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  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • ♡ WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS TO SHARE! (10.01.19) ♡

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    • HKPP: medlineplus.gov/ency/article/000312.htm
    • POTS: www.nhs.uk/conditions/postural-tachycardia-syndrome/pages/introduction.aspx
    • M.E/CFS: www.nhs.uk/conditions/Chronic-fatigue-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx
    • FIBRO: www.nhs.uk/Conditions/ Fibromyalgia/Pages/Introduction.aspx
    • EDS: www.nhs.uk/Conditions/ehlers-danlos-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx
    • GASTROPARESIS: www.nhs.uk/conditions/gastroparesis/Pages/Introduction.aspx
    • MCAD: www.ukmasto.org/ukmasto-medical-mcas.php#sthash.GOU8TykD.dpbs

Comments • 319

  • Chloe Parker
    Chloe Parker 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who freaked out when she lit the candle then left the house 🙊

  • Fiona P
    Fiona P 5 days ago

    Congratulations Tom. I'm chuffed for you ☮️⚛️

  • noneya bidness
    noneya bidness 7 days ago

    You guys are going to be the best of parents especially you Ami! Also you look beautiful no matter the condition of your skin I get breakouts sometimes and get self conscious but it doesn't matter what people think so please dont let little things like that make you feel uneasy and I've noticed when you get uncomfortable you laugh I'm the same way!

  • Paula Oliver
    Paula Oliver 13 days ago

    Yes! Come to New Zealand! I would b happy to have you guys stay with me!

  • Kathryn Harris
    Kathryn Harris 19 days ago

    Your grandmother has great taste-beautiful earrings!! Yes; who ever knew there were bananas in banana bread?😱 😂 Lol! There are mixes that have it already in there, but I still put like a half of one in. I like Goldfish too-do you have them in cinnamon, pizza flavor or white cheddar? Those are really good. And blueberry lime slushie from McD’s? Why do you guys get that and America doesn’t?! I’m very put out right now, lol. But I do love the peach ones that we have got. We have fruit punch too, but I haven’t tried it. Congrats to you and Tom-I’ll have to look at your past videos because I wonder how you met (a little late to the party i know)! Cheers!😘💕💕💕

  • Lise Marie Lichtermann

    May you are a darling! Tom is hilarious with his THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM. those eyebrows twitching up & down LOLOL😂
    Congrats Tom on your Visa!

  • Christine Duiven
    Christine Duiven 25 days ago

    I am sorry if this is long winded. I believe that my son has EDS. He is 19 and symptoms have been progressing quickly in the last 3 years, and had never put all of the symptoms together before. He has been hospitalized 3 times this year for "Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome ". His gastric empty study was irregular and gastrointestinal dr doesn't know what to make of results because he had more in his stomach in 4th scan than 3rd. He has been diagnosed hypermobile when he was 14. He has always had joint pain but we didn't know to what extent. So if you have got any advice? Just sort of at my wits end. You seem so positive and sweet so thank you for your videos. Love from Canada

  • Emilie Hutchison
    Emilie Hutchison Month ago +1

    GGGGGIIIIRRRRLLLL its adult acne. I'm going through the same thing and I'm 31!

  • Cheryln Kurz
    Cheryln Kurz Month ago

    I’ve dealt with acne my whole life. I’m 39 and STILL get it. The worst is now I have pimples AND crow’s feet around my eyes! My combo skin is annoying since parts are dry and parts are greasy. Ugh!
    But honestly, you are beautiful, inside and out! The acne can never take that away. Your smile is bright and happy and that it what I always notice about you first.

  • Cheryln Kurz
    Cheryln Kurz Month ago

    Congratulations to Tom! That’s such awesome news!!

  • darwin wins
    darwin wins Month ago

    You are so beautiful and strong...and I love the Accent

  • Octapus Dude
    Octapus Dude Month ago

    what kind of car is that?

  • Rodney Galbraith
    Rodney Galbraith 2 months ago +1

    Love from Canada to you and Tom all the very, very, very best.

  • MegaOzzy28
    MegaOzzy28 2 months ago

    15:31 for the good nees

  • MoonlitRose1990
    MoonlitRose1990 2 months ago

    So...where is tom from then?

  • Paul Damon
    Paul Damon 2 months ago

    Ya for tom so glad for you and him. One more thing you are a very beautiful just own it sweetie.

  • Zoey Michaud
    Zoey Michaud 2 months ago

    mcdonald's food looks soooo much better there.

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas 2 months ago

    Actually for things like canned and frozen foods, yes, it absolutely does matter. I worked in the lab at the cannery and what they do is everything is graded by quality and there's different criteria for each product. The grade A (best) foods get the name brand labels, note each company pays a certain amount to have a certain grade, then grade B are your store brands and the C grade goes into things that go to the dollar store or canned food stores. However, there are times when the factory needs to fill an order of a store brand or dollar brand and there isn't any lower grade product available at that point so then they have to fill that order with the grade A (best quality) product so that's why sometimes you will buy an off or store brand and think it tastes and looks amazing then the next time you buy it you thing wtf. Lol

  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson 2 months ago

    You so dam adorable.I can see why he likes you .

  • spaecter9186
    spaecter9186 2 months ago

    Bananas are supposed to be black for banana bread.

  • Fandy Liu
    Fandy Liu 2 months ago

    i can relate to a lot of things you mentioned in the video even though i don't have any illness, I still love your videos by the way! when you mentioned that it takes guts to show yourself to social media. I 100% understand, I also understand how having insecurities effects how you want to act on social media. Everyone has insecurities, but you should never be afraid to still be yourself no matter what you think people will think of you.

  • L A Lou
    L A Lou 2 months ago

    Come to the States. Visit Los Angeles. Visit Hollywood. Who are the Wildcats. Is that a School team? An Australian league team? ???

  • Ruthann Bowman
    Ruthann Bowman 2 months ago

    you look beautiful you can't help your skin you look fine don't be embarrassed the banana dread looked great congrats Tom for getting your visa you 2 look so cute together and happy love watching you guys

  • Florence Hébert
    Florence Hébert 2 months ago

    you are such an amazing and beautifull human!!! your resilience is such an inspiration!!!! dont ever give up !!!!!!

  • Peace Love and Paws
    Peace Love and Paws 2 months ago +1

    The snack that smiles back! 😍

  • Mercedes Mass
    Mercedes Mass 3 months ago

    Good news guys! Now you can travel all over. Amy take it easy with your condition, okay? Blessings to you both.

  • Courtney Wright
    Courtney Wright 3 months ago

    @Amy’s Life Hi Amy! I don’t have the exact same problems that you do, but many of the same.🙂 You were talking about showering and bathing and stuff. I get exhausted doing full shower everyday, so I do like you. I found product that has worked wonderfully for me because I have so many allergies to so many soaps. I’m very limited as to what I can use. Wanted to drop this info for you in case you wanted to give them a try, hopefully you won’t have an adverse reaction. I get them on Amazon, they’re out of pocket for me, but hopefully you can get the cost covered depending where you purchase.
    MEDLINE - ReadyBath LUXE Antibacterial Body Cleansing Cloths/Wipes, Fragrance Free, Extra Thick Wipes .
    It’s as close to taking a bath as you can get. They do such an amazing job and don’t irritate my skin, just thought it might be another option for you for times when you are too tired to do a complete immersive bath. Hope it can be a help to you, you’re an incredible person, beautiful on the inside and out! Stay strong!

  • oldchickie
    oldchickie 4 months ago

    Amy it looks as if you're getting better...I thought the surprise was that you are pregnant...BUT...it would have worried me...knowing your condition...you cannot eat what you want and I would be worried the baby would not get the necessary nutrients to be in good health...and what you don't need right now is to have a sick baby on your hands.And as for your heavy flow when you get your period...did you know that birth control pills usually takes care of that.Once upon a time I had the same problem when I was 13 a heavy flow and I developed anemia but having kids changes all that except for the anemia which I had a tendency to develop during pregnancy and my doctor told me to eat a lot of eggs and spinach and that sort of thing.

  • Lauren Cliver
    Lauren Cliver 4 months ago

    You’ll be a great mum. I have four even with medical problems

  • Bz Zwiebel
    Bz Zwiebel 4 months ago

    Congrats for getting married. Wish you all the best! Best wishes for your future from Canada

    • Muls 95
      Muls 95 Month ago

      You didn't watch the video did you?

  • Gerida Booyens
    Gerida Booyens 5 months ago

    Seriously, I had not noticed your skin until you mentioned it. I’m to intriqued by the other things going on in your life, than checking out your skin - 😂

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 5 months ago

    Tom, because the hair falls out quicker. It has a much shorter life cycle than head hair!

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 5 months ago +1

    Seriously, you'd make a great mom to any child.

  • Knuffelbeer
    Knuffelbeer 5 months ago

    You can use terracortril eyesalve instead of burning the granulation tissue. It’s painless and works just as well. It just needs to be applied every day for a week and the result is the same. I use it all the time as a nurse on wounds and drains.

  • Jennifer Cato
    Jennifer Cato 5 months ago +4

    I love your Vlogs. Congratulations on your Visa, Tom!!!! :) You guys are adorable together!!! Oh and look into Silver nitrate I believe it is called, and you'd be able to take care of your stoma yourself. If it's allowed over there. :) That's what I do here in the States. ❤️
    Oh and you are gorgeous! Please don't beat yourself up. No worries gal!

  • Shady Lady
    Shady Lady 5 months ago

    If your still experiencing skin probs, I have a solution that worked for me and it’s seriously too easy to be real. I’m not exactly a spring chicken and suffered through miserable skin for over 30yrs used every product on the market from low to highest price point. Tried zero makeup, double face washing , facial treatments, you name it I tried it! NEUTROGENA OIL FREE CREAM CLEANSER is my freaking saviour! Always thought my skin was oily and preferred washes to cleansers but this product changed my life ! I do also use in the evening La Roche Possay (Efficlar Duo) it can be pricey at around $30/40 but like I said I’m no spring chook and it works to remove dark spots and clear excess clogging gunk so it actually has two actions. I rarely get a spot these days and I used to have a breakout of spots every month or so. If I feel a spot now I just pop on some Benzac Ac 5% and Bobs your uncle Fannys your aunt 😉

  • Ava Hill
    Ava Hill 6 months ago

    yeah I do not like whole grain pretzel goldfish

  • Chelsea Baird
    Chelsea Baird 6 months ago

    I’m soo surprised that you don’t have goldfish a lot! Those are like American childhood. The pretzel ones arent the best. They make so many flavors!

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson 6 months ago +1

    i buy boys joggers in a small size because they are highest waisted x

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson 6 months ago +1

    girl we loveee you, gorgeous inside and out x

  • Dis B Life
    Dis B Life 6 months ago

    Just discovered your vlogs last night. Hearing the Spice Girls..... ya, you are AWESOME! :D Spice Girls rule!

  • Dena McVaney
    Dena McVaney 6 months ago

    Ya, thought the proposal was going to happen but congrats, Tom, for your partner visa and Amy you are cute as a button! My daughters and I love watching your vids and I love them to watch you because you have such high esteem and self confidence for young followers. Thank you 😊

  • Sierra Cook
    Sierra Cook 6 months ago

    My stomach is always tender due to the Lupus, Sjogrens, Gastroparesis, and IBS. The most comfortable clothes Ive found are high waisted joggers at Costco for $15.00 usd, their tank tops with built in bra 2 for $10 USD and super comfortable leggings 2 for $12 usd. Now with the chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, this is really all I wear, that and comfortable hoodie or cardigan. My nurses have thanked me for wearing clothing that makes easy to access my power port. As for your skin, TPN can throw your skin's health off for awhile. As can chemo, so Im using St Ives all natural facial scrub, facial cleanser, and Olay 7 effects lotion with suncreen. It has definitely cleared my skin, and it seems healthier.

  • Kristin Colvin
    Kristin Colvin 6 months ago

    Stupid question maybe, I hope it's not bad annoying, but why do you not have the feeding tube? (Nose hose lol) so when you don't have it how does that work? Sorry I probly have it all backwards... I know the Hickman is where all nutrients go.... (sorry stupid? Lol just curious! ) also I just recently started watching! Your so brave & beautiful!!!! Keep on keeping on!!

  • Gordon Wybo
    Gordon Wybo 7 months ago

    Congrats!!!! Your a beautiful person because you are real and honest, not because of your skin.

  • A. Music
    A. Music 7 months ago

    I'm so happy for yall! Congratulations! That's awesome news!

  • santtu nen
    santtu nen 7 months ago

    We love your joggers! ❤❤ And the things that make you go "Hmm" 😂😂😂👌👌

  • Angela Turk
    Angela Turk 7 months ago

    Bahahaha!🤣🤣🤣 You and Tom crack me up! You have a wonderful relationship. Never go to bed angry. I heard that was good advice 😉😎. Anyhow, Take good care of yourself girl. Tom, keep on doing what you're doing. You are obviously doing the right things. ❤

  • Mary DeForge
    Mary DeForge 8 months ago

    Mary Beth here again,Any I'm so happy for you and Tom your so perfect for each other!!!!!Please don't worry about your skin it's probably from a medication but I'm a retired make up artist and would love to make suggestions for you in planning on writing to you as soon as I get my strength back and tomorrow I'm going for my infussion called recast for my bones not looking forward to side effects bad aches and pains for me till next time muxh love to you both MB

  • Susan Stewart
    Susan Stewart 8 months ago

    You look fab Joggers are gorgeous x

  • Keely Miller
    Keely Miller 8 months ago

    You should definitely come to New Zealand. It can be pretty nice here... Sometimes lol

  • Chels Mill-With
    Chels Mill-With 8 months ago +1

    A good tip, use really over ripe bananas, makes the bread tastes even more amazing! 💕

  • Alysha Brown
    Alysha Brown 8 months ago

    Come to New Zealand you’ll love it. Mount manganui is the best place to go. 👍

  • bingbongboop
    bingbongboop 8 months ago

    Wait... where's Tom from?

  • Tatiyanna Murphy
    Tatiyanna Murphy 8 months ago

    Try a cheddar and pretzel goldfish together

  • Ebony Lowe
    Ebony Lowe 8 months ago

    Please don't be ashamed of your skin. What matters is that you have a beautiful spirit. Young girls look up to you, so be careful about putting yourself down online. You are beautiful no matter what!

  • Debs Adam's in UK
    Debs Adam's in UK 9 months ago


  • LibellulaGlass
    LibellulaGlass 9 months ago +1

    try some maternity pants! They are high waisted and have a soft stretchy panel over the tummy, which in your case could allow for your expanding and contracting bloat.

  • TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal

    Amazon might have goldfish. I live in the USA and I love goldfish. The other flavors I dont like lol.
    Your mcdonnalds has slushies and your food looks way better also!

  • Deanna Franklin
    Deanna Franklin 9 months ago

    Your personality is what I look at in your videos. I do understand you feeling embarrassed though. But you are just so beautiful. Inside and out.