Flat Earther on a Chat Show - What Could go Wrong?

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • Welcome everyone to Flat Earth Friday. The place where flat Earthers come and get told they are wrong!! Delighted you could join me for another episode, and thank you as always for watching!
    Today we look at Allegedly Dave's performance on Late Night with Milinko! Needless to say he doesn't cover himself in glory. Let's take a look....
    Here is Dave's original video:
    See you all on Tuesday where we go more Tinfoil than ever before....!
    Disclaimer: This video is for critique purposes only and does not serve to personally attack the video creator. All clips used are done so under fair use.
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  • tytyistheman thetruth.

    Happy birth day *in back ground

  • cyuiyu wyguiyui
    cyuiyu wyguiyui 5 hours ago

    He not only drinks his own piss,he eats his own shit too..

  • Landon Roy
    Landon Roy 19 hours ago

    Debating with someone who drinks his own piss is like...debating someone who drinks his own piss, that should literally reveal everything you’d need to know about that person. My God people are just dumb now a days, 200 years ago these people didn’t survive past childhood

  • Mato Fritz
    Mato Fritz 19 hours ago

    Sciman Dan. You sre the most gullible fool...

  • MrWardy800
    MrWardy800 21 hour ago

    To any flat Earthers can you tell me what is at the bottom

  • Dwight Gaston
    Dwight Gaston Day ago

    The scope of Flat Earth "Mathematics" does not involve "numbers" nor "Science," and consists of two equations: Flat Earth Because My Eyes, and Gravity/Round Earth Because Billionaire Illuminati.

  • Khutso Seshoka
    Khutso Seshoka Day ago

    On behalf of the black community in South Africa, we don't approve Dave

    M3PTIRAH Day ago

    Did that dude drink piss at the end?

  • Kyle Adams
    Kyle Adams Day ago

    The explorer was probably killed after he discovered the wall.

  • Andy Geth
    Andy Geth Day ago

    The stupid! It burns!

  • B.
    B. 2 days ago

    After 500 BC, Hippocrates discovered the healing powers of water. He invented the practice of sieving water, and obtained the first bag filter, which was called the 'Hippocratic sleeve'. The main purpose of the bag was to trap sediments that caused bad tastes or odours. In 300-200 BC, Rome built its first aqueducts. So NASA basically reinvented water purification, js. But, honestly folks, we dont need to keep having this conversation, if they want to believe its flat, let them.

  • Bode Abbott
    Bode Abbott 2 days ago

    gravity explains everything in our universe pretty well, but what would explain why the earth would decide to be a goddamn disc. That makes no sense and this theory has to be just created so poor people like this can become famous and feel special in life .Im sure deep inside they know that the flat earth theory is just bullshit, no person with any sense whatsoever would actually believe that. We already know people do crazy things for popularity.

  • Kyle Swiger
    Kyle Swiger 2 days ago

    The funniest thing about flat earthers is that they don't understand the basics of science and how the earth works

  • Angie Ritchie
    Angie Ritchie 2 days ago

    I love how the host is literally speechless for most of the show, probably got straight gin in that mug.

  • Svyatoslav Zalutskyy

    Why you behave so idiotic in the video when you want to disproof flat earth theory, event flat earthers behave more like a human than you

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 3 days ago

    Poor dave needs a proper education..

  • kiwidiesel
    kiwidiesel 3 days ago

    Hahaha great work Dan, it's very refreshing to see you so gently shred these icons of our society with such cold precision, I have had similar discussions with such flat heads but with an inability to mentally joust with the usual barrage of questions and pre planned responses they have against global view and the sheer ignorant belief that they are right causes much frustration and ultimately anger at their inability to see actual reason as opposed to out of context snipers of data that can be used to bolster their views, keep up the excellent work

  • md Excavating
    md Excavating 3 days ago

    Don't forget that planes don't have to "steer down" because they are falling the whole time... Kthanksbye

  • Angel Alvarado
    Angel Alvarado 3 days ago

    Earth is flat 100%

  • Bear Grillz
    Bear Grillz 3 days ago

    2390 FE's disliked...

  • Luca Staccini
    Luca Staccini 4 days ago

    I don’t subscribe often, but the way you respect people’s determination and the importance of knowledge, to me its more than enough.
    Great job Man, we need more people with this attitude.

  • joseph colon
    joseph colon 4 days ago

    Who else came to laugh at the people who are trying to act like they know whats going on? haha. Your behind your phone or computer watching youtube vids, guys.. come on, lol like damn man. it getts a little annoying after awhile lol

  • Bikash Lama
    Bikash Lama 4 days ago +1

    i wonder where do the flat earther's gets their degree and who approves them !!!"""😄😄😄

  • Vega Vega
    Vega Vega 4 days ago

    ''The plane should dip it's nose every 5 minute'' ... Really now? Is this dude seriously brain damaged? I don't think these flattards even have the ability to grasp HOW LARGE this fucking planet is compared to our TINY PLANES and even more TINY HUMANS.. Damn, I swear humanity is just mentally developing backwards, getting more stupid every fucking generation.. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO BE THIS FUCKING STUPID. Also, the Earth is spinning, the sun is spinning, BOTH THE EARTH, AND THE SUN, AND ALL OTHER PLANETS, AND ALL OTHER SOLAR SYSTEMS, ARE SPINNING AND MOVING IN MOTIONS AROUND THE CENTER OF OUR GALAXY, NOTHING IS STATIONARY, AND NO- YOU DO NOT FEEL ANY OF THIS MOVEMENT DUE TO THAT YOUR ARE A FUCKING TINY SPECK ON A BIG BALL THAT KEEPS YOU DOWN BECAUSE OF GRAVITY, UP AND DOWN IS ONLY RELEVANT TO YOUR LOCATION, MY RELATIVE UP, MAY BE YOUR RELATIVE DOWN, DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION ON THIS FUCKING PLANET. THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT, AND IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL HELP ASAP.

  • Jacques Roesen
    Jacques Roesen 5 days ago

    I love how calm you stay all the time. But if I zoom in close enough onto your eyes, I can see tiny nuclear bombs going off, caused by frustration chain reactions.

  • Bob 1
    Bob 1 5 days ago

    Just having my morning drink of piss while watching this video, bottoms up.

    • Barry watts
      Barry watts 2 days ago +1

      Lol! I thought there was a hair on my screen! I feel as stupid as a flatearther 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tarn1981 Tarn
    Tarn1981 Tarn 5 days ago +4

    Thank God you found this vid Dan. I watched it a while ago and it wound me up proper. Love the addition off his choice of beverage 👍

    • Jerzey Boy1995
      Jerzey Boy1995 3 days ago +1

      Same here honestly. I know I'm late but this mothaf**ka really needs to get his shit kicked in.

  • Kazi Siddiqui
    Kazi Siddiqui 5 days ago

    Sea water level is higher at the equator. It's called the equatorial bulge.

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    OMG this video really sucks Dan. You are terrible at what you do. the government needs to find somebody better than you Dan because you aren't very convincing!🤔😆😂🤣😃😄😅😀

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    You are such a liar Dan! It is all the same astronauts! Quit your lying Dan. Your nose is growing bigger because of all your lies, LOL

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    I can't help but laugh all through this video! Dan, you are such an idiot and your explanations are so stupid! Nobody believes you Dan. Everybody that has any brains and does real research on the subject is figuring out that the Earth is flat. This guy you're making fun of makes perfect sense and all you have is some stupid cartoon showing a little bit of math to try and debunk him, you are such a douche Dan

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    Yeah Dan you mentioned this guy that crossed Antarctica. Who is he? Another government stooge like you? How about jarley anhoy who was arrested because he tried to independently explore Antarctica. Dan we all see through you. Now I'm waiting for you to come back with your stupid explanations using all your different usernames like it's a bunch of other people commenting back to me when it's none other than you, lol😆

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    Dan, we all know that when he says fraudulent that he's referring to things concerning space! Not those things that you mentioned. Quit being deceptive Dan

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    Ah, Scissy Man Dan. quit showing us these fake Blue Marble pictures Dan! We all know they're photoshopped. Dan, even NASA admits that, "they've got to be photoshopped", lol🤣

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    But you're fake Space Cadets in the fake space station claim they drink urine but not a word about that, huh Scissy man Dan???

  • The End
    The End 5 days ago

    Where did the government find this idiot? Science Man dan??? Hahaha hahaha hahaha😆😂🤣😅 this guy is a joke! I can feel the deceptive Spirit working through this guy to deceive simple-minded people who still believe that we live on a 670 thousand mile an hour beach ball, lol! He reminds me of these false prophets and false teachers that twist God's word to deceive people!

  • True
    True 5 days ago

    Whoa hold on. There is a much bigger conspiracy going on than flat Earth. Dan, a supposed Englishman, is drinking coffee. Coffee, not tea, coffee.
    I've lost all trust in the world. The Earth probably is flat if we have this faker telling is otherwise.

  • Gangus Khan
    Gangus Khan 5 days ago +1

    If any of these brainless Flat Earthers ever went out to sea on a Pacific Ocean Voyage, I dare them to make an approach to a tall ship with it's mast only showing above the Horizon, denying that the Earth is a Sphere then. What do they believe? The Ship is moving across your compass course..... completely submerged in WATER??? lol...... Yeah..... anything some Dumbocratic Antifa Atheist Graduate of Obunghole and Hitlery's Alinsky School of Liberalism! :D

  • Joe McIntyre
    Joe McIntyre 5 days ago

    They all look the same to me.

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 6 days ago

    Poor Dave; he's unworthy to lick the dust off your ____s, even though his breath does smell like a urinal.

  • Fairy Belive
    Fairy Belive 6 days ago +2

    Omg 😮 You didn’t have to show how he hydrates. 🤮

  • gregster29
    gregster29 6 days ago

    I was drinking my coffee when he drank his piss.

    • gregster29
      gregster29 4 days ago +1

      @Patrice Laborda I did lose my thirst for coffee.

    • Patrice Laborda
      Patrice Laborda 4 days ago

      So all your coffee is on the table now ;)

  • gregster29
    gregster29 6 days ago

    Surely he looked out if the window if the plane he was on when he traveled to Macedonia.

  • gregster29
    gregster29 6 days ago

    I don't know how you can trawl through these, as I nearly pull my hair out listening to these poor misguided people.

  • dnbpro85
    dnbpro85 6 days ago

    This is nothing more then hate speach why are you not getting shut down by youtube due to there new polices.

  • dino leo
    dino leo 6 days ago

    That Black man is right. Just think about this.. how come the horizon is always at our eye level no matter how high up we go? If the earth is a globe, the horizon level should be lower than the eye level as we go higher.

    • aaron hill
      aaron hill 4 days ago

      @grahvis exactly, and you can literally watch the sun set.... Stand up and watch it set again which also proves curvature

    • grahvis
      grahvis 4 days ago

      The horizon does drop as the observer's altitude increases, just not as much as flat earthers think it should but then, they speak from ignorance.

  • Steve Catherine
    Steve Catherine 6 days ago +1

    Gravity, gravity, gravity, gravity.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 7 days ago

    I love that massive soccer trophy on the shelf 😂.
    JK, nice video

  • Tom Graham
    Tom Graham 7 days ago

    In fact two men - a Brit and an American - both finished a crossing from one side of Antartica to the S. Pole and on to the other side.....ON FOOT... While it was a shorter distance than it could have been had they gone east to west ... since it took them the better part of 2 months.... it was an incredible feat. Oh and the American won the race by two days..... just sayin!!!

    THĘ JÁÇKÀŁ 7 days ago


  • Offero 04
    Offero 04 7 days ago

    He's a clatty fuck :S

  • S SN QN
    S SN QN 7 days ago

    It's such a shame. He seems to be an intelligent person, too. Well spoken. Unfortunately his desire to be "different" supersedes all the gifts that he was given.

  • Zap A Bee Fart
    Zap A Bee Fart 8 days ago

    Dude drinks piss. Enough said

  • teebosaurusyou
    teebosaurusyou 8 days ago

    I bet more people around the globe believe in Bugs Bunny's proof that the earth is round than this nincompoop Allegedly Dave spewing verbal diarrhea that the world is flat.

  • Landon Gooding
    Landon Gooding 8 days ago

    Hey, you didn’t even mention the single most important invention to come out of the NASA space program!! WD-40

  • zizoboy heaven
    zizoboy heaven 8 days ago +1

    so the earth is flat .. 😎 ..
    not because of science or anything .. its because we said so .. and it will remain flat till the end of ww3 .

  • Goran Todorovski
    Goran Todorovski 9 days ago

    My frend spead of rotacion is not the same an eny place. It means you are wrong also.
    Like person in sience you shot not make mistake like this.

    • Goran Todorovski
      Goran Todorovski 7 days ago

      @Callum Davismy meaning is give precise meaning too be beter understand. My frend let every body bealive in they one bealive maby they weel make knolage slow but sure on they on true and eror. Its in human blod too
      explor maby at the end somteng god is going to comup

    • Callum Davis
      Callum Davis 8 days ago

      Goran Todorovski I don’t see how that impacts his calculation in a meaningful way. He has made comment on differing speed of rotation previously so he is aware that it’s a thing

  • Gangus Khan
    Gangus Khan 9 days ago +1

    All you have to do is make him look like a fool with you using say a Nautical or Air Almanac to make predictions of where a Star or Planet in the Sky will be found on any given spot on earth and preferably make them for places on different lines of Longitude and Latitude locations! .......let's see which books or does he just put out wrong answers off the Top of his Head??? lol...... If the earth is not Rotating w/ daylight facing in the general direction of the sun...... which you can also predict with absolutely certainty..... both your Longitude and Latitude of any fixed place on earth and it's Direction and Declination (elevation 0* to 90* as the sun's elevation in the Celestial Plane w/ horizon as equator).

    Flat Earthers can't even calculate the exact location of one celestial body in the skies they claim are FIXED on a Dome as the Sky above us. Meanwhile if the earth is FLAT..... then why can't they just calculate the location of all stars and the sun and the moon in their minds as constantly over the entire Flat Earth's Surface??? Yet the rest of mankind can pretend they are God..... and make perfect predictions of where any Celestial Body will be and all they need to do to confirm it is look up at that time according to their location and time of day!

  • marcel louis frocz
    marcel louis frocz 9 days ago

    it is cause NASA told it themselves we have 2inch stripes and we must stitch this together and fill in the blind spots IT is called CGI he continiues but euuh it has to be iam no flat earther but this was the answer, I want that flat earth debunked and find out NASA lies afcourse you get conbspiracy dudes another claim from the CEO from NASA we cant go back to the moon cause we lost all the paperfiles, I would go back in a nano second but this takes years to make this back again dont shoot the pianist iam looking for answers not trolls

  • unrealnickyoung
    unrealnickyoung 9 days ago

    These people think that scientists and, I guess, some sort of illuminati world control group, are all lying to us about something as simple as the shape of the planet. My question is: For what purpose? What could anyone possibly gain by lying about something like that?

    • Shane Rooney
      Shane Rooney 8 days ago

      One the flat earth there are two sides.
      We are on this side, and are being used as a source of cheap labor by our evil overlords on the other side.

      Or maybe NASA just wants more funding

      Or maybe they didn't think that far ahead.

  • Jim G
    Jim G 9 days ago

    Thank you for defending people who stand above us, and clearly are not deserving of such ridiculous idiocy. Your insight is hilarious, but these despicable claims should rightfully be shamed. You are doing a great service, even if it is a TVclip video.

  • Frank Tidepod
    Frank Tidepod 9 days ago

    Dave strikes me as one of those "I call it like I see it" types.

  • John Miller
    John Miller 9 days ago

    I get the bathing in pee. I myself is quite the pervert, however I just straight pee on my feet to reduce any chance of foot fungus or athletes feet. But drink it? This fucked in his head beyond repair. Just pull him out of his bed and night and shoot him in the head. Urine and body sweat I swear turns into amonia someone please check and confirm this for me.

  • Haniff Daniels
    Haniff Daniels 10 days ago

    LMAO this guy says those people aren't the same people 😂 he's a fuckin liar Stevie wonder can see those are the same people with shades on

  • Lucifer_DCLXVI
    Lucifer_DCLXVI 10 days ago

    You can not explain the facts to these complete jackasses, cuz if a 5 year old can't mentally understand what you're saying, not one flat Earther bitch will either, not one of them has more understanding of physics then a 5 year old.

  • Russ Michaels
    Russ Michaels 10 days ago

    Aside from the very obvious method of "get on a plane and fly around the world" which would prove the earth is round to all these idiots, I thought of another, cheaper solution.
    Just put a camera on a balloon and send it into the stratosphere and you will see the curvature of the earth.

  • moedasilva
    moedasilva 10 days ago

    I just don’t believe nasa went to the moon!

  • Andy Rothlisberger
    Andy Rothlisberger 11 days ago

    I know this is late but colin obrady has walked across antarctica followed by a german guy i don't know the name of a few days afterwards.

  • m beginization
    m beginization 11 days ago

    The darwinist debating genetics is fumny, they see it as creationism

    TUHYRF TV 11 days ago

    Never listen to anyone who drinks urine. Is it his urine? Is he buying someone else’s urine to quench his thirst? Is he drinking animal urine? Never mind the flat earth shit,
    I want to know why he’s drinking Horne and where he sources it.

  • Drake Argabright
    Drake Argabright 11 days ago

    Preach dan, preach
    This man is such a disgrace and rude bastard towards all those people who lost their lives leaving such a great impact on us today

  • Rob Minifie
    Rob Minifie 11 days ago

    Here is a huge problem nobody cares about space everyone care why it cost so much to live .
    It's true what they say this is hell how about we just help each other and not put so much time in to space and save the hungry and dying.
    We live here flat or a globe how about we get rid of the people that lie to us . Like vote for me and i will do what you ask.... not vote for me and when i get in to the power i wealth and make it so my family never hast to worry for the next 1000 years oh and by then all that will be left is the wealthy cause the rest of us can't even afford a rent a sandwich cause the way the world is going there will be no jobs cause robots will be doing all the work . I'm really sad that nobody is catching on to this my facts come on look at the world guys I'm sad for my kids or will it be slaves cause that's what i see. So if a government doesn't do what they say they are going to do i feel they need to be stripped and stoned to death . For lies think about it . Were all dead if we don't fix this . This what you might ask .... fix the killing food has poison in it taxes are bull crap teachers don't teach. Like wake up its push thru and who cares about the kids when i get a pay check weather or not i teach or not lets be clear not all teachers are like that but kids today just Google it if they don't know simple . If you think that I'm off topic I'm not teach the truth .
    Try to think for one second we have been on this earth for how long and we with all the equipment still can not build a huge pyramid level and true . That's an example next time you think about it take a level and see how level your own living place is .... and we are state of the art . Wow sorry about the msg but it kinda upsets me that all of are hands are tied . Because of the government . Wow thats all i can say is even a genius knows that they lie and what do they do they jump on board because they think that nobody will think they are smart anymore because of this crap they teach you in school .
    I watched what you had to say and i don't think your one the same page

  • Rob Minifie
    Rob Minifie 11 days ago

    Sorry about the numbers it's 4.4 trillion but they say it cost 500 million to build and send to space.
    I say stop the crap and save the world we live on

  • Andrew Lockett
    Andrew Lockett 11 days ago

    A total piss ant. He has less significance to this sphere than an Earwigs dingleberry. Now go and quaff another pint of your stale, head in the sand, urine!

  • Peter George
    Peter George 11 days ago

    Why do broadcasters waste so much time and money on even letting these idiots on their programmes.

    • Kosmix3
      Kosmix3 9 days ago

      Peter George Comedy.

  • Buddhist Sympathizer
    Buddhist Sympathizer 12 days ago

    Drinking Urine????
    Surely he's taking the Piss . . . .

  • Erick Ramirez
    Erick Ramirez 12 days ago

    Yes those picts are fake!!!

  • Erick Ramirez
    Erick Ramirez 12 days ago +1

    Earth is flat.

  • Penguin1290
    Penguin1290 12 days ago +2

    Flattards always fail to grasp the same two things. Scale, and inertial reference frames. They hear 1000mph rotation and think HOLY SHIT THAT'S FAST!!! But fail to grasp that due to the size of the earth, that rotational speed is half as fast as the hour hand on their watch. Holy shit...that's slow.

    • Andrew Lockett
      Andrew Lockett 11 days ago +1

      Tiny minds have tiny reference points. What I'm grappling with is what his parents must have looked like. Dear oh dear, talk about pre Cambrian slime!

  • Dizzy Seventy
    Dizzy Seventy 12 days ago

    Well aren't you a pompous righteous indoctrinated twat!

  • Duwailah Al Duwailah
    Duwailah Al Duwailah 12 days ago

    It's obvious both of earth imges are fack stop justify for NASA..if u are stupid enough to believe those images then you should ask ur self Why Niel Tison claimed the earth shape looks like a pear while you showing us perfect ball? Whom we should believe u or Tison? Personally I don't know how the earth looks like but I believe Nasa hide the truth for their agenda

    • Duwailah Al Duwailah
      Duwailah Al Duwailah 12 days ago

      @Steve Swangler hi Steve I did listen to someone questioning Tyson in term of pizza dough..pear shaped..he compared between Everest summit with Mariana trench... did you watch Daves letter for Niel? plz watch it then you gonna be shame for Pear theory...we invite you to join us in drinking party 😁

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 12 days ago

      Duwailah Al Duwailah first off, you obviously didn't listen to Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's entire talk about how the earth is pear shaped, or you didn't understand it. also, Dr. Tyson didn't say anything that NASA data doesn't back up. you claim we are stupid but your entire comment just showed your ignorance of the subject you are talking about. go back and watch and LISTEN to Dr. Tyson explain how the earth is shaped again. if you still don't understand it, because he makes it very clear, go join Dave in a piss drinking party and let more intelligent people alone.

  • Chas Charlton
    Chas Charlton 12 days ago

    He drinks and bathes in piss oooookay

  • my life Hoseason
    my life Hoseason 12 days ago

    I don't know why but dipping a planes down i couldn't stop laughing

  • Rob Minifie
    Rob Minifie 12 days ago

    NASA has a budget of 13 or 16 trillion usd and they worry about what is out there when world hunger could be prevent each year. Like save the people and the War is over peace is what we want. You don't bite the hand that feeds ya

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 12 days ago

      Rob Minifie NASA's budget is 13 or 16 TRILLION? seriously? the parts of your comment that were coherent were completely wrong. please, just the facts man.

  • Ardit H
    Ardit H 12 days ago

    He need to drink more pee, that’s impacting his intelligence.

  • Tracy D
    Tracy D 13 days ago

    So kids this man "Dave" is a perfect example of why we do not drink our own urine. I didn't realize flat earthers drink their own urine. But that would make since. Disclaimer.... this is a joke. ha ha. funny funny. Some people like Steve down below need to loosen up a bit. Or maybe he drinks his pee too? So sorry for you Steve.

    • Tracy D
      Tracy D 12 days ago

      @Steve Swangler there ya go I took out black. I hope you have a better day.

    • Tracy D
      Tracy D 12 days ago

      @Steve Swangler It is a joke to get a raise out of people like you. Since there is no reasoning with flat earthers, I think its hilarious? After all it is just as big of a joke now isn't it?

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 12 days ago

      Tracy D wow, you sure do have to label people and put them in a box don't you? there was no need to point out Dave is black, had nothing to do whatsoever with anything in the video or what you said. but you had to label him. then you state "I didn't realize flat earthers drink their own urine." this one does. there is no evidence that any other flat earther does, but you put them all in the same box. but as long as it makes SINCE to you I guess.

  • Ian Rotten
    Ian Rotten 13 days ago

    Sub'd! Love your uploads! Especially the one from Red Orphan. Being dumb is one thing, but drinking your own pee? Don't get it...

  • LiquidSnail
    LiquidSnail 13 days ago

    "Drink most of it, Leaving a little bit in the bottom and then wash myself with it"

  • nathan thornhill
    nathan thornhill 13 days ago

    People don't waste your time watching this idiot

  • Stuart Aisbitt
    Stuart Aisbitt 13 days ago

    Wakey Wakey sciman Dan you fkn globetard !!!!!

  • Erik McKenna
    Erik McKenna 13 days ago

    I love every one of your videos

  • SuperAscension2012
    SuperAscension2012 13 days ago

    Unfortunately, the eyes are useless when the mind refuses to see. The earth is indeed geocentric and geostationary. The sun is small and orbits the earth, as do the moon and the stars. NASA are nothing more than Satanic worshipping freemasons and liars. Those that believe in the spurious heliocentric model profess themselves to be wise, but became fools.

    • SuperAscension2012
      SuperAscension2012 11 days ago

      @Steve Swangler you live in an illusion, which has been fabricated in order to keep you asleep, and asleep you shall remain. There is absolutely no empirical evidence whatsoever that you live on a spinning ball hurtling through space at ridiculous speeds. There is however, far more empirical evidence that you live in a realm, not on a planet. You partake of Satan's wine and are drunk on his spurious indoctrination. You have obviously allowed your education to get in the way of your learning.

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 12 days ago

      SuperAscension2012 please provide proof, real testable evidence to any of your claims. from your idiotic claim of geocentricity and geostationarism, to how NASA is Satanic and not only that they worship freemasons, but how do they worship freemasons? go ahead, provide the evidence, because there is plenty of evidence for the heliocentric model, but your mind refuses to see it.

  • Arthur Ruhtra
    Arthur Ruhtra 13 days ago

    Only a coward would make a video about someone trying to make them look foolish . Put your money where your mouth is and debate him

  • Arthur Ruhtra
    Arthur Ruhtra 14 days ago

    Nice try guy .. unplug your brain from your government issued text books

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 12 days ago

      typical flat earther response. no evidence, no intelligent reply at all. just "unplug your brain". pull your head out of your ass moron

  • eugene julson
    eugene julson 14 days ago

    I never got an “A” in science in my life. But l am a reasonable person with good eye sight. When I look up I know that everything in the sky is an example of round and nothing is an example of flat. So earth is just like every mass body in space or we are the only flat body in the universe. I vote in favor of logic. We are round.

  • Luke Brooks
    Luke Brooks 14 days ago

    Rest in peace... Brave astrnouts.,.. I will still call them that as I believe the attempt to reach space warrants it..,... Thanx for sticking up for the righteous...,.

  • Luke Brooks
    Luke Brooks 14 days ago

    He will never feel the shame... Disbelief in the maths has the same effect on the soul... Whatever the fuck that is....,.

  • Wrint Concrow
    Wrint Concrow 14 days ago

    Nah nah nah the earth is a hexagon

  • Jonny M
    Jonny M 14 days ago

    human de-evolution is true

  • THX-0381
    THX-0381 14 days ago

    We all know what this flat-earthers mental health problem is, he has consumed so much salts and toxins from drinking his urine that it has affected his brain chemistry and created permanent damage to his cerebral cortex.