Victorian Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • I don't know since when 64 years is almost a century, I was always bad at math sry
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  • CreoleFaerie
    CreoleFaerie Day ago

    I would love to see you cover Edwardian fashion in this way as well. But i also wonder if you would talk about the Italian Renaissance because most people don't fully understand it either. *angrily thinks about Renaissance festivals*

  • Amber Reyes
    Amber Reyes 2 days ago

    I find that when I say something about Victorian fashion, people immediately think Steampunk. And while I like Steampunk and it has it's roots in a lot of Victorian ideals, it's not Victorian. No one walked around wearing gears on their hats and only women that worked in the less appealing professions of the day showed that much skin while out and about. It's frustrating.

  • Marveles holt
    Marveles holt 2 days ago

    Im curious how you feel about historical fantasy stuff like parasol protectorate, because from what ive read it can be pretty accurate at times

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 2 days ago

    “A lot of people died during that time.”
    They all died. None of them are still alive.

  • Titan Uranus
    Titan Uranus 3 days ago

    So in 1830s everybody dressed as if they were living on a cookie jar?

  • Lori-Kate Dickinson
    Lori-Kate Dickinson 4 days ago

    I am one of the people who thinks Crinolines when I hear Victorian fashion.

  • Ona Luna
    Ona Luna 11 days ago

    I like some of the intense, saturated colors that became popular when houses became better lit (through gas lamps and electricity). Of course, some of those colors were toxic, like the arsenic greens-yikes. Among my favorites are the bold shades of blues that were especially popular in French fashions from the mid- to late- 19th century. (Think of Renoir paintings and French fashion dolls.) But the fabulous rich reds, deep orange-russets, bright yellows, emerald and vibrant chartreuse were also gorgeous. Here are some great silhouettes in blue, which also illustrate the vast changes in styles you mentioned:

    • Ona Luna
      Ona Luna 11 days ago

      PS: I loved your role playing over the Great Gatsby looks. :D

  • Downhome Geek
    Downhome Geek 11 days ago

    I love these videos!!! Fantastic job! 💖 I hope you do more eras. Thank you! 👍

  • Rachel Ward
    Rachel Ward 12 days ago

    I have a photo of my great-great grandparents, and my great-grandmother has the short curly awkward bangs! LOL I didn't realize she was being fashionable...

  • La gauloise
    La gauloise 14 days ago

    I love so much these videos about fashion history, and I would be sooooooo happy if you make one about jewelry of this era !! Please please please !!!

  • Myth Fella
    Myth Fella 14 days ago

    Mommy, can you do lollita?

    • Katrīna Šitca
      Katrīna Šitca 14 days ago

      I don't believe she will do something with lollita. If you are interested in it, i suggest watching Lovely Lor :)

  • Jim P
    Jim P 15 days ago

    Don Knotts. Okay.

  • YeahNahRightio
    YeahNahRightio 16 days ago

    I have the pleasure to work in a place where I get to interpret the era of 1851-61 in Australia. We have historically accurate costumes for every class level with very strict guidelines to follow.
    My other work place is suppose to be kinda Victorian/ Edwardian era but gothic Victorian where we get to make our own steampunk type costume.
    I love where I work, it’s definitely unique!

  • bre win
    bre win 20 days ago

    I like your role plays ♥️

  • Phillip filkins
    Phillip filkins 20 days ago

    Also for the lower class their clothes had to be useful because this is the time of coal so it's very dirty, dusty, filthy time with a lot of sickness. So if you are a high class you never got your hands dirty... And most people who had servants usually had more servants than members of their household

  • Kaileigh Q
    Kaileigh Q 21 day ago +1

    I don’t like being that person, but she really only started wearing black after her husband died. Before that she wore similar silhouettes but with softer colors and lighter fabrics with fresh flowers in the hair.

  • Canadian Monarchist 1992

    Great video! In Emily of New Moon, Emily asks her aunt to let her get bangs like the other girls at school. That would have been the 1880s. Also, I think the preponderance of images of Victorians in blacks partly comes from the fact that many photographs occurred in times of mourning. Photographs were expensive, so you might never have taken a photograph of yourself with someone during his or her lifetime. You would then pay for a photograph of you with the corpse (or a bust of the dead person). Also families spread out, so an occasion where you were all together might be a funeral.

  • Alice Jump
    Alice Jump 22 days ago

    Such a wide range of both time and fashion! Who influenced these changes?

  • Cats and Codeine
    Cats and Codeine 23 days ago

    Omg yes!!! All of this! Can we please stop saying Edwardian and Fin de Siecle are Victorian fashions?

  • Benji N
    Benji N 23 days ago

    I love Victorian men’s fashion. The wing collars, waist coats. The suits were even tailored to fit the body more. Modern suits are more bulky and too simplistic. What happened guys?! Lol

  • meg arbo
    meg arbo 24 days ago +1

    I kind of wish people still got dressed differently for evening events. Not just club wear. But in general.

  • meg arbo
    meg arbo 24 days ago

    Your videos are very informative and I am enjoying them. I know English is not your first language, and your English vocabulary is impressive. However, "epitome" is pronounced "eh-pi-tah-me". But you used it correctly which is more than I can say for a lot of native English speakers. Ha. Thanks for your work!

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley 24 days ago

    I think you are missing the point... Victorian sounds sexy and it's the only time period females have even heard of, so we're going to call everything Victorian to sell magazines and products.... Kay?

  • Flapper Girl
    Flapper Girl 26 days ago

    I liked the previous intro tho

  • Rhiannon's birds
    Rhiannon's birds 27 days ago

    I actually prefer the Edwardian era and have noticed how people think it's Victorian. My personal style is a mix of everything.

  • Caitlyn Berwick-McLean

    Ok so now we need basically this video but for Victorian hairstyles

  • TheSongwritingCat
    TheSongwritingCat 27 days ago

    When I think Victorian, I think late Victorian mutton sleeves and lapels and embroidery and maybe a bit of a high lace collar. I think that's because that's a lot of what survived to be displayed at museums, at least in my area. I have an American bias so I separate out Civil War and Little Women era garments as a distinct period.

  • Seraphil1
    Seraphil1 27 days ago

    Crinolines or bust!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 28 days ago +1

    I think so many people think of Downton Abbey when someone says “Edwardian”, so when they see a Gibson Girl they think “ oh, that must be the other one-Victorian, i think?”

  • Bethany B
    Bethany B 28 days ago

    Bangs were also called a "lunatic fringe," as per Laura Ingalls' Pa.

  • Bethany B
    Bethany B 28 days ago

    20:06 That is an ENORMOUS comb.

  • David Dewey
    David Dewey 28 days ago

    Loved the role play. First video of yours I ever saw. Guy clicks on video titled boobs!? How bizarre😎. Theater major so I kept watching and loved it so much I barely noticed complete lack of actual boobs

  • Victoria White
    Victoria White 28 days ago +1

    The dark colours that we associate with Victorian fashions is an important issue that I’m glad you raised. Our perception is altered by the fact that we generally only ever see black and white photography. It’s perpetuated by tv and film to some extent because the more muted tones are far more atmospheric and fit the themes of (modern) film very well. The mode of photography (photos took a very long time to take) results in the mega serious expressions of the sitters which -combined with the fascination of the second half of the era with gothic horror, ‘Victorian fears’ and mourning- impress the view of a mega serious and starched society on us today.

  • Made by Wera
    Made by Wera 28 days ago

    I loved your role playing!!!!

  • Paraxona
    Paraxona 29 days ago

    Hehe that's so victorian of you

  • jaciem
    jaciem 29 days ago +1

    "It was considered immodest, it was considered shallow." There's a very early scene in Gone with the Wind that suddenly makes even more sense having that piece of information.

  • Erica Graham
    Erica Graham Month ago +1

    "Atta boy, Luther!"

  • i am not a weeb
    i am not a weeb Month ago

    Within the 8 years of the Bush Administration, excluding sub cultures and strictly talking popular fashion, we went from low rise jeans and belly tops to high rise jeans and tucked in white shirts and that doesn't include other trends. I get that fashion moves more quickly now, but who expected Victorian Era to be all one thing with 64 years of time?

  • dayrohan
    dayrohan Month ago

    I really like your role plays, in fact they make it easier to understand the topic. Also I had no clue that an era was named after a person, & when an era ended that person died...i thought they just liked the name.

  • GloriaJ123456
    GloriaJ123456 Month ago

    Oh my goodness you are delightful. 😁

  • Camille Pelletier
    Camille Pelletier Month ago +1

    I wonder if she ever watch the Sherlock Holmes series made in the 80's by Granada in my small knowledge of historic fashion they did a good job but it would be awesome to know her option. Beside it is a wonderful serie the closest to the book ever made.

  • Corina Simpson
    Corina Simpson Month ago

    The pic you showed of the girl with short hair... She was dead in that pic.

  • theladynim
    theladynim Month ago

    aw I liked the roleplay

  • Joker
    Joker Month ago

    So, women in the 19th century were not in need of some stiff boning?

  • Devine Organ
    Devine Organ Month ago

    Oh! You can use audacity (it's free and open source) to record or load up your audio file and super, super easily define the white noise and remove it from the sound. This way when you mute out a cuss word, the whole sound doesn't appear to cut out for a second and then hit the ear all of a sudden. Then you can save the audio back to the video in youtube or in a video editor program. I hope I didn't just tell you stuff you already knew, if you even read this. I love your videos.

  • Juan José Marín Londoño

    Victorian is just the word they use for old

  • bookmouse770
    bookmouse770 Month ago

    Corset memory of movie scene of Scarlett O Hara (Gone With The Wind) holding in her breath as her waist was squeezed by Mamie pulling on the strings. Charles Dickens era clothing.....or then Thomas Hardy era clothing....Louisa May Alcott era......or even after the American Civil War.....Western type fashions which was America. All these come to mind.

  • Catherine Nuzzi
    Catherine Nuzzi Month ago +1

    Still have no idea how they sat down....

  • nom nom
    nom nom Month ago

    It's interesting to see the difference in depiction of the Victorian era in 1960's musical movies vs modern movies. Victorian era movies nowadays are usually inspired by works of gothic-horror, which is very macabre and somber/melancholic. The mid-century movies depict the Victorian fashion in a much more frilly, positive way, with lots of pastel colors and detailed hairstyles.

  • ican't Feel
    ican't Feel Month ago

    My nudes 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Hypatia Ravenclaw Sklodowska

    pleeeeeease do a review of hashtag victoriangoth from instagram
    pleeeease i beg you

  • justabitofamug
    justabitofamug Month ago

    I mean I know about Elizabethan fashion. We had to do it as part of our history class

  • CrypticSprite R
    CrypticSprite R Month ago

    So what I’m getting is, just the the 1900’s, you can’t just describe it’s fashion in a few outfits. Style changed a lot.

  • Jaylene Cabrera
    Jaylene Cabrera Month ago

    That's wild those patterns r trippy

  • Fernando Acevedo Olivie

    Very interesting and educative video. I really didn’t know that corsets were more like a big bra rather than a tool for torture. Nice work!!

  • Kira Kiona
    Kira Kiona Month ago

    Any way you could rate my Victorian dress design for my oc? I’m trying to make it as realistic but I’m not sure how good it is

  • Ian G
    Ian G Month ago

    That really helped for character-design. Thank you so much for this :)

    To also approach that question of "what do you think of, when you hear Victorian", that was looming over the video:
    While I am a huge fan of historical accuracy in movies, I am not really a historic fashion pro. I mainly depend on shows and movies and people saying "Uww, just look at this jewel of a show. It is so perfectly accurate jfc". Judging from that, when I hear VIctorian Era I mainly think Sherlock Holmes. Especially that good old adaptation with Jeremy Brett. But also shows like Netflix' Anne with an E. Also a few shows and movie-adaptations from Hugdson Burnett (Little Lord, the Secret Garden....) and Astrid Lindgren (Madiken and Michel played during that time, if I remember right

  • Jewellisa
    Jewellisa Month ago

    I am so thankful for this video. I am obsessed with Victorian fashion and the time period. My closet is mainly 1840s and 1870s dresses but I also have a couple1850s and 1860s that are rarely used because I don't have many occasions that it would be good in. Many of my steampunk friends have come asked me for Victorian wear and were confused by me asking which decade specifically

  • Darja M
    Darja M Month ago

    Hi! Thank you for this video, it really helped me! Could you suggest any books about victorian fashion, or may be history of fashion with lots of images in it ? 😊 I'm an artist and I would like to have some understanding in dresses, and from what century are they 😁😁

  • Samara
    Samara Month ago

    Do you have a podcast?