knew I needed nothing else from humanity. You are hilarious and, it’s good to see someone with the same sense of humor. Keep up the good work man

  • Beff
    Beff Month ago

    My name is Mitchell, and this accurately represents my personality

  • Taylor A.
    Taylor A. Month ago

    I can listen to Mitchell sing forever until I wither away final form: a pinto bean

  • Legit Pro
    Legit Pro Month ago +1

    Wow, beautiful voices guys

  • Flame Wynd
    Flame Wynd Month ago


  • Faidened
    Faidened Month ago

    Just so you know, this series Mitchell gets more and more dumb that he becomes smarter at the same time every time his head hits the cabinet door

  • Nadie ҉
    Nadie ҉ Month ago +1

    Not gonna lie that cats cover brought a tear to my eye

  • Picket
    Picket Month ago

    Can we please have videos of his just playing piano and singing please please please

  • YaBoiOof
    YaBoiOof Month ago +1

    2:30 legitimately brilliant

  • Hobbescat 007
    Hobbescat 007 Month ago +2

    Gus you should really start putting music up on the channel. You’ve obviously got talent so you should put it to use. You’re also fucking hilarious too.

  • Isabella Sandore
    Isabella Sandore 2 months ago +2

    Beautiful singing my god

  • Mike Smaldone
    Mike Smaldone 2 months ago +1


  • Arbiter
    Arbiter 2 months ago +9

    Dude I'm pretty new to your channel and I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with not only your humor, but you have serious musical talent as well. Piano, drums, and singing; you do all of these way better than I can ever dream of. How did you find the motivation to learn all of this? Did you take classes or did you teach yourself?

  • MegaTheftV
    MegaTheftV 2 months ago

    Goddamn is therr anything you arent good at? Other than vacuuming?

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 2 months ago

    OH MY GASH THOSE HARMONIESSS. But flooripian tubes... just genius.

  • ConnorJMiner
    ConnorJMiner 2 months ago


  • Leo Oh
    Leo Oh 2 months ago

    Wow that was really nice singing :D

  • Sean Butler
    Sean Butler 2 months ago +1

    why is the vacuum so tricky-to-use

  • 朝日
    朝日 2 months ago

    How are you good at everything?? Teach us your ways

  • Tommy Van Riper
    Tommy Van Riper 2 months ago

    Your such a good musician

  • Ventura Music
    Ventura Music 2 months ago

    Just realized this was uploaded on my birthday.
    Never gotten a better birthday present than the amazing “memory” cover at the end

  • Faggot King
    Faggot King 2 months ago


  • Quadro
    Quadro 2 months ago

    That drumming part killed me 😂😂

  • Donovaan
    Donovaan 2 months ago

    Make more music, you're talented!

  • Flat Earth Is the truth


  • Thantacore
    Thantacore 2 months ago

    Mitchell Robbins is a cat confirmed

  • FireplaceNinja
    FireplaceNinja 2 months ago

    We need a full cover of the end plsss

  • Bradley Burdett
    Bradley Burdett 2 months ago

    turn on closed captions at 1:40 it says *vacuum succ*

  • JubJub
    JubJub 3 months ago +1

    Please record a full version of the end song.

  • Querpp
    Querpp 3 months ago

    best on youtube

  • UpriseNova
    UpriseNova 3 months ago

    You're piano at the end was detuned down a whole step. When you played C, you were actually playing b flat

  • Karliann and friends
    Karliann and friends 3 months ago

    That piano playing and those synced voices like damn

  • oldpennyloafers
    oldpennyloafers 3 months ago

    I can't stop binging on all of your videos! You are amazingly talented. Fucking brilliant!!

  • Benjamin Tollison
    Benjamin Tollison 3 months ago

    I would have ended the vid at 1:40

  • Sarah Claiborne
    Sarah Claiborne 3 months ago

    This was truly an emotional roller coaster

  • Sean Ocansey
    Sean Ocansey 3 months ago

    Can you tell he's a musician? 🤔😏

  • FoxRyan
    FoxRyan 3 months ago +2

    Do I laugh or do I cry?

    🖤 SEPTEMBER 7TH 3 months ago

    I just watched the first three ones over and over and over again for about 3 hours because of boredom.

  • Ashwati Khanduri
    Ashwati Khanduri 3 months ago

    i want a full song

  • ScorpVOL
    ScorpVOL 3 months ago

    Most talented person I’ve ever seen

  • Sakura - MHp3rd & MHfu
    Sakura - MHp3rd & MHfu 3 months ago


  • Very Cool
    Very Cool 3 months ago +1


  • Amber Ahmad
    Amber Ahmad 3 months ago

    I love you so much Gus you're just funny, talented, amazing, just aaksdlfkjslwldmrlfldlslsdjsollllwlwoapalala

    • Amber Ahmad
      Amber Ahmad 3 months ago

      Honestly please do a meet and greet one day in New York

  • Narwhalsyn
    Narwhalsyn 3 months ago

    I don’t know who was helping you sing maybe your brother/friend I just started watching you, but beautiful harmony

  • Tippy Toasty Toes
    Tippy Toasty Toes 3 months ago

    1:36 I’m dead 😂

  • Ben Stone
    Ben Stone 3 months ago +2

    Nobody going to talk about the beautiful duet at the end????

    • Bradley Brad
      Bradley Brad 4 days ago

      I guess not. I thought it was amazing though.

  • Daniel Knight
    Daniel Knight 3 months ago

    geT OUt of MY WAY

  • MihaZemloGliha
    MihaZemloGliha 3 months ago

    Ive been watching this video about twice per week for like 2 months now, just for the singing at the end. Beautiful.

  • The Offensive Senses
    The Offensive Senses 3 months ago

    Is it weird that I want an album of sad piano ballads from these two?

  • Explosive Popsicle
    Explosive Popsicle 3 months ago

    is there sheet music for this rendition of memories?

  • Tyler Harvey
    Tyler Harvey 3 months ago

    There was absolutely perfect harmony at the end

    IRISHSTEW 21 3 months ago

    “Help me write a slip ‘n slide note!”

  • Kaila Smith
    Kaila Smith 3 months ago

    what’s the song he played?

  • Damien Gilliss
    Damien Gilliss 3 months ago

    Do a full cover or memories plz?????

  • dartsandfarts
    dartsandfarts 4 months ago

    pleasant af

  • pak2
    pak2 4 months ago

    please do more of these

  • Sophie Harris
    Sophie Harris 4 months ago

    Daymmm he’s fucking talented!!!

  • Clark Thomason
    Clark Thomason 4 months ago

    What is that song in the outro

  • Josh Rhymer
    Josh Rhymer 4 months ago

    Best Google Home commercial to date.

  • Lewiski
    Lewiski 4 months ago

    how does one harmonise? Do u just play an octave higher?

  • help me
    help me 4 months ago

    Gus I'd bang the buck outta you rofl

  • katelyn ast
    katelyn ast 4 months ago

    holy shit you guys are beautiful singers :)

  • MrCat
    MrCat 4 months ago +1

    Nah ima do it with carbs

  • Justin Nightingale
    Justin Nightingale 4 months ago

    Can we please get a full length Memories?

  • Quick Attack Films
    Quick Attack Films 4 months ago

    "Okay google, why is the vacuum so trickytayewwwwz?"

  • Nicholas Bradley
    Nicholas Bradley 4 months ago

    Floor ropian tubes

  • Ned from spiderman
    Ned from spiderman 4 months ago +1

    If I could hang a video on my bedroom wall, this would be it

  • Kennedy McCollum
    Kennedy McCollum 4 months ago

    "I'm going out the way I came in through the fallopian tubes" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • null
    null 4 months ago


  • rocko6alex
    rocko6alex 4 months ago

    11/10 drum solo

  • Shahmir Qazi
    Shahmir Qazi 4 months ago +3

    RIP Mitchell

  • poop poop
    poop poop 4 months ago +2

    “floor-opian tubes” is the best thing ever

  • Wander Free
    Wander Free 4 months ago

    Every episode he ages ten years

  • Violet Howard
    Violet Howard 4 months ago +1

    *R.I.P* this series will be missed

  • Katzzz
    Katzzz 4 months ago +1

    every episode is 10 years after the first, in the Soup video he was 23, in Dish he was 33, and in this one he is 43, when will Mitchel’s reign end?