Doing My Makeup UPSIDE DOWN

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • Yeah... it's come to this...Time to turn the beauty community on it's head....
    slash amuse myself for half an hour by doing my makeup while upside down and hoping it amuses you at least a little bit too
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Comments • 7 294

  • smurlcat45
    smurlcat45 2 months ago +15043


  • Ha Anh Duong
    Ha Anh Duong 18 hours ago

    I'm dying

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia Day ago

    Mistakes were made. 😂

  • M Zaidan
    M Zaidan Day ago

    Ah that was a nice shower 6:28

  • Noor
    Noor Day ago

    TVclip Dina tokio did it first lol but love this 👌🏼

  • freak account
    freak account 2 days ago

    My head hurts watching this

  • swim100again
    swim100again 3 days ago

    I have a headache from watching, I'm impressed she did this at all.

  • Paola Cek
    Paola Cek 3 days ago

    i just love you hahahahah

  • Nicole Ciolino
    Nicole Ciolino 3 days ago

    Gosh ur eyes are gorgeous

  • BaiLee Bashioum
    BaiLee Bashioum 4 days ago

    what lashes do you use?

  • Beth Lowe
    Beth Lowe 4 days ago

    You can do my makeup while I’m upside down!

  • CoolLoLMiami
    CoolLoLMiami 4 days ago

    Watch out the gl-whoop there it goes

  • Cheesie Bread
    Cheesie Bread 4 days ago +1

    Omg when someone is upside down for long enough their eyes begin to look "right side up" and their eyebrows are mustaches.....

  • Samantha Emerald
    Samantha Emerald 5 days ago

    I wanna draw eyes on your chin lmao. All i can pay attention to is your mouth.

  • hello there
    hello there 5 days ago

    I cant be the only one who sees her eyebrows as a moustache...

  • Jessica Hayes
    Jessica Hayes 5 days ago

    i think ur getting high

  • cloudsofsunset
    cloudsofsunset 6 days ago

    "Gravity is a theory too" *drops the brush* *brush go up*
    Me: "I knew it! It was all bullshit"

  • cloudsofsunset
    cloudsofsunset 6 days ago

    I was the hole intro turning my phone upside down but because TVclip is TVclip it turns my video back again

  • Space Cays
    Space Cays 7 days ago

    And it still looks better than my makeup ever does 😂😂😂

  • Tabi Tha
    Tabi Tha 7 days ago

    Did Anyone else just sit and watch her veins slowly start appearing at the start ? 😂

  • Cool skelli
    Cool skelli 7 days ago

    Isnt gravity a law of science?

  • Juliet Bonello
    Juliet Bonello 7 days ago

    i wached this vidieo upside down

  • patty pepe
    patty pepe 9 days ago

    I was like oh god shes holding it upside-down right before she spilled it lol

  • Anders Hall
    Anders Hall 9 days ago

    Actually, gravity IS just a theory. :)

  • Pixie Ninja
    Pixie Ninja 10 days ago

    So I watch because you're extremely talented but I LIVE for the puns! 🤣

  • colette charnock
    colette charnock 10 days ago

    If you take your finger and cover her whole face except the mouth, it just looks like a right side up mouth with a under bite

  • Sjondel
    Sjondel 12 days ago

    Love all of the life lessons included in this video.

  • IamPerlaG
    IamPerlaG 12 days ago

    Watching this makes my head hurt for some weird reason lol..

  • Giggles3ist
    Giggles3ist 12 days ago

    Mykie what the heck was that noise? 9:04

  • Britney  Harrington
    Britney Harrington 13 days ago

    Is that a diamond in your tooth??? I dig it.

  • cherry blossoms
    cherry blossoms 13 days ago

    Yo but at like 1:00 I started seeing her mouth like those videos where they record just the mouth upside down and now I can't unsee it

  • Ashley Juul
    Ashley Juul 13 days ago

    All I want to do is put googley eyes on your chin and watch your “upside down mouth” while you’re talking 😂 love this❤️

  • UnicornKayla
    UnicornKayla 13 days ago

    I watched this upside down

  • Shea Bay
    Shea Bay 13 days ago

    If you look carefully at her mouth it looks like she isn’t upside down

  • Demitasse Debutante
    Demitasse Debutante 14 days ago

    Fruit bats are my favorite animals!!!!!!

  • Lunar565 Lps
    Lunar565 Lps 14 days ago

    Myke: I need more upside down puns.
    Eyelash glue:*drip drip*
    Eyelash glue: MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  • Jess Bo71
    Jess Bo71 15 days ago

    I was yelling at you, but you didn't hear me, lol 😁💖

  • Eri
    Eri 15 days ago

    Maaaaybe it's bc I just binged the chilling adventures of sabrina but the Y-shaped vein at 5 min made me think of a devil's horns

  • Nicole Thomas
    Nicole Thomas 15 days ago

    this literally makes my head hurt from watching you upside down.

  • Moriah
    Moriah 15 days ago

    Have you done the 7 deadly sins? I feel like you would completely smash it, hands down!

  • Chris Vaughn
    Chris Vaughn 15 days ago

    Lol nice

  • Rachel Price
    Rachel Price 15 days ago

    “Well that was a nice shower” 😂😂😂😂 love you Mikey. Your hilarious! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Rachel Price
      Rachel Price 15 days ago

      “In other news, I have lash glue on my hands, it’s quite sticky, I’m quite uncomfortable!” Girl I am dying!!!!!

    • Rachel Price
      Rachel Price 15 days ago

      “Cause there so stupid and cute” 😂😂😂

  • Colleen Schmidt
    Colleen Schmidt 15 days ago

    watching this made me feel like all the blood is rushing to my head too idk if i can finish watching the vid because of it 😂 love your vids

  • Madison Schmitt
    Madison Schmitt 16 days ago

    anybody else focus on her mouth during the intro? no... just me? ok

  • Malaya Faith
    Malaya Faith 16 days ago


  • Carol
    Carol 16 days ago

    now u gotta do it on zero gravity

  • Juliana Moudry
    Juliana Moudry 16 days ago

    Totally should’ve made yourself into a bat since you’re upside down 😂

  • Dania Castellanos
    Dania Castellanos 17 days ago

    I volunteer to have you do my makeup whilst I’m upside down

  • Dania Castellanos
    Dania Castellanos 17 days ago

    It hurts to watch

  • Cali22
    Cali22 17 days ago

    Who else lives for these GLAM&GORE videos? 🎃🙌🏽🎨👀🙋🏽

  • Adykayful
    Adykayful 17 days ago

    This was the first glam and gore video I ever watched, lol.

  • skyudance
    skyudance 18 days ago


  • Wicked Lulu
    Wicked Lulu 19 days ago

    Fruit Bats are my favorite animal, I feel u.

  • xoPrimrose
    xoPrimrose 19 days ago

    You look and sound like you'd be the perfect Harley Quinn 😍

  • lindy mae
    lindy mae 19 days ago

    does she have crystals in her teach? thats so cool lol

  • Glenda Brown
    Glenda Brown 19 days ago

    At 12:59 she turned HIGH!!!

  • brat
    brat 20 days ago

    Ayyyyye bats are my all time fav animals too! i love fruit bats specifically.

  • gabi orrock
    gabi orrock 20 days ago

    watching this hurt my head

  • Jillian Kovalsky
    Jillian Kovalsky 20 days ago

    i’m so happy she beat jenna marbles to this

  • PlanetRileyyy
    PlanetRileyyy 20 days ago

    Actually gravity is a law and evolution is a theory😂 Luv ya❤️

  • F Graham
    F Graham 20 days ago

    But some theories are just stupid!

  • She wolf
    She wolf 20 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that notice she always use music from The Nutcracker 4:23

  • Micaela Donald
    Micaela Donald 20 days ago

    I was literally watching the intro upside down and when she said she was going to flip the screen I flipped

  • bgcutie13
    bgcutie13 21 day ago

    Sloths and bats are the best animals

  • Romy Quijada
    Romy Quijada 21 day ago

    Blood circulation left the chat

  • following our faith
    following our faith 21 day ago

    OH MY GOSH! Actually almost peed myself several times!
    This inspired me to film my own :) nothing can beat this tho

  • Brookecookiebeauty music

    Only look at her chin in the beginning

  • Brittany Rene
    Brittany Rene 22 days ago

    my head hurts watching this holyyy hahaha

  • Allie Cat
    Allie Cat 22 days ago

    Oh. My. God. When the lash glue spilled. I almost peed.

  • Vanessa Bry
    Vanessa Bry 23 days ago


  • Reacheal Sears
    Reacheal Sears 23 days ago

    I'm new, so I'm binge-watching your videos...and I'm what I call a Sicky, I was born with a deformed pancreas and I'm always in pain, or tired, or something... but I noticed while I watched you, I enjoyed you so much, that I felt normal...and with me , (not you lol if you were normal you would not be as entertaining LOL) anyhoo with me, feeling like a normal person is a you have done a good deed for they day🤣😂🤣🤣 and tho it may not make others, you are just the right amount of cray to understand me hahaha xoxo thanks doll

  • Queen Elizabeth193
    Queen Elizabeth193 23 days ago

    Was anyone else picturing googly eyes on her chin while she was talking? Or was that just me?

  • Brianna Urias
    Brianna Urias 23 days ago

    lol i feel like i'm upside down too

  • Caitlyn Marie
    Caitlyn Marie 23 days ago

    do bat makeup but upside down!!!

  • lancelyn barbee
    lancelyn barbee 24 days ago

    Mistakes were made😂😂😂😂

  • Amie Martin
    Amie Martin 25 days ago +3

    Am I the only person who turned around there devise upside down at the start. 🤣🤣🤣
    Like if you did too

  • Emma Awesomeness
    Emma Awesomeness 25 days ago

    I watched this upside down just to see

  • Sarah Grundhauser
    Sarah Grundhauser 25 days ago

    I watched this video upside down.

  • Xavier Frosth
    Xavier Frosth 25 days ago

    You are a goofball Ms. Loren Mykie :)

  • Wippia
    Wippia 25 days ago

    better then when i do my makeup the normal way...

  • Lilly-Anne Rose
    Lilly-Anne Rose 26 days ago +1

    You should try to do an fx look upside down

  • Rosie escamilla
    Rosie escamilla 26 days ago

    Just look at one of her eyes during the intro and just enjoy 😂

  • Kerkor
    Kerkor 27 days ago

    Oh god, if I don't focus she looks like she has a long beard and a mouth on her forehead, and my brain like actually can't handle this

  • The CL&H dog co. Let’s help dogs!

    Vampire bats are my favorite animals too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 4th grade I did a vampire bat for my animal report and everyone thought I was weird, except my teacher.

  • Cristina Stewart
    Cristina Stewart 27 days ago

    What foundation is that?

  • Maya soulless Gamer
    Maya soulless Gamer 27 days ago

    Did u know that when u look up right your brain sees it upside down but if u look upside down your brain sees it up right.... Sorry I'm a dumb dumb that loves your vids

  • Grace Crosbie
    Grace Crosbie 27 days ago

    For some reason it proper annoyed me how she kept talking while applying her lipstick 😂😂

  • Zarith Zulaikha Zarizan

    the 5 minutes into this video, i saw mikey’s face alien like until the end, a beautiful alien tht is

  • notkassie
    notkassie 28 days ago

    mykie i love you but, your intros are kinda long

  • 4EverYoung
    4EverYoung 28 days ago

    the y shaped veins are asking "Y are you doing this"

  • tabbycatkidd
    tabbycatkidd Month ago

    My eyes watered the entire time. Super cool and interesting idea!! Loved it!

  • lizzie kg
    lizzie kg Month ago

    Who held their phone upside down every little while

    COSMIA Month ago

    Hey don’t hold that glue upside down it’ll spill

  • Sara Cole
    Sara Cole Month ago

    That jackass warning was from Ridiculousness on MTV, hilarious show, btw.

  • Caroline Mills
    Caroline Mills Month ago

    Did anyone else watch this video up side down. No just me ok

  • Louke Spigt
    Louke Spigt Month ago

    I lovelovlove you right side up , but upside down I adore you. My favorite professional that is doing things I shouldnt do myself: fullservice channel I think! tnx a lot.

  • DannyG
    DannyG Month ago

    What lipstick are you wearing at the beginning?

  • Brooke Davidson
    Brooke Davidson Month ago

    I died laughing at the lash glue 😂😂😂😂

  • Rosie Dhatt
    Rosie Dhatt Month ago +1


  • unicornlover2005
    unicornlover2005 Month ago +1

    Can you turn yourself into a scary vampire bat 🦇 that would be so cool