How Coco Fits Into The Pixar Theory

  • Published on Dec 13, 2017
  • Today we answer the question... Does Coco fit into the Pixar Theory... And if so... How?
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  • Jawsome Playz
    Jawsome Playz Day ago

    I thought the internet stuff was and ad lol

  • See No Ev!Г
    See No Ev!Г 2 days ago


    my birthday is also 11/29

  • Yorangey
    Yorangey 3 days ago

    0:39 that’s my name

  • hoofy pig
    hoofy pig 6 days ago


  • Aabidullah Allah'sworhipper

    Is wallE Sid from toy story? Remember toy story 3.... Sid was the garbage man and he took care of the toys and things he found in the trash

  • megan davis
    megan davis 6 days ago

    i thought the net nutrality thing was an add

  • Urte Vlt
    Urte Vlt 7 days ago

    Congrats on the new bby!

  • Aysia Watkins
    Aysia Watkins 7 days ago +2

    Hey your sons birthy has the same day but not month of mine👍🏾❤️

  • Thando Msoki
    Thando Msoki 8 days ago

    Oh so you have a son

  • Jack of all Trades
    Jack of all Trades 8 days ago

    Congratulations to you for having a kid!

  • Kemi Coker
    Kemi Coker 11 days ago

    Luke... I am your father...

  • Simply PVC
    Simply PVC 18 days ago

    in conclusion coco copied book of life

  • Simply PVC
    Simply PVC 18 days ago

    megel is trying to find his "great great grandfather" and in book of life the guy is trying to find the strange women who has the huge hat and they both want to play music and not be what their family wants them to be

  • Simply PVC
    Simply PVC 18 days ago

    coco has the same plot line as book of life

  • Infinite Possibilities
    Infinite Possibilities 25 days ago +1

    Did anybody else get a random 30 second advertisement at 7:40-8:10? About slow cable or something?

  • Matthew Jararuse
    Matthew Jararuse 28 days ago +1

    #scottsterling lol

  • Charles Charles3
    Charles Charles3 Month ago

    did you guys review the Toy Story 4 trailer? It teases 'what makes a toy a toy?'.

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 Month ago

    Do you think the dead people know the color of the last memory orb someone has about them?

  • Mateo
    Mateo Month ago

    6:06 loooooooooool

  • Angeles Lemus-Lemus

    I know how to speak spainish and when he said spanish words i just had to laugh.
    Also love your videos

  • Family Geek World
    Family Geek World Month ago +1

    And then theres the incredibles 2

  • Extraterrestrial Gamer

    Also the dinosaurs disappeared and the good dinasour is a forgotten film

  • Its Me Luna
    Its Me Luna Month ago +2

    What's up with Nutuality add

  • Amelia Landry
    Amelia Landry Month ago

    Woah! Your son and I share birthdays! Congrats by the way :)

  • Ashley Sears
    Ashley Sears 2 months ago +1

    Pixar theory -> Pixar timeline

  • Luke Everything
    Luke Everything 2 months ago


  • Actors Penny
    Actors Penny 2 months ago

    You question if this move could fit into a UNIVERSE because it was a different culture? But the movies of different species fits right in.... hmmm??? Ya ok.

  • Kelly stormy Jenner
    Kelly stormy Jenner 2 months ago

    Whats no inglish

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    Two things I feel don't really fit with the whole memory thing. Could someone explain to me?

    1) In The Good Dinosaur, when Arlo has the vision of his father, his father says "You are me and more." This means that Arlo is the collective personality his father and any extra attributes himself. Because his father picked up attributes from his father and his father before him, and it all kind of snowballs. While this does explain how, because the humans lasted so long, their collective personalities built up enough to manifest energy, it does not explain how one could be forgotten. If I am the collective personality of all of my ancestors, then technically, by living my life, I have not forgotten them, and therefore, they should still exist in the Land of the Dead, or wherever the spirits of my culture reside. If everyone is a snowball of their ancestors, how can their ancestors be forgotten and suffer The Final Death?

    2) According to the Law of Conservation of Mass, matter or energy can't be created or destroyed. In our universe, our memories are energy stored in our hippocampus, but in the Pixar Universe, memories are physical orbs with mass. Therefore, when they drop into the Pit of Forgetfullness and disappear, they don't actually cease to exist and therefore, haven't been forgotten. Unless the Pixar Universe has different laws of nature, which it has never been shown to differ from ours, all memories stay alive and therefore, no one is ever forgotten. This could mean that the Final Death is not actually the "Final" Death and rather an ascension into a higher plane of existence, but that would mean there is other criteria for remaining in the Land of the Dead than just having people remember you.

    The Carlin Brothers believe that the Pixar Theory cannot be disproved, only worked around, and I agree. I just need some help with these details. Any ideas?

  • Tristan Soulier
    Tristan Soulier 2 months ago

    Lol "día de los mortes" and "chikaron"

  • Nayeema Akhter
    Nayeema Akhter 2 months ago

    The pixar theory is really cool

  • Ellena Saldana
    Ellena Saldana 2 months ago

    Birthday twins!!!!!

  • Kaytlin Justis
    Kaytlin Justis 2 months ago

    Hey, Brother! I have a question about the memory reference in Coco and how that plays a role in remembering their family members. The reason I ask is because human beings have a tendency to dig up the past; if there is no longer any family members alive to remember the deceased, the deceased disappear into their 'final death'. So... if someone in the far future finds a lost picture or something and THINKS of them, do they come back? Like, the Ancient Egyptians try to remove all traces of history to a pharoh, but we still find historical evidence... That kind of thing. ^^;

  • Jacinta Kelly
    Jacinta Kelly 3 months ago +1

    Know it's not pixar but could you guys do a theory about the how to train your Dragon movies

  • Diana Ocegueda
    Diana Ocegueda 3 months ago

    So..... is the picture in coco kinda the equivalent of the activating button of the doors in monsters inc? like, the connection is there but you need something to make it active on the otheer side?

  • Time Cop
    Time Cop 3 months ago

    I stand by my ground that Coco should not fit into the pixar theory. It just feels so wrong and disrespectful.

  • jonthekidminer
    jonthekidminer 3 months ago

    Luke is born on my bday

  • Katherine Schneider
    Katherine Schneider 3 months ago

    Literally a lot of skulls

  • Helen Jovel
    Helen Jovel 3 months ago

    As a native Spanish speaker when he said “Día de los muertes(muertos)” I cringed SOOO HARD, he sounded SO white 😐😐😐

  • King Kendrick
    King Kendrick 3 months ago

    I'm so happy for you that you had a great kid

  • Pancho Martinez
    Pancho Martinez 3 months ago +1

    The way he said Spanish words was sooo funnys

  • Miles McPhee
    Miles McPhee 3 months ago

    Hey I kno this is an old video but congrats on your son!!

  • E Ray
    E Ray 3 months ago

    Shut up nerd

  • Jamie Neal
    Jamie Neal 3 months ago

    Your son is so cute!!!

  • Chloe Challacombe
    Chloe Challacombe 4 months ago

    Do a black caldron video PLEASE

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger 4 months ago


  • hermione granger
    hermione granger 4 months ago

    Wait Ihave a questoion what if the last person forgetts you but then remembers the person

  • David Amrod
    David Amrod 4 months ago

    Many Blessings to your son... And his Whole Family!

  • Emilio Alban
    Emilio Alban 4 months ago

    He really nailed the spanish pronunciation at 6:07

  • Eleanor Ewald
    Eleanor Ewald 4 months ago +1

    You are so luckyyyyyyyy! you get paid to be a nerd, and I am just a nerd in general, and I don't benefit at all!

  • The Crafting Skywalker
    The Crafting Skywalker 4 months ago

    why do so many people hate the pixar theory

  • TreeManPrime 014
    TreeManPrime 014 4 months ago

    Every Pixar franchise has a connection to memory... DOSN"T SHOW BUGS LIFE

  • Charles Grimm
    Charles Grimm 4 months ago

    What's the point of this useless thing again?

  • Ally Gator
    Ally Gator 5 months ago

    Okay I have a question about the movie that nobody has probably thought of yet but in the beginning of the film there's a guy trying to cross over the flower Bridge the person at the check-in area asks him if he has anything to declare he says yes churros for his family. How exactly is he going to give those churros to his family do they take physical form in the land of the living? And if that is the case with nobody find it suspicious that there's some random churros on the table because the end when Hector and Imelda are there the next year they appear as ghosts so how exactly do the ghosts give the living food?

  • Emo Panda
    Emo Panda 5 months ago

    These "theories" are ridiculous

  • Emma White
    Emma White 5 months ago

    How does a bug’s life fit in to the memory side of the Pixar theory ?

  • Alexander TV
    Alexander TV 5 months ago +1

    How subscribing to Alexander TV fits into the Pixar Theory

  • crquetzals
    crquetzals 5 months ago

    So here it is, what was Coco's last memory of Hector that was keeping him going in the land of the dead? It was reveled in the movie when Hector finally sang Remember Me in the sink hole. When we see Hector's face from Coco's POV the edges are fuzzy. This is Coco's last actual memory of her father directly that she can access. It is also a core memory for Coco. That is why when Miguel sings the song her other memories come back too but none of them are ones of him. They are memories of his letters and poems that are in the book along with the face in the form picture. This is why the rest of the memory is fuzzy, it was from when she was 5, but she had been looking at the picture for years so she overlaid the picture to the memory to reinforce the memory. That is what I came up with, what do you think?

  • Leia Amos
    Leia Amos 5 months ago

    So, if Boo is the witch, when she eventually does die, would she be remembered by her parents in another time in the future making her essentially immortal in the land of the dead? Because she dies before she was born so the memory of her would not even be alive until she is a few hundred years later so would her not being born yet affect her afterlife status?

  • Medha
    Medha 5 months ago

    The ofrenda thing bothers me sometimes. What about Mamá Imelda’s ancestors?

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen 5 months ago

    Wth was the net neutrality for? I thought it was an ad. Was it sponsored?

  • Trevor Toma
    Trevor Toma 5 months ago

    how would cars not know humans existed? Would there be pictures of humans?

  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain 5 months ago

    This video made me realize something. In the movie Hector is fading because Coco is dying and she is the only one left who remembers him. But is she? I mean the entire family knows of him, they all hate him but they haven’t forgotten his existence. So shouldn’t that be enough to keep him from fading? I mean the family never forgot what he did throughout all their generations up to Migel. So doesn’t that mean that they remember him? I mean they chose to live their lives a certain way based on his actions, so doesn’t that mean that they will never forget what he did and by extension never forget him? Sort of like how Ernesto would always be remembered as a murderer. He did this terrible thing and everyone hated him but they also would never forget what he did. Anyone agree?

  • Bryce Geis
    Bryce Geis 6 months ago

    I have a same birthday

  • dino russo
    dino russo 6 months ago

    Its kind of like that philosophy that God only exists because we worship God. God needs us as much as we need God and or like the double slit experiment of things observed exist only because they are observed. It seems like thia is a metaphor for these ideas; I.e, the human memory.

  • Mikeykitty123
    Mikeykitty123 6 months ago

    The pixar theory is fake.

  • DeCo Slush
    DeCo Slush 6 months ago

    I think the heart of Te Fiti from Mona is the actual source of creating life itself.

  • Andromeda R6
    Andromeda R6 6 months ago

    This is very similar script to "how incredibles 2 fits into the Pixar theory". Word for word almost

  • Droop LoC
    Droop LoC 6 months ago

    The wooden picture of sully in the witches house in brave, is to keep his memeory alive so she remembers him and he doesn't experience the final death just like in CoCo...

  • Pizza Cat
    Pizza Cat 6 months ago

    *shows footage*
    J: We dont have footage of it

  • Street S W A T
    Street S W A T 6 months ago

    I can tell ur commitment based on how worn the tory story themed logo on our shirt is lol

  • Morning Tae
    Morning Tae 6 months ago

    Ahhhh! Me and your son has the same birthday 💖

  • Paul Boon
    Paul Boon 7 months ago

    just saw coco again then started watching "the book of life". it's another movie about Dia DE Los Muertos. and there was a reference to land of the remembered and underneath was the land of the forgotten

  • Yorihime Watatsuki
    Yorihime Watatsuki 7 months ago

    7:42 oh no! SuperCarlinBrothers got hacked!!

  • KiwiLeeScipio
    KiwiLeeScipio 7 months ago

    Totally missed the last half of the review because of the random as all can get "add" at 7 minuets.

  • Lynn Harrison
    Lynn Harrison 7 months ago

    Perfect hair lineeeee

  • Tentail Beast
    Tentail Beast 7 months ago +1

    I feel like Pixar knows this and at the last Pixar movie it’s gonna be the witch from brave revile the timeline

  • William VanBuskirk
    William VanBuskirk 7 months ago

    Joy i dont feel so good

  • toff yolo
    toff yolo 7 months ago

    How bout bolt?

  • Mike Rising
    Mike Rising 7 months ago

    Given all the information we were given with Coco. Why aren't we talking about how dark WALL-E gets once you think about that the dead can't cross over and are more likely all faded since there's no one left on Earth who would remember.

  • Jonathan Wiggins
    Jonathan Wiggins 7 months ago

    You failed Spanish class, didn't you

  • Rosehip Of St. Gloriana

    Me too, and I’m not a cryer. I have only cried twice in cinema.
    1. WALL-E (when EVE fixes WALL-E)
    2. Doctor Who Season 2 “Doomsday” (self explanatory)

  • 1953Stephan
    1953Stephan 7 months ago

    Pixar always have at least a 1 to 2 Kleenex box movies

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 7 months ago

    The way he said Dia de los Muertos made me cringe

  • Hrky FTSIO
    Hrky FTSIO 7 months ago

    0:44 "I love him very much" well it would be wierd if you don't😅

  • Maikeru Mane
    Maikeru Mane 7 months ago

    The cars are alive check out this vid the cars in cars are not cars

  • Jono Incorporated
    Jono Incorporated 7 months ago

    Pixar executive: No references this time, people are theorizing.
    Every Pixar animator immediately thinking: Well, as long as I just do 1, and I'm the only one doing it, *it's not like someone can base a theory off of it.*

  • SeishinTenchi
    SeishinTenchi 7 months ago

    You sound like William Shatner.

  • Spencer DeMera
    Spencer DeMera 7 months ago

    woahhhhh that whole remembering thing is literally the underlying theme of every pixar movie whattttt

  • zekrom916
    zekrom916 7 months ago

    "Hector, I dont feel so good"

  • Asuhh__ _
    Asuhh__ _ 7 months ago

    Like how those cow boys on toy story got left behind they all turned evil even that big teddy bear

  • A Trapdøør
    A Trapdøør 7 months ago

    Aww! Luke is almost a year already! ❤

  • Trdbrglr KZ
    Trdbrglr KZ 7 months ago

    I’m getting ptsd from infinity war.

  • TheMooskyFox
    TheMooskyFox 7 months ago

    why do people always feel the need to move a few centimetres inbetween jumpcuts? It's incredibly annoying.

  • Isaac Bickers
    Isaac Bickers 7 months ago


  • Landrey Brown
    Landrey Brown 7 months ago

    Happy Dia de los Muertos! (It's November 1 for me. I'm not Mexican but just thought I'd say it :) )

  • gogo Lover
    gogo Lover 7 months ago

    Luke. Is. Adorable

  • HEROTUBE 14667
    HEROTUBE 14667 7 months ago

    What I want to know is what happens after final death? What if some one in the world of the dead has there 'final death' and is remembered by someone in the world of the dead remembered them? Would they go to a new world?

    • Electric Gaming 10
      Electric Gaming 10 7 months ago

      HEROTUBE ANIMATIONS no it is stated in COCO once they experience the final death there done THERE IS NO RETURN if someone in the world of the dead remembered them nothing would happen.

  • Nerd Slayer
    Nerd Slayer 7 months ago

    It would've been cool to see bob and Helen as an Easter egg in coco

  • Lecritus
    Lecritus 7 months ago

    7:41 thought this part was an ad