Top 10 Untold Truths Of MAN v. FOOD (Adam Richman)

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Adam Richman 2008-2012 Man versus Food also commonly known as "Man v. Food". The show followed Richman as he went from State to State in America, attempting to finish gigantic meals. It highlighted the world of competitive eating and some of the most famous diner food challenges, all through the eyes and stomach of an amateur. While the show disappeared in 2012, the legend of Adam Richman still lives on. There's a lot to that show that people didn't and still don't realize and so we thought we'd delve into the Top 10 things you didn't know about Man vs. Food and Adam Richman himself! You either loved or hated Man v. Food, but there's a lot you might not know about Adam Richman and the show that gave him his big entertainment break.
    It was entertaining to see Adam Richman spending years trying to determine the final winner in the neverending battle between mankind and food. After a seemingly infinite stream of gastric challenges, Richman moved away from food, but the battle still rages with new host Casey Webb carrying the mantel for Man v. Food as of 2017 to 2018. Here are a few things you may not know about Richman's reign on Man versus Food from 2008 to 2012. Time to get hungry with the Adam Richman Top 10 Untold Truths Of Man v. Food!
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    0:56 That Was Adam in Shape!
    2:53 Adam Richman Health Issues
    4:03 Richman's Ridiculous Preparation During the Season
    5:22 Richman's Favorite Meals
    6:57 His Least Favorite Challenge
    8:22 Typical Types of Challenges: The Spicy Edition
    9:56 Typical Types of Challenges: The Quantity Edition
    11:04 The Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito Challenge
    12:38 Why The Show Ended
    14:33 He's Wasn't a Competitive Eater
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  • BabbleTop
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    • Tati & Dre
      Tati & Dre 15 days ago

      Damn... Rip to the guy who replaced him

    • John Jaxson
      John Jaxson 3 months ago

      adams health issues what is the name of the song in the back ground please

  • Andrea DReyes
    Andrea DReyes 13 hours ago +1

    Love Adam Richman. Cool cat!

  • Gina Simonetti
    Gina Simonetti 7 days ago

    I always had such a huge crush on Adam. I’m glad he’s doing better though ❤️

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box 8 days ago

    Furious Pete was/is better

  • Chris Hester
    Chris Hester 10 days ago

    He didn’t “retire” from the show. He was released for idiotic comments made on social media. 🙄

  • Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell 10 days ago

    More famous then Obama? I love Adam but I’m sure he would agree that’s not a true statement .

  • NinAmuro57
    NinAmuro57 10 days ago +1

    Apparently he hated the Oyster challenge, too. Yeah, I can see that. Eating one oyster alone is disgusting, but eating several dozen... Hell naw

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  10 days ago

      NinAmuro57 it's like eating fancy boogers from the sea.

  • yuleysi Brito
    yuleysi Brito 11 days ago

    Vv op

  • dj1200
    dj1200 14 days ago +1

    I first thought this guy was the Wonder Years kid.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  14 days ago

      LOL never thought of it but you're totally right! 😜😜

  • Mark Cab
    Mark Cab 15 days ago

    that was a great show, that owner at munchies should be sued and put out of business. on a side note there was one thing this video did not mention, he had to have medical surgery cause his stomach lining ripped, rumor is that is the real reason the show was stopped. think about it, all that food in and out expanding and contracting your stomach, somethings going to give.

  • J J
    J J 17 days ago

    Um he’s still chubby babe..real time

  • android16B
    android16B 17 days ago

    Who the fuck is Barack Obama?

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 17 days ago

    Ok thumbs down. Fucks sake... enough with the political BS already. Pathetic.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 18 days ago

    i kinda Call BS. if he was only over eating on specific filming days AND working out like crazy daily. then he would be somewhat buff. or maintained weight.

  • Fuckun Damouth
    Fuckun Damouth 18 days ago

    I thought man vs food was about watching a man slowly kill himself through obesity

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz1 18 days ago

    The good old days of 2008-2012" You mean the WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE?! I've heard there were bubbles not affected by the Great Recession, apparently it's true...

  • SundayAssault
    SundayAssault 18 days ago

    15:02 The transition between the educational high niveau university and the picture after XD wtf

  • McKeal Lyons
    McKeal Lyons 19 days ago

    2:20 I would make her look like that every night

  • Nichoals Nastari
    Nichoals Nastari 20 days ago

    Fuck Obama

  • Rouge Nargacuga - Gaming & More!

    I do prefer this style

  • John McLaughlin
    John McLaughlin 22 days ago

    Did they really just use a joke about the Irish famine Man Vs food and someone eating shit on Rick and Morty fuck my life.

  • Samurai Sam
    Samurai Sam 23 days ago

    Just putting this out there. About 5% of the comments are about the praise of Obama. If a channel said the same statement but it was Trump, the comment percentage would probably be in the 90%. Reply what you want I’m not replying back 🍿🍿🍿

    READYREGG BL BLAZE 24 days ago +1

    Barack Obama is not a African American president he is a multi-cultural president a black man shot him out a white woman took him in and gave birth to him so it is what it is

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 26 days ago

    Yale couldn't teach him how to act like an actual person. That's why you were single sir. Because you are a douche. #NoOffence

  • MrMolvis
    MrMolvis 29 days ago

    annoying narration

  • freakofnature1yo
    freakofnature1yo Month ago

    Change the playback speed to 0.25x and try not to laugh

  • Trevor Lahey
    Trevor Lahey Month ago

    So many stolen clips from other TVclip channels. Get outta here with that shit

  • ammattilainen90
    ammattilainen90 Month ago

    Blaming your weight for being single? You're doing something wrong

  • Matthias D'Avila
    Matthias D'Avila Month ago

    Stop praising, that corrupt filthy animal obama; hillary & him are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, across the middle east.

  • XxMemekipxX last name
    XxMemekipxX last name Month ago +4

    Do you own like 50 top 10 channels? Why do all of you sound the same

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright Month ago +1

    6:32 is that mean to be a joke saying someone died?
    shit not funny
    actually all jokes are terrible

  • shemail goondall
    shemail goondall Month ago

    Wow, I never knew he was depressed with his body and appearance. I used to watch his shoe as it was entertaining

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    The girl wit the jizz on her face and the sausage ..... who is that or what show lol?

  • Wicked
    Wicked Month ago +4

    going to yale doesnt make you smart if it isnt for STEM

    • Daria
      Daria 9 days ago

      +BabbleTop No. It means you have money.

    • Daria
      Daria 9 days ago

      Exactly! It just means your mommy and daddy were financially well off lol.
      I have a dumb as a rock coworker who went to Harvard yet is so stupid.

    • Wicked
      Wicked Month ago

      BabbleTop talent does not equal smart

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      I think getting accepted makes you smart... lol

  • russ117044
    russ117044 Month ago

    Hey! The "new guy" fucking SUCKS! Fire him! Get Adam back! Please!

  • Kayla Barber
    Kayla Barber Month ago +3

    Randy santel should host who else agrees

    EL CUAU Month ago

    is it just me but did anyone else feel annoyed after watching this?

  • socially inept spider-man

    Man vs food isnt off TV, it just has a new host

  • Dokyu Wrathful
    Dokyu Wrathful Month ago

    Did this fool just say this dude who I don't even know was some how more famous than our first black president... nigga...

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart Month ago

    ex president obummer what a bloody joke

  • David Dylan
    David Dylan Month ago

    Munchies owner is such a dick

  • cire nagrad
    cire nagrad Month ago

    It was the English who spoiled the crops

  • Paul Kinkade
    Paul Kinkade Month ago

    He really made that show. Don't like the new guy. Richmond actually beat most of his challenges where as the new guy does not.

  • benzaflippindork
    benzaflippindork Month ago

    AlmazanKitchen woo hoo!!!! Love that you plugged their vids!!!!

  • Spencer J Elliott
    Spencer J Elliott Month ago

    Why is there so much Olivia Munn.

  • toofine9
    toofine9 Month ago

    I usedto watch his show faithfully

  • Matt Jerikovsky
    Matt Jerikovsky Month ago


  • fredinabun ;
    fredinabun ; Month ago

    I only got 4 mins in because she kept repeating the same fucking things ffs.

  • Andy Sparrow
    Andy Sparrow Month ago

    i liked him no matter what

  • Nick worster
    Nick worster Month ago

    This channel is utter crap

  • Nu Black Soul
    Nu Black Soul Month ago +2

    i miss attack or the shows

  • Comanche Viper
    Comanche Viper Month ago

    I certainly when looking back at 2008-2012 as the good old days I would never consider Barack Obama as part of any good old days.

    • Nick worster
      Nick worster Month ago

      +BabbleTop LOL so you're a douchebag

    • Comanche Viper
      Comanche Viper Month ago

      BabbleTop I never missed an episode of the show. I actually tried one or two of the challenges that he did on the show. Yep, mom ever do that again LOL

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      lol so you're a fan?

  • R E
    R E Month ago

    Can I get the name of the show and woman doing the other food challenge @15:10

  • gordtron
    gordtron Month ago

    Randy Santel is the Real.

  • Netitizen
    Netitizen Month ago

    What a toothless boring video, you just throwing clips in and hoping for laughs

  • ellisdtrails420
    ellisdtrails420 Month ago

    Did they just give out a spoiler for the same episode?

  • DannyC C
    DannyC C Month ago

    F*** Obummer...

    DEPLORABLE JO Month ago

    Obama, worst president ever & we have to see his ugly face in a food show

  • John Mark Perez
    John Mark Perez Month ago

    My IDOL Host!!!!

  • Paul Schmich
    Paul Schmich Month ago

    Obama seriously? Lol

  • The Viewer Lure
    The Viewer Lure Month ago

    I unsubscribed after you tried to bate me into the free phone bit. Its funny to enter you have to upload a nude selfie..NO THANKS! I'm not doing that.

  • Harambe Belinski
    Harambe Belinski Month ago +1

    Is it me or does he remind me of Frank west from the dead rising games

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago


  • Kenny Curvedcock
    Kenny Curvedcock Month ago

    What the fuck does the intro have to do with Man vs Food? Shame, i was enjoying this channel. I don't think these companies realize their political bullshit is driving people away on both sides

  • callahans44
    callahans44 Month ago

    I didn't know about the Munchies "Fire in the Hole" trick. That's dirty and hurrible. Adam Richman was an extremely good sport about it.

  • catman11234
    catman11234 Month ago +2

    Yay rick and morty clips...

  • Chong Xiong
    Chong Xiong 2 months ago

    All he had to do was puke some of that stuff out and he would have been fine.

  • Cameron Mccaulley
    Cameron Mccaulley 2 months ago

    Keep politics out of it you Obama shill.

  • To Human
    To Human 2 months ago

    man v food still going strong without Adam.

  • Chris Hesano
    Chris Hesano 2 months ago

    If you were directed here from the Mashed channel, like this comment!!

  • CC CC
    CC CC 2 months ago

    That is not how metabolism works. Eating smaller meals does not do anything for increasing metabolism. If you eat 5 small meals, let’s say 500 calories each (2,500 total), or eat one meal worth of 2,500 calories your metabolism is the same. The energy to eat is the same bc the calories is the same. Actually, it can be argued that eating one meal a day lowers your glycemic index and force your body to utilize fat storage as energy instead of burning glucose from meals. Just so you know. Also, know that not every way of eating works for everyone, so I’m glad Adam found his success. But metabolism does not work like she said.

  • JTK aka ME
    JTK aka ME 2 months ago

    Tanner braungart at 2:24

  • ThatAirForceGuy
    ThatAirForceGuy 2 months ago

    The new host really sucks.

  • Mk Groove
    Mk Groove 2 months ago

    How was he a single man it dont make sence he didnt want a woman are to be in arelationship females was throwing them selves at him as much as he eats food

  • David D
    David D 2 months ago

    This channel sucks. Talks wayyyyyy too much

  • David D
    David D 2 months ago

    What is this Democrat infused trash

  • Texan 715
    Texan 715 2 months ago

    They would have to hate on trump smh

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton 2 months ago

    girl with sausages is a slut

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton 2 months ago

    I have higher iq and I dident go to any college don't need it used to love this show though good video

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton 2 months ago

    e well trump miles better than Obama get fked

  • Rd G
    Rd G 2 months ago

    I must say Adam was the best host that recently watch the new one the red headed guy and he just didn't even come close and so much for Barack, please Adam has a far better personality and I'm sure much better appetite 😆😀😎

  • Nikhil Bhosale
    Nikhil Bhosale 2 months ago

    It is very hard to watch these spicy things while eating ice cream.

  • PokéTube
    PokéTube 2 months ago

    Why'd you blur out the channels watermark

  • Santiago Arce
    Santiago Arce 3 months ago

    You took this from Mashed

  • Jake InRealLife
    Jake InRealLife 3 months ago

    wtf does obama have to do with man vs food? dumb.

  • Sir LurksaLot
    Sir LurksaLot 3 months ago

    I would hardly consider the time Obama was office the good ole days ,more like dark times.

    • Mk Groove
      Mk Groove 2 months ago

      Its that was the dark times this is definitely Armageddon

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago


  • Sir Lucifer
    Sir Lucifer 3 months ago

    "show us some love and hit that subscribe button"
    Not interested, but how can I show hate if I'm not subscribed?Do I subscribe and then unsubscribe?

  • Carlos Granados
    Carlos Granados 3 months ago

    Good video & good info👍

  • Jordan Cruz
    Jordan Cruz 3 months ago

    Uhhh... this show didn't disappear. They cast a new host after Adam lost a ton of weight and pretty much called all fat people disgusting losers. Do some research before making a monologue video about a scumbag.

  • Rafael Muniz
    Rafael Muniz 3 months ago

    Olivia mun

  • tyfmorgan
    tyfmorgan 3 months ago

    What the hell does Obama or Yale have to do with anything? Way to politicized something for no reason.

  • Jacob Fox
    Jacob Fox 3 months ago

    Fuck OBAMA

  • Smashed Crab
    Smashed Crab 3 months ago +1

    Why the fuck are there so many Olivia Munn cutaways?????????

  • mondo goodall
    mondo goodall 3 months ago

    my God her voice

  • Daryl Hodson
    Daryl Hodson 3 months ago

    Lol, "All of my children"...

  • Jasmine’ Reanee’
    Jasmine’ Reanee’ 3 months ago

    Whew chile he looks good , he could eat me

  • Sal Campos
    Sal Campos 3 months ago +4

    I remember Adam was so Funny and happy and when he left and came back he wasn't as Cheerful!!!!

  • vectrob
    vectrob 3 months ago

    soo many poop jokes. cmon youre better than that

  • Welsh Walsh
    Welsh Walsh 3 months ago

    What the fuck is with these annoying clips after EVERY sentence. Only got about 1 minute in before it became unwatchable.

  • deerdance114
    deerdance114 3 months ago

    Can we please talk about how much we all miss Olivia Munn? Because I mean c'mon.

  • Mark Drinkard
    Mark Drinkard 3 months ago

    FUCK OBAMA!!!!