Dog Eats 3 Types of Noodles | Shiba Inu Taste it Tuesday

  • Published on Aug 1, 2017
  • she is such a picky eater!
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Comments • 245

  • Su zeO
    Su zeO 10 hours ago

    I didn't expect that🤔

  • marianne90240
    marianne90240 4 months ago

    Aaaaaah, adorable!!!! How do you train a dog to eat noodles or rather Haru is a Japanese breed of dogs and has a genetic background which results in her liking noodles. None of the dogs I know will even look or try noodles.

  • Kikjjtto Funny
    Kikjjtto Funny 5 months ago

    HARU sooo cute

  • thekeeperofpromise
    thekeeperofpromise 7 months ago

    You sure she wasnt just stuffed? Maybe thats why she won't eat seaweed noodles?

  • carolina castro
    carolina castro 8 months ago


  • Cookie OwO
    Cookie OwO 8 months ago

    *Veggies have left the chat*

  • Anjana Unnikrishnan
    Anjana Unnikrishnan 8 months ago

    0:40 there comes haru😁😁

  • YC Cotton
    YC Cotton 9 months ago

    This isn't a fair test. He's already full at the end😋

  • Seeking Him daily
    Seeking Him daily 9 months ago

    Veggies are good for you, especially raw, Haru! 🙅🏾‍♀️

  • angela h
    angela h 10 months ago

    Harus Dad/ Mom, you are sooo funny, nd Haru too

  • yxnoH
    yxnoH 10 months ago +1


  • Tathamet The Prime Evil
    Tathamet The Prime Evil 10 months ago

    she should like meat noodle

  • Gary Gallacher
    Gary Gallacher 10 months ago

    I love this dog so cute

  • Brandon Tran
    Brandon Tran 11 months ago

    That looks so good

  • Aesthetic peach
    Aesthetic peach 11 months ago

    …what kind of heartless human being dislikes this video… what is there to hate if you are one of the 18 people who disliked *please* explain to me why tho… like…actually…why? This is an adorable video and there is nothing but positive comments they did an amazing job on this video and it does not deserve dislikes

  • veddir
    veddir 11 months ago

    does anyone know what kind of noodles those are? im only used to pasta and ramen 😅 i want to start expanding my pantry a bit

  • GoAwayImDrawing
    GoAwayImDrawing 11 months ago +1

    P r e c i o u s b o i

  • XxAli_gachaDuhxX !
    XxAli_gachaDuhxX ! 11 months ago


  • call 911?
    call 911? 11 months ago

    This dog nigga living it's life

  • ChabiMoon
    ChabiMoon 11 months ago

    I’m like haru: I like noodles but I hate squash 🙂

  • Mapofthesoul.
    Mapofthesoul. 11 months ago


  • tokii random
    tokii random 11 months ago


  • Ichabod Von Stein
    Ichabod Von Stein 11 months ago

    I fucking want to be that dog. It eats better than me.

  • Ritwik Mukherjee
    Ritwik Mukherjee 11 months ago

    First of all .. where you get all the money to do these stuffs ... First the cutleries ..... Then other things ...

  • Bixetic
    Bixetic Year ago

    Doggo doesn't like vegetal

  • 3DS And Sma5h
    3DS And Sma5h Year ago

    Shibe: i taste a vegetal?
    S P I T

  • Young Animator
    Young Animator Year ago

    have she eaten any vegetables in her life?

  • Phili17bozz
    Phili17bozz Year ago

    What is that music called?

  • Square d
    Square d Year ago

    Thats me i hate most veggies

  • Yun Wen
    Yun Wen Year ago

    Owner :Look seaweed noodles
    Haru:we do not speak of that

  • Gavin van Vlimmeren


  • Roberto D'Amico
    Roberto D'Amico Year ago


  • Gayatri Athavale
    Gayatri Athavale Year ago

    Behind the middle bowl there was a treat

  • WhaleLoverMemes
    WhaleLoverMemes Year ago

    s e a w e e d
    yuck whales don't eat dat

  • Sponorous Spirit
    Sponorous Spirit Year ago

    Haru only likes one type of noodles:


  • Unknown Savage
    Unknown Savage Year ago

    Dude can i buy your dog please?

  • hector delgado
    hector delgado Year ago

    haru hate veggeies

  • pupii
    pupii Year ago

    You and me haru NO VEGGIES FOR LIFE

  • LPS Dreamworld
    LPS Dreamworld Year ago

    my dog hates veggies too -______- T.T T_T

  • Desiree Wolf
    Desiree Wolf Year ago

    These videos are adorable and relaxing

  • 100,000 subscribers with 4 videos please

    Henki no awa shino shino kuro. Pet kuro.我國

  • Paws
    Paws Year ago



  • LizXoXo
    LizXoXo Year ago +1

    What about Ramon noodles? lol

  • Nightmare [michael]

    M O I S T.

  • FalshBANGG Gaming

    My dog eats noodles only when fed by hand!

  • Donna Earl
    Donna Earl Year ago

    She is so cute 😀😀😀😀😀

  • YaboiDusk
    YaboiDusk Year ago

    Yes I will thumbs up
    That’s just too cute to pass up

  • __ Aisha __
    __ Aisha __ Year ago

    This is my daily dose of cuteness

  • DaniChani
    DaniChani Year ago

    Haru face on the most left on the thumbnail was like,
    Wtf is this lol

  • Y Kaiser
    Y Kaiser Year ago

    Do not feed dog human food!!!

  • Alvie E-K
    Alvie E-K Year ago

    I love it when she walks away 🤣

  • Flora Angelina S
    Flora Angelina S Year ago

    You can keep the three together and test which one does she eat first.

  • smooths
    smooths Year ago

    this shibe has been capture by hooman and eats food and does vlogs for the rest of his life

    this is how you be a youtuber guys

    Pr0D1GY_HUSKY Year ago

    Noodles are so yum

  • Eliza Rihanna M. Kim

    Seweed taste good

  • doneld trumpet
    doneld trumpet Year ago

    Poor shiba... No pork or meat ramen

  • Eltin Tand
    Eltin Tand Year ago

    When I saw Peter's hand giving Haru the seaweed noodles, I said it had to be the best but it turned out to be the worst!!!?!?!? Like, how!!!!!

  • oli pop
    oli pop Year ago

    Doggo no liek veggies

  • Suga HopesMyHearteuSope

    Dogs way of slurping noodles. This represants that Haru enjoys ramen

  • Camryn plays games
    Camryn plays games Year ago +91

    Haru eat your veggies buddy

  • Drows
    Drows Year ago


  • Monica Mejia
    Monica Mejia Year ago +3


  • SATCH1R0
    SATCH1R0 Year ago

    lol, we have the same butterfly dish :D
    you guys are korean aren't you?^^ haru is so cute

  • you're friend crippling depression

    Yay its Tuesday

  • 바보whoopsy fucking daisy

    I can relate to a dog on a spiritual level

  • rainbow man
    rainbow man Year ago +1

    My dog will eat basically anything

  • CakeWithToo MuchFrosting2

    Hair should try mango😋

  • Alex Izz daa
    Alex Izz daa Year ago

    This is pho noodles from vietnam

    • nhim con
      nhim con Year ago

      Duc Anh's not. It's soba. Have you ever seen dried pho that looks like that?

  • Digital_Rocket
    Digital_Rocket Year ago +3

    Send noodles

  • BlingCreeper8900
    BlingCreeper8900 Year ago

    i already wanted noodles but now i will be seeking out a noodle place for a month (says to himself) or i could just go to the chinese buffet