The Surge 2 Review

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
  • The Surge 2, reviewed by Jon Ryan on PS4 Pro (also available on PC and Xbox One).
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Comments • 417

  • PV Pike Mence
    PV Pike Mence 2 days ago

    Why 7.6? This game is at least an 8.5 or higher. Way better than the first.

  • AzzUrrI1560 *
    AzzUrrI1560 * 8 days ago +1

    Code Vein shits on this game

  • Raylight
    Raylight 15 days ago

    Mech souls doesn not compute. Looks just bad. A filthy human with some metal armor (ala Saint seiya but thousand times uglier). Just bad.

  • egwert egwert
    egwert egwert 20 days ago

    Boos its hard 😁

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 23 days ago

    Ouch !

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 26 days ago

    hater's gonna hate (meh!)

  • Raylight
    Raylight 28 days ago

    The gameplay looks a bit slow to my taste, but way better than dark souls, so, maybe one day i will give it a try.

    JONATHAN FRIAS Month ago

    lil mosey freestyles better than this gameplay

    JONATHAN FRIAS Month ago

    idk whats worse, the surge 1 or the surge 2

  • Anedime
    Anedime Month ago

    Game has a massive problem with gamma saturation. It's almost impossible to set up your display in a way where it doesn't look like a photo that's spent a few hours too many in development.

  • SilentBob420BMFJ
    SilentBob420BMFJ Month ago

    So if I didn't play the first one, I'll really enjoy the second?

  • Cam B
    Cam B Month ago +1

    Hold on, you're telling me that the level design of the first game was BETTER than this game? That's funny right there

  • Robin V
    Robin V Month ago +1

    looks like crap

  • Nathan Tower
    Nathan Tower Month ago +3

    Fire this reviewer. If I had to rate the environments of the two games, 2 takes the cake. The original had three areas, outside, indoor and executive. Arguably 2 has the same three types if not more. 1 felt like it had way higher stakes because of the fact that there was no outside influence on the location. The effects of Warren's actions felt like they shaping the entire future of the planet.

  • Axel Kasai
    Axel Kasai Month ago +2

    People say this is like dark souls but I just see a rpg version ofmetal gear revengance

    • Eric Nolen
      Eric Nolen 26 days ago

      I can see the comparison.

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago +1

      its very close to dark souls, with better combat and a sci fi atmosphere as opposed to dark fantasy. of all the souls-like games, The Surge 1 and 2 come closest.

  • Moncree Brown
    Moncree Brown Month ago

    This game looks pretty interesting. Torn between getting it or Code Vein. I can't decide. 🤔

    • juan brelis
      juan brelis Month ago

      Hi Moncree, get code vein, my first playtrough took me 60 hours+ in solo, its a awesome game, more than u can imagine, now i gonna get the surge 2, but beetween code vein and the surge 2 go for code vein

  • Brian U
    Brian U Month ago

    This game is horrible 👎 waste of money

  • 0 Stein
    0 Stein Month ago +1

    darksouls in sci fi version,but less mimdblowing story

    • 0 Stein
      0 Stein Month ago

      @Veganism Kills but the deflect as player in sekiro is (btw dark souls is pretty much the only game that uses didge rolls so intensively)

    • 0 Stein
      0 Stein Month ago

      @Veganism Kills its not the ,,a game beeing harder is dark souls",but the mechanics and the setups of the levels are realy similair : boss fights and before that some smaler guys,combat mechanics,different special attacks with weapons etc....

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen Month ago

    dude slow the fuq down please, why tf are you mumbling so fast?

  • Eumelio Vazquez
    Eumelio Vazquez Month ago +1

    7-6 these guys are wrong, the game is great!

    • Chris Biddle
      Chris Biddle 14 days ago

      So his opinion is wrong ? How dare they view a game with a different perspective!!

  • Luki Blue
    Luki Blue Month ago

    After playing Sekiro, i am not overly excited about the Block System in the Surge 2.....

    • Jason F
      Jason F Month ago +1

      yeah but Sekiro was boring with limited replay ability so who cares

  • Decal7 PSVR
    Decal7 PSVR Month ago +1

    Most rushed review narration ever! This review is a joke. The Sure 2 is a significant improvement over the original.

    • Decal7 PSVR
      Decal7 PSVR Month ago

      Alright. I'll need to go back and refresh my memory in the 1st game. But for sure, I'm enjoying the hell outta Surge 2

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago

      @Decal7 PSVR the first game had everything you mentioned, plus way more room for implants and more useful implants at that. the only thing i'll give to the surge 2 is that it's got more weapons and armor sets.

    • Decal7 PSVR
      Decal7 PSVR Month ago

      @M Nope a small trade off. Upgradable armor and weapons and implants are better than ever

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago +1

      except for the fact that you can't upgrade your exo rig, i agree.

  • Shadow325
    Shadow325 Month ago +5

    Just finished the surge 2 with 100% completion and platinum and I can tell you that the story and bosses aren't bad at all

    With the surge series you discover the lore and story through audio logs and character dialogue, there are tons of bosses and all of them are pretty unique as well so don't listen to this review fully

  • Kashra Fall
    Kashra Fall Month ago +5

    While I can respect your opinion on the game and appreciate you giving it almost an 8. If you're going to review games that have a parry system, learn to parry. I wanted to literally stop your jittering fingers in their tracks with how many times you flicked the stick to "Perfect" parry something. You even had the indicator on the screen telling you when to parry and you couldn't time it. How can you be a game journalist, expect us to take you seriously and be bad at games? Also the "Wolverine" claws are end game weapons =P, so you didn't have em for a short time, as I saw you doing a Ng+ playthrough.

    As for uninspired enviorments. It's a city, it's not suppose to be something amazing, but they did make multiple locations which you didn't show such as the subway, underground, cathedral etc, but you decided to show what you disliked, which was, well, the city xD. All in all a fair review, but spend some time learning to play a game before you review it, please.

  • peloquinful
    peloquinful Month ago +1

    wtf happend to the lightning? it looks awful far to high contrast

  • World Events Judgement

    As usual shitty review from IGN.

  • HeartsickFrog
    HeartsickFrog Month ago

    found fighting boring with parrying directional... dude try not to implement the direction guide in the implant.

  • Flursh
    Flursh Month ago +1

    Been playing it, compared to dark souls it's pretty mediocre. If you like hacking limbs with boring level design it's the game for you.

  • Uvi
    Uvi Month ago

    "Deflect at the right time, Counterattack and dont get oneshotted inbetween". Sounds like every Boss in Sekiro.

    • Mark Prothro
      Mark Prothro Month ago

      repetitive, rigid game play. Not for creative people.

  • RoachdoggJR
    RoachdoggJR Month ago +1

    How tf can you be "Semi-sentient"? That's like being "Semi-dead".

  • Speak My Mind
    Speak My Mind Month ago

    IGN - never happy

    • Derek D
      Derek D Month ago

      Unless you advertise on their website then they love your game.

  • Josue Cervantes
    Josue Cervantes Month ago

    Imagine an alitta battle angel game with souls like gameplay

  • Khus Amirulloh
    Khus Amirulloh Month ago

    Anyone here get FPS drop on PC??

  • BlueWord
    BlueWord Month ago +63

    "What I really appreciated about the original was the thematic design of each zone was unique" WHAT?

    • Funny Bunny
      Funny Bunny 23 days ago


    • Raúl  Aragón
      Raúl Aragón 25 days ago

      The level design in the first game is awful, specially the last area. The Surge 2's level design is way better.

    • Wolf
      Wolf Month ago

      @BlueWord after the fixes to the optimization it is a lot better and now that i played through it i haft to say the world changes as the story progresses

    • BlueWord
      BlueWord Month ago

      @Eric Terry I haven't picked up the Surge 2 yet but from what I've seen so far it looks much more varied than the original

    • Eric Terry
      Eric Terry Month ago +1

      @BlueWord i feel you lol but yeah it was basically walk on a metal railing in a few different places for 12 hrs lol I like what I've seen so far

  • Chau Hien
    Chau Hien Month ago +2

    "Still not Dark souls"

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago

      @S. Strebeck me too bud... me too. i definitely would buy Lords of the Fallen 2

    • S. Strebeck
      S. Strebeck Month ago

      @M Nope I really enjoyed lords of the fallen.

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago

      @S. Strebeck well when you've put in 300+ hours in dark souls 1 and hundreds in to the rest, you kind of want something new. The Surge 1 and 2 are amazing games.

    • S. Strebeck
      S. Strebeck Month ago

      My thoughts exactly, people need to stop trying already. All these games do is make me crave the real thing, Souls!!! Or Bloodborne.

  • Leiper Family
    Leiper Family Month ago

    I hated the first surge . I’m skipping this one

  • Sterling Hannemann
    Sterling Hannemann Month ago

    Is it the dark souls of dark souls

  • Ayylmao
    Ayylmao Month ago +1

    I've never even heard of this shitty game. I just came to ask IGN if they're gonna throw a tantrum again over the new Modern Warfare trailer. Please do, I havent seen a far-left propaganda outlet get humiliated in a while now.

  • AcciorraOfficial
    AcciorraOfficial Month ago

    You said soulslike with bad bosses and you lost me

  • Red Mantis
    Red Mantis Month ago

    Garbage review is garbage

  • Ludens
    Ludens Month ago +1

    Looks cool, really liked the first game.

  • Sir Howard
    Sir Howard Month ago

    If you are thinking of buying this game and if you like anime just buy code vein it has better graphics, deeper character customization, has a demo, and comes out September 27 2019

  • Dick B. Danglin
    Dick B. Danglin Month ago +2

    1 is an empty vessel, a very empty experience. This is a prettier version of that... How exciting.

  • SaSaSoSaSo
    SaSaSoSaSo Month ago

    7.6 ? Joking?
    Its for sure 8.0+
    ...ign.....Oh man

  • The Chad Cruzaider
    The Chad Cruzaider Month ago

    IGN ratings big bad

  • Douglas OdinSon Stewart

    Surge 2 features ZERO manipulative gambling, lottery level *no-chance* *of* *winning* *poopboxes* as opposed to the endless amount in Fifa, recent COD, Fallout 76 and the 'crack like' Fortnite (I'm in the UK and we're seeing a rising tide of *horror* *stories* of kids & adults spending thousands. Parents and gamers racking up *thousands* *of* *pounds* *in* *debt* ). We should be asking IGN to take a stand ( *which* *they* *wont* ) to praise a game that has no gambling mechanics and *make* *it* *a* *FACTOR* *of* *the* *final* *score* !
    Sadly, they and many other big reviewers/media platforms, will not as they won't risk their early testing access, 1st class flights to Dev studios, backend / under the table profiting and their general 'submissive' stance to the 'Big Dom' Big Studios.

    • HighLanderPony
      HighLanderPony Month ago

      Bad troll, the lack of something crappy shouldn't make the score better, just prevent it from getting lower.

    • sqnx
      sqnx Month ago

      @Tobi Suffern maybe not a dozen but there are more

    • Tobi Suffern
      Tobi Suffern Month ago

      @sqnx i said a few horrible exeptions. Dont say "just to name a few" like there are a dozen more.

    • sqnx
      sqnx Month ago

      @Tobi Suffern how about middle earth : shadow of mordor and last two assassin creeds? (just to name few)

  • Cykada
    Cykada Month ago +36

    Location in first the Surge were unique?...wait what?! They were same all the time.

    • Naif Alfaifi
      Naif Alfaifi Month ago +2

      the first surge map was bad i always get lost

  • Mike Justice
    Mike Justice Month ago +1

    Reminds me Too Human. Great game.

  • C2.CaitoMXD
    C2.CaitoMXD Month ago

    combo looks boring repeating same moves.

  • St4r P
    St4r P Month ago

    Ign still uploading in 30fps

  • KraljHD
    KraljHD Month ago +64

    Every review claims that this game has far better area designs than the first, yet IGN claims the opposite.

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago +1

      @Naif Alfaifi the first surge map required you to remember when you found a locked door so you can come back later. if you were lost in The Surge 1, don't ever try to play Demon's Souls.

    • 17thknight
      17thknight Month ago

      @Naif Alfaifi This one is completely different it's so much better

    • Naif Alfaifi
      Naif Alfaifi Month ago

      the first surge map was bad i always get lost
      if this one the same i will not play it

  • imperfect
    imperfect Month ago

    Just another dark souls wannabe.

  • bubbleLoppicus
    bubbleLoppicus Month ago

    I thought the thumbnail was thanos

  • Amit das
    Amit das Month ago

    Is it a hard game like dark souls?

    • Mark Prothro
      Mark Prothro Month ago

      It is hard but not very fun.

    • KaSumi
      KaSumi Month ago

      Amit das yes it is same hard and challenging like dark souls

  • Etiti Yulolo
    Etiti Yulolo Month ago +1

    IGN = Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Todd Tashea
    Todd Tashea Month ago +3

    Nobody asked for this sequel

    • DJFOXY
      DJFOXY Month ago

      Actually a couple people did. Not a noteworthy amount but people did. Reviewers too.

  • Baglues -
    Baglues - Month ago +2

    Review “I love you colonel sanders”

  • Noddiga norpan
    Noddiga norpan Month ago

    You should open your ps4 pro and vacum it because i dont get any stuttering what so ever on my ps4 pro. Yours is definatly getting overheated due to dust acumilating it happens alot on the older versions aswell. Vacum it and the problems will solve themselfs. And yous ps4 will become quite as a mouse to.

  • ياسين yassine
    ياسين yassine Month ago +2

    the texture is a ps1 level.

    • Crow Corvinus
      Crow Corvinus Month ago

      Which Texture !?!?! oh men,i cant believe,the graphik on Surge I was way better. The fog is terrible,and the texture are loading all the time,first time ever i tried to fix the Setting on my TV while i am not cant believe !

  • anggara dedy
    anggara dedy Month ago +118

    Lol IGN. The first Surge environment was waaaaayyy too boring compared to the second one. The environment here is much better with more life in it.

    • Jack Burton
      Jack Burton Month ago

      @M Nope I am right before security area, but I am going to Creo World before that. No upgrade found yet, but I see new exo behind glass in Central Production B, but dont know how to get it.

    • M Nope
      M Nope Month ago

      @Jack Burton if you haven't found your exo suit upgrades yet, that was the most hype moment in The Surge for me. The prototype exo especially, super hype and most players will probably end up missing one if not both upgrades.

    • Jack Burton
      Jack Burton Month ago +1

      I am playing through The Surge right now and those are my biggest criticisms samey environments and confusing, boring level design.
      IMO the combat is exceptional and has more depth than Dark Souls. The enemy tells are more pronounced/easier to read, but that doesn't make the game to easy just seems a little more fair.

    • GGlaciial
      GGlaciial Month ago +9

      yeah of course! i don't know what's going on this reviewer's head