Zach Galifianakis & Zoe Saldana Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Missing Link stars Zach Galifianakis and Zoe Saldana take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Zach Galifianakis a stage name? How tall is Zoe Saldana? Who is Zach dating? Is Zoe married to Chris Pratt?? Zach and Zoe and answer all these questions and more.

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    Zach Galifianakis & Zoe Saldana Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Comments • 890

  • Shannon Gillespie


  • Ana -X
    Ana -X 3 days ago

    I would kill to have a beard and hair like that

  • peloquinful
    peloquinful 6 days ago

    well, this is one of the most beautiful woman in human history ...

  • ShelbyBaby27
    ShelbyBaby27 8 days ago

    Zach Galifianakis is somebody's dad 😱

  • Morph Verse
    Morph Verse 9 days ago +1

    Zach is the sort of guy that can flip at any moment..

  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 10 days ago

    Who is she?

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      some woman who was named "zoe" be her parents. it is a very ugly name for ugly people.

  • Danny Noguer
    Danny Noguer 10 days ago

    Wait did Zoe Saldana seriously mary Chris Evans?

  • Paska moolokki
    Paska moolokki 12 days ago +2

    Zach looks like his name

  • Reizermo
    Reizermo 12 days ago +1

    She does look like a younger Thandie Newtown. Both gorgeous

  • radiotop6
    radiotop6 13 days ago +1

    Zoe, J-Lo and Salma baddest bitches

  • Poppie Coppell
    Poppie Coppell 14 days ago +2

    Her accent is so lovely😍

  • Edward Li
    Edward Li 14 days ago +1

    when she said "i look like et" i was so shocked and can never unsee it now lmfao

  • Chris OConnor
    Chris OConnor 14 days ago +2

    Zoe Saldana is probably the most beautiful woman walking this planet these days...I cant think of anyone hotter than her.

  • Marina Gornostaeva
    Marina Gornostaeva 19 days ago

    Where is Hugh?

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      mobbed out of the company by zoe and zach?!

  • Eri Guano
    Eri Guano 20 days ago

    You can see how tired she was doing this interview.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 21 day ago

    How did black panther change history?????

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      thats just something a person named "zoe" would try to make you believe

  • How to?
    How to? 24 days ago

    She is so honest.🤩🥰🥰

  • Karimi
    Karimi 24 days ago +1

    I just realized that Zoe Saldana and Jana Pinkett Smith are different people

  • Benjamin Wilkin
    Benjamin Wilkin 24 days ago +1

    I know growing a beard makes you looker older...
    But Chris Pratt *really* looks worse for wear!

  • Fly Crack
    Fly Crack 24 days ago

    using a smelly feet...

  • Global00Vintage
    Global00Vintage 25 days ago

    His body language is very off putting.

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 28 days ago

    What about the other man named Bruce that Zoe was a married to

  • Benjamin Chambersmith
    Benjamin Chambersmith 29 days ago

    Zach Galifianakis needs to google Zach Galifianakis so he can answer some of these.

  • dxrk hayden
    dxrk hayden Month ago +1

    zoe's laugh 🤧💗

  • Nightflash
    Nightflash Month ago +1

    Zoe was in Endgame and Avatar😭

  • Nightfreeze 9128
    Nightfreeze 9128 Month ago +1

    "Black panther is like the only film that made history that I wasn't in" oh my god Zoe lmfao

  • Rudiger Glique
    Rudiger Glique Month ago +2

    Zoe Saldana is pure loveliness

  • Bartl Wrobel
    Bartl Wrobel Month ago

    What kind of history did black panther change? oO

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      first movie where goverment payd people the tickets to see it

  • Sigurjon543
    Sigurjon543 Month ago

    When Zoe says her name "SAL-dah-NAH" instead of Saldaña, is she being tongue and cheek because English speakers forget the tilde on google?

  • Steve the Pirate
    Steve the Pirate Month ago

    How about this? Hash brownies, with some of that powdered alcohol infused icing.

  • Tiffany Nantz
    Tiffany Nantz Month ago +1

    He is hilarious and she seems really sweet!

  • he is trumpy '
    he is trumpy ' Month ago +1

    Pure funny !

  • Nomadic Brian
    Nomadic Brian Month ago

    Holy crap burger I learned something. Zach the Greek is in Bob's Burgers. What part of the burgers I wonder. I know the cheese.

  • Guardiann
    Guardiann Month ago

    Do a Wired Autocomplete with Zachary Levi and whoever else

  • Symphony Brown
    Symphony Brown Month ago +1

    Zoe is so beautiful in spirit and in looks. Just in case no one noticed. Plus she is an awesome actress.

  • eric echols
    eric echols Month ago

    Zoe Saldana B.D. 6•19•78, 41 years of age, which is young. A very youthful and pretty, woman. Women should never be, ashamed of their true age. You've been taught that by the colonizers, many moons, ago.

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      why dont you just move to your beloved saudi arabia? yoa can tell your boring slogans to the scheichs.

  • L2THEC1
    L2THEC1 Month ago +1

    Zach has a whole career because he can grow a beard, this is Fact. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      which is fortunate for him, because he doesnt have any talents

    • Josip
      Josip Month ago

      Pfft, being tall and handsome, that's easy...try being short, fat and smell like doritos and make it in Hollywood.

    IKEGRK Month ago

    1:27 oh she talkin SCHMACK.

  • kat
    kat 2 months ago

    maybe they meant "is zach galifianakis a kappa" as in the japanese river monster

  • Xamf11
    Xamf11 2 months ago

    What did zach say after 5.03???

  • Kinndi Alexiss
    Kinndi Alexiss 2 months ago

    Now I want to know if he’s a kappa 🐰

  • Fred Thompson
    Fred Thompson 2 months ago

    I wish she would have told me that

  • Cankut Erzurum
    Cankut Erzurum 2 months ago +1

    what is going on with the snoring voice through the vid??

  • Arif
    Arif 2 months ago

    Zoe looking like that and snatching a husband that looks like that. Imagine the children!

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      probably extremely stupid and untalented people, just like their parents

  • Peter Estrada
    Peter Estrada 2 months ago

    Wait how tf did black panther change history? It's like the worst movie ever....

    • Mario Mueller
      Mario Mueller 10 days ago

      didnt the goverment pay some people money so they can go see it in cinema?

  • ChimCity BTS
    ChimCity BTS 2 months ago +1

    "did Zach Galifianakis sing Ave Maria"
    "Yes, in a movie i did.."
    in *A* movie? HOW DARE YOU 💔

    MR PEEVES 2 months ago +1

    FFS, Black Panther did not change history. There was plenty of all black casts before that average and boring movie.

  • bran 213
    bran 213 2 months ago

    I thought it was jada pickett half way through the interview

  • Me
    Me 2 months ago

    That was the best one. I thought they picked one very talented and sometimes private person. I'm surprised how warm and personable she is.

  • Gente Comum
    Gente Comum 2 months ago

    "There's a woman, her name is Tandy Newton" - please tell me you're kidding! 😂

  • chunkylefunga
    chunkylefunga 2 months ago

    Zoe clearly doesn't understand (or can say) irony.

  • David Curry
    David Curry 2 months ago +1

    Zach Galifiankis would be good in a live action version of Bob's Burgers

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 2 months ago

    Mediocre movie. Changed history. Lol

    STEVE WEBB 2 months ago +3

    My god what a attractive women

  • andre focke
    andre focke 2 months ago

    Zoe look like et kkkkkl

  • channelabdullaev
    channelabdullaev 2 months ago

    Wired- do one for Zac Efron please!!

  • Manuel Mateo
    Manuel Mateo 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, Dominicans and Haitians try. Emphasis on try.

  • Mbongeni Thomas Lukhele

    Imagine Gamora in Black Panther🤔

  • whatudoin1
    whatudoin1 2 months ago

    She's great but it's surreal that Hollywood tried to cast her as Nina Simone

  • TonyLi's Palace
    TonyLi's Palace 2 months ago

    So now I know what Zoe's twins are named, wonder what her kids' names are