15 Things You Didn't Know About Pakistan


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      SUPERSAYAIN GOD2314 8 days ago

      also some facts you mentioned are not true

      SUPERSAYAIN GOD2314 8 days ago

      it wasnt ruled by british

    • Khan
      Khan 22 days ago

      +Neji.Clap it is the wrong information that Pakistan is a terrorist country

    • Shantanu Pathak
      Shantanu Pathak 29 days ago

      +Nusrat Fatima it is the result of equal rights that the population of muslims is constantly increasing in India day by day not like your Pakistan where minorities were suppressed and for your kind information the rape cases in India is far low than many of the biggest countries of the world It is highlighted only to disrupt the image of India and finally I am giving you a free advice 'don't teach your father how to fuck'

  • Tajmohammed Husainzay
    Tajmohammed Husainzay 4 hours ago

    hello, please can you do balochistan, it is a country invaded by iran, afghanistan and pakistan

  • AJAY dayma
    AJAY dayma 12 hours ago +1

    Hey Alux.com,there is something wrong
    K2 is in INdian Territory .However K2 is in POK .but pok is orginally indian part.
    but still if our pak friends can be rich from our indian land than we can donate our land.

  • Muneeb Qureshi
    Muneeb Qureshi 14 hours ago

    Islamabad is the capital of pakistan and it is 2nd beautiful capital in the world pakistan also have the largest canal system in the world

  • Digital Guru
    Digital Guru 16 hours ago

    Pakistan and India are two gems of the world. I wish our governments stop fighting and do something productive and great together. Respect & Love from India.

  • mubashar ali
    mubashar ali Day ago

    ALHUMDULLILA I born in Pakistan 💗💗💗

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar Day ago

    simple bhasa m ...
    pakistan ka bosda 😊

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali 2 days ago +2

    Who loves Pakistan

  • عروج فاطمہ
    عروج فاطمہ 2 days ago

    I don't know why Anywhere when i watch Videos About #Pakistan nd check out the Comments, Always Get indians Comments negatively, Abusive...
    Whatever u do u I'll get Same thing in return So...
    Plz Give respect nd Get Respect...

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali 3 days ago +2

    You forgot about Zayn Malik he's a Pakistani 🇵🇰

  • Green Wood
    Green Wood 3 days ago

    Wow! Never knew all these amazing facts of Pakistan. May love and friendship emerge & strengthen between India and Pakistan.

  • विलादिमीर हिन्दू पुतिन

    पाकिस्तानियो की मा का भोसड़ा साले छक्के भरे पड़े है वहा अपनी गांड मरवाते रहते है बस

  • Lovie Meeh
    Lovie Meeh 4 days ago

    How about the abortion in pakistan and mostly of theme are married here own family relatives

  • Vikas Bhargava
    Vikas Bhargava 4 days ago

    What insignificant information. Pakistan really doesn't have 10 achievements to list? 5th most populous, 6th largest army I mean these are facts like every country has to have some rank.

  • Jove T
    Jove T 4 days ago

    I want Pakistan to cut off all relations with India because no matter what , Indian Politics will never accept your courtesy and Love . People and Public are good but Indian Politics and diplomacy is one of the worst in the world. Do not even think of Impressing Indian Leaders , most of them are Corrupt and they have least interest to resolve any issues except their Ego and Pride. Hope India find it's way but until then Stop expecting anything from India. 10 more years India will by time humble itself by Knowledge, Wisdom and development. Then we can talk rationally.

  • Raja Sahib
    Raja Sahib 4 days ago +1

    about Indian yog on kashmir

  • Lingaiah .B
    Lingaiah .B 5 days ago

    K2 is in India

  • rock thingzz
    rock thingzz 6 days ago

    Thank you 4 the video🇵🇰❤

  • Zmaray Tajzay
    Zmaray Tajzay 6 days ago

    Share information about Afghanistan One of the most historical country in the world ...

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  • kush sampat
    kush sampat 7 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder If India And Pakistan would have be one country like before. The White people could have never fought with us
    1. Largest army in the whole world
    2. Best Trade Destination
    3. Best tourist destination
    Like if u enjoyed the idea😇

  • Ashraf Leghari
    Ashraf Leghari 7 days ago

    No.one best intelligence agency is isi(Pakistan )

  • Aroon Khanna
    Aroon Khanna 7 days ago +1

    1st amazing fact is that Osama is the citizen of this counrty
    Second fact is that maulana mashood azhar is going to
    be declared a teerirst by UN
    but China is using veto power
    Third amazing fact is that
    Let the UN declred terror group
    Whose founder was hafiz sayed
    And Osama bin ladein are the political leaders of Pakistan
    Third amazing fact the attacks of
    26/11, 9/11 uri and pathankot
    Are all done by the terrorist of let
    Fourth amazing fact the occupied
    Land of kashmir -Pakistan administrative kashmir is still
    Under Pakistan and they have not
    Fulfil the first UN condition for the
    Resolution of kashmir conflict since 1947and all the UN declared
    Terrorist groups like let are operated from here not only
    That is the area from where
    American armed forces killed
    Osama bin ladein
    Next amazing fact Pakistan has
    Successfully comes in FATF grey
    List ,this is the list those countries
    Who never actually strongly on
    Terrorism and they are also planning to come in the black
    List of FATF
    Go to Wikipedia and search about let.
    Those who 😐😐agrees👍👍 plz reply and hit👇👇👇
    a like

  • entertanment by me
    entertanment by me 9 days ago

    all the information is good but malala is wrong she is corrupt

  • Muhammad Adnan
    Muhammad Adnan 10 days ago

    I'm from karachi, Pakistan and let me tell you that everything mention in the video is correct except Malala Yousfzai story. Malala is big drama, the picture she tried to portrays of Pakistan in which she tried to tell the world that there's a ban on women education, This is totally false.

  • Abir Ahmed Tanvir
    Abir Ahmed Tanvir 11 days ago

    Pakistan is not the first Muslim country with female prime minister.

    AYŞENUR 11 days ago

    more about turkey and egypt

  • faruq ahmed
    faruq ahmed 11 days ago

    I hate Pakistan. plz make vedio about Bangladesh

  • Samira Noor
    Samira Noor 11 days ago

    I am form pakistan so I know everything

  • monika yadav
    monika yadav 11 days ago

    Hai pakistan toh india ka bhai hi

  • jahangir khattak
    jahangir khattak 11 days ago

    Love from bangladesh

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  • Itz Adam
    Itz Adam 13 days ago

    I am pakistan related

  • Vijay sing
    Vijay sing 13 days ago

    pakistan ak namard country ha, or pakistai log chutia ha, 50% log anpor ha, mather fucker country ha ya

  • Altec Lansing
    Altec Lansing 13 days ago

    How # 8 is even relevant.

  • Oh me keha Hello
    Oh me keha Hello 14 days ago

    Love from india for our brothers ♥️

  • Fareed Sharif
    Fareed Sharif 14 days ago +1

    Love my country Pakistan. Love everyone who supported Pakistan. Love you Pakistan

  • My Phone
    My Phone 14 days ago

    You are wrong! They are not a south east asian country!!

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  • Aakash Vijaya
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    Give free facebook to worldwide and later leak all the important datas of the users to unknown or government 😘😂 height of vulnerability

  • vijay kolhe
    vijay kolhe 16 days ago

    K2 is in POK which is Integral part of India

  • Shax Rashid
    Shax Rashid 17 days ago

    i believe pakistan is the only muslim country which has nuclear power. pakistan has the deepest port in the world which is being developed by pak-china, pakistani squash player Jahangir khan is considered the greatest player in history of any professional sport having won 555 matches consecutively www.google.com.pk/search?q=jahangir+khan&oq=jahan&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.2675j0j9&client=ms-android-skt-kr&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 . these are justa few facts i can go all day. but u shouldn't have missed the SQUASH player. that guy is a legend of legends in sports history

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  • Tushaar Gandhi
    Tushaar Gandhi 18 days ago

    K2 is in India and kilometres away from border get your facts clear first

  • Abdul Ch
    Abdul Ch 18 days ago

    All The Dislikers From India.. 😂😂😂

    1.8M views 18 days ago

    2.6k dislikes from india😂

  • Parvaiz Kumar
    Parvaiz Kumar 18 days ago

    Love your channel and Pakistan

  • CK. Surti
    CK. Surti 18 days ago +1

    World higest terarist country and word poorest and world lowest curancy that is call Pakistan and 13 August 1947 Their is no name Pakistan 14/8/1947 Pakistan born from india 🇮🇳 pk is Muslims country but more Muslims live in Hindustan this is 1000% true

  • Nimish Dandekar
    Nimish Dandekar 19 days ago

    K2 lies in India and not pakistan


    Pakistan is the biggest exporter of IT in the world and has currently surpassed saudi arabia....

    PS: IT - International Terrorism 😂🤣

    • worfoz
      worfoz 12 days ago

      It's called ICT where I live.
      They are well known for their cutting edge technology..

      PS: ICT =Imbecile Coward Terrorists

  • Sidra ALH
    Sidra ALH 19 days ago

    Thank u for this video..from Pakistan

  • First Name, Surname
    First Name, Surname 20 days ago +1

    When they say future billinare I feel obligated to click away

    • worfoz
      worfoz 12 days ago

      That is very important: non-future billionaires are not allowed to watch this video. The video said so itself.

  • Dheeraj Panigrahi
    Dheeraj Panigrahi 20 days ago +1

    Those pakistani fools who are saying that Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan civilization were theirs. They are fools. Harappan and Mohenjo-Daro was vedic civilization of Hindus. It's been proved by the discovery of pashupati Nath statue and also Vedas and also taxshila University was in pakistan. So either your forefathers were Hindus and you got converted by rapes or you are Arabs and Turks who don't share any history of India valley civilization. Accept it

  • Rockstar Boss
    Rockstar Boss 20 days ago

    Love Pakistan from Bangladesh

  • -Pakistan - پاکستان - عمر بٹ جرمنی

    Thanku so much .. Pakistan ZINDABAD 🇵🇰 👨‍👩‍👧🤗

  • Lone Wolfff
    Lone Wolfff 20 days ago

    Pakistan means Land of Terrorism

  • nico bustamante
    nico bustamante 21 day ago

    What a disaster of a country.

  • Tasawar Hussain
    Tasawar Hussain 21 day ago

    Oh thanks alot alot,mam,i m Pakistani,great

  • zara Crystel
    zara Crystel 21 day ago

    Am a Pakistani and I visited the salt mine when I was younger it was weird cool

  • Arslan Ali
    Arslan Ali 21 day ago

    Love pakistan from pakistan☺☺☺

  • Shahzaib Abbasi
    Shahzaib Abbasi 21 day ago

    Proud to be pakistani 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • dreamy guy
    dreamy guy 22 days ago

    You forgot about oldest indus valley civilization, Oldest humanoid presence in potohar region, 5 out of 14 eight thousands meters height mountains, largest glaciers outside Antarctica, three great mountains ranges meet here. There are many things.

  • dreamy guy
    dreamy guy 22 days ago

    We eat cow and don't drink her piss....

  • Shaped Water
    Shaped Water 23 days ago

    meaning of Pakistan is Madina Munawra

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan 23 days ago

    Thanks 4 this video😊👉💖

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan 23 days ago

    so beautiful video😘😘

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    Share dill 23 days ago

    Pakistan Zindbad

  • Prashant Tewari
    Prashant Tewari 24 days ago

    Hey hey hey k2 is a part of India correct your research

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  • Kamlesh Kumar
    Kamlesh Kumar 25 days ago

    It's not in southeast asia

  • Darwin Balbuena
    Darwin Balbuena 25 days ago

    Pakistan is the only safe country for bin laden

  • Raja king
    Raja king 26 days ago

    love from Pakistan

  • barira zafar
    barira zafar 27 days ago

    love my country Pakistan proud to be a Pakistani

    RELIGIOUS FACTS 27 days ago

    countries are only land of earth and religions are way of life. shame on those people who were fight for religions and for countries.

  • Akhil Kakran
    Akhil Kakran 27 days ago +1

    Pakistan is a good country and have good people but it have the largest no. of terrorist agencies

  • Power 98
    Power 98 27 days ago

    Hey admin you forgot about Nusrat fateh ali khan the greatest singer from faisalabad Pakistan

  • Areeba Beautiful
    Areeba Beautiful 28 days ago

    the salt mine is 2nd largest

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  • Pari Noor
    Pari Noor 28 days ago

    Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰

  • Pari Noor
    Pari Noor 28 days ago

    Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰

  • Ayaan Mehdi
    Ayaan Mehdi 28 days ago

    But I also live in pakistan

  • dwane john
    dwane john 28 days ago

    I think one thing that's u forgot. Pakistan is no. 1 terrorist country. Don't forget it . OK

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    Who else is from Pakistan, besides me.

  • Gourav Tomar
    Gourav Tomar 29 days ago

    1st that all are terrorist that's it

  • Omer mirza
    Omer mirza 29 days ago

    Worst pronounciation ever

  • Zack khan
    Zack khan 29 days ago

    1:39 my city multan😍😍 clock tower❤️❤️

  • Dipak Kumavat
    Dipak Kumavat 29 days ago

    pakistan means.
    republic of chutis of pakistan

  • Wani Ajaz
    Wani Ajaz 29 days ago

    BC ye border kab hataay ga. .love u from India occupied Kashmir

  • Atul Singhal
    Atul Singhal Month ago

    K2 second highest mountain peak is in controversial POK region which is claim by both Pakistan and India. They have 3 wars for this. You should not include this in video rather you could pick other fact about Pakistan.

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    Audio Freak Month ago

    You're amazing alux. Love from Pakistan

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    pakistan is an international migraine being a terrorist state

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    Rudiant Crisostomo Month ago

    Did she just say South East Asian??

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    That's my country, Thanks Alux & Sepcialy the lady voice behind it.

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    The star represent 5 symbol of islam not light

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    Love From PAKISTAN

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    Fuck pakistan

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    Love Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Subhajit Chakraborty

    90% of international terrorism comes from Shitistaan!