See a Fishing Method in a Completely Different Way ... These Fishes are Rarely Seen.

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • A video of jiol /cat Fishing in the rural areas digging the mud has been shown in the video .
    These fish are usually in the middle of the mud /sladge.
    Some rubbish in soft sladge and alge there food .

    Especially in the soft soil where they live and make shelter.
    Video was added by applying that new ideas and applying some creativity .

    **The spray that used here is not of any poisson or medicine, it is only secret fishing oil.
    *** This video is not intended to kill or injure an animal or fish.

    *** It is only associated with our profession and that is our economy source .

    ****Share the video and enjoy the video.

    Thank you everyone

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