Top 10 Untold Truths Of MAN v. FOOD (Adam Richman)

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Adam Richman 2008-2012 Man versus Food also commonly known as "Man v. Food". The show followed Richman as he went from State to State in America, attempting to finish gigantic meals. It highlighted the world of competitive eating and some of the most famous diner food challenges, all through the eyes and stomach of an amateur. While the show disappeared in 2012, the legend of Adam Richman still lives on. There's a lot to that show that people didn't and still don't realize and so we thought we'd delve into the Top 10 things you didn't know about Man vs. Food and Adam Richman himself! You either loved or hated Man v. Food, but there's a lot you might not know about Adam Richman and the show that gave him his big entertainment break.
    It was entertaining to see Adam Richman spending years trying to determine the final winner in the neverending battle between mankind and food. After a seemingly infinite stream of gastric challenges, Richman moved away from food, but the battle still rages with new host Casey Webb carrying the mantel for Man v. Food as of 2017 to 2018. Here are a few things you may not know about Richman's reign on Man versus Food from 2008 to 2012. Time to get hungry with the Adam Richman Top 10 Untold Truths Of Man v. Food!
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    0:56 That Was Adam in Shape!
    2:53 Adam Richman Health Issues
    4:03 Richman's Ridiculous Preparation During the Season
    5:22 Richman's Favorite Meals
    6:57 His Least Favorite Challenge
    8:22 Typical Types of Challenges: The Spicy Edition
    9:56 Typical Types of Challenges: The Quantity Edition
    11:04 The Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito Challenge
    12:38 Why The Show Ended
    14:33 He's Wasn't a Competitive Eater
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  • BabbleTop
    BabbleTop  6 months ago +8

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    • Rena Streetman
      Rena Streetman Month ago

      Always wondered what happened to him.

    • 17thsuspect
      17thsuspect 2 months ago

      Damn... Rip to the guy who replaced him

    • John Jaxson
      John Jaxson 5 months ago

      adams health issues what is the name of the song in the back ground please

  • Samantha Corinaldi
    Samantha Corinaldi 12 hours ago

    More famous than President Obama...I DONT THINK SO

  • Camsterdam
    Camsterdam 14 hours ago

    Why even bring politics into this? Perhaps , its just a liberal POS thing , get that TDS sorted out... Thumbs down.

    • Camsterdam
      Camsterdam 13 hours ago

      +BabbleTop jokes are funny... That wasn't even remotely humorous , painting the white house gold would've been... Lol , seriously though get over your tds

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  13 hours ago

      Just a passing joke, not to be taken seriously lol

  • beth 9891
    beth 9891 Day ago

    You literally just repeated the same point over and over.....

  • Marcin Świątko

    So good Hussein Obama is gone!!! Now you can be a great country again

  • Eric Moors
    Eric Moors 2 days ago +1

    Now I am hungry.

  • Charita S.
    Charita S. 2 days ago

    Adam was my Travel Channel viewing addiction. He was AWESOME on MvF!!

  • Wayne R
    Wayne R 2 days ago

    there was no potatoe famine in ireland
    there were plenty of potatoes but england took them all and left the irish to die

  • jeff james
    jeff james 4 days ago +1

    the way you stretch out your content is lame.

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson 5 days ago

    I hate how they keep repeating themselves.

  • pennzilla57
    pennzilla57 7 days ago +1

    I'm going to be honest with you this is complete garbage. Adam was never a fat guy. I know guys with beautiful wives that are way bigger than he is then he ever was. All this crap about him being super obese and having sleep apnea it's just a little garbage that you guys are spewing out shut your fucking mouth

    • pennzilla57
      pennzilla57 7 days ago

      +BabbleTop okay I apologize for being rude but try not to make such an emphasis on something that isn't that big of a deal

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      no need to be rude!

  • Ricardo Cortez Douglas

    Love Adam Richmond. Still miss him from his show.

  • AshCashGames
    AshCashGames 11 days ago

    What's really weird is that he came to my city on one of the shows. While eating one of the sandwiches he tried the other night, my husband brought up that episode. Then this popped up on my recommended, with multiple clips of a place in Chicago that ripped off said sandwich lol

  • Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson 11 days ago

    First 5 mins of video just repeats its self in different words

  • Michael Hooton
    Michael Hooton 11 days ago

    Ok I had to stop watching 30 seconds in, do you really have to put political shit into a video about man vs food. Especially your libtarded propaganda. Thank you,

  • Pete Nielsen
    Pete Nielsen 11 days ago

    The bit about Obama being the nation's first African American president is a MYTH that I wish people would stop repeating. His mother is a Caucasian woman from Hawaii and that makes him Mulatto and not black.

  • Toby T
    Toby T 11 days ago

    He's just fat. Beard vs Food would kick his arse

  • Steven Tate
    Steven Tate 11 days ago

    I was bummed the show ended, I thought he was personable and liked his stoke; he quit for himself? Big respect and I'll watch anything he might choose to get involved in someday. wow! ty BabbleTop. =)

  • curve your toes Christians

    Great work. Read the bible constantly and be ready to suffer. We need Jesus Christ in our minds and hearts to be in His grace.

  • Chris Maher
    Chris Maher 13 days ago

    I remember how Obama raised our deficit by half. How many presidents before him did it take to get to 30 trillion, only for him to say "Hold my beer" and bump that bitch clean past 60.

  • Angie Jean
    Angie Jean 14 days ago

    Is he still single 😍

  • Nick M
    Nick M 14 days ago

    The food challenges were always the worst part of the show. The first half where he was just enjoying good food, was always much better

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 16 days ago

    They should give this show to Matt Stonie.

  • Corki The Dog
    Corki The Dog 18 days ago

    Ended the video when you praised that horrible demon Obama FUCK YOU WOMAN

    • Corki The Dog
      Corki The Dog 18 days ago

      BabbleTop no need to support people who fund and protect paedophiles. Americans are the worst don’t play the victim for a few likes. Lmfao.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  18 days ago

      sorry no need to be rude

  • TheAkbobby
    TheAkbobby 19 days ago +1

    Humpys Sunday bloody bar is their best meal.

  • janet ruggles
    janet ruggles 21 day ago

    My last meal, and the best I've ever had, the Bar-b-q ribs at the Bar-B-Q House, in Ocean Beach CA. It's the best!!!!!

  • Necrobadger
    Necrobadger 21 day ago +1

    That's really sad that he gave in to people lying to him. If he had ACTUALLY been working out enough, he wouldn't have gained any weight, since he was barely eating anything on average.

  • AdrianJayeOnline
    AdrianJayeOnline 24 days ago

    I loved MvF

  • Alejandro de la Luz
    Alejandro de la Luz 27 days ago

    So good . he . dropped . those . pounds

  • Hogitha
    Hogitha 27 days ago

    Maga, trump best president ever. Obama for prison

  • Shakeerah Johnson
    Shakeerah Johnson Month ago

    I always thought he was cute

  • Jp Turner
    Jp Turner Month ago

    Half "African" American.

  • Frank Petrone
    Frank Petrone Month ago

    This seems to b a video for ppl to feel sry for him but how can u traveled around to eat got paid good his own fault for not having a gf he probably just wanted women out if his league lol idk kinda makes me mad when thetes ppl who would habe loved to do this job me being one of them lol but eaither way I really did like the show tho.

  • MRelemint
    MRelemint Month ago

    He was pressed to leave the show because he made a stupid comment online. You need to do more research before you make these videos.

  • Malcolm Mead
    Malcolm Mead Month ago

    babbletop sucks huge donger

  • Rob Money
    Rob Money Month ago


  • rooster cogburn
    rooster cogburn Month ago

    If Adam was any cooler he would freeze. Go Adam!!

  • Falknuts21
    Falknuts21 Month ago

    The heat in peppers doesn’t come from seeds! Most of the heat comes from the placenta,which is the white pulpy part in peppers, and the oils. Everyone thinks it’s the seeds but it’s not! The only heat in seeds comes from the oil that gets on the seeds!

  • LooseJuice
    LooseJuice Month ago

    Downvote the socialist pig!!!

  • Robert Patrick
    Robert Patrick Month ago

    Shouldn't his worst challenge be the milkshake one ? He puked after that one and they showed a blurred-out version of him going outside and puking in the gutter.I think there were 9 16-ounce milkshakes he had to drink.

  • Robert Patrick
    Robert Patrick Month ago

    Give up the show ???? This tub of lard was fired.

  • Robert Patrick
    Robert Patrick Month ago

    One Instagram user criticised him for using the tag, saying it "glorifies negative media self-imagery that being thin is better as opposed to any other body style" (the term can be used on social networks and blogs to celebrate unnecessary and unhealthy weight loss). Richman responded by writing "DILLIGAF", which means "Does it look like I give a fuck?" To other critics he wrote, "Oh eat a bag of shit, dummy. No apology is coming. If it inspires someone to attain a healthy thinner body then that was what it was meant to do. Only fuckup it seems was your dad's choice to go without a condom," and "grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you."
    This is the reason why this fat tub of lard isn't on the air anymore.(Please excuse the language but this is what this fat dude wrote on Instagram to someone who commented .)

  • Toys hanger
    Toys hanger Month ago

    I actually liked his shows was because of all the other content about where to eat. The competition is actually not necessarily important.

  • MrKnuckles80
    MrKnuckles80 Month ago

    Obama is a traitor!!!!

  • Bamb The Man FR
    Bamb The Man FR Month ago

    Drop the political edge

  • David Coward
    David Coward Month ago

    Sorry i don't put "the good old days" and Barrack Obama's stupid ass in the same sentence.

  • the n64 man
    the n64 man Month ago

    Man vs food came back in 2017 but with a new guy

  • Bo Jordan
    Bo Jordan Month ago +2

    Who's obama

    • San C
      San C Day ago

      Bo Jordan porn star

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst Month ago

    He was extremely obese and the show could only go so far. I feel like he was completely justified in leaving the show. Would love to see another show of his, he was a good man.

  • Zack Irvine
    Zack Irvine Month ago

    This would be better if you never played any gifs

  • Andrea DReyes
    Andrea DReyes Month ago +1

    Love Adam Richman. Cool cat!

  • Gina Simonetti
    Gina Simonetti 2 months ago

    I always had such a huge crush on Adam. I’m glad he’s doing better though ❤️

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box 2 months ago

    Furious Pete was/is better

  • Chris Hester
    Chris Hester 2 months ago

    He didn’t “retire” from the show. He was released for idiotic comments made on social media. 🙄

  • Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell 2 months ago

    More famous then Obama? I love Adam but I’m sure he would agree that’s not a true statement .

  • NinAmuro57
    NinAmuro57 2 months ago +1

    Apparently he hated the Oyster challenge, too. Yeah, I can see that. Eating one oyster alone is disgusting, but eating several dozen... Hell naw

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      NinAmuro57 it's like eating fancy boogers from the sea.

  • yuleysi Brito
    yuleysi Brito 2 months ago

    Vv op

  • dj1200
    dj1200 2 months ago +1

    I first thought this guy was the Wonder Years kid.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      LOL never thought of it but you're totally right! 😜😜

  • Mark Cab
    Mark Cab 2 months ago

    that was a great show, that owner at munchies should be sued and put out of business. on a side note there was one thing this video did not mention, he had to have medical surgery cause his stomach lining ripped, rumor is that is the real reason the show was stopped. think about it, all that food in and out expanding and contracting your stomach, somethings going to give.

  • J J
    J J 2 months ago

    Um he’s still chubby babe..real time

  • android16B
    android16B 2 months ago

    Who the fuck is Barack Obama?

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 2 months ago

    Ok thumbs down. Fucks sake... enough with the political BS already. Pathetic.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago

    i kinda Call BS. if he was only over eating on specific filming days AND working out like crazy daily. then he would be somewhat buff. or maintained weight.

  • Fuckun Damouth
    Fuckun Damouth 2 months ago

    I thought man vs food was about watching a man slowly kill himself through obesity

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz1 2 months ago

    The good old days of 2008-2012" You mean the WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE?! I've heard there were bubbles not affected by the Great Recession, apparently it's true...

  • SundayAssault
    SundayAssault 2 months ago

    15:02 The transition between the educational high niveau university and the picture after XD wtf

  • McKeal Lyons
    McKeal Lyons 2 months ago

    2:20 I would make her look like that every night

  • Nichoals Nastari
    Nichoals Nastari 2 months ago

    Fuck Obama

  • Rouge Nargacuga - Gaming & More!

    I do prefer this style

  • John McLaughlin
    John McLaughlin 2 months ago

    Did they really just use a joke about the Irish famine Man Vs food and someone eating shit on Rick and Morty fuck my life.

  • Samurai Sam
    Samurai Sam 2 months ago

    Just putting this out there. About 5% of the comments are about the praise of Obama. If a channel said the same statement but it was Trump, the comment percentage would probably be in the 90%. Reply what you want I’m not replying back 🍿🍿🍿

    READYREGG BL BLAZE 2 months ago +1

    Barack Obama is not a African American president he is a multi-cultural president a black man shot him out a white woman took him in and gave birth to him so it is what it is

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 2 months ago

    Yale couldn't teach him how to act like an actual person. That's why you were single sir. Because you are a douche. #NoOffence

  • MrMolvis
    MrMolvis 2 months ago

    annoying narration

  • freakofnature1yo
    freakofnature1yo 2 months ago

    Change the playback speed to 0.25x and try not to laugh

  • Trevor Lahey
    Trevor Lahey 2 months ago

    So many stolen clips from other TVclip channels. Get outta here with that shit

  • ammattilainen90
    ammattilainen90 2 months ago

    Blaming your weight for being single? You're doing something wrong

  • Matthias D'Avila
    Matthias D'Avila 2 months ago

    Stop praising, that corrupt filthy animal obama; hillary & him are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, across the middle east.

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 3 months ago +1

    6:32 is that mean to be a joke saying someone died?
    shit not funny
    actually all jokes are terrible

  • shemail goondall
    shemail goondall 3 months ago

    Wow, I never knew he was depressed with his body and appearance. I used to watch his shoe as it was entertaining

  • Leo
    Leo 3 months ago

    The girl wit the jizz on her face and the sausage ..... who is that or what show lol?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago

      Attack of The Show... lol

  • Wicked
    Wicked 3 months ago +4

    going to yale doesnt make you smart if it isnt for STEM

    • Edward Jones
      Edward Jones 27 days ago

      Or Philosophy. Apparently Astrophysicists and Philosophers have the highest IQs amongst Ivy League undergraduates.

    • Daria
      Daria 2 months ago

      +BabbleTop No. It means you have money.

    • Daria
      Daria 2 months ago

      Exactly! It just means your mommy and daddy were financially well off lol.
      I have a dumb as a rock coworker who went to Harvard yet is so stupid.

    • Wicked
      Wicked 3 months ago

      BabbleTop talent does not equal smart

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago

      I think getting accepted makes you smart... lol

  • russ117044
    russ117044 3 months ago

    Hey! The "new guy" fucking SUCKS! Fire him! Get Adam back! Please!

  • Kayla Barber
    Kayla Barber 3 months ago +5

    Randy santel should host who else agrees

    EL CUAU 3 months ago

    is it just me but did anyone else feel annoyed after watching this?

  • socially inept spider-man

    Man vs food isnt off TV, it just has a new host

  • Dokyu Wrathful
    Dokyu Wrathful 3 months ago

    Did this fool just say this dude who I don't even know was some how more famous than our first black president... nigga...

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 3 months ago

    ex president obummer what a bloody joke

  • David Dylan
    David Dylan 3 months ago

    Munchies owner is such a dick

  • cire nagrad
    cire nagrad 3 months ago

    It was the English who spoiled the crops

  • Paul Kinkade
    Paul Kinkade 3 months ago

    He really made that show. Don't like the new guy. Richmond actually beat most of his challenges where as the new guy does not.

  • benzaflippindork
    benzaflippindork 3 months ago

    AlmazanKitchen woo hoo!!!! Love that you plugged their vids!!!!

  • Spencer J Elliott
    Spencer J Elliott 3 months ago

    Why is there so much Olivia Munn.

  • toofine9
    toofine9 3 months ago

    I usedto watch his show faithfully

  • Matt Jerikovsky
    Matt Jerikovsky 3 months ago


  • fredinabun ;
    fredinabun ; 3 months ago

    I only got 4 mins in because she kept repeating the same fucking things ffs.

  • NorthofEngland
    NorthofEngland 3 months ago

    i liked him no matter what

  • Nick worster
    Nick worster 3 months ago

    This channel is utter crap

  • Nu Black Soul
    Nu Black Soul 3 months ago +3

    i miss attack or the shows

  • Comanche Viper
    Comanche Viper 3 months ago

    I certainly when looking back at 2008-2012 as the good old days I would never consider Barack Obama as part of any good old days.

    • Nick worster
      Nick worster 3 months ago

      +BabbleTop LOL so you're a douchebag

    • Comanche Viper
      Comanche Viper 3 months ago

      BabbleTop I never missed an episode of the show. I actually tried one or two of the challenges that he did on the show. Yep, mom ever do that again LOL

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago

      lol so you're a fan?