Flat Earther on a Chat Show - What Could go Wrong?


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  • Katone Vi
    Katone Vi 15 days ago +57

    Dan: "I can prove that NASA is not lying about moon landing! Check out these prosthetic legs they invented! See?!! This proves we went to the moon!" Logic of a retard. Congrats, Dumbass Dan!
    Also, debate the flat earthers LIVE. Not countering a clip that can't argue back against your stupidity.

    • M a t t Mills
      M a t t Mills Hour ago +1

      Just like a flat earther to entirely miss the point. This is what happens when you don't properly listen...

    • Wilder Uhl
      Wilder Uhl 21 hour ago +1

      Kevin Jackson the only one he’s really hurting in all that is himself. It’s a shame really.

    • Kevin Jackson
      Kevin Jackson 21 hour ago

      +Wilder Uhl I wondered about that! I don't see my comment or your first one any more. Guess Katone Vi would rather delete and suppress us rather than HAVE AN ACTUAL DEBATE LIKE THEY CLAIM THEY WANT. Huh...who would have guessed THAT?!?

    • Wilder Uhl
      Wilder Uhl 21 hour ago +1

      Oh shit, @Katone Vi is still actively responding of this thread. Dude. NO ONE HAS TIME TO GET YOU CAUGHT UP ON THE REST OF HUMANITY’S ACHIEVEMENTS, except for your teachers, it’s a shame you haven’t been listening to them. But apparently you have all the time in the world to kill. Why don’t you go set up a testable hypothesis, perform an experiment that accurately represents your hypothesis, and publish your results and be famous for being the person who actually proved the flat earth theory.
      And believe it or not, while a red herring fallacy is an informal logical fallacy, your exclusion of the globe as a legitimate theory (at this point the only legit one given the large body of evidence that has been collected about the topic, (which you deny up and down)), which is constructed logically through said observable evidence, while holding to a theory that is loosely constructed (if the word can be applied) around a lingering and pretty much explained away series of what ifs that hold no ground in reality except through that same amalgam of 2+2=4s which do admittedly moderately well of loosely explaining one phenomenon, while creating giant gaping chasms in other simple phenomena regularly observed by everyone in every day life.
      Another thing to notice: all of these flat earthers have no coherent explanations of anything in the world except that “hey if the earth was round all the water would fall off” ( it really wouldn’t) while all of the other 7 going on 8 billion people on the planet actually have a basic understanding of what the heck is going on.
      As far as Ockham’s razor is concerned, what’s more likely? That a world government agency has all decided to break up into several different agencies under different nations to all perpetuate a lie that the world we live on really isn’t flat and that everyone who has ever worked for them has decided to be silent about something as big as the earth being flat in actuality, or that over the existence of humanity, people have come together to discover that the world is round? Before you answer keep in mind that Edward Snowden had to move to Russia because he let slip the fact that the NSA was spying on americans.
      As far as a live debate, here you are. About as live as you can get, with a variety of people who likely have as much knowledge as a pretty well learned team of scientists. You have here all you could possibly need to debate the factuality of the globe earth theory. But that’s not enough for you because you, nor your theory stand a chance. You need not a scientist who’s live debating your average flat earther, but a straw man bafoon that doesn’t understand shit about what he’s speaking that can’t offer truth to the questions of your most intelligent skeptic, so that instead of getting an answer to your questions, you can stroke your ego and make you feel like the flat earth theory is actually a decent theory in comparison to some idiots ramblings against it.
      Now people have debated you all before, just do some google searches and I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you’re asking for (separate from what you’re looking for as previously mentioned). If you want to know why people DONT generally respond with “sure, let’s actually debate this” it’s because 1. You guys are so far off your rocker that correcting your massive flaws in reasoning appears to be an insurmountable task that only the most patient could manage. 2. Because 99% of your community behaves as you do, like entitled little shits that don’t know what science is, deciding it is best to convince themselves that all the rest of humanity missed the blatantly obvious fact that 2+2=4 and propose that everyone in the world is just a small brained child who can’t actually deal with adult reasoning. I should mention that that alone dissuades all of the patient people on this planet from daring such a feat on the basis of the headache they are sure to receive from having to listen to you. 3. The curvature of the planet is so obviously apparent that humanity has known about it for longer that any political entity on Gods round earth has been around.
      You don’t seem like an idiot, jump off the flattard train before it’s too late.

    • Wilder Uhl
      Wilder Uhl 22 hours ago +1

      Flat earther: can’t trust globe theorists because they tell you you can’t trust your common sense or intuition.
      Also flat earther: *has no common sense or intuition* *proposes ‘groundbreaking’ new proof against the globe which is based on some simple 2+2 = 4 or other juvenile knowledge, abuses Ockham’s razor, accuses great minds of mathematicians and scientists alike of straight up lying* *demands that scientists disprove the theory, and then excludes all evidence that disproves their theory* “hey guys, this sounds counter intuitive, but just hear me out because it doesn’t match your natural logic on this” *straight up denies the tragedies that have happened to actual researchers during their research because it’s an inconvenient truth*
      The funny thing is that you people make us all want to root for you and your theory, we hope that you leave to find the edge of the earth and stop your bravado online as you fruitlessly wander the circumference of the earth for as long as you live, or you find the edge somewhere in Antarctica and accidentally slip off... or just drop your phone and computer, you seem like a decent person enough, just incredibly misguided in your facts and logic.

  • Chris Vivier
    Chris Vivier 21 hour ago

    First off I do not believe the earth is flat. That being said the Japanese "real time" pictures are not actual real pictures. They are put together with Dopler weather readings and weather simulations. It says this right on the Japanese Satellite website. Here is a link that explains this clearly. tvclip.biz/video/vwysa52trlo/video.html . We need to use facts if we intend to prove flat earthers wrong. There are still no "real time" undoctored images.

  • M. Deem
    M. Deem 23 hours ago

    Someone should just tell these people, "Okay, you're right. The Earth is flat we're all reptiles, and we've been lying to you. I'm sorry."

  • Giacomo Grenside

    I'm a flight instructor and I was cringing when he was talking about the instruments 😑 look up apparent and mechanical wonder for gyro instruments

  • Steffan Dalager
    Steffan Dalager Day ago

    Did that black weirdo just say the earth moves around at 1000 mph?? I'm pretty sure it's near 800 kmh..

  • Umut Birey
    Umut Birey Day ago

    on internet there is no filter whatsoever

  • Carter
    Carter Day ago

    If there are any flat "earthers" here feel free to comment, I would enjoy arguing with you.
    I would also enjoy setting you all on fire.

  • Carter
    Carter Day ago

    I think the best thing we can do is to stop debating.
    Just say "YOU ARE WRONG" and leave.

  • mentalplayground

    Why flat earth believe is different from believe in gods. About 80% of people on this planet is convinced of a god. Why not many people is debunking those?

  • Gurjinder Singh Rathore

    Why are you giving these nutjobs a platform? The more YOU guys mention them, the more people learn about their stupid idea; and some of those people, believe it or not, will fall for their stupid arguments because they don't know any better.
    Fuck these lunatics. Ignoring them is the best course of action because addressing them does more damage then good. It's not like you're converting a flat Earth back into a round earther, are you?

  • Atheistation
    Atheistation Day ago

    You’re putting too much attention to offense. Being offended doesn’t give anyone special privilege. Being offended doesn’t mean anything. Everyone gets offended. So what?

  • Paul Redmond
    Paul Redmond Day ago

    Yep!..moon landings are a hoax...100%..way too many lies.. fake/staged videos.. get a grip you fool.

  • Paul Redmond
    Paul Redmond Day ago

    You are a fucking wanker!!...clearly put in place to make a mockery out of the truth.. about the "great explorer" who died short of his target in antarctica?...how do you know what really happened you fucking posh cunt

  • Rutger MacDonald

    Awesome commentary! I swear, belief in flat earth needs to have its own entry in the DSM-V as a mental illness! 🤬

  • Polytikal Junkie

    You're a joke dude. Go Dave

  • Allan Cavaliere
    Allan Cavaliere 2 days ago

    Dave...... You complete TIT

  • Jonathan Meyer Oklahoma Magician

    When debate is lost, slander becomes tool of the looser

  • Dark Legionnaire
    Dark Legionnaire 2 days ago

    do people forget top gear literally drove to the south pole

  • ulli goschmidt
    ulli goschmidt 2 days ago

    If earth is flat, where the f..... Is hell located then?

  • Opahyagenn
    Opahyagenn 2 days ago

    I hope technology gets far enough that it becomes very cheap to fly people off to space, so that we could actually fly some of these flat earthers out to space, and show them how it really is...
    or just leave them there.

  • Tha Wayne
    Tha Wayne 2 days ago

    Love your videos but they make me hate more and more people everyday.....some people are certified loonies...smh

  • MrHustleard
    MrHustleard 2 days ago

    this just shows how far back we have gone with intelligence..if the grew up never learnin about the globe would it be plausible??? richard branson was 'apparently' makin virgin galaxy for commercial space flight over a decade ago...wat happened?!
    u can do wat u cant do

  • Eclipse Solar 83
    Eclipse Solar 83 2 days ago

    The earth is round, obviously.
    But to blieve in the moon landing is to be even more of an idiot than a flat earther.
    And i may find the flat earth stuff beyond ridiculous and insulting but this video didn't actualy did nothing of very good to debunk it.
    By the way, that Dave guy is mind fucked for good. God damn ...

  • bobapep20
    bobapep20 2 days ago

    He brought up the thing about the plane flies over a flat surface? If that's the case why do planes flying at a long distance from you when they are coming towards you seem to be flying straight up and when they are flying away at a long distance they seem to be flying straight down?

  • GenerationSmashed
    GenerationSmashed 3 days ago

    I love how interviewers have the patience for these people. Credit where it's due... I would have lost it

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 3 days ago

    Sci man dan👍

  • Travis Frazier
    Travis Frazier 3 days ago

    Before you pass me off as a flat earther, I am not. This is just a comment on a very weak argument you made. In response to him saying that nobody has walked across Antarctica you brought up a story of a man that dead and then proceed to argue that the flat earther should feel terrible about his comments because of this man. This is an Appeal to Emotions fallacy and a bad one at that. We must be better than Flat Earthers and do our best to only counter them with reason and facts because facts our on our side.

  • Time Abyss
    Time Abyss 3 days ago +1

    Guys, 30 years ago you could listen to idiots claiming they've seen UFO's in these late night shows. Now flattards are here. In 10 years, there will be another set of retards. Its just how it works with human kind.

  • wesmatron
    wesmatron 3 days ago


  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis 3 days ago

    What a deranged guy. He needs actual psychiatric help.

  • Dino Brlecic
    Dino Brlecic 3 days ago

    i wonder how can any of you say anything without being in space... Both are stupid individuals who believe other people who they choose to believe... SCImandan, u should be ashamed to tell other people to be ashamed because u dont know shit about space... when my foot steps on moon, and it should be soon if we did it already, then ill come back here to confirm your theories... till then we should all feel ashamed for paying taxes to some people who dont care about us and all they know is lying and it has been proven milion times, but yet we want to talk about space where none of our asses have been there... u are not that smart man,. quit being a smartass...

  • Awesome Bent
    Awesome Bent 3 days ago

    Don't use the "I'm offended, therefore you're wrong" fallacy. It's embarrassing.

    • SciManDan
      SciManDan  3 days ago

      I said he was wrong first and then stated my offence 👍🏻

  • juhaeske
    juhaeske 3 days ago

    I do not know any flat earther and I hope I never will.

  • David Caines
    David Caines 4 days ago

    My son is a flat earth believer.
    It has ruined our relationship.
    I have a education. He does not.
    He thinks Obama is the Antichrist.
    And there's some kind of satanic matrix-like illusion happening.
    NASA is fake, and he said quote" history is fake, and science is fake".
    I'm a Buddhist, a philosophy major ( logic and argument are both arts/science in my opinion).
    He has no skill in logic or argument. He is very aggressive, and has anxiety issues requiring medication. He also a hypochondriac.
    Does anyone know why these people are not called a cult? It's clearly a cult of some kind.
    I have to add, that my son is a complete moron.

  • Cradle of snuttefilt

    Same idiocy relegious people use. Don´t belive facts, don´t belive proof, don´t be rational. This is so stupid

  • dave oh
    dave oh 4 days ago

    9:55: he says he talked "to a few people in the scientific community" that you can't go straight up, but "you have to go around the curve & get speed to get into orbit"...
    what curve? what orbit?
    his argument is that the earth is flat & he uses words like curve & orbit to describe space flight?!?

  • seth potter
    seth potter 4 days ago

    8:38 lets play wtf where’s the force

  • Britguy1962
    Britguy1962 4 days ago

    I vote Dave to be the spokesman for the flat earth society.
    Well he gets the black vote straight off.
    He's smarter than most other "flat earthers" (scary huh?)
    He (thinks he) has all the answers.
    All that, and he doesnt take the piss....... he just drinks his own!

  • Marc Allard
    Marc Allard 4 days ago

    My first watch... Although I'm a realist and aviation person, I appreciate your video. Flat earther's are only looking for publicity they will never get.

  • Hopefull Sinner
    Hopefull Sinner 4 days ago

    Well thankyou for enlightenment regarding all the other things nasa has done. The gyro thing is a laugh. I believe the problem here is often people thinking out loud before knowledge is obtained. Im guilty of that too. Although Dave is an easy person to pick on, science wasn't his thing at school. Right now i wish id loose enough weight so the centrifugal forces could fling me off the planet. As for Dave being disrespectful, he isnt he does not know better but Dan you are disrespectful of him too. All things we accuse others of doing we do ourselves.

  • Brian
    Brian 5 days ago

    Part of the problem is that the speed of Earth's rotation is being measured in linear velosity (meters per second or miles per hour), not in rotations per minute (RPMs). The (linear) speed of Earth is high because the Earth is so large. So don't spin the ball at the same linear speed as Earth, spin it at the same RPMs as Earth (which would be one rotation per day, obviously), and see how much water flies off it.

  • Amyla
    Amyla 5 days ago

    I loved your statement "Not flat earth research, proper research."

  • Adolfo Lopez
    Adolfo Lopez 5 days ago

    Yeah...Im with the idea that our understanding of Physics is not complete... but still some of a yall understand so little... sounding like fools is not the best way to prove your point...

  • DenmanShooter
    DenmanShooter 5 days ago

    You just can't argue with a guy who drinks his own piss.

  • SuperMom159
    SuperMom159 5 days ago

    Flat earth men in dresses and no difference in gender falls under the same thing mental Illness.

  • Adam F
    Adam F 5 days ago

    This is what is wrong with society.... The future is bleak... People are getting dumber at an alarming rate.... There are sheep and wolves. It's sad that people don't use basic logic or critical thinking. I can't believe that politicians right now have literately contradicted themselves on border security issues and now try to make it out that any one who wants border security as some alt-right neo nazi.... absolutely ridiculous.

  • D Patrick
    D Patrick 5 days ago

    nasa is a fraud and they are gaslighting the world, just look at sunnys hair on space station, every picture of earth they show you is an artists rendering, which does not prove it is flat, but certainly is no proof otherwise

  • D Patrick
    D Patrick 5 days ago

    if the earth was flat with a firmament above it would be a globe, sorry but sci man sounds like psy opp and we have a guy for science in us,

  • Sam Botha
    Sam Botha 5 days ago

    And to think there is an entire society around the world that is this dumb and think the world is flat. I'm shocked. These people are adults and seem to have some form of education. Are they really that stupid or are they just taking the piss?

    SIMPLE GAMING 5 days ago

    They killed many ppl around 450~ years ago that were believing that earth is round , why dont we just send flat earthers to space and kill them too

  • Thomas Duffin
    Thomas Duffin 5 days ago

    Looks like apple juice to me.

  • treylem3
    treylem3 5 days ago

    These people are CRAAAAZZZY. Must be a Trump suppprter

  • Cory Crandell
    Cory Crandell 6 days ago

    I love these idiots trying to explain airplanes... What a laugh! They have no clue what they're talking about!

  • Tigas
    Tigas 6 days ago

    Thier earth is flat cuz of thier round head.. thats the answer !

  • john's shed
    john's shed 6 days ago

    You poor sad man , Show these people some respect . Stop being so rude just because you don't agree with them. It doesn't matter if he's right or wrong.He is entitled to his opinion. It's easy to sit in the safety of your own home and call people names . id'e like to see you say this shit to his face.. YOU COWARD..Keep your mouth shut until you learn some respect .

  • JohnNiemsMusic
    JohnNiemsMusic 6 days ago

    Yes those pictures you showed of EARTH are FAKE! The earth is FLAT! Get over it!

  • tinyhowie
    tinyhowie 6 days ago

    Before you call me a paid actor for being almost on the other side of the globe.... Who should I collect my payroll from?

  • arthouse films
    arthouse films 6 days ago

    I dare any flat earthers to watch the entire trip of these guys flying a cesna around the whole world.
    The more rockets that are built and trips that are documented on video, the hard it is going to be to contain the "conspiracy" of faking a flat earth. Further more, why does everyone want to conceal the supposed flat earth? The revelation of a flat do nothing.

  • Vertisce
    Vertisce 6 days ago

    And the world will be inherited by the stupid people because everybody with intelligence died from smashing their heads against the wall when arguing basic science with the stupid people.

  • Vertisce
    Vertisce 6 days ago

    You get who on Late Night with who?

  • hyenachase f
    hyenachase f 6 days ago

    theses fools even think the earth is 10.000 years old

  • Eats shoots and leaves

    This video demonstrates clearly and without any possibility of argument why you should always watch a video to the end!

    • Mike Louw
      Mike Louw 5 days ago

      In South Africa, your site name translates to "Braai, Naai en Waai!" - Bry, Nigh and Vi. BBQ, Fuck a stray and go home. Sorted

  • Jonathan Seale
    Jonathan Seale 6 days ago

    Drinking urine is unsustainable; he's lying. I should know because I'm an RN.

  • Dallas Klimo
    Dallas Klimo 6 days ago +1

    Dave Dave Dave.

  • psychotronik13
    psychotronik13 6 days ago

    He drinks urine. I cannot comprehend doing such a thing. But that is the type of mind that drinks urine.

  • Agent K
    Agent K 6 days ago

    This flat earth thing is getting way out of hand. And i'm being dead serious here, this is not good for mental health. We proved the earth was round hundreds of years ago.

  • Edward ¡999
    Edward ¡999 6 days ago

    Wow I can't believe this stupid guy made me flat earther! This exact same video was the reason I was fooled in the FE thing , damn . Glad I found Youtbers like scimandan and others that got me back to reality

  • David Jordan
    David Jordan 6 days ago

    Flat earthers are great. We should be encouraging them.

  • Kory Hay
    Kory Hay 6 days ago


  • Andre L
    Andre L 6 days ago

    1:18 urine ftw

  • jackyng121
    jackyng121 6 days ago

    NASA IS FAKE AND SO ARE WE. We are just programs inside a virtual world. All the information that you received and feelings that you feel are just programmed to be that way by our inventor. THERE IS NO EARTH. YOU CAN'T DISPROOF ME HAHAHAHA DUMB FLATEARTHERS. GUYS INSTEAD OF ARGUING WITH THESE DUMBASS WE SHOULD JUST CONVINCE THEM THAT THIS IS ALL IN A VIRTUAL WORLD INSTEAD LMAO.

  • John Bull
    John Bull 7 days ago

    Im sorry but I cant take anyone seriously who drinks their own piss everyday ! In my country we will have you locked up for that LOL

  • sardanapalos
    sardanapalos 7 days ago

    shitz man.. if you started your video with that last scene would ve saved me those 15 minutes. I was curious about this guy but turns out he's just a psycho who's getting TOO much attention.

  • jody briggs
    jody briggs 7 days ago

    The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Those people who are lacking the intelligence to acknowledge their lack of intelligence.

  • The Gas Man
    The Gas Man 7 days ago


  • The Gas Man
    The Gas Man 7 days ago

    look on there site its says they are composites, well he did not do it he is dead meat

  • leeboy29680
    leeboy29680 7 days ago

    you should have said 'i will sit here with a nice cup of piss'.
    omfg the pilot thing lol. someone should tell him about trimming and the variation in lift at higher and lower speeds.
    this is all so disrespectful for everyone who have achieved all the things this clown throws away

  • Aj Meyers
    Aj Meyers 7 days ago

    @SciManDan - How many of these people are true believers, and how many are saying these things because it will get them attention...and maybe an all expenses paid holiday in Macedonia?

  • Mammon
    Mammon 7 days ago

    You deserve more praise

  • Heatham Jj
    Heatham Jj 7 days ago

    The color is not the same X)

  • Sebastian Vella
    Sebastian Vella 7 days ago

    Arguing with someone drinking his piss every morning is pointless ... 🤨

  • D Messenger
    D Messenger 7 days ago

    what I don't understand is why would there be a lie about the earth being a sphere(ish) in the 1st place? what is to gain out of it? Anyone know? I'd like to hear.

  • joseph watson
    joseph watson 7 days ago

    PART 1 at 500,000 it then goes down to 30,000 at PART 3.
    They don't even allow this guy to answer... Sad.

  • lmaginaryfriend3199
    lmaginaryfriend3199 7 days ago

    theres no need to moral grandstand against flat earthers, these people are retarded on their "facts" alone

  • Gerard Moran
    Gerard Moran 7 days ago

    Dan- why don't we all agree to ignore these people? This is how the guy makes money. Let's ignore him and his ilk, maybe they can find something productive to do. Cheers

  • TheLeon1032
    TheLeon1032 7 days ago

    piss drinkers and flat earthers are like tea and sugar or wanking and spunk they lead to the same thing!

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 7 days ago

    Man! Being a flat earther always comes with a little extra cocoa puffs. Why is that?! :D
    This guys drinks his own urine?! WTF?! 12:57
    ps: This also applies for extreme veganism.

  • TotalRookie_LV
    TotalRookie_LV 7 days ago

    I'm now tempted to put a racist commentary, yet I'm well aware this kind of idiocy has nothing to do with the colour of the skin and getting substandard "education" in a school in black ghetto, white assholes fall for it too.
    P.S. Būt admit, his "argument" of an airplane having to tip nose down was hilarious. XD

  • Yiannis2112
    Yiannis2112 7 days ago

    "Macedonian" TV...What do you expect? Fake country, fake tv.

  • muckfundle
    muckfundle 7 days ago

    Dave the Dweeb.
    Piss drinking dweeb, at that!!!

  • Barry Pugh
    Barry Pugh 8 days ago

    Dan, I am waiting for you to start telling me some facts but all that you are doing is the same as the flat earthers do, and that is "just that this or that is true". Show us some scientific facts, please.

  • Irish Ace
    Irish Ace 8 days ago

    I died when he suggested Australians were always upside down

  • Marrycat7218
    Marrycat7218 8 days ago

    Not sure what is more disturbing, knowing these people exist in society or knowing that someone leads a serious discussion with them on a TV show.

  • tigertoo01
    tigertoo01 8 days ago

    Ha your hatred for flat earthers is clouding your judgement. making people feel guilty for stating a fact is not the best way to win an argument. I don't believe the earth is flat but you being emotional which does not win an argument.

  • TargusCrimbus
    TargusCrimbus 8 days ago

    Dan you are ridicules with your "don't talk about challenger you should be ashamed" BS. So know we have topics that are too sensitive to question? Everything is open to questioning especially in this 1984 society we live in. Get your head out of your ass and do some thinking.

  • Sacco Belmonte
    Sacco Belmonte 8 days ago

    EW EW EW EW! that guy is poisoning himself with his own waste.

  • james P
    james P 8 days ago

    Please dont breed Flat Earthers... Vasectomies will improve your longevity... The government has been hiding this research from you so run and get one.

  • Walter das Trevas
    Walter das Trevas 8 days ago

    This asshole thinks the Earth is a kitchenette.

  • farvision
    farvision 8 days ago

    Idiots getting air time. A modern stupidity.

  • Sander Haverkamp
    Sander Haverkamp 8 days ago

    It's so hard to see him speak 😂 I can't 🤣 flat Earth people are weird.