WWE Superstars wish India a Happy Independence Day

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • WWE Superstars John Cena, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns and more wish the WWE Universe in India a Happy Independence Day.
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Comments • 8 986

  • Satya Dash
    Satya Dash 5 days ago +1


  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 6 days ago +2

    WWE to Wrestlers: let's say Happy Independence Day India
    WWE: Oh yeah We got the viewership & We got the market of 1.3 billion people to increase our revenues.

    One of the Indian CEO rightly said: "Western Countries look India as a Market. But let me tell them it's not a market; it's a Family of 1.3b people."

  • Prayash Kumar
    Prayash Kumar 10 days ago +1

    Thank you from India

  • Vennila Chandrashekar
    Vennila Chandrashekar 11 days ago +2

    India saving WWE in terms of viewership & social media popularity🤣
    North America still complaining about the show.

  • Sk Seraj
    Sk Seraj 16 days ago +1

    Saurav you are next bjp leader

  • Rohit Sagar
    Rohit Sagar 17 days ago +2

    Hahaha look pakistanio no one wishes you because everybody know that you not get independenciy you got birth certificate on 14 August so they can say you happy birthday the son of India 🤣😂🤣😂❤️🇮🇳

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 7 days ago

      pakistan is a terr0r1st country, which hid osama for 10 years.

      the man who masterminded 9/11, which led to the death of 3000 AMERICANS IN A SINGLE DAY.

      dont forget that u terror1st lover..

    • Pratibha Shinde
      Pratibha Shinde 7 days ago

      Sahi kaha... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Munir
    Ali Munir 20 days ago

    Pakistani Fans also follow WWE so Superstars should consider wishing Pakistan Independence day as well instead of just focusing on Indian Marketing for Money

    • Ali Munir
      Ali Munir 7 days ago

      @G Joeye Pakistan has been Fighting this USA so called War on terror from the front thousands of our Soldiers and Citizens gave sacrifice for this USA created War OBL escaped from Afghanistan when US troops illegally occupied Afghanistan with Help of CIA OBL was created by CIA Talibans were trained by CIA agents for their interests CIA created AL nassar and ISIS for toppling Bashar al Assad Regime Operation Gerinimo was carried out with help of Pakistan Information to capture SO called Bin Laden Trump Mindset people like you are Slaves of JEWS the actual masterminds of 9/11 but i know all americans not like you or Trump

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 7 days ago

      pakistan is a terr0r1st country, which hid osama for 10 years.

      the man who masterminded 9/11, which led to the death of 3000 AMERICANS IN A SINGLE DAY.

      dont forget that u terror1st lover..

  • Ali Munir
    Ali Munir 20 days ago

    Pakistan became independent first so WWE Superstars should wish Pakistani fans independence day as well

    • Ali Munir
      Ali Munir 19 days ago

      kuch RSS ke gunday aap jese har jga apna aap dikhatay hain i dont think it would hurt anyone wishing independence day especially in which admirers of wwe live

    • kashmiri mullio ka kaffir husband
      kashmiri mullio ka kaffir husband 19 days ago +1

      ,😂😂😂 haha bechare terroristani

  • Gurinder Kaur
    Gurinder Kaur 21 day ago +2

    Thank you all superstars

  • Amit kumar
    Amit kumar 23 days ago

    Indian fighter Ko bakwaas lagte hai

  • kaif
    kaif 23 days ago +1

    Jay hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Goerge Matteson
    Goerge Matteson 25 days ago

    Jai hind jai wwe!!!🤪

  • Rahuls34
    Rahuls34 26 days ago +1

    It was So Pleasing To See John Cena Wishing Us Happy Independence Day ,I Think He is The Most Popular WWE Superstar In India .

  • lord beerus
    lord beerus 26 days ago +1

    So after indian t series beating pewdiepie everyone is going after india for more views and subs.yeah but i dont care about it.

  • Methuku Praveen Goud
    Methuku Praveen Goud 27 days ago +1

    Thks WWE superstars

  • Life in my Slum House
    Life in my Slum House 27 days ago +2

    Roman Reigns , number one reason I watch wwe ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

  • Life in my Slum House
    Life in my Slum House 27 days ago +1

    Happy independence beautiful India, may your country have nothing but success and more success in future life

  • Gaming Badsha
    Gaming Badsha 27 days ago +2

    14 agust in Pakistan independence Day 15 agust in India independence Day and 16 2020 in jammu and Kashmir independence day 😄😂🤣

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 27 days ago +2

      10 months from today, your mother had another baby...

  • music is life
    music is life 28 days ago +1

    Superb guys😂😂

  • Pardeep Hans
    Pardeep Hans 28 days ago +1

    Believe that🤘🤘❤❤

  • Avijit Maity 965
    Avijit Maity 965 28 days ago

    Thanku so much
    Saurav, new,rinku, kavita,brother's, bayley, lynce,seth,roman
    Happy independence day

  • Romantic Bollywood
    Romantic Bollywood 28 days ago


  • Dj vaibhav
    Dj vaibhav 28 days ago +1

    Thank you bhai log

  • Savan Painkra
    Savan Painkra 28 days ago

    Thankyu to you all INDIAN Lover and all

  • facebook sujoy
    facebook sujoy 28 days ago

    Jai hind

  • One music lovers
    One music lovers 28 days ago

    Happy Independent day India

  • Keerthi 220
    Keerthi 220 28 days ago

    TQ Roman boss.... And all superstars

  • Muneeb Shah
    Muneeb Shah 28 days ago

    15 Aug is black day

  • Sahil Khan
    Sahil Khan 28 days ago

    😝😝😝😝😝baap kon ha

    • Sahil Khan
      Sahil Khan 24 days ago

      @Sattva beta feel kro 27February nd abhi nandan

    • Sattva
      Sattva 25 days ago

      Video dekh ke pata chal gaya hoga

  • technical ashish
    technical ashish 29 days ago


  • aman Soni
    aman Soni 29 days ago

    Happy's Independence day

  • Ripan Das
    Ripan Das 29 days ago


  • Sherbaz Khan
    Sherbaz Khan 29 days ago


  • cloud storage
    cloud storage 29 days ago

    Romen reign is legend

  • cloud storage
    cloud storage 29 days ago

    We all waiting for you

  • cloud storage
    cloud storage 29 days ago

    John cena super cena

  • shreehari nayaka
    shreehari nayaka 29 days ago

    Big fan roman

  • Nigar 196
    Nigar 196 29 days ago +1

    Ya biz bu insanlari bowuna sevmiyoruz-Roman Reigns,John Cena,Seth Rollins,The New day,Becky Lynch.oyunlari kadar,Kalpleri de guzel beee🤗🤗🤗

  • dudu Jat
    dudu Jat 29 days ago

    Seth Rollins

  • Sandeepa Sandu
    Sandeepa Sandu 29 days ago

    Tq all

  • Raj Vaghela
    Raj Vaghela 29 days ago

    *All Wished Us Cause India Has Too much Population*

  • sonic prince
    sonic prince 29 days ago

    Sourav gurjar played bhim role in star plus Mahabharata..

  • Harsh Soni
    Harsh Soni 29 days ago

    Good to Wwe super star

  • Rahul Kolpyak
    Rahul Kolpyak 29 days ago

    Happy independence day & thank u to all wwe superheroes

    RACHIT BATHAM 29 days ago

    Jai hind

  • Shimla Jaiswal
    Shimla Jaiswal 29 days ago +3

    bharat mata ki Jay

  • insane jack
    insane jack Month ago +5

    Happy independence Day INDIA
    lots of love from Canada

  • malhan gamer
    malhan gamer Month ago

    Bhai bhai john cena

  • Courtney J
    Courtney J Month ago

    I thought bad stuff is happening in India rn??

  • All Videos youtuber
    All Videos youtuber Month ago +1

    Love you roman reign i ami your biggest fan

  • U H Official
    U H Official Month ago

    Proud on u Saurav and Rinku and singh Brother s and Kavita Sister
    Thnks to All WWE bro and sis

  • swarnadeep dey
    swarnadeep dey Month ago

    Thank u so much to all wwe superstars and special thanks for Roman Reigns, Becky, Bailey, Seth rollins and my favorite John cena 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sirajubalila Siraju

    happy independence day lv u big dog roman

  • Anirudh Holla
    Anirudh Holla Month ago

    Thank you so much Proud to be an Indian

  • Faheem Waqar
    Faheem Waqar Month ago

    But We do not live in Bharat.Thankyou

  • Sunil Kumar Sahoo
    Sunil Kumar Sahoo Month ago

    Love you Roman reigns..😘😘😘

  • rhino ranger
    rhino ranger Month ago

    John cena with that hair looks like the next president

  • Tomas Jonson
    Tomas Jonson Month ago

    Sale Indian madarchud ko koi janta hi nahi ho aur khud ko wwe superstar kehe te he👊👊👊😂😂😂😂

  • anand Kumar
    anand Kumar Month ago


  • Prabhat Tiwari
    Prabhat Tiwari Month ago +1

    Bhai Gurjar sundarta nahi swatantrta