Flat Earther on a Chat Show - What Could go Wrong?

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • Welcome everyone to Flat Earth Friday. The place where flat Earthers come and get told they are wrong!! Delighted you could join me for another episode, and thank you as always for watching!
    Today we look at Allegedly Dave's performance on Late Night with Milinko! Needless to say he doesn't cover himself in glory. Let's take a look....
    Here is Dave's original video:
    See you all on Tuesday where we go more Tinfoil than ever before....!
    Disclaimer: This video is for critique purposes only and does not serve to personally attack the video creator. All clips used are done so under fair use.
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  • Katone Vi
    Katone Vi 2 months ago +194

    Dan: "I can prove that NASA is not lying about moon landing! Check out these prosthetic legs they invented! See?!! This proves we went to the moon!" Logic of a retard. Congrats, Dumbass Dan!
    Also, debate the flat earthers LIVE. Not countering a clip that can't argue back against your stupidity.

    • Justin Hopkins
      Justin Hopkins Day ago

      Katone Vi The only thing I’m getting from your ignorant rants is that you’re a gullible fool. People like you represent an existential threat to humanity. You should be ashamed, yet you take pride in being an absolute dunce. I hope you don’t vote or engage in any important decisions because you’re foolishness is dangerous.

    • James Perfect
      James Perfect Day ago

      wraith 665 please tell me you purposely mispelled a word. Because...reasons.

    • Digital Defect
      Digital Defect Day ago

      Please dont reproduce and if you already done so, make it unhappen.

    • PitTer
      PitTer 2 days ago

      Katone Vi Why can’t you see the sun in the darkness when it’s night? You would be able to see the sun anytime of day if the flat earth model was true.

    • Scott B
      Scott B 2 days ago

      I know it's been said, but your an idiot.

  • Lukas Oberthaler
    Lukas Oberthaler Hour ago

    Yo thats just to far man
    Flat earth is a joke

  • Assasin King
    Assasin King Day ago

    Didn't know Adam Sandler had a youtube channel

  • Espen Sande Larsen


  • Genuine Truth
    Genuine Truth Day ago

    You're giving mathematical equations to support your argument.. equations to something that cannot be observed at all... You don't see your fault? Also, take a look at your ratios, it's not hard to point out Babylonian Gematria Numerical. Fact is you believe what you cannot prove...this is not true knowledge... It's a Cult...Feels bad man.

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson Day ago

    How stupid is this man. Flat earth ...lol

  • Rodney Dominick
    Rodney Dominick Day ago +1

    I'm just waiting for a pic of the edge of the earth

    • Rodney Dominick
      Rodney Dominick Day ago

      +Dave Young nope lol

    • Dave Young
      Dave Young Day ago +1

      Just as the flat earthers are waiting for a pic of the globe, the difference being however, that as there's no evidence of an "edge" the pic might be hard to aquire but....as we know the globe exists and we're out there in space everyday then a picture should be fairly easy I'd guess.. Have you got one ?

  • Anthony Benash
    Anthony Benash Day ago

    I agree with you but, why such a smug attitude?

  • Kevin Rowe
    Kevin Rowe 2 days ago

    Does that guy really drink his urine?😮🤐😮

  • Starmage Seer
    Starmage Seer 2 days ago +1

    Yes Dan you can regurgitate scientific principles.
    Well done.
    Now Debate then with Eric Dubay.
    Explain the rivers that would have to flow up stream yet they seem very motion less and flat for 100s of kilometres without any curvature. These are all over the world the Nile the Ob and masses of expanses of flat land that stretch further than the eye can see
    Which are flat.

    • Brenden Shouse
      Brenden Shouse Day ago

      Starmage Seer if the earth is flat what’s on the bottom?

  • Starmage Seer
    Starmage Seer 2 days ago

    Debunk Eric Dubay.
    Good luck Dan.
    This Man is not an expert.
    NASA was founded by Nazi
    Verner von Braun.
    Staged fake Moon Hoaxes.
    No less than 6 times.

  • 110110pab
    110110pab 2 days ago

    The man shows complete disrespect for great brave people, just because he doesn't want to give up on his BS fantasy. It shouldn't come as a surprise considering he's a piss drinking flat earther ( that's one level lower on the stupidity scale than a basic FE ) TY Dan

  • Dan Myers
    Dan Myers 2 days ago +2

    Hey wait! YOU cheated and used Math and common sense to prove this.....no fair!

  • Jack Bushong
    Jack Bushong 3 days ago

    In every poll, you can basically right off 10 percent of the people as crazy. And here with 18k likes 2.1 dislikes, it works out to a little more than 10 percent.
    When you get to political polls, you can expect 10 percent of crazies on either end. I.e. 10 percent extreme left wing versus 10 percent extreme right wing crazies. So I have deduced that 20 percent of Americans are indeed crazy and out of touch with reality.

  • Allan C
    Allan C 3 days ago +1

    And they just keep getting dumber and dumber and dumber . These pathetic mentality weak flat earthers are true examples of sheep because there is no proof anywhere ever of a flat earth so in reality all they have is word of mouth , their imaginations and fake science .

  • Ed Sev
    Ed Sev 3 days ago

    The demoncrap society infiltrate and disrupt educated society just to do it basically it’s nothing but a child’s arguement

  • Ed Sev
    Ed Sev 3 days ago

    The sceintic community is just two words he put together to make himself sound intelligent it’s what dumb socialists do they are really threatened by educated non socialusts

    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 3 days ago

      So what do educated socialists do?? Thanks for reminding us that non flat earthers can produce incoherent nonsense too

  • Ed Sev
    Ed Sev 3 days ago

    Well being that flat earthier beluevers have discovered the earth is flat by some sorta physical application yet to be discovered we need now to get them to release all their sceince data to the u s Air Force so we don’t crash into an invisible barrier

  • David Bower
    David Bower 3 days ago

    Somebody who believes in science and facts Vs somebody who bathes in and drinks their own urine. Mmmm I wonder who's going to come off looking stupid.

  • King-Emperor Botolf Zain Isembard of Pleiades

    Whats with white people using shame

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 3 days ago

    Space: The infinite vacuum.
    The earth: A little spec of dust!!
    I call bullshit!!

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 3 days ago

    Hey these dumb ass motherfuckers think the earth is a ball, those poor Australians be falling off they’re upside down 😝

  • Koala Bear
    Koala Bear 3 days ago

    cunts who drink piss i hope u get nitrogen poisoning

  • Dj Luminol
    Dj Luminol 3 days ago +1

    If we still lived in caves or huts, hunting and gathering for food the flat earth people probably would have died early from poisoning themselves eating something everyone else knew was toxic.

  • Karth38
    Karth38 3 days ago +2

    What was said about the Challenger crew is beyond the pale. What a disgusting maggot of a human being.

  • Jason H.
    Jason H. 3 days ago

    Well, to claim that no-one has crossed the Antartic is crazy, there are plenty of newspaper articles of the time showing this, even before Photoshop was invented and flat earth theory was a thing. This guy must be one of those glitches in the matrix...

  • Scott Judge
    Scott Judge 3 days ago +1

    I can’t get enough of this Flat Earth 🌍 guy.... keep up the good work Dan!!!

  • mitchkael jose Marasigan


  • John Biggs
    John Biggs 3 days ago

    Thank you thank you so much for your channel every time I watch these flat-earthers I get dumber and dumber thanks for bringing me back to reality lol

  • terrypussypower
    terrypussypower 3 days ago

    It’s amazing how dense these flat Earth fuckwits are. The term DUNNING-KRUGER is a perfect description of these RETARDS.

  • Constant K
    Constant K 3 days ago

    But what hes saying about Antarctica is true. No one has ever gone straight across Antarctica. Not even Henry. Have you not seen thd route he took? Nowhere near straight across. Shy of around 1500 miles.

    • Constant K
      Constant K 3 days ago

      Also dont get so offended. No one forced henry to go.

  • Eagle View HD
    Eagle View HD 4 days ago

    These flat earthers are so funny! Are they serious?

  • Daniel Mbamalu
    Daniel Mbamalu 4 days ago +2

    such a classy and respectful video destroying every woeful claim of the flat earth melts with solid science and proven research, great job again dan

  • Ian Kelsall
    Ian Kelsall 4 days ago

    what...the..fuk? i am lost for words....

  • Jay Buckey
    Jay Buckey 4 days ago

    The pro-comments to this video are by AI. Click on the avatar and you'll quickly see there is no channel content; no human face. AI is terrified by the grand awakening of human souls and losing their food source.

  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver 4 days ago

    This Dave guy just shows a complete and total lack of understanding of anything that's going on here on earth. He is a complete embarrassment to himself and all flattards everywhere. He sounds like a 5 year old child trying to figure out how things work by himself and refuses to ask those who are more knowledgeable than himself. He is what would happen if we allowed 5 year old to teach classes instead of teachers.

  • scudrunner5
    scudrunner5 4 days ago

    How do you let an idiot rumble on and on?

  • Andros Thomson
    Andros Thomson 4 days ago

    But maths hurts ear balls. lol Great video

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 4 days ago

    The guy you’re mocking he’d eat you for breakfast if you had an actual debate with him, I just watched him embarrass the hell out of your pall the astrophysicist!!

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 4 days ago

    Hey I found another video for you to argue with, your best pall the astrophysicist is in it 😁

  • Str4t0sPh3rE
    Str4t0sPh3rE 4 days ago +1

    I relish the day if one day the earth becomes inhabitable and flat earthers have to disavow their beliefs in order to get onto the shuttle to leave this planet.

  • MrHistorian123
    MrHistorian123 4 days ago

    Dan - Whilst it in no way devalues you calculation and conclusion, you need to stop using the term "centrifugal force".
    In order to keep a body in a circular orbit, a centripetal force is needed, directed towards the centre. As you say, it is calculated by F=mxvxv/r. If this force is not present, the body leaves orbit and flies off tangentially. This gives the impression of a force pushing the body outwards, but it is a phantom force created by the mass or inertia of the body. It does not exist in an inertial frame of reference. It only needs to be invoked in the rotating frame of reference based on the body. Any external observer would be able to see that it does not exist..
    Brian Cox incorrectly used the term in an inertial frame of reference on the BBC the day after I'd explained to the first years that there is no such thing as centrifugal force in that situation and I had a hell of a job to convince them that i was right and he was wrong.

  • Jazepi
    Jazepi 5 days ago

    Splendid and tremendous!

  • Gerardo Renteria
    Gerardo Renteria 5 days ago

    I dare to you to debate AllegedlyDave. (You won’t debunk him)

  • El. Ermann
    El. Ermann 5 days ago

    One year released, and not even one scientific refutation valid.
    youtube. com/watch?v=McdMMmclGVc&t=278s (it is not a link. Copy and paste)

    • Imperial Dork
      Imperial Dork 5 days ago

      +El. Ermann did you watch it? if so are you able to summarize it it a sentence

    • El. Ermann
      El. Ermann 5 days ago

      +Imperial Dork No globeloid can wath it.

    • Imperial Dork
      Imperial Dork 5 days ago

      because no one can watch it

  • hitler 777
    hitler 777 5 days ago

    I mean why do we even care to make this stupid people important. Why take a interview with them . Just give a dam

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 5 days ago

    That guy drinks his own piss and claims THAT is why he is healthy! Google search this: dave murphy drinks urine

  • kiddhkane
    kiddhkane 5 days ago +1

    4:03 - just looking at the picture makes you realize that this guy had unmeasurable willpower and strength, both mental and physical. And he didn't even need to make a mean face to show it.

  • Art Gutierrez
    Art Gutierrez 5 days ago +2

    Flat Earth cult members can believe whatever they want. No amount of logic or reason will ever persuade them away from their delusions. They just shouldn't be allowed to breed.

  • Kelly Blake
    Kelly Blake 5 days ago

    What facts are proven by science exactly? Perhaps, it's the Big Bang theory that science has proven as fact. Oh, wait a minute, that's a theory. It even says so in the scientific name it was given, my bad. How about....gravity? No, no that's no good either. There's that theory word again. Well, not in the name this time, but it's still yet to be proven, so yeah that makes it a theory. But somehow it gets taught as fact to developing young minds in "school". Curious to say the least. Moving on. NASA images of the ball Earth from space? Funny how the size of the continents vary from image to image. I'll stop there on that one. The religion, which you follow known as science, will never prove anything factually when it comes proving that Earth is a ball with water stuck to it by the weakest of all theories known as gravity while flying through space in 4 different directions at once at astronomical speeds. Give me a break already. Quit swinging from NASA's nut sack for Christ's sake.

    • Imperial Dork
      Imperial Dork 5 days ago +2

      "im willfully ignorant to what science actual is because in not doing so it supports my case of ignoring the hundreds of years of hypothesizing, test and observations viewed under the global eye of peer reviews of people replicating the tests and collecting those observations to form the hypothesizes that continually are able to accurately predict the world we live in making them in the eyes of the scientific community a theory"

    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 5 days ago +1

      Ah the classic, “ I have no idea what a scientific theory actually is”

  • J McA
    J McA 6 days ago

    Dan did you really say 'centrifugal force' , (8.17) what's that, never heard of that before. It's bad enough when flat earthers think up non existent half truths to explain there position. 'Centripedal force' such as that exerted upon things placed in my centrifuge, now I have heard of that....

    • J McA
      J McA 4 days ago +1

      I just reread my reply, i sound like an arse. Sorry. I'd been drinking. My genuine apologies.

    • Imperial Dork
      Imperial Dork 4 days ago

      +J McA yes i saw your message, i realized that i dont study this subject so i am probably not right and i decided to discontinue writing here

    • J McA
      J McA 4 days ago

      +Imperial Dork Oh dear, Sci man gets it you clearly don't you'll notice in the definition the prefix 'the apparent force' it is as Dan mentioned a pseudo force, it doesn't actually exist but we percieve it to. To be fair repeating verbatim the first thing to appear under 'define centrifugal force', will lead to mistakes like this. As I tell my students google is not necessarily your friend.

    • J McA
      J McA 5 days ago

      Oh dear, Sci man gets it you clearly don't you'll notice in the definition the prefix 'the apparent force' it is as Dan mentioned a pseudo force, it doesn't actually exist but we percieve it to. To be fair repeating verbatim the first thing to appear under 'define centrifugal force', will lead to mistakes like this. As I tell my students google is not necessarily your friend.

    • Imperial Dork
      Imperial Dork 5 days ago

      Centripetal force is defined as, “The component of force acting on a body in curvilinear motion that is directed toward the center of curvature or axis of rotation
      centrifugal force is defined as, “The apparent force, equal and opposite to the centripetal force, drawing a rotating body away from the center
      the equator is under centrifugal force

  • Mick Ronson
    Mick Ronson 6 days ago

    Hey Bozz eyed fucker go get your face fixed before you come on here as children may be watching and will have nightmares with the way you look and all that shit that comes out of your mouth. And what are those skinny things hanging out your t shirt sleeve with the ink all over them.... Yup deffo case of little skinny man syndrome coming on here spouting his shit because it makes this complete idiot feel important...…. He is about as important as the dog shit I just ran over with my car...….

  • Adrian Michael
    Adrian Michael 6 days ago


  • Cristian
    Cristian 6 days ago +2

    all of the flat earth arguments are these child arguments of 'look at this thing i can see in my kitchen doing this...how come the earth isnt doing this?'. its this super basic thing most children grow out of by the time they are 6...big things, far away things, etc dont work the same way. i can see the sun in the sky. the sun looks like a little object really close. but i also know that things really far look small until u get closer. these people are like the kid at recess that everyone thinks is an idiot.

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 6 days ago

    Your face is that of a narcissistic little upstart! those people you’re mocking in video clips, video clips that can’t talk back are worth 10 of you. you are the lowest of the low, a bottom feeder!

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 3 days ago

      Red Flag 1000s of Christians murdered at the hands of backwards thinking Muslims. Gays thrown from rooftops. You dick head.

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 3 days ago

      Red Flag your brains are up your ass although there’s nothing refreshingly new about that. Anyone who thinks he can breath in space omg you dumb shit what an embarrassment 🙈

    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 5 days ago

      Halo Wars Do you not watch the news, you dickhead? 49 dead & you make comments like this. Just think for a second for pity’s sake!

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 5 days ago

      Red Flag wot? 🤓

  • QuoteZ
    QuoteZ 6 days ago

    U shud debate with a flat earther, it would be cool to watch

  • Henning December
    Henning December 6 days ago

    There is a word in german for dave: Opfer

  • vin 950
    vin 950 6 days ago +6

    no amount of evidence will ever satisfy these crazies. they are so deluded that they will scramble for some excuse or the other as to why the evidence isn't valid.

  • Walter Reed Jr
    Walter Reed Jr 6 days ago +3

    there is a guy that went across antarctica by himself successfully i think he finished sometime in february

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 6 days ago +1

    Dan, Dan he’s the man. If he can’t bullshit you no one can... Yaaaay!! 🤪🤪🤪

  • dan Duenas
    dan Duenas 6 days ago +8

    In the 1990's , the most powerful man in the work at the time received a blow job in the oval office. They were the only people in the room at the time, and the story still got out. The conspiracy required to keep the flat earth a secret would involve billions of people over tend, maybe hundreds of years.

    • Shin
      Shin 3 days ago +1

      Something something Illuminati something something Satan.

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago +1

    You know what’d be funny? Seeing you in a live debate with someone who can talk back 😂🤣😝

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago +1

    Dan having a live debate, what could go wrong 🤔

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago +1

    Little dictator Dan thinks his opinion is the only valid one 😂🤣

    • Arlindo Melo
      Arlindo Melo 6 days ago

      Do you always like your own comments? That´s sad, man. As for his "opinion", it´s based on centuries of observations and scientific experiments. What do flat earthers have? A piss drinking IDIOT, a nonsensical theory that can´t stand on its own legs and has to be mixed with religion, and of course a browser with multiple tabs open and a Nikon P900.
      Hardly a contest.

  • Komaljeet Rambarun
    Komaljeet Rambarun 7 days ago +2

    2:03 how the heck does he think meteorogical services or even GPS works ?

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago +1

    You make me ashamed to be British!! I’ve met people like you and I recognise your personality type. You’re purely ego driven and easily torn apart in a real debate hence why you won’t debate someone like Eric Dubay. Or more likely he regards you as an insignificant little flea!! Yes I know your little brain I’ve ripped guys like you to pieces in debates. Your personality type crumbles in a real live debate! Pathetic little coward debating a video clip 😂🤣

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 4 days ago

      SciManDan I’m not being funny it’s actually quite serious, cause you’re taking people out of context and you’re being very misleading. And the other thing is you’re talking about the construction of bridges and the way they’re being built to account for the curvature of the earth when you and I both know that the ground is not level everywhere that doesn’t mean bridges are being built in a certain way to account for a curve! Plus there’s been many experiments done with lasers proving that there’s no curve!! And I myself have seen islands from 80+ miles away with my own eyes!! You gunna laugh that off too??? I honestly believe you’re a shill, cause all you’re doing is trying to discredit anyone with a point of view.

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 4 days ago

      SciManDan as I’ve said you’ve got nothing to say to a real person who can talk back!

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 6 days ago

      Red Flag fuckin hell and I thought the girlfriend was a nag, you take the cake 😂🤣

    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 6 days ago

      Halo Wars So you were still talking to yourself at 3am ....blimey

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago

    NASA: Er, we cant go back to the moon, because we destroyed all the technology to take us back there. Oh and we accidentally erased all the recorded data and footage 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago

    SciBitchDan you couldn’t win an argument with a 5 year old, even a 5 year old has a more mature mentality than you! Sitting there arguing with a clip says everything one needs to know. Those who can’t win a debate talk to clips and throw insults, you moron. I’d guess you’d pronounce it moraaaan you’re so ignorant.

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago +1


    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 7 days ago

      Halo Wars What argument would that be? Since apparently you don’t actually claim that the earth is flat.....

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 7 days ago

      Red Flag there you go again insulting someone, because cannot win an argument 😝
      My only psychosis is listening to you right now, it’s enough to drive any sane logical person around the bend 🤪🤪🤪

    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 7 days ago

      Halo Wars I have lied about nothing, deleted none of my posts, am happy to stand by everything I’ve said....especially that post about suspecting you have some form of psychosis, your subsequent posting has only reinforced that suspicion.

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 7 days ago

      Red Flag there’s the coffee pot calling the kettle black on being a liar... However I’ve been very straight forward 😁

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 7 days ago


    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 7 days ago

      Halo Wars ooooo....maybe I AM actually Dan......cue the Twilight Zone music....there’s another conspiracy style thingy for you to ponder! 😂

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 7 days ago

      Red Flag I bought you a nice big super wide standing mirror today, to help your odds on finding your ass with both hands 😂🤣

    • Halo Wars
      Halo Wars 7 days ago

      Red Flag haha copying Dans words, yes of course you are. Because you have nothing original to say like a parrot repeating, repeating, repeating 😝

    • Red Flag
      Red Flag 7 days ago

      Halo Wars Why do you tell me to relax? Do you not realise that you are nothing more than light entertainment? You give me a decent chuckle, you ARE my relaxation! 😂
      Particularly love your claims that you are a skeptic...hilarious

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 7 days ago

    In my opinion its wrong to argue with flat earthers, simply they should band from TV and that's it.
    Arguing with them is like arguing with someone believe that cow is a God and created them. No point

  • Stephen Shields
    Stephen Shields 7 days ago

    Speak English.

  • S Crowtoe
    S Crowtoe 7 days ago +1

    Flat Earthers are an embarrassment to mankind. Do you sphere me!

  • SkriP StreaM
    SkriP StreaM 7 days ago

    Oh wow!! The level of stupidity and ignorance, and assured arrogance with this guy is beyond the holy shit level

  • David Henningson
    David Henningson 7 days ago +2

    "Flat earth online debates"... where you can usually read 'back and forth' exchanges 'featuring' some of the 'smarter and more 'scientifically literate' youtubers... frustrating themselves... trying to explain simple concepts like "gravity" holding water and air to the outside of a 'large (massive enough) spinning ball Earth... or any planet or moon (titan) with liquids and gases on it... along with countless other physical concepts (perspective, shadow anatomy (moon shadow size on the earth etc)... relativity and motion... thermodynamics... all with adults and teens who rank on the 'decidedly "lower"... end of the bell curve... with respect to both intellectual as well as (usually but not always) educational achievement.
    Further... instead of recieving explanations from those with better relevant educations and or capabilities to grasp scientific concepts... these lesser elements "accuse" those trying to "correct them"... as 'being "brainwashed"... by NASA and the government (who all apparently belong to 'a secret 'elite' society' run by THE DEVIL himself...)
    What an interesting social experiment... really... some of these threads count over 500 replies... usually with one or two dummies wearing down the patience of upwards a dozen educated folks (who soon realize... they have 'way better' things to do with their time... than repeat explanations on refraction and "why you don't fall off the spinning ball... (because you're grounded by gravity... and spinning with the ball... much like you don't 'slam' into the 'back of the plane'... when you get out of your seat (mid flight) to stretch, or use the washroom. ) Why don't I see the curvature of the earth if it's a ball? (Because the ball is soooooo 'big' that 1 degree = 69 miles!)
    Really... find a 1 degree slope somewhere and walk long it a few miles... I guarantee you'll "SWEAR" you're on FLAT GROUND... you won't be... but it'll appear as if you are.

  • R Bwoodwork
    R Bwoodwork 8 days ago +1

    I’m not sure that they get what caused all planets to be globes in the first place! If they cannot get that then never mind the rest.

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 8 days ago


  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 8 days ago

    At least they’ve all been on tv and you just have a little youtube channel 🤣😂😝
    A little envious SciBitchDan? 🤣😂

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 8 days ago

    @ TVclip user Red Flag: Because you’re a troll and an utter buffoon with nothing intelligent or even remotely interesting to add! My time is too valuable to waste!

  • childofthe60s100
    childofthe60s100 8 days ago

    I imagine that, in the morning, when Dave has drunken most of his "first piss of the day", then washed himself in the remainder, he's not the guy to stand next to, on the Tube!

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 8 days ago

    There seems to be a number of trolls following this little prick SciManDan. Whenever someone raises an issue the trolling begins shortly thereafter. It’s pathetic and it shows how insecure flat earth deniers are 😝

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 8 days ago

    Any idiot can debate a clip that can’t fight back, you’re pathetic. Btw I’m a skeptic, I don’t give 2 fucks if the world is a football or a pizza. At least have a proper debate with civil discourse, and the stronger argument will win. Watching this little prick sit there talking to clips that can’t argue back it’s embarrassing 🙈🙈🙈

    • S Crowtoe
      S Crowtoe 7 days ago

      Really. So They black dude in the video can shit all over everyone and shit all over the Crew that died, he is the good guy in all this? You are a piss drinking idiot also. Take your football and pizza and Piss of you arrogant ignorant oblivious pompous ass! There is a lot more proof out there if you want to read a book. NOT TVclip. I think you suffer from Cancer of the mouth. Think of the people and family's the black dude disrespecting.

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 8 days ago +1

    Debate Eric Dubay you feckless little coward clips can’t talk back 😝

  • acrophobe
    acrophobe 8 days ago

    More than 2000 people are literally taking the piss. I.e. drinking the piss.

  • In0chi
    In0chi 8 days ago

    He must stink. He must smell like a hobo. I’m so shocked I don’t know how to use words.

  • Ed Ford
    Ed Ford 8 days ago

    I've seen the jabawachy in the realm of flatardia.

  • Frank Gee
    Frank Gee 9 days ago

    Trying to argue against a dumb person is like playing Chess against a bird. Even though the bird lost the game, he struts around the board pooping everywhere and acting as if he won.

  • Halo Wars
    Halo Wars 9 days ago

    I believe the bible, and countless cultures around the world they knew what the earth is. Modern times does not equate to knowing more, looking at someone who calls himself SciManDan it says it all. You know nothing!

  • Nigel Brink
    Nigel Brink 9 days ago

    can some one tell me which talk show this is? Thanks for reading this and your time

  • Kos Kosm
    Kos Kosm 9 days ago

    your a retard this channel is whack lmao retardmandan u debunked a video that is 1 hour long in 13 mins your a joke lmao

    • Jerey Kobalt
      Jerey Kobalt 8 days ago

      It doesn't take long to debunk stupidity. I would've done it in a minute and piss more like you off. Who Cares???

  • Lili Angel
    Lili Angel 9 days ago

    I'm not flat earth. However, I have 1 Q and I can't find A. Why planes fly " routs " they do even if they could fly " shorter" ways. I know it sounds stupid,

    • Lili Angel
      Lili Angel 8 days ago

      +Philipp Reinecke Thank you for replay. Now it make sense ❤ and thank you for not making fun out of me xD

    • Philipp Reinecke
      Philipp Reinecke 8 days ago +1

      Your impression is understandable! You are looking at a map with a flight track and it looks like they didn’t take the shortest way. But the only reason for that is, that to create the two dimensional map of the three dimensional globe needs to be projected on a flat surface, which cause different incorecctnesses dependent on the projection method that was used. I recommend to look this up on Wikipedia. As a result, a 2D map is never completely accurate. If you navigate to a house two blocks away from you the distance is too small to note the incorrectness, but if you fly from London to Seattle it matters! Take a globe and transfer a couple of points from the flight track on the globe and you will notice that the plane took the shortest route.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 9 days ago +4

    i binge watched your videos because i love the presentation and the content. i subscribed because of your shout outs for the appreciation of the accomplishments of people. i'm totally with you: it's an insult to the family and friends to belittle or even deny the things some amazing people have done. (hope that thing of a text is understandable. english is not my native language)

    • Arlindo Melo
      Arlindo Melo 6 days ago

      Your english is just fine, mate. Don´t worry.

  • w0bbl3r
    w0bbl3r 9 days ago +3

    My mate was in the royal marines, and he said that during survival training, they were told absolutely in no uncertain terms to NEVER drink urine. It is worse for you than dehydration.

    • kai wilson
      kai wilson 8 days ago

      I've done enough expeditions to know what to drink
      A muddy water patch is pretty much better

    • w0bbl3r
      w0bbl3r 8 days ago

      +kai wilson That's almost word for word what he said his instructors told him in the marines.

    • kai wilson
      kai wilson 8 days ago

      There is a good reason your body wants to get rid of it

  • Ray Blevins
    Ray Blevins 9 days ago

    What is the reason to fake it?

  • Darkcustom xxx
    Darkcustom xxx 9 days ago +5

    So there you go....Seal is a flat earther.....who'd have guessed....!!

  • Christopher Davies
    Christopher Davies 11 days ago +1

    Flat Earthers will happily believe in scientific truths when it suits them. When they need to use modern communications to flag up their wicked wilful stupidity for example. Or need hospital treatment

  • The Truth
    The Truth 11 days ago

    Somewhere, some village is missing an idiot. It's obvious this guy is just trying to get attention (i.e. $$) which is why he's appearing on a Macedonian chat show of all things. And/or he's just an idiot.

  • EthicalGro
    EthicalGro 11 days ago

    Im not surprised if flat earthers give people cancer

  • ashlarxxx
    ashlarxxx 11 days ago

    Dude I hope you don't have a wife to kiss that mouth with.