• Published on Jul 10, 2019
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Comments • 2 498

  • CouRage
    CouRage  Month ago +987

    Drop a like on the video if you want me to find true love!

    • Justin Toledo
      Justin Toledo 2 days ago

      You are a dam

    • Byron Ellis
      Byron Ellis 6 days ago

      CouRage I’ve got that skin maxed out 😀😀

    • Aulon Hyseni
      Aulon Hyseni 10 days ago

      Nope you never will.....

    • MrSharkman488
      MrSharkman488 15 days ago

      I have all the styles and the cuddly and rex durr burger tomato and drift

    • Devon McGovern
      Devon McGovern 15 days ago

      You forgot to get the different styles of Singularity

  • atc antuanas
    atc antuanas 3 hours ago

    i got the battle pass when the singularity skin came out so i had no fortbites so i grinded 5hours to get to 100 fortbites now all my friends stoped calling me a bot cus i had the skin and the didn't have it although the had the battle pass from season start

  •  6 hours ago

    Who got this skin I got that skin

  • The Gang
    The Gang 13 hours ago

    Well I got all the Fortbites in 1 day

  • Maja Jarresø
    Maja Jarresø Day ago +1

    The skin is literally so easy to get wdyem

  • Spirit
    Spirit Day ago +1

    I got everything that you can get from the singularity 😁

  • bely rubio
    bely rubio Day ago

    I got that skin so it's clickbait

  • Wadoyoumean
    Wadoyoumean Day ago

    Is this the guy that got donated 70 000 dollars from mrbeast and simon?

    • Wadoyoumean
      Wadoyoumean 15 hours ago

      @NC_Vivid wait there are 2 courage's?

    • NC_Vivid
      NC_Vivid 16 hours ago

      Wadoyoumean no that’s the other courage

  • Reteric Puppy
    Reteric Puppy Day ago

    2:51 Wildcat: she is one shot
    2:54 Her: has over 50 shield

  • Lvvst Kim
    Lvvst Kim 2 days ago

    My bro has it

  • Alex
    Alex 2 days ago

    I got 100 Fortbytes

  • Joshua Gillard
    Joshua Gillard 2 days ago

    Honestly idc about all of the fortbytes and stuff because I play the game for fun and not to get skins and junk

  • og btw cazares
    og btw cazares 2 days ago

    I have it you bot

  • Acs Chicken
    Acs Chicken 2 days ago

    I know you won’t read this but if I subscribe to you and get my whole family will you play duos with me

  • Justin Toledo
    Justin Toledo 2 days ago +1

    You are bad

  • ❤️Baby🧡Amber💛

    Wildcats is my cheerleadings name

  • Quintin Duvall
    Quintin Duvall 2 days ago

    When the fortbytes came out I was looking them up but then I got grounded for like 6 days something like that and it was when I had 90 or 95 fortbytes and when I got back on all 10 05 fortbytes came out and I looked those up and then I got btw I play Xbox1 and my name is shaunett1985

  • Jack
    Jack 3 days ago

    I got that skin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yousef saadeh
    yousef saadeh 3 days ago

    I have it

  • Eugene Rayner Wu
    Eugene Rayner Wu 3 days ago

    I have ti now it season 10

  • Thefortnitegamer Lol

    Who is watching in s 10

  • Manni Films
    Manni Films 3 days ago

    Comments down below who has a skin

  • Amanda Catlow
    Amanda Catlow 3 days ago

    O mi. Gosh

  • Paora R
    Paora R 4 days ago

    I have this skin that is for the fortbytes

  • RCR Spidez
    RCR Spidez 4 days ago

    I had 100 Fortbytes when season 9 finished

  • Tk
    Tk 4 days ago

    I have it so not so rare 🤣

  • R!ot Clan
    R!ot Clan 4 days ago

    I got that skin bro

  • Alex Sabinas
    Alex Sabinas 5 days ago

    Are you drake

  • Moist boy
    Moist boy 5 days ago

    Hi jack

  • SerenityKun
    SerenityKun 5 days ago

    It isn’t rare anymore

  • Stefano de Vries
    Stefano de Vries 5 days ago

    He sayd no one got this skin i got the skin earlier than him

    • Crytix
      Crytix 4 days ago

      I aint got shit. I gave up at 86.

  • Devast
    Devast 5 days ago

    Did he get the color variations for it

  • Youkhana Youkhana
    Youkhana Youkhana 5 days ago +4

    Guys, imagine a shield backbling with courage logo on it.

  • Lord Bear
    Lord Bear 6 days ago

    I have that skin

  • Eddie Coady
    Eddie Coady 6 days ago

    I have the skin

  • wicked hahd
    wicked hahd 6 days ago +1

    Do you know how insufferable it is to place top 10 50 times

  • tyler ewart
    tyler ewart 6 days ago

    That’s good shit that’s good shit jop

  • Clixid
    Clixid 6 days ago

    lol courage ur funny😂

  • Ace_Potato
    Ace_Potato 7 days ago

    I have that skin, according to the thumbnail I’m a nobody

  • Brandon Biasi
    Brandon Biasi 7 days ago +1

    6:10 wildcat:NICEEEEE sarcastically

  • wrestling mania
    wrestling mania 7 days ago

    I have that skin stoopi

  • Sta_vors_ Pro
    Sta_vors_ Pro 7 days ago

    I have it

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar 7 days ago

    Courage. U also can get the styles for singularity if u didn’t get them.

  • Jahll
    Jahll 7 days ago

    I just realized I got this skin b4 u

  • Ashlee Cason
    Ashlee Cason 7 days ago

    Your a mad man

  • Michael Riseley
    Michael Riseley 8 days ago

    You're really good

  • Benny the Beast
    Benny the Beast 8 days ago

    I have the skin the gold stage to

  • liquid fart
    liquid fart 8 days ago

    That skin shit on her head is a shit

  • The SquishMonsterjt Fireball

    The robot won

  • Swag Master
    Swag Master 9 days ago

    I have singularity sooo....hes not the only one

  • Mʏ Cʜᴇ
    Mʏ Cʜᴇ 9 days ago

    no one got that skin ? actually my friend have that skin

  • Jose Gaming and pranks

    I got all 100 fortbytes

  • Brook Brazie
    Brook Brazie 9 days ago +1

    It’s 3:38 am lol

  • Dragon Killer190
    Dragon Killer190 9 days ago

    I have it

  • Faze _ C914c
    Faze _ C914c 9 days ago

    I got it

  • jedi pug
    jedi pug 9 days ago

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate fortbytes

  • David Farrell
    David Farrell 9 days ago

    i got the skin before courage did like if you did to.

  • VashViper
    VashViper 10 days ago +1

    Got every fortbyte the day it was out, and got all stages and different variants

  • ItzJustFiend 69
    ItzJustFiend 69 10 days ago

    3:04 was just dirty

  • Al Imaizumi
    Al Imaizumi 10 days ago

    I have it

  • Enis Dani
    Enis Dani 10 days ago +1

    courage i got all 100 fortbytes for that skin

    • Enis Dani
      Enis Dani 10 days ago

      i also have all colors

    • FreZT
      FreZT 10 days ago +1

      Enis Dani same

  • MrXDWaffelz
    MrXDWaffelz 10 days ago

    I got the skin

    Cash CRAWFORD 10 days ago


  • MαττᏥєω
    MαττᏥєω 11 days ago +8

    0:36 *when you are playing on your phone instead of sleeping and your mom comes but she doesnt notice that you are not sleeping*

  • Raymond Rodriguez
    Raymond Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Courage is dumb

  • Hamish evans
    Hamish evans 11 days ago

    I got them so quick

  • Patrick Hoang
    Patrick Hoang 11 days ago

    I have this skin like of you have this skin and comment if your just lazy to not get the fortbite lol

  • Luminosity envolt
    Luminosity envolt 11 days ago

    I have the skin btw

  • Tavga Mohammed
    Tavga Mohammed 11 days ago

    I can prove I am smarter then you!

    *Read More*

  • Dominic Mendez
    Dominic Mendez 11 days ago +1

    I bet you don't even have it maxed out

  • Nate Mihalko
    Nate Mihalko 11 days ago

    Who else got all 100 fortbytes I got all colors and max tier

  • TwEaK_ Paul
    TwEaK_ Paul 12 days ago

    I have it

  • Gt Twitch
    Gt Twitch 12 days ago

    I already have that skin