MATRIX BREAKDOWN! Secret Easter Eggs, Visual Analysis & Deeper Meaning!

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • The Matrix Full Movie Rewatch & Analysis! What hidden details did you miss from The Matrix when it premiered 20 years ago, and how did it influence all action & sci-fi cinema from Inception to John Wick? By popular demand, Erik Voss rewatches The Matrix (1999) for a scene-by-scene, in-depth breakdown, exploring the deeper philosophy of the Wachowskis' cyberpunk concepts and secret subliminal messages that are only now being discovered. How does The Matrix opening scene discreetly foreshadow the major reveals later in the film -- Cypher's betrayal, Agent Smith's uniqueness, and the movie's groundbreaking action with wire-stunts, martial arts, firearm choreography, and "bullet time"? In what ways does The Matrix parallel its primary inspiration, Ghost in the Shell (1995)? And does The Matrix deserve its revered status, or was it merely overthought gun porn for anime-lovers who wear sunglasses inside Hot Topic? (What a dumb question!)
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  • P.k. Howlett
    P.k. Howlett 7 hours ago

    And nobody is talking about how we're all a bunch of copper tops!!!

  • Lane Schilmoeller
    Lane Schilmoeller 8 hours ago

    Well done! I could explain my background in detail, but I will simply say that I am a teacher with philosophical tendencies. What you did in this video was amazing and educational to me, even though I have read much about The Matrix, watched it many times, looked for these types of sources and influences... Well done.

  • SilentChaos15
    SilentChaos15 8 hours ago

    Drunken Master footage is from the 1984 sequel, not the 1978 film.

  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala 8 hours ago

    Who does?

  • Un Real
    Un Real 9 hours ago

    Matrix is as good as Matrix 2 + 3 are bad.

    So it's almost excellent.

  • Sanjuro
    Sanjuro 15 hours ago +2

    Cypher can be Lu-cypher .....Lucifer?

  • Diti Diti
    Diti Diti 17 hours ago

    John wick
    Incredible movies, epic....

  • Profanus Music
    Profanus Music 19 hours ago

    You got to do Dark City

  • trevor aboussafy
    trevor aboussafy 21 hour ago

    You should break down eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

  • phexkrew
    phexkrew 22 hours ago

    The A. I gave 1,9k dislikes

  • Konstantin Zarski

    Oh da unten

  • OCTI Clan
    OCTI Clan Day ago

    How can you dislike this video when he puts in all of this research

  • Julio Alcantara
    Julio Alcantara Day ago

    Funny I always thought the matrix looked like the movie dark city

  • EyeAm
    EyeAm Day ago

    Do Oldboy! Not the shit American remake either; the SK original. That movie was a masterpiece

  • Salman Ravoof
    Salman Ravoof Day ago

    It's amazing to know that one of the coolest and generation-defining sci-fi movies was made by transgender women. And the hints were right there all time along.

  • Mike Padmore
    Mike Padmore Day ago

    this was dope!!!!!!!

  • Arta Khanalizadeh

    Nice job! One important you missed was that the hollowed pages in the book were at the start of chapter "nihilism"

  • Big Red
    Big Red Day ago

    One of those movies that opens doors that I'm not sure should be opened, but I'd still open them every time.
    "Fight Club" is another such film. Thanks Chuck

  • Christian Korn
    Christian Korn Day ago

    On which position is the preview picture, wehre neo sits in a car and the rain ist against the window?

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo Day ago

    Not ten seconds in and he has mispronounced their last name. Wow.

  • Edward K.
    Edward K. Day ago

    The Oracle made Java.

  • reezlaw
    reezlaw Day ago


  • cometogether420
    cometogether420 2 days ago +2

    about the rooms in the beggining... neo/one is on room 101, and trinity/three is on room 303!

  • Adi koopa
    Adi koopa 2 days ago

    What about the theory that the green tint was from the rose colored glasses ignorance broken thing

  • Lucky Rabbit
    Lucky Rabbit 2 days ago +1

    This is the movie that mindfooked everyone that was born in the 70s and 80s!

  • nomorelies86
    nomorelies86 2 days ago

    The only one i didnt get was the 29th. Where can you see the cross??

  • Alistair Watson
    Alistair Watson 2 days ago +1

    Wouldnt mind a matrix prequel if it had good writing... the times just before the machines turned on humans

    • Hayden Hale
      Hayden Hale Day ago

      Look up The Animatrix, it's a very good prequel story/movie

  • allen costello
    allen costello 2 days ago

    Fight club

  • Fallen One
    Fallen One 2 days ago

    The movie was ahead of its time by decades.

  • Mortensen4040
    Mortensen4040 2 days ago

    This fast paced American grinds my gears.

  • EM.x.FIVE
    EM.x.FIVE 2 days ago

    “Not like this”-switch

  • raymond terry
    raymond terry 2 days ago

    9 11 was really....
    Not a conspiracy.....

  • Gerywyn Jones
    Gerywyn Jones 2 days ago

    I saw Ghost in the shell first, Didn't think much of the Matrix, First got on the net in 2001, it is a Computer Network thing, Pre-Programming (The Matrix film is part of the Matrix) reality is ignorance. (it deals with the infliction of others sins on individuals through social control, forcing sins to be placed on others by conformity, that do not except the fact of the the Justice of solitude)

  • CalmPlains
    CalmPlains 3 days ago

    More of these. MORE!

  • Robert Shropenstein
    Robert Shropenstein 3 days ago +1

    A Scanner Darkly

  • iiBall AboveAll
    iiBall AboveAll 3 days ago

    Red Pillers Know What's Up 😉

  • J & A Bodywork Repairs

    It’s a,” documentary.”

  • Sovereign
    Sovereign 3 days ago

    can you guys please make a video for Fight Club, Interstellar and Breaking Bad?? they all are stacked with symbolism which you guys evidently are very good at pinpointing/researching.

  • Matt Faraday
    Matt Faraday 3 days ago

    When you over analyse everything and don't just enjoy the film like everyone else :D also wtf did matrix get such poor IMDB reviews? I loved it.

  • CapK'nuckles
    CapK'nuckles 3 days ago

    Ive never understood or been able to get thru these movies....

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd 3 days ago +2

    That was absolutely incredible. Thanks for uploading.

  • robsku1
    robsku1 3 days ago

    I started watching this on my desktop PC and immediately XScreensaver on my Linux laptop switched to Matrix-screensaver :D Coincidence or proof of Matrix? ;)

  • Frank Munn
    Frank Munn 3 days ago

    How about the trippy film solaris

  • Gambits 22
    Gambits 22 3 days ago +1

    neo stopping the bullets still gave me chills

  • Ezequiel Blanco
    Ezequiel Blanco 3 days ago +8

    I never realized that Switch calls Neo "copper top". That is a cool detail.
    Also, in that same scene, the rain in the car windows under green filter emulating the matrix code: Mind blowing.

    STRAWMAN 4 days ago

    No mention of Sophie Stewart original writer of the matrix story. Also original creator of the Terminator

  • Ion Burdulea
    Ion Burdulea 4 days ago

    Do Heat please

  • Beery
    Beery 4 days ago +1

    In the movie "Enemy of the State", Jon Voight's character was born on September 11th, iirc. The movie is all about a governmental surveillance state run amock, where they can track you with basically anything.
    Those "smartphones" you all carry around with you all have hidden backup batteries so they can almost never truly be turned off, backdoor software which allows anyone else with the software (primarily CIA, but also anyone else they sold it to) to remotely and discreetly turn on the phone's mic and/or camera, and it's the same with laptops and most smart TVs. If someone really hates you for some reason, they can make your life a living hell.
    Never allow your children a cellphone, never allow them to take a laptop into their rooms, never buy them a webcam for any PC they have. The CIA perverts of all sexual stripes can turn that camera on whenever they want, and you'll be none the wiser.
    Watch "Snowden" and look up his leaks for more information, and look up "vault 7 leaks".

  • Jaleel Mahrouf
    Jaleel Mahrouf 4 days ago

    Otherwise, best movie I’ve ever seen. Deep on so many levels.

  • Dave Sanderson
    Dave Sanderson 4 days ago

    Most of this is clutching at straws. "Rage Against The Machine's song which ushers in the final credits is called 'Wake Up' and this forms a bookend with Neo being woken up in front of his computer monitor at the beginning." (there I've just made that one up)......why do people do this with movies? You can do it with anything. I ate lettuce today....lettuce is green....the matrix has a lot of green in it....i'm watching this clip about the matrix....the movie begins with the appearance of symbols on a screen which look like letters.....letters = lettuce.....etc.etc.

  • Nightwalker
    Nightwalker 4 days ago

    wachowskis are trannies huh? i just found out; that's sad for them. i hope there are other universes/planets out there that have some kind of species and are actually looking at humans and how they devolved. i hope all earth and everyone on it get wiped out.

  • Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}

    The Matrix was also heavily inspired by the movie, Blade, with Wesley Snipes.

  • AntiViruz42
    AntiViruz42 4 days ago

    Gotta do Terminator.

  • Andrei Oarcea
    Andrei Oarcea 4 days ago

    The ''Spoon'' sequence for inspired from Ottomo's Akira.

  • A123cov45678
    A123cov45678 4 days ago

    The Japanese started it all way before the matrix with ghost in the shell and akira and other futuristic twisted anime movies the matrix would not exist. But the matrix gets all the credit.

    • A123cov45678
      A123cov45678 4 days ago

      @Kimberly Pueschel I did lol

    • Kimberly Pueschel
      Kimberly Pueschel 4 days ago +1

      I think that is a big part of this video....maybe you should watch it.

  • Snarfsnarf
    Snarfsnarf 4 days ago

    What if I told you, Morpheus never said "what if I told you" ever. Not in the trailers, not in the movie...Not ever... Then where the hell did the meme come from??!!

  • quinnsteimlosk
    quinnsteimlosk 5 days ago

    Great review! Consider a deep dive into Equilibrium with Christian Bale

  • Joseph Godridge
    Joseph Godridge 5 days ago

    This the greatest movie ever made ever

  • andrea layne
    andrea layne 5 days ago

    Except this is exactly what I've been GD SAYING

  • —TheManInDboX —
    —TheManInDboX — 5 days ago

    Brains CAN be hacked, don’t believe me? Explain Facebook..

  • Blaine Trarop
    Blaine Trarop 5 days ago

    Shutter Island

  • Corey Drum
    Corey Drum 5 days ago

    Too bad agent smith was the "one". nice try tho

  • FLeX M
    FLeX M 5 days ago

    I challenge you to do Twin Peaks: The Return. It’s really worth the extra effort! 👍🏻

    GRIEF 5 days ago +1

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Great movie to analyse given the time it was made and the context of that time.

  • Adaja Palmer
    Adaja Palmer 5 days ago +3

    Bullet timing was first done in the movie Blade

    • Kib Kib
      Kib Kib Day ago

      Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill!

  • Sherod Smallman
    Sherod Smallman 5 days ago

    Brilliant analysis

  • Doug
    Doug 5 days ago

    I saw The Matrix in the movie theater when it first came out, knew it changed my life immediately. When it came out on cable, I had my friend dub me a copy and literally watched it at least twice every week for about 6 months, because like this video - I kept seeing a little detail I never saw before, so I watched it again to see that detail again - but then noticed another detail I never saw before, so watched it again - then saw yet another detail... went on for about 6 months. LOL

  • Cody Hill
    Cody Hill 5 days ago

    Do fear and loathing in las vegas

  • jake schemmel
    jake schemmel 5 days ago

    Its not drunken boxing. Its called drunken monkey.

  • Joel Sorto
    Joel Sorto 5 days ago

    I never knew i wanted to see old easter eggs.