Jordyn Woods Sends A MESSAGE To Khloe Kardashian! Kris Jenner Already BANKING On Scandal!

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Jordyn Woods has been spotted out since all of this CRAZINESS with her and Tristan Thompson came to light and it appears her outfit was sending a message to Khloe Kardashian. Not that I think Khloe is sweating it at all because she may have a new opportunity on the horizon…becoming the NEXT bachelorette. PLUS…we need talk about how Momma Kris plans to use this whole cheating scandal to her advantage. AND the fact that Tyler the Hollywood Medium predicted THIS ENTIRE THING.I’m talking the latest with Khloe and Jordyn Woods right now so stay here to sip the latest TEA.
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Comments • 3 598

  • Ada Kay Grogan
    Ada Kay Grogan 16 hours ago

    I don't know,she be great but everyone knows who she is so I the the would be in it for wrong reasons I love Kardashians #teamkoko

  • Stephanie Hyun J LEE

    once a cheater, always a cheater..

  • Harry Thompson
    Harry Thompson 8 days ago

    Oh khole get over it you had no problem taking him from his pregnant girlfriend leave Jordyn alone all y'all sincerely jade

  • Mara Banks
    Mara Banks 10 days ago

    And fact is moma was a hoe so they follow aint no way in hell i wouod release a sex tape on my child aint no money in the world can make me do that them bitches sold their soul for money which is real sas

  • Mara Banks
    Mara Banks 10 days ago

    Khole is one desperate woman sad then all the plastic surgery sad

  • feza shajwe
    feza shajwe 13 days ago

    All of you say that the kardashians and Jenner's stole or steal your guys . Your boyfriend's leave you because you are not enough for him so don't say shit like that????????!!!!!!!?😡😠😳😵😡😡😡😖

  • Dee Fitzgerald
    Dee Fitzgerald 20 days ago

    To would watch and I Hate that show love me some kole...I'm in

  • Windydev
    Windydev 23 days ago

    I don't feel like Tyler predicted it

  • Author Belinda Hunter
    Author Belinda Hunter 24 days ago

    Well three months later and Jordan Woods career is skyrocketing. Glad she took the situation and made it into a win. And I am unfollowing your chanel as soon as I finish this message because you be reaching.

  • Valerie Nunn
    Valerie Nunn 25 days ago

    I think holly scoop is full of shit by using Jordan to put in a plug for kloe

  • Priscilla Womack
    Priscilla Womack 25 days ago

    I really believe Tristan just didn't want the girl anymore and he used Jordan to break up their relationship. All of the Kardashians took their man from someone else so get over it. I don't believe they were together for a month. Cut it out!!!!

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones 29 days ago

    That carma kloe!

  • Mari Hearndon
    Mari Hearndon Month ago

    Nobody's married

  • Jessica Mata
    Jessica Mata Month ago

    Everyone always cheats with someone beneath their partner.

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones Month ago

    Oh please😓stop

  • Latoya Walker
    Latoya Walker Month ago


  • Tara Erskine
    Tara Erskine Month ago

    There a bunch of idiots! getting paid out for geting hurt? great story time y'all have with your kids!

  • Issy’s life
    Issy’s life Month ago

    Jordyn is like a bit too young for Tristan anyway tho
    7 years difference!

  • Claudia Renteria
    Claudia Renteria 2 months ago

    That fake ass bitch she aint even half of pretty as khloe !disloyal biatch

  • Beverly Williams
    Beverly Williams 2 months ago

    She is going to stay with him until she gets pregnant 😂 again. Good luck. Kloe!!!!

  • Valerie Nunn
    Valerie Nunn 2 months ago

    Prejudice lies

  • January Ah Loo
    January Ah Loo 2 months ago

    What ever rise above it moving forward He will always be in k's life #babydaddyscumbag"

  • Eyerusalem Kassahun
    Eyerusalem Kassahun 2 months ago

    I love the host. Your voice is beautiful and fun. By the wayI am straight .

  • beauty 336
    beauty 336 2 months ago

    The tea is legit trying to evaporate but the kar/Jenner family keep adding more water

  • Tameika Williams
    Tameika Williams 2 months ago

    This was a publicity stunt to save their show. I dont care, I dont watch them anyway. They are a family of beautiful women, but I dont watch them....and yes I know they do not care since they have billions. I just hope they know letting a penis in between your friendship isn't cool.

  • Seok Mynuts
    Seok Mynuts 2 months ago

    firstly her life didnt go up in flames bc she thought tristian was worth it, she just lost the kardashians, not that big a deal

  • Zondra Carter
    Zondra Carter 2 months ago

    Some of you bitches be in your feeling I comment what I want id you don't like scroll by it cause I don't give a Damn what you guys think of my comments I'm still rolling with the smiths there mir respected for making movies not taking there cloths off so it is what it is

  • Erica Galas
    Erica Galas 2 months ago

    @jordyn ..
    Its clear that she's just proud of herself having a bad reputation and getting an advantage of that for being famous..
    Omg shame on U !!! Girl

  • daniel king
    daniel king 2 months ago

    They r trash,their voodoo didn't work on one man.

  • Amelia Lockett
    Amelia Lockett 2 months ago

    I find this so bad 1 MONTH ! Like he has a KID dude what is that baby gonna think when he / she grows up 😫

  • Joy Nweke
    Joy Nweke 2 months ago

    lf I were Kris Jenner, I would bring back Jordyn Woods and manage her career like she were her daughter. Jordyn Woods is already part of the Kardashian family.

  • Rebekah רבקה
    Rebekah רבקה 2 months ago

    Her shoes 🤣🤣🤣🤣 reaching are we? If they’ll do it with ya they’ll do it to ya. Khloe should have known better!!!! Jordyn needs to go for good. Same applies to her. If she’s sketch on khloes man she’ll sketch on Kylie’s man. Shady whores

  • Niecy Scott
    Niecy Scott 2 months ago

    It's terrible how Hollywood scoop has dragged this girl through the mud....I do not believe they've been seeing each other for a long time.

  • Bianca matthew
    Bianca matthew 3 months ago

    Jordyns life is not over🙄

  • hyku vava
    hyku vava 3 months ago

    Plus the sister is fine. Kloe is --well OJ Simpson's daughter and ugly underneath her surgeries. Amd NO TGE HOW SHOULD NOT BE A BACHELORETTE! HELLO HELL NO!

  • hyku vava
    hyku vava 3 months ago

    You're a joke. Tgey weren't a couple and Jordyn came frim good stock. Not hoeish stock. But girls who look like you and Kloe love playing victims. A hoe. Nothing more. Nothing less!

  • Jaime Trujillo
    Jaime Trujillo 3 months ago

    There r ppl starving in the US and these Kardashian-Jenner ppl are just hoarding money. Sickening.

  • amy420 s
    amy420 s 3 months ago

    Love Jordan 💓

  • Eleanor Rivera
    Eleanor Rivera 3 months ago

    And she comes from money and has made money. 🤔 Some of these comments are hilarious.

  • Eleanor Rivera
    Eleanor Rivera 3 months ago

    Hahaha this reach is ridiculous. Smh..... If you attempt to use the scandal and are mentioning Jordyn guess she's about to get paid more too. They went looking for this so they can get show ratings. Where was this when they were taking people men. Haha omg 😂😂😂😂

  • Blog Posts
    Blog Posts 3 months ago

    This was posted the day my crush asked me out

  • Jasmine Snow
    Jasmine Snow 3 months ago

    Pointless news u are annoying

  • Steph Modelchic
    Steph Modelchic 3 months ago

    Y'all corny af Hollyscoop. U don't even have ur facts straight n bashing jordyn for something that's not even true. U guys are canceled in my book. Tired of the lies.

  • Jibril Kyla
    Jibril Kyla 3 months ago

    Holy shit this voice is annoying

  • Ms.Strawberri🍓
    Ms.Strawberri🍓 3 months ago

    Who really gives a damn about the Whoredashians these days 🙄

  • Superbe It
    Superbe It 3 months ago

    i hate that blonde bitch.she is too over

  • Anna Gutierrez
    Anna Gutierrez 3 months ago

    i love tyler.... I love the Kardashians... I hope kloe finds true love and happiness.... keep banking momma k. get it and be proud.... u all deserve it.

  • Topaz fire
    Topaz fire 3 months ago +1

    They are going to see Khloes ass and they are going to break out running to the nearest gate😂🤣😅 always a bridesmaid never a bride

  • tracey palacios
    tracey palacios 3 months ago

    Omg jordan woods is sooo ugly, Tristan had to have been wasted to kiss her entirely!

  • Sofia Sofia
    Sofia Sofia 3 months ago

    Jordyn is ugly period!

  • Kaycee Montes
    Kaycee Montes 3 months ago

    Goosebumps on henry tyler’s prediction 😱😱😱

  • Keabetswe kea
    Keabetswe kea 3 months ago

    In my opinion I think Jordyn should have just apologised to Khloe. It would be up to her to forgive or still be angry. It doesn't matter how Khloe got the man. She should just stop playing the victim.

  • Erica Thomas
    Erica Thomas 3 months ago

    This video is full of lies!!!

  • X What?
    X What? 3 months ago

    0:09 Is the most important thing in the video, Janice♡♡♡♡♡ / Fuck eveyone eles.

  • Precision Enterprises
    Precision Enterprises 3 months ago

    No. Her life has not gone up in flames. Sorry.

  • zerika marves
    zerika marves 3 months ago

    @2:19 That black girl with the ponytail is so pretty 😍

  • B W
    B W 3 months ago

    Waw what I see here is some more publicity to make money. Clearly the drama Khloé created was for people to tune into that show. Hm all of a sudden she is doing a reality show since Jordyn allegedly slep with her man; what a back story. Khloé ruined this young girls life just to make herself relevant so that she'll get ratings.

  • Flo Hill
    Flo Hill 3 months ago

    The Lie The Lie stop Lying on Jordyn I see your on the Evil side Kardashian side.

  • Amani Woodley
    Amani Woodley 3 months ago

    This is fake . 😂 its planned. Jordyn is going to come up pregnant and basically they wanted to expand the family and all it is is just a plot for next season and bec she going to be pregnant their going to be like well the baby is still part of the family type shit 😂

  • Rexx Electas
    Rexx Electas 3 months ago

    Say what now? The next Bache whaaaat? You guys are really running out of ideas! Smh

  • Gina Black
    Gina Black 3 months ago

    Kardashian need a story line. Poor girl got scripted. Witches

  • MarkMC Panthony
    MarkMC Panthony 3 months ago +1

    STF up you sound stupid and stop kissing the Kardashian’s hoes asses. The K hoes have ruined over 20 families and done so much crap 💩 to others, talk about that fool this is called karma and it’s a kiss of that womaniser Tristan came on to her, not the other way round that’s not enough to ruin a solid friendship after so many years. They are just fake and looking for a story lineteam JORDYN WOODS

  • Hailey Rincon
    Hailey Rincon 3 months ago +2

    Tbh khloe should've left him when he first cheated, you can tell that it was not only gonna happenn once then never again i mean i didnt know it would be Jordan but it was kinda obvious he was gonna cheat again

  • Tre'Nique Kinglocke
    Tre'Nique Kinglocke 3 months ago


  • Alyssa Mew
    Alyssa Mew 3 months ago

    Lol I'd love seeing her on the bachelorette but you know, she has a kid lol

  • Tyna Darco
    Tyna Darco 3 months ago

    I do not want to see Khloe as the bachelorette.

  • JJ E
    JJ E 3 months ago

    Karma’s a kardashian

  • JJ E
    JJ E 3 months ago


  • candice morales
    candice morales 3 months ago

    Clearly this was planned 🤔🤨

  • Teresa Mendoza
    Teresa Mendoza 3 months ago

    2 be exact

  • Nalini Celebrating_Lyfe

    You know what would be funny, if jordyn and tristian started dating and he never cheated on her... she’s so beautiful tho.

  • Juno Wright
    Juno Wright 3 months ago +1

    Omfg, who cares?!!!

  • jade
    jade 3 months ago

    "her whole life has gone up in flames" seriously? please shut the fuck up her life is and will be fine

  • Lai Lou
    Lai Lou 3 months ago

    Didn't Kim prove this to be a lie😒

  • TDY 62
    TDY 62 3 months ago +1

    This family is pathetic. If people continue to keep following and chasing behind this family then they will continue to keep doing the same thing. Stop watching and supporting them 🙄🙄🙄

  • Lolla
    Lolla 3 months ago

    i don't care

  • Kaylaa Kriistina
    Kaylaa Kriistina 3 months ago

    This is fake news..

  • T B
    T B 3 months ago

    This is probably all planned by kris. We all know this family is publicity hungry

  • sphah ngcobo
    sphah ngcobo 3 months ago

    Not cool Jordan.....

  • A H
    A H 3 months ago

    Ppl do know that J. Woods is a millionaire with several other things that bring in a income, right?

  • deep in the STREET
    deep in the STREET 3 months ago

    I think America has lost it.

  • Nick Chritopher
    Nick Chritopher 3 months ago

    What about khloe taking a break and raise her child instead of jumping in the sack with another guy right away

  • Tanisha Kennedy
    Tanisha Kennedy 3 months ago

    F both of these hoes! The man is not married to Khloe! He was a whore before he got with her!

  • Leah White
    Leah White 3 months ago

    Wow all all this host cares about is the Kardashian like did even give Jordan a chance damn

  • Denisse C
    Denisse C 3 months ago

    Bitch shut up #teamjordyn

  • ellabeautyy_
    ellabeautyy_ 3 months ago

    Shes desperate for a man she falls in love with anyone that gives her dick I swear. Just cuz shes pretty doenst make her wifey material.

  • Leeland Glover
    Leeland Glover 3 months ago

    The older kloe get she starts to look more like her dad.. OJ Simpson.

  • Miya Lol
    Miya Lol 3 months ago

    Ok but where is the proof that tristan has been cheating with jordyn for a month???

  • Courtney Michelle
    Courtney Michelle 3 months ago

    Y’all are defending Jordyn, but how about if the shoe was on the other foot? Y’all wouldn’t be to happy 🍵

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones 3 months ago

    Kris Jenner should be ashamed of herself. Her old ass making money at the expense of her daughters and her grandkids. I Can Only Imagine Robert Kardashian rolling in his grave. We can all plainly see what it did to Bruce Jenner.

  • Patique Love
    Patique Love 3 months ago

    This is a lie lol this world

  • Supa Woman
    Supa Woman 3 months ago

    Kris is a heaux breader. All of them surgically enhanced with 2 slugs for lips!!!
    And this channel is biased and pathetic talking shit bout Jordyn pursued a serial cheater Tristan, pure made up BS!!!

  • Delana Prithilall
    Delana Prithilall 3 months ago

    This thing is KARMA has no favorites, you get served what you deserve. Just saying.

  • Ruby Reads Tarot
    Ruby Reads Tarot 3 months ago

    Great video

  • GreenLight/RedLight
    GreenLight/RedLight 3 months ago

    Why is Jordyn life's going up in flames because she's black or not an actual who're like the Khardashians. Hollyscoop is trash

  • Conrad Hurdle
    Conrad Hurdle 3 months ago +1

    This hoe really really needs to get her facts right .#jordynwoodsloveypusis #fuckkhole

  • talicia18
    talicia18 3 months ago

    You mean the pimp just profit off of her daughters. Khloe let your coochie calm down before she moved on

  • Marie Dames
    Marie Dames 3 months ago

    Get your story straight Kristen has not been with Khloe since November 2018. Khloe and Kristen have been broken up. Kristen needs to come forward with the truth.

  • Jasmine Kirsh
    Jasmine Kirsh 3 months ago

    Plot Twist it was actually Kylie creeping with Tristan 😮🙄😱🤔. Remember what Tyler said he didn't say someone like a sister or someone you consider a friend he said what he said "A sister messing with another sisters man" facts 👌

  • Marcelene Anita
    Marcelene Anita 3 months ago

    Khloe and Tristan broke up back in Nov 2018. This is a publicly stunt by the Kardashian’s.