How Coco Fits Into The Pixar Theory

  • Published on Dec 13, 2017
  • Today we answer the question... Does Coco fit into the Pixar Theory... And if so... How?
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  • EvO_Burd
    EvO_Burd 2 days ago

    No offense but halfway through the video I forgot I was about coco 👌

  • Tobit !
    Tobit ! 4 days ago

    What is an add in the video doing there?

  • Ryker Peterson
    Ryker Peterson 5 days ago

    Coco is my favorite and my mom's favorite. I have watched it about five times.

  • Sammy Ben
    Sammy Ben 6 days ago

    congratulations on having your son , my wife's birthday is the same day

  • jodibb
    jodibb 7 days ago

    I cannot stop thinking about this big nosed guy’s balls

  • Mr. O.P.G
    Mr. O.P.G 8 days ago

    my birthday 11/29 awesome

  • Night Bunny
    Night Bunny 8 days ago

    Dear Even Hansen should be Pixar musical...
    no one diseases to be forgotten

  • Natalie Montano
    Natalie Montano 8 days ago

    Hi ! Good day to you.
    I dont know if you have already covered this. But in cars 3 at 1hr 14min. We learn one of the cars is from Santa Cecilia, which is also Miguels home town. But could it be possible lighting McQueen is related to some character in the pixar universe?

  • Nauraka
    Nauraka 11 days ago

    Isn't Inside Out disney and not pixar?

  • martu rioja
    martu rioja 12 days ago

    I just descovered something really crazy. In cars 3: in the scene when Mcqueen meets Cruz Ramirez, she is calming down the cars who are training. The third car is feeling homesick, so cruz shows him a picture of COCO'S VILLAGE!! So, following the theory that the cars in Cars have the personalities of their previous owners, could it be that someone in Coco, was the owner of that car?

  • Toniquica Carter
    Toniquica Carter 12 days ago

    Cars Are the Memory of their previous owner

  • Woken Lunatic
    Woken Lunatic 13 days ago

    Moved away Avengers infinity war there’s a awesome crossover of all time

  • Lucy Mc
    Lucy Mc 16 days ago

    Yay Luke Carlin!!

  • JintySteam
    JintySteam 17 days ago

    Is the Pixar theory linked with the other 3D films from Disney? For example Pixar made Cars but Planes was made by just Disney and not Pixar but its supposedly in the same universe as its a spin-off.

    STEVEO 17 days ago

    Wait a that Austin Evans?


  • Carmen Ara
    Carmen Ara 17 days ago

    I watch coco everyday ngl and I still get emotional

  • Weird Works
    Weird Works 19 days ago

    Hey I was born on November 29th! Birthday stealer

  • Itschlobro
    Itschlobro 19 days ago

    I’m what was the random net neutrality thing

  • Conor Playz
    Conor Playz 22 days ago

    brooooo this is deep stuff man

  • Kimberlee Mills
    Kimberlee Mills 24 days ago

    you're son is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blaze van Wyk
    Blaze van Wyk 25 days ago

    I thought we were talking about coco not other movies

  • Barriss Offee
    Barriss Offee 26 days ago

    7:45 wut

  • Clayton Simonsen
    Clayton Simonsen 27 days ago

    At first I thought the loading video thing was funny till I realized it was net neutrality. Kind broke up the video and it’s also factually untrue. Funny how it’s a video about a using evidence then it stops halfway through to send out a new theory with no evidence.

  • pokésam
    pokésam 27 days ago

    Awe your son is super cute, my daughter is about the same age, and shes way cuter, just saying

  • James Wilhoft
    James Wilhoft 29 days ago

    Wall-e must be alive because he looks like Johnny-5 from short circuit
    And Johnny-5 is ALIVE!

  • David Cuevas
    David Cuevas 29 days ago

    That #netneutralityad did anyone notice that, let’s hope 2019- future TVclip and other sites stay free and public, because thanks to ATT rich companies if law is not changed they can make you pay for what today is free internet, fight back ‼️‼️#fightforthefuture

  • Dasha Thell
    Dasha Thell Month ago

    I was in Spanish immersion for four years and every year either on Halloween (if día de la Muerta was not on a school day) or día de la muerta we would celebrate it because it was Spanish immersion.

  • Aisy McKatoch
    Aisy McKatoch Month ago


  • Taryn West
    Taryn West Month ago

    The Pizza Planet truck is briefly seen driving by Miguel's house playing music before his grandmother shouts"No music!" and slams the window shut.

  • Magic Pigeon
    Magic Pigeon Month ago

    Your son is scary

  • Prior2Popular
    Prior2Popular Month ago

    How does Bolt fit the Pixar Theory?

  • TheAres1999
    TheAres1999 Month ago +1

    If enough people believe in someone who never was, would that person appear in the Land of the Dead? It's like you said in "Does Batman Google Autofil" that Batman is as real as we make him.

  • Raych Wagner
    Raych Wagner Month ago

    Not that there’s a chance that J or Ben will see this comment, but I have this burning question about Coco that I want answered. Everyone in the family is remembered except for Coco’s father, correct? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, they’re all remembered. So here’s my question: where is Coco’s HUSBAND in the picture?? And why wasn’t he remembered??

  • Cole Peltier
    Cole Peltier Month ago

    7:40 this channel just garnered mad respect for me. Thank you.

  • Cole Peltier
    Cole Peltier Month ago

    Lol I dont want to be rude but I think your baby isnt done cooking, put it back in the oven for another 30 or so. Congratz though lol

  • Speed Zebra
    Speed Zebra Month ago

    Did anyone also see the add in the center that isn’t a add?

  • Christian Is here
    Christian Is here Month ago +1

    What if Pixar made a movie about the Pixar theory which goes through the entire timeline of life 😳😲

  • chocolate chipped skull

    I have a question where is Mama Coco's husband

  • Andrew Higgins
    Andrew Higgins Month ago

    Okay! You say that you seace to exist if you are forgotten about but what if you are remembered again later on?

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson Month ago

    Hey could you explain the sinkhole that Ernesto sends Miguel and Hector when we find out about the twists and we know it’s a sinkhole because Imelda says “He spends 5 minutes with you and I have to fish him out of a sinkhole”
    Please make a theory on that cuz it’s been bothering me ever since I saw the movie

  • Benjamin Ballard
    Benjamin Ballard Month ago

    Chi-ca-rone? Really dude?

  • Tarnished Knight
    Tarnished Knight Month ago

    While you talk about "remembering" someone, I can't help but think about "Egregores". Have you considered that angle?

  • Jay Lawrence
    Jay Lawrence Month ago +1

    I like what you said about the pixar theory being more of a challenge than a theory. When somebody does have a plot hole that they can't figure out and need somebody else to help explain it, we should have a place for them to post a question. We can do it in the replies here! I'll start with a question I have.

    • Jay Lawrence
      Jay Lawrence Month ago +1

      Ok so If that message in Wall-E telling auto pilot to never return to earth was sent in 2010, then how come there are still humans on earth (which seems fine as ever) in movies that take place after 2010 like inside out and coco.

  • Marion Olivia Sheldon

    i now this was posted a year ago but ive re-watched it 100 time but i just realized your sin is 10 day younger than my niece

  • ErenGaming
    ErenGaming Month ago

    The Pixar theory is kind of depressing

  • JMan TDG
    JMan TDG Month ago

    I was born nov 9 20 days before him
    (2005) I don’t know what that means but like 20 days 12 years that’s has to mean something, right? Or... am I just crazy?

  • Tom Y
    Tom Y Month ago

    Old but still.
    What if bing bong in “inside out” was from monsters inc?? Sent to grab joy power?

  • raerae1281
    raerae1281 Month ago

    Just seeing this for the first time, but just wanted to say that your son is adorable :)

  • Rozzy Gator
    Rozzy Gator Month ago

    What about a bugs life?

  • AudzAlpha
    AudzAlpha Month ago

    Being the person who forgets like, most of the time, I feel like my own emotions are literally doing bad at their job.

  • Max L
    Max L Month ago

    You need to make a new updated Pixar theory

  • Harry Touko
    Harry Touko Month ago +1

    How come the other guy was about to fade away even though coco remembered him anyway

  • richiesflicks
    richiesflicks Month ago

    Thanks! Took me the longest time to watch this video cause my son kept pointing out and yelling for every character behind you lol. Had to pause and let him do his talk about each thing behind you haha

  • Cooper Dennis-Smith

    Did anyone else see that ad?

  • Miss Mia
    Miss Mia Month ago

    Anyone think that Coco is weirdly similar to the book of life???

  • Haakon Fiedler
    Haakon Fiedler Month ago

    This video got DEEP

  • Tim pepper
    Tim pepper Month ago

    "As long as something is remembered it is not dead"
    Ugandan knuckles till I die

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams Month ago

    Congrats on the baby!!!

  • Nanna Sprecher
    Nanna Sprecher Month ago

    Your kid is going to see Pixar in a way no one ever should

  • Jspenx
    Jspenx Month ago

    Dude, literally there is no resemblance between the city of the dead and the one inside riley's head. Don't create connections that don't exist for the sake of each "theory".

  • N0mad981
    N0mad981 Month ago


  • Raptain Cex
    Raptain Cex Month ago

    In scientific terms a theory is actually something that has been proven time and time again. Calling it a theory is perfectly logical.

    HANS GAMER Month ago


  • G04TCYA
    G04TCYA Month ago

    Pixar needs a crossover

  • dnsbrules
    dnsbrules Month ago

    Hey I think the remember thing is just Mexican culture because there’s a movie called “The Book of Life” where you get to live in the land of the remembered if your remembered and the land of the forgotten when your forgotten. Pixar could just be using the culture to make the movie better.

  • That Percy Jackson fan

    Haha I forgot about this video... I was gonna watch it after I watched coco but never got around to it 😂

  • Marissa Rivera
    Marissa Rivera Month ago

    Monsters inc 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M Parvati
    M Parvati Month ago

    I saw pizza planet bus 🚌 in Coco

  • Theo Roberts
    Theo Roberts Month ago

    Who’s the little boy from cocoa monster????

  • Mya Tibbs
    Mya Tibbs Month ago

    can you do a video on how all the pixar shorts fit in the theory?

  • Alex Grady
    Alex Grady Month ago

    Ooooh and when walle looses his memories for a minute ooooh shit

  • xDNx
    xDNx Month ago

    i love your glasses


  • Irene Bernal
    Irene Bernal Month ago

    Before show comment send🇦🇮

  • Mystic Flame7
    Mystic Flame7 Month ago

    Has anyone realized that wall e sorta acts like Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter with muggle artifacts

  • Marlik Sullivan
    Marlik Sullivan Month ago

    Omg you have a son! God bless all of you

  • Charlotte Kutz
    Charlotte Kutz Month ago

    Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. America you great unfinished symphony. You sent for me

  • Harrison DeWalt
    Harrison DeWalt Month ago +1

    And that's just a theory.....A Pixar theory

  • The one and only jazz The autobot

    Well I think all the messages in movies always remember your relatives and friends and don’t forget the creator of Disney Walt Disney

  • Pokken Master
    Pokken Master Month ago

    If you pause at 0:00, it looks like Ben is going to perform karate!

  • Jatcat
    Jatcat Month ago

    Who else was surprised by that one section of the video that suddenly popped up about battling for the internet...

  • Be Water My Friend
    Be Water My Friend Month ago

    I see a few loop holes and flaws, that doesnt mean "I don't get it" that means You might not get it because youre reaching so hard youre trying to force an answer to exist even though the real answer has been under your nose the entire time, chronologically, not magically." but the "Net Neutrality Ad" in the middle of everything made me dislike this video. Shameless political spam is shameless political spam and using Pixar to push your agenda, ...shame..

  • Lois 117
    Lois 117 Month ago

    I wonder where in the timeline Coco fits?

    • A Lil Niffler
      A Lil Niffler Month ago

      I'm guessing somewhere close to Inside Out.

  • reccos96 Wins
    reccos96 Wins Month ago +1

    Me and your son have the same bday

  • Zachary Mellinger
    Zachary Mellinger Month ago

    It fits in extremely well, today, as well.

  • kumbawolf
    kumbawolf Month ago

    Ala infinity war... name events in which skeletons all over may fade off in mass. They see all these fading dusts and be like, "What the heck is happening in the living world! Sshhiiip!!"

  • JamEpix
    JamEpix Month ago +2

    That is some sneaky advertising.

    • Hyper Mikey
      Hyper Mikey 3 days ago

      JamEpix wow stumbled on ur comment while that happened and was confused till I red ur comment thanks

  • Jameelah
    Jameelah 2 months ago

    wait did they made the book of life

  • farijuana
    farijuana 2 months ago

    Im high af and this blew my mind.

  • AlienBob236
    AlienBob236 2 months ago

    That net neutrality thing really caught me off guard ;-;

  • Cheese Lord
    Cheese Lord 2 months ago

    You guys should make a video with Film Theory for the pixar theory thing

  • Pieter Mantel
    Pieter Mantel 2 months ago +1

    Wait... but what about the monsters from Monsters Inc. and U.? They harvest fear and joy, not memories? Can someone explain this to me?

  • Kaylee Cooper
    Kaylee Cooper 2 months ago +1

    Can you do an updated Pixar theory where you list all of them in order and reasons why

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 2 months ago

    No the cars are actually insects

  • ElementalGamingPRO 01
    ElementalGamingPRO 01 2 months ago

    "Riley, I don't feel so good..." - Bing Bong before the snap

  • Edgy Umbra
    Edgy Umbra 2 months ago +1

    So if I die and somone remembers me I becomes a skeleton...


  • Camila ana Cabello z
    Camila ana Cabello z 2 months ago

    I expected him to say something about how in cars 3 the car training with Cruz with the accent misses home and it is in coco so that would mean that cars were probably in that generation before humans came and created that magic

  • YnnatheguardianChannel
    YnnatheguardianChannel 2 months ago

    November 29, my sisters birthday :)

  • jaide norris
    jaide norris 2 months ago

    his son is born on the same day i was born☺️

  • Roshelle Bunuan
    Roshelle Bunuan 2 months ago

    Fun fact guys I met an animator from Pixar and she said the Pixar theory isn't real but she finds it quite interesting whenever she watches videos about it. Sorry to ruin it for you.

  • Matta
    Matta 2 months ago

    I think that it’s about time for a full up-to-date Pixar Theory