Broadway Riff-Off w/ Neil Patrick Harris

  • Published on Jan 10, 2017
  • Neil Patrick Harris interrupts James during the show challenging him to a riff-off to settle a dispute and figure out who is truly more Broadway. Featuring The Filharmonic on backing vocals.

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Comments • 6 486

  • Terri L
    Terri L 3 hours ago

    James is good, but seriously, you can't compete with the KING of broadway Riff-off's NPH!

  • Iamm briinaya
    Iamm briinaya Day ago


  • Tanmay Arvind
    Tanmay Arvind 2 days ago +6

    Kids, did I ever tell you about the time your Uncle Barney obliterated James Corden in singing?

  • Scott Hewitt
    Scott Hewitt 2 days ago


  • Scott Hewitt
    Scott Hewitt 2 days ago

    The F@¢€ did you just say?!?!?

  • Samalamb2003
    Samalamb2003 3 days ago

    I think Neil Patrick Harris should play as Stacee Jaxx in a production of Rock of Ages

  • Sini Mäkinen
    Sini Mäkinen 4 days ago

    2013 Tony awards... watch Neal blow the house. Go Neal Go!

  • Summer Medsker
    Summer Medsker 5 days ago +1

    Petition for James to be the next King George in Ham

  • aimee hamilton
    aimee hamilton 6 days ago +1

    I just watched Neil Patrick Harris rap Hamilton. I’m happy now

  • Eevee _umbreon123
    Eevee _umbreon123 6 days ago

    And OMFG!!! HAMILTON!!!!!!

  • Eevee _umbreon123
    Eevee _umbreon123 6 days ago

    Did he...... did he....... did he just lick...... James Corden? Damn. He got guts to do that on live TV

  • princ3ss_z3lda
    princ3ss_z3lda 8 days ago +2

    We will never know what Geico stands for.

  • Victoria S
    Victoria S 9 days ago

    but what does geico stand for

  • John Flores
    John Flores 10 days ago +1

    These two should battle Fallon and Timberlake.....

  • Angelica Lafayette
    Angelica Lafayette 11 days ago +1

    I CLICKED ON THIS VIDEO TO LISTEN TO SOME HAMILTON, and I’m soooo glad they sang my shot at the end.

  • Da Artist Person
    Da Artist Person 12 days ago

    All petition for James to be Eponine

  • Friends squad stars #fun

    Does anyone here watch a series of unfortunate event? Cause I do

  • Amumu The Sad Mummy
    Amumu The Sad Mummy 14 days ago

    Sexy should've been "Nothing suits me like a suit"

  • Yessin Ouajnan
    Yessin Ouajnan 15 days ago


  • Brayden Pogson
    Brayden Pogson 16 days ago

    This is basically NPH singing his past roles and James singing roles he wants to do 😂

  • Lotte Rebel
    Lotte Rebel 17 days ago

    I was listening to every song they sang waiting for a Hamilton song and I cried when he said ‘you can’t throw away your’

  • rotem nisan
    rotem nisan 18 days ago

    How do you like this video more than oncs?

  • MariaVana
    MariaVana 18 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that James Corden's middle name really is Kimberly...

  • Ffion Wall
    Ffion Wall 19 days ago

    Is it just me or do you see soooo much Barney Stinson in NPH like it’s actually insane

  • Victoria Bell
    Victoria Bell 19 days ago

    But we never got to hear what GEICO stood for... we will probably never hear what GEICO stands for, will we.

  • Duhitzme 102
    Duhitzme 102 20 days ago

    This needs to happen with Lin Manuel Miranda

  • hahahah
    hahahah 20 days ago

    08:53 bookmark

  • anim3schxxl
    anim3schxxl 21 day ago


  • Riley Sapiano
    Riley Sapiano 21 day ago +16

    Lowkey was thinking they were gonna end with “Seasons Of Love”

  • Shekinah Tibay
    Shekinah Tibay 23 days ago

    Corden's broadway bows killed me. 😄😂🤣

  • Corry Helmond
    Corry Helmond 24 days ago

    Brilliant 💖 Love James

  • Sage Ferry
    Sage Ferry 26 days ago

    first of all, is NPH conditioned to act like barney whenever he's in a suit? secondly I know it's not Broadway but DR. Horrible's sing along blog anybody? and thirdly, can NPH just adopt me? please?

  • Miss._. Analiese
    Miss._. Analiese 27 days ago

    Ahhhhhamilton!!!! Whooooooo MY SHOT!

  • Elannah Jessup
    Elannah Jessup 29 days ago

    I knew that they could not go threw this with a Hamilton song

  • Katie Franks
    Katie Franks Month ago

    If your gonna my shot do it properly

  • SophieMia806
    SophieMia806 Month ago

    I absolutely LOVED this video! What a fun bit that must have been to put together and perform. It sure was fun to watch. 😃

  • Elizabeth Cortes
    Elizabeth Cortes Month ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that James' middle name for real actually is Kimberly?

  • James Potter
    James Potter Month ago

    Neil your gay is showing 😂

  • thericksterrick
    thericksterrick Month ago +3

    Who else is here from Masked Singer? 😂😂

  • InDirectDiana
    InDirectDiana Month ago +1

    Just here trying to figure out if he's the peacock 🤔

  • Bhagas Kevin
    Bhagas Kevin Month ago

    I see Barney 😂

  • Josephine Koschak
    Josephine Koschak Month ago

    9:20 I don't even like Hamilton but hearing NPH do it... Yes.

  • Morgan Voorhees
    Morgan Voorhees Month ago

    James at the on my own,,, mic dropped

  • Christine Abarientos

    Omg I didn’t know Barney could sing

  • Christina Phipps
    Christina Phipps Month ago

    not so fast Mr. Baker We've changed We're strangers I'm meeting you in the woods who minds what dangers? I know We'llget past the woods and once we're past Let's hopethe changes last beyond woods beyond witches and slippers and hoodsjust the two of us beyond lies safe at home with our beautiful prize just the few of us it takes trust it trust just a bit moreand we're done we want four we had none we've got three we need one it takes two

  • Lennox Nyla
    Lennox Nyla Month ago

    “Look at us. Acting real hard right here”

  • Kyla Padernos
    Kyla Padernos Month ago


  • Ann Burlingham
    Ann Burlingham Month ago

    how bad are the captions, though

  • Choco Maniacs
    Choco Maniacs Month ago

    You want a heartbreaking ballad? Try For Good from Wicked. Brings a tear (or three) to my eye every single time.

  • Hope Fuller
    Hope Fuller Month ago

    How is there not a list of all the songs sang

  • Brendon Scholl
    Brendon Scholl Month ago

    the guy with the glasses in the Filharmonic owns my ass hes such a cutie holy shit.

  • Paulina Vanessa
    Paulina Vanessa Month ago

    When you wait the whole time to they sing Hamilton... and start to lose hope... and suddenly... 💙

  • Emma Roe
    Emma Roe Month ago

    It starts at 3:00 fir those who don't want the first bits

  • Tiffany Packer
    Tiffany Packer Month ago

    Oh hi count Olaf!

  • Girl Wifi
    Girl Wifi Month ago

    Do not throw away your shot :)

  • Ann Girling
    Ann Girling Month ago +1

    Where can you see dougie house.i adored that programme.i m a nurse and I know it was Soooo ridiculous but I will hold my hands up and say I loved it!!

    • Jennifer Eichhorn
      Jennifer Eichhorn Month ago

      Ann Girling Doogie Howser is on Hulu and here on TVclip. I love it too.

  • Becca Antoine
    Becca Antoine Month ago

    Omg the Philharmonic’s reaction when NPH went full Hedwig and licked Corden. Lmfaaaoooo

  • Peggy Hartog
    Peggy Hartog Month ago

    Popular you're gonna be popular I'll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys little ways to flirt and flat . Oh I'll show you what shoes to wear how to fix that hair every thing that realy counts to be popular

  • Eristine Forever
    Eristine Forever Month ago

    Btw, Neil Pattrick Harris was also on Broadway at one point. He was in the musical Rent as Mark, I think.

  • Alena Maroz
    Alena Maroz Month ago


  • MzFulfigdBeauti
    MzFulfigdBeauti Month ago

    Claiming a "foul" on NPH for licking James' cheek. 😂😂😂

  • Alma Fudge Kapolo
    Alma Fudge Kapolo Month ago

    James you are for sure the king of late shows I love you

  • Kim Glenn
    Kim Glenn Month ago


  • Jamellen Benguet
    Jamellen Benguet Month ago

    Cooordeeen FTW, sorry NPH though I love youuuuuu. 😍

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX Month ago +1

    omg when they pushed their faces away 😂

  • Ava Jade
    Ava Jade Month ago

    Who else came here to see if they Hamilton. We're all 'satisfied' now ;)

  • Jo'i Tai
    Jo'i Tai Month ago

    R they new kimmel and demon ?

  • jaosecond
    jaosecond Month ago

    Kudos guys. They are all amazing.

  • Captain Spuggie
    Captain Spuggie Month ago

    B... wait.. what the fuck does GuyCo stand for???

  • leslie knight
    leslie knight Month ago

    Why is everything a riff off with this guy? I blame pitch perfect for this annoying craze. And is Sit Down, You're Rockin the Boat the only song James knows from Guys and Dolls?

  • Claire Skelly
    Claire Skelly Month ago

    Who else wants to see NPH as alexander Hamilton

  • M Cook
    M Cook Month ago

    So outstanding! Loved hearing the Filharmonic do these songs, especially All that Jazz and Sugar Daddy. Just wonderful.

  • Ange Moore
    Ange Moore Month ago +1

    I don't care what anyone says ....James is better 😁❤

  • Lucy Pollock
    Lucy Pollock Month ago +2

    I know it's not a musical, but Neil Patrick Harris singing "Look Away" from a Series of Unfortunate events is literally my favourite song and I wish he'd sung it. But also now I can't see NPH without seeing Count Olaf

  • amy Dickson
    amy Dickson Month ago

    not gonna lie little cringe

  • amy Dickson
    amy Dickson Month ago +1

    James is the man

  • Sonnen Schein
    Sonnen Schein Month ago


  • n yb
    n yb Month ago

    NPH got on my OWNED!!

  • Jennifer Mullan
    Jennifer Mullan Month ago

    Neil, James, I love you both so much!!!!

  • I don’t know
    I don’t know Month ago

    Anyone else realise that nph was quoting himym

  • Jenny Ohh
    Jenny Ohh Month ago

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  • Da BestUnicorn1989
    Da BestUnicorn1989 Month ago +7

    Who's after " Neil Patrick goes undercover" ?

    • SeaMaster
      SeaMaster Month ago

      yep... but cant find the comment :(

  • Carly Lizards
    Carly Lizards Month ago

    Love them both my god

  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers Month ago +1

    This was awesome! Made my day. NPH has gotten plenty of acknowledgement for his talent. JC on the other hand, is not as well known for the great work he has done. I first saw him in a Dr. Who episode and thought he was brilliant. Turns out, he's as talented as NPH. They were both great.

  • Cat Neko Kotyonok
    Cat Neko Kotyonok Month ago

    Fil-Harmonic! My kababayans (homeboys). 😊

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    I did not see that coming!!!!
    I am not throwing awayy shot!!!!

  • Emily Huber
    Emily Huber Month ago

    I just knew they were gonna end with my shot

  • Kelynn Rose
    Kelynn Rose Month ago

    okay but how did I know that they were going to end it in my shot?? :) loved it!!!

  • kay yama
    kay yama Month ago

    okay but what does geico stand for

  • Artwood's Angel
    Artwood's Angel Month ago

    He didn't do NEWSIES

  • Yiannos Stratis
    Yiannos Stratis Month ago

    Imagine NPH performing the Girls VS Suits song from HIMYM

  • Donna Kunkle
    Donna Kunkle Month ago

    NPH is great

  • RespectYourViews
    RespectYourViews Month ago

    subtitls/cc at 4:09, a heartbreaking balance ad =D

  • Holly Clark
    Holly Clark Month ago

    Incredible TV 🤣🤣😍😍😍

  • Renee Mayerfeld
    Renee Mayerfeld Month ago

    ...James Patrick Corden" " um my middle name isn't Patrick, it's Kimberly so who looks stupid now?"

  • Philip Howard
    Philip Howard Month ago

    Neil Patrick Harris sucks and this TV show is on sucks to

  • Lazlow Rave
    Lazlow Rave Month ago

    NPH is given so much respect without de- dignifying Corben.

  • Lazlow Rave
    Lazlow Rave Month ago

    NPH is for the win. Hands down. Everytime.

  • Antonio Vivaldi
    Antonio Vivaldi Month ago

    Half expected NPH to just go "No more talk of darkness..." and that would've been beautiful 😂😭

  • ZeRoNinJa
    ZeRoNinJa Month ago

    But if there wasn’t gonna be a riff off that night, why do they have the songs done and rehearsed? 😧