What Happened To Aladdin’s Mother?

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Today Ben dives into the world of Disney’s Aladdin to try and uncover the mystery of where Aladdin came from. Will Aladdin or Jasmine’s dead parents make an appearance in the live action version of the movie?
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  • Janina Dick
    Janina Dick 4 days ago

    More importantly: What happened to Aladdin's nipples?

  • keenan Powell
    keenan Powell 14 days ago

    In the pantomime version aladdins mom was in it called widow twanky. So this also means aladdins surname is twanky

  • Valeria Castillo
    Valeria Castillo 17 days ago

    Oh my God, 3:23 that face😆😆😆🤣

  • Taija Bash
    Taija Bash 19 days ago

    Merida's horse isn't white lol

    • Taija Bash
      Taija Bash 19 days ago

      And neither is the horse in the original disney beauty and the beast

  • Zachary Mellinger
    Zachary Mellinger Month ago

    In the original drafts, she was there, but Disney erased her, along with Alladins 3 friends. Oh, and Jasmine was a brat.

  • Lidya Dewayanti
    Lidya Dewayanti Month ago

    At 9:00 I was legit thinking about hamilton

  • Ethan Sargent 2
    Ethan Sargent 2 3 months ago +1

    Aladdin's New Mother is Nanami who Wears a Cowbell on her Neck All the Time

  • Jena Cide
    Jena Cide 3 months ago

    Harry Potter was the first and last of the movies I was ever exited enough about to go to a midnight showing for. Those were good times.

  • game theory 2
    game theory 2 3 months ago


  • Sable Stormbreak
    Sable Stormbreak 3 months ago

    What about Mozenrath? Rumor has it that the writers were planning on revealing that he and Aladdin were brothers in the third movie before the focus was shifted to Aladdin's father

  • The bread addict
    The bread addict 3 months ago +1

    In Aladdin the musical Kasim is his bff they made him a weird dude

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird 3 months ago

    And Who's Achmed?
    Because the only thing I know by that name is

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird 3 months ago

    Fun fact in the original Alladin fairy tales Aladin has his mother and his father is dead.

  • paige Stubbs
    paige Stubbs 4 months ago

    Glad to see someone remembers Achmed

  • Molly.Dog8 Brooke
    Molly.Dog8 Brooke 4 months ago

    WAIT... Speechless? Sounds an awful much like helpless... (sorry I’m obsessed).

  • Leslie Tyler
    Leslie Tyler 5 months ago

    No, I have no interest in seeing any version of Aladdin. I stand in support of Robin Williams and wishes that Disney NOT make the gene the biggest image on the posters and video case cover something that was IN THE CONTRACT that Disney signed when they hired Robin Williams for the role and also NOT release the behind the scenes footage of him recording his lines for the Gene. Disney did make a formal apology to Robin Williams for violating their contract and he accepted that, but then they went to try and release the behind the scenes footage. When they did, Robin Williams lawyers showed up and told them they COULD NOT release as it was clearly stated IN ROBIN WILLIAMS’ WILL that that footage NOT BE RELEASED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Disney took it to court. And because of this MAJOR LACK OF RESPECT FOR A DEAD MAN’S FINAL WISHES I will NEVER buy another Aladdin product of any kind again and I STRONGLY urge all of Robin Williams’ surviving fans to do the same as a tribute to his memory. Disney is in the wrong and now they need to not only apologize to Robin, but apologize to his family, friends and fans for not giving him the respect that he wanted. Grant Robin Williams his three wishes, he more than deserved it.
    Can you tell I am angry about this?

    • Lahly Bird
      Lahly Bird 3 months ago

      it's somewhereat obvious

  • Alaska Groundhog
    Alaska Groundhog 5 months ago

    The "Tiger Star" is probably the name of a huge gem of some sort that may have been a gift given to her mother.

  • Martin Herrera
    Martin Herrera 5 months ago

    SPOIL ALERT the parents dont comeback

  • Eleanor Nolastname
    Eleanor Nolastname 5 months ago

    The musical Twisted explains this perfectly: She's dead, Aladdin killed his parents. Also Ja'far is Jasmine's father. It is actually a pretty emotional musical.

  • Tessa T
    Tessa T 5 months ago

    The mother was a character in the original script but she and "Proud of Your Boy" were written out because they just slowed down the pacing of the story so much.

  • ACLotRFan
    ACLotRFan 5 months ago

    Actually, as a kid I only had King of Thieves on tape, not the others. Maybe that is why I still prefer it to the other Aladdin movies (yes, even the first one). I liked that it was for once focused more on father/son relationship rather than romantic, unlike the other Disney movies I knew. Also, I had a crush on Cassim :D

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    Ok so actually Alladin is older then Jasmine by like two or three years so she was married to Alladins dad before the sultan he left and she had a “illegitimate” son the sultan offered to marry her but she never told anyone about her son to save her from social ridicule then some time after giving birth to Jasmine she left the palace to look for Alladin out of guilt and somewhere in between she died

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    I don’t know if I wanna watch a movie about icest

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    Missing parent

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    Apparently they were also taught how to play the same song by there mother on Alladins guitar

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    Ultimately lead to her death bc she died in child birth like these comments if you agree

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    The reason he couldn’t find them is bc his “wife” went back to the palace or died and even the sultan says she wasn’t picky so what if she had an affair maybe she died in child birth to Alladin

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    OMG Jasmine and Alladin are half siblings

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 5 months ago

    “Whatever happened to his nipals?”

  • Travis Rodriguez
    Travis Rodriguez 5 months ago


  • Megan Hoover
    Megan Hoover 6 months ago

    White horses rock that’s why! Like if your a horses person to the core

  • Yedidah Vergara Olivo
    Yedidah Vergara Olivo 6 months ago

    At 6:30 I thought he was going to say 'Aladdins lack of white horses'

  • Sneasel
    Sneasel 6 months ago

    White horses: And Phoebus.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 6 months ago +1

    Aladdin 1: great
    Aladdin 2:awful
    Aladdin 3: idk i aint watched it

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 6 months ago


  • FL BoMer
    FL BoMer 6 months ago

    Ha my birthday is on June 3

  • Theresa Griffin
    Theresa Griffin 6 months ago

    Are you color blind that last one was blue
    YAY depression

  • Gold161803
    Gold161803 6 months ago

    Great job, space!

  • Nikki Salv
    Nikki Salv 6 months ago +1

    Anti-vax moms: My kids fine! He doesn't need to be vaccined!
    Kid: 3:22

  • Madison Amber
    Madison Amber 6 months ago +1

    “Prince freaking ACHMED.”
    Also, when you say that it just sounds so cool. I tried it and couldn’t stop saying it all day. XD

  • Baka Chan
    Baka Chan 6 months ago

    Last year 4 my school play we did Aladdin but it was Aladdin Jr so it was different 2 the movie and “Proud of Your Boy” was actually included. Also instead of a live monkey and tiger Aladdin and Jasmine both had three best friends. I was 1 of Aladdin’s best friends and my character was called Kassim so........ I guess I played Aladdin’s dad (BTW I’m a girl and the person in charge of the play told me Kassim was female)

  • Eloise Wilson
    Eloise Wilson 6 months ago

    I think in the original story Aladin did have parents.

  • Nintendo Ninjalex
    Nintendo Ninjalex 6 months ago

    Wait, if Belle goes back in time and interacts with her mother is she not able to catch the same disease as her mother.

  • Christine 900
    Christine 900 6 months ago

    Speechless is amazing... love that song!!!!

  • Izzy
    Izzy 6 months ago

    I'm just thinking of Twisted

  • Dino Allie
    Dino Allie 6 months ago

    #alwayssodead am I right my Disney peoples?!?!

  • Beauty Gacha
    Beauty Gacha 6 months ago

    Your worry about alddains mom I worried where's are alddains nipples

  • Lexi Slone
    Lexi Slone 7 months ago

    9:20 isn’t that clip from the song Proud Of Your Boy, that you just said was cut from the movie

  • Tofiffee92
    Tofiffee92 7 months ago

    Maybe Jaffar killed her mother when she refused to help him to become the sultan or something like this. So he failed and killed her as a revenge... I mean you can't tell me that trying to get the lamp was his first evil plan ...

  • Joy Tilley
    Joy Tilley 7 months ago

    Quick question...who put Genie’s lamp in the cave?

  • Abiland Fun Jewels
    Abiland Fun Jewels 7 months ago +1

    Also Snow White was carried off on a white horse

  • Abiland Fun Jewels
    Abiland Fun Jewels 7 months ago +1

    Jasmine talks about her mother and Aladdin mentions his mother in the live action however there is no appearance

  • • PixelChu! •
    • PixelChu! • 7 months ago

    *”Great job, space,”*

  • barbiquearea
    barbiquearea 7 months ago

    Mulan had a black horse.

  • James Hamaker
    James Hamaker 7 months ago

    There are three characteristics of a Disney movie, white horses, magic, and dead parents. At least moms, at some point. I add a final characteristic, small animals. I suppose, one mom might show up.

  • Bethany Campione
    Bethany Campione 7 months ago

    If anyone's interested, Snowball (Frollo's horse), Khan (Mulan's horse), Phillipe (Belle's horse from the original Beauty and the Beast), Bulls-eye, Frou-Frou (from the Aristocats), Buck (from Home on the range), The horse pitcher from Chicken Little, Angus (Merida's horse), and Phillip (Edmund's horse from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) are all not white horses

  • Songs and Stuff
    Songs and Stuff 7 months ago

    PROUD OF YOUR BOY WAS IN THE MUSICAL AND ITS AMAZING! Our Aladdin’s last name was “ Boye” pronounced the same so we always said “Proud of you Boye”

  • Amirahh
    Amirahh 7 months ago

    🥰✨Thanks for uploading this✨🥰

  • Luna Lovegood 25
    Luna Lovegood 25 7 months ago

    I didn’t even know there was a third animated Aladdin movie about his parents when I herd that I was like (mind blown)

  • Robinson (Robi) Iliev
    Robinson (Robi) Iliev 7 months ago +1

    Aladdin’s Mom was slain by Plot Convenience
    Jake Eyes reference... eh? eh?