Posthumous Aaliyah Song Revealed She Was Handcuffed Before "Intimacy"

  • Published on Jan 22, 2019
  • As a teenager I looked up to Aaliyah. I remember the mystique that surrounded her. She was always so mysterious, even from the start when she came out with "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number" but refused to tell what her real age was. But it seems that before she left this Earth, she told us what really happened with her and Robert in a song. And it was the same thing that happened with him and so many other young women.
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    SONG: Bird Brainz from the YT Audio Library
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Comments • 4 637

  • Evette Scott
    Evette Scott 12 hours ago

    Girl you need your own life experiences before you can began to understand life itself or to perk into someone life. What u think u know is not even close to what u know. Go sit on it.

  • Tamara Lovett
    Tamara Lovett 2 days ago

    Aaliyah & R Kelly wasn't never married the record label did that for sales can go up the marriage license is fake

  • D West
    D West 2 days ago

    I heard these words from some where,can't remember

  • Amy Martinez
    Amy Martinez 2 days ago

    I agree

  • Sapphira John
    Sapphira John 2 days ago

    I'm thinking I wish she was here to tell her side of the story

  • Gabrielle Villarreal

    This has got me convinced that Aaliyah never really loved R.Kelly like the biopic showed, he manipulated her into “letting” him have sex with her while chaining or tying her hands behind her back, and from rumors about how he used underage girls as “sex slaves” or “victims”, it would sound convincing, and I think that was the reason why Aaliyah dressed in really baggy clothes the first two years she came out to the public, cause in 1996, she started revealing more of her midriff and shape.

  • Melissa Cross
    Melissa Cross 2 days ago


  • Mershon Mershon
    Mershon Mershon 3 days ago

    Will you let her rest please. Damn! It seems like you are dragging her name though the mud. Fuck R. Kelly.

  • Gøófÿ Priñcess
    Gøófÿ Priñcess 3 days ago

    in every picture with R. Kelly Aaliyah look so unhappy

  • Yakeema Taleem
    Yakeema Taleem 3 days ago +2

    R Kelly is disgusting! Point Blank period! He needs jail time.

  • jack frost
    jack frost 4 days ago +1

    Listen to biggie and 2 pacs music, did they also beat up thier wives hmmm, i dunno.

  • doggy dog
    doggy dog 4 days ago

    Parents using their kids for the almighty dollar ? Why is r Kelly still walking the streets? The grim reaper is awaiting !!

  • D_Vyne Black Krown
    D_Vyne Black Krown 5 days ago +1

    If you Gurl only knew
    the one I gave my heart too songs
    are her story too Timberland and Missy wanted to protect Aliyaah that s why they gave her the name baby Gurl they make sure to protect her at all cost
    R.I.P aliyaah... forever loved

  • Laressa Thomas
    Laressa Thomas 6 days ago

    Like I said to my family she was 15 or 16 wen Kelly married her and this her mother didn't care wow yeah she was murdered for being hated on her ex or was still her husband

  • debra Smith
    debra Smith 6 days ago

    I’m curious what ever happened to her child did she get an abortion or did she have a miscarriage or did she have the child an had her mom raise the child

  • themorelove u
    themorelove u 6 days ago

    i swear if r kelly was from south africa... the community would've burnt him to death and no one goes to jail

  • Juliet Stevens
    Juliet Stevens 6 days ago

    It's sad that people are still standing up for him after all the evidence.. there's fans that turn a blind eye.

  • satsukiandmae Moon
    satsukiandmae Moon 7 days ago

    She was a survivor and her story should be told!

  • reads
    reads 7 days ago


  • Johnanna Burke
    Johnanna Burke 9 days ago

    May have been why she was always covered up and she had a bad body too

  • Johnanna Burke
    Johnanna Burke 9 days ago

    Funny you guys are just knowing this rkelly and aliyah i believe she was killed because they were getting ready to question her about rkelly they were waiting for her to come back from Bahamas is that where she made her last video on the boat

  • Les Lawrence
    Les Lawrence 9 days ago +1

    please remember... Elvis did the same thing, he paid off Pricilla’s parents and moved into his hoe and he became her guardian.. at age 15. Then, at age 16, they married.

  • j m
    j m 9 days ago

    What an amazing beauty.

  • miszbabyphat93007
    miszbabyphat93007 11 days ago

    Static Major is dead too

  • miszbabyphat93007
    miszbabyphat93007 11 days ago +2

    I believe they killed her because she was stepping into her truth. She was bout to expose every body. REST IN PEACE BABY GIRL 🖤

  • marcia richards
    marcia richards 11 days ago


  • Rosa Melendez
    Rosa Melendez 12 days ago

    The song mentioned in the video was actually put in the I CARE 4 U album. This album was released after hear death which included some hits and unreleased tracks. So sad that no one looked out for her during that time.RIP Aaliyah.

  • MyWildhaber
    MyWildhaber 12 days ago

    What book?

  • Briyunta Knowles
    Briyunta Knowles 12 days ago +1

    This is one sick man😪🤧 how could you do this to a child man.... c'mon now signnnn😪😪😪

  • Rochelle Williams
    Rochelle Williams 13 days ago

    R. Kelly's Music Shout Be Stopped His Social Media Should Be Shut Down

  • Anna David
    Anna David 13 days ago +2

    Smdh. They all need to go down, every single person in his payroll, they knew stuff that wasn’t right.

  • BlackBerry
    BlackBerry 14 days ago


  • Happy Lady
    Happy Lady 14 days ago

    That man needs his ass kicked, incarceration and professional help!!!👏👏😁 Rest easy Baby Girl😎

  • THA D.O.C.
    THA D.O.C. 14 days ago

    R. Kelly is a rock star!!!! Females come a dime a dozen!!!!!! Kelz wouldn't give a damn if a female left!!!!!

  • THA D.O.C.
    THA D.O.C. 14 days ago

    Get the hell out of here,!!!!. His body guard spoke out!!. If alien 👽 said they was American y'all believing it,

  • THA D.O.C.
    THA D.O.C. 14 days ago

    Ppl believe all kinds of shyt.....All of these women have been proven to be liars,!!! Those lyrics were written by Missy Elliot!!!! Who didn't know R. Kelly or anything,..

  • THA D.O.C.
    THA D.O.C. 14 days ago

    Y'all ppl smh...... These are lies!!!

  • THA D.O.C.
    THA D.O.C. 14 days ago

    Get the hell out of here!!! That frog looking dude!!!!.. show a receipt.. dude had a hard on for kels... Why??

  • Robinson R.L. Wigfall
    Robinson R.L. Wigfall 14 days ago

    Honestly, how ignorant do we all have to be to believe that R. Kelly was not involved with minors, it's in writing. As for the violence, it just dispels the rest of results, Aaliyah is deceased, the other survivors all sharing the same altercations of emotional abuse, physical abuse, and collaborating from completely differ sources, the details sound exactly like a sociopathic man with money. Which possibly is why R. Kelly can not read. He was abused as a child himself, or handles for the industry a private sub catalog of domestic servants. Jay - Z, Nas, so many unassociated (Jay - Z) may have co-op with an incident it rumors. However, the results are in, these women are seriously traumatized, and beyond comprehension, they have something they experienced of violence and sexual orientation. They have to seek something of assistance, they would have too.

    • Robinson R.L. Wigfall
      Robinson R.L. Wigfall 14 days ago

      B2K going through the same kinda thing, Michael Jackson was not a saint. He was also abused and used to recruit more children into the ring. Africa Bambaataa - P. Diddy, Wayans Brothers seriously suspect, words they say now, wearing dresses and cross dressing for entertainment, rappers wearing unisex clothing, spontaneously using homosexual publicities to promote their music. In all cases I'm sorry, but these bands are not even talented people. Just people with talent that are used to make more money. The true talent is the actual culture itself of where we bring our experience from, not to. Parents involved make me kinda sick to my stomach, how would you outsource your children to such a person, in hopes for a larger paycheck ? That's what kids steers this into happening. I am so sorry for what happened to all of my people, I am so sorry what happened to every individual we mentioned, concerning this R. Kelly, and entire Hollywood paedophile ring, it's larger than just R. Kelly. I am factually placing Michael Jackson as as the Shirley Temple of modern Black Culture. If you are unaware of what happened to Shirley Temple, look it up.

  • Destiny Lawrence
    Destiny Lawrence 14 days ago

    How do we really know that was an Aaliyah song?

  • Destiny Lawrence
    Destiny Lawrence 14 days ago

    Leave that surviving R Kelly b.s alone. It has been verified that 97%of the b.s put out was fake and those females were paid to lie on R.kelly. the producer of the show a black woman... ( I forgot her name) but she admitted to being paid to lie.
    Aaliyah cannot defend herself... let her rest.

  • M 2
    M 2 14 days ago

    She was a freak

    DAELITE88 14 days ago

    As the number 1 fan of Aaliyah it truly hurts to look at her songs in a different light. I sang these songs for decades and to now put 2 and 2 together really saddens me. I mean I knew she married him but I read that when her parents found out they made her get an annulment. But to see other girls testimonies come to light it's clear that she was given to him in exchange for money and fame. Difference is Aaliyah seems like the only artist he made famous in a sense. I used to dress like her not knowing she was forced to dress like that. This is so heartbreaking 💔

  • Ann Unknown
    Ann Unknown 15 days ago

    Holy shit. I hear the story about the man going off for days and wanting answers from their girlfriend if they're gone for a minute a lot in my town.

  • Martell Jasper
    Martell Jasper 15 days ago

    One of the only reasons from a therory I heard was because she wasn’t one who could be controlled. Especially since the other girls were forced to alert or tell him what and when they were doing something

  • Renee Pinky Forcier
    Renee Pinky Forcier 15 days ago

    I think ur spot on! Great video!

  • Jessicka the highly sensitive

    Damn, i liked this song but never thought it was connected to her relationship to rkelly

  • Dark_1 TM
    Dark_1 TM 16 days ago

    Wow...this just makes me so sad to the point of seeing her death as her being set free from her life in hell.
    Her life was simply hell on earth.
    At least she's resting.🙏🏾👼🏾

  • April Rule
    April Rule 17 days ago

    Why would her parents allow that marriage? They're just as sick as him

  • Nancy Martine
    Nancy Martine 17 days ago


  • Kiosha Reynolds
    Kiosha Reynolds 18 days ago

    Maybe she actually had the baby. I remember her not being around much between age ain't nothing but a number and the release of her first single one I. A million off her second album.

  • Nita Williams
    Nita Williams 18 days ago

    Btw....this story is deep n these comments r as well....makes me rethink what I thought she was sayn in all her songs AND her clothing n shades from THEN vs B4 her death....BIG CHANGE!! (Sad & depressed 😩😥 vs Happy & free 😄😌).... R.I.H Beautiful Aaliyah 😇💋💖💯

  • Nita Williams
    Nita Williams 18 days ago

    But....where's this song tho??!! We only seen SOME of the lyrics u put on here....I would like 2 hear the full song!! If u got some lyrics u should have the song 2 rite??!! PLUS....u said u would play it after u were done talkn...but nvr did 😏😩....I'm anxious now 2 hear this!!

  • Amanda Govan
    Amanda Govan 18 days ago

    Wow, just wow money really is the root of all evil

    ADREANN SPEARMON 19 days ago

    But she didn't write the song

  • leah williams
    leah williams 19 days ago

    All those interviews she did wearing sunglasses💔😥

  • Donyelle Alston
    Donyelle Alston 19 days ago

    Is this a book....if so what's the name

  • Monika Dunns
    Monika Dunns 19 days ago

    Am I missing something ? this man is a freak and every woman that goes with him knows his fetish move. My question is why didn't they all leave and go to the police ? What was holding them back for so long ? Parents were getting a pay cheque why the wife am sure knows a whole lot. R.kelly shouldn't be the only one to go down, in his last rant during the interview he clearly stated that the girls were sold to him and am sure he didn't went and just picked them up off the street. Knowing their age was never important to him.
    The wife Drea is not a victim but an enabler, she's making it look as if she's some sorrowass victim but she's not. I hope and pray that the whole, lock, stock and barrel goes to prison included the managers and the parents. This scandal only comes to light again when R.Kelly stop giving them a pay cheque. If the pay roll was still rolling in am sure no one would open their mouth and started crying about been abused by him. R.Kelly is not the only man that handcuff a woman to a bed or a woman become submissive to a man. If they don't like it then they could leave but they CHOOSE to stay.

  • ashley lee
    ashley lee 19 days ago

    I always thought her song Never No More was about Rkelly

  • Jacquelyn Hooper
    Jacquelyn Hooper 20 days ago

    If he gets away with what he been doing to these young girls no young woman is safe at all from predators like him so parents protect your girls until the age is appropriate for them to see nasty ass R.Kelly his d*** must be too small for him to mess with little girls he needs to have handcuffs on him while things is happening to him

  • tynia major
    tynia major 20 days ago

    i think this is crazy and non sense something went on but people go overboard for no reason when shes not here to defend herself anymore and when she was here SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID so...

  • Lorraine G.
    Lorraine G. 20 days ago

    So now I'm wondering why Aaliyah and her Mother took the publishing rights from R kelly maybe to give child support to their secret child, because what happened to the baby?
    And why did Timberland say happy mothers day if she didn't keep the child. So where is the child, hum????

  • Christina Jones
    Christina Jones 20 days ago

    I used to wonder why she always her hair over that one eye and why she always wore shades. I thought that it was fashion. I was told that she had a lazy eye and had one eye covered. I think that her switch/eye surgery was when they were over. I wonder if he messed up her eye or if she did it to hide her emotions. You can't see the emotion with just one eye.

  • Rainbow FleXxx
    Rainbow FleXxx 20 days ago

    Aaliyah has a song called "I don't know what to tell you" shyt real

  • Leona cole
    Leona cole 20 days ago +1


  • Leonardville Village Council

    He made our lives enjoyable with his music back in the days but he needs help. So rehab or Jail. I don't care.

  • Kimxni
    Kimxni 21 day ago

    Listen to “Never No More” by Aaliyah. Its about an abusive relationship

  • stef Reed
    stef Reed 22 days ago

    Omg. I had my thoughts that songs lyrics is about abuse. I knew it. 😥

  • Leigh Byrd
    Leigh Byrd 22 days ago

    You doing too much lol I'm against r Kelly but this odee

  • teleshit official
    teleshit official 22 days ago +26

    Aaliyah was, and is still the real and only princess of hip hop and r&b!
    Not Ashanti! Which she claimed the title in 2002 her and murder inc
    Not Ciara
    Not Beyoncé
    Only Aaliyah

  • Jenniffer Adolphson
    Jenniffer Adolphson 22 days ago

    You don't know this at all you can't make these accusations if she has not come forward to you. Whether it's true you can't say that at all cause you are making assumptions

  • AC Leavitt's niece
    AC Leavitt's niece 22 days ago

    Completely plausible and likely from personal experience as well as lots of “research” on topics of abuse due to my primary abuser.

  • Sparkle Walls
    Sparkle Walls 22 days ago

    Listen to her song Refuse and Never No More

  • lrayana Bew
    lrayana Bew 22 days ago

    What I really just sat here and thought about..... Aaliyah self titled album is not even sold or on any platforms because the record label an her mom didn’t want it out. Now think about it. That whole self titled album got hints in the songs that would make you think that there was things done to her. So they’re hiding it because Aaliyah spoke truth through her songs. This is just full of bullshit! R.I.P Princess 💜😔🙏🏽

  • Lady Redd
    Lady Redd 23 days ago

    Wow, this so sad. The music industry is dirty a business! This is why love music, I don't just hear it but I listen most songs to tell a a secret you just have to really listen!

  • Tiare Sniffen
    Tiare Sniffen 24 days ago

    It's always a possibility of truth being hidden. I don't know ppl that tell everything going in their life especially men.

  • OliverQueen Gaming
    OliverQueen Gaming 24 days ago

    She could've been talking about a whole nother dude

  • Ariel Fefe Williams Gamble

    I knew he had to be on some type of narcotics all the symptoms of..

  • A. J.
    A. J. 25 days ago

    This is so heartbreaking and eye-opening! Wow, just wow.

  • Tonto K
    Tonto K 25 days ago

    I wonder why people don't talk much of her dating Jay Z first. Then dating Damon Dash and supposedly was set to marry him until untimely demise. I'm in my mid 40s And I remember a lot of talk about aaliyah beautiful young lady. And it was also said she was a very sexual individual and open minded 2 both sexes.. No shade meant at all.. I heard all sorts of stories about her, missy, tweet, Trina. But hey who knows!! This comment doesn't grant anything including R. Kelly!!!

  • Tonto K
    Tonto K 25 days ago

    Aaliyah would have been 40 this year in January. Timberland is 47.. Aaliyah was 17 or 18 when he was on the scene, difference of 7 years. Nothing like R. Kelly having her by at least 13 years.. And plenty of women 18 date 23,24,25 year old men. Please stop it with the Timbaland crap. She was not a minor. Just young for his liking.. Research y'all dates.

  • Catherine Ramos
    Catherine Ramos 25 days ago

    Now I’m gonna go back and listen to every one of her songs intently after hearing all of this information you all are putting out on here. I’m so sad and mad at the same time! Aaliyah was my one of my most favorite female artists and I still can’t believe she’s gone. If he killed her ooooooweee you better watch out Kelly cause a day of wrecking is upon you! Makes me sick to think that washed up piece of dirt might have killed her! I miss you and your art Aaliyah! You were number 1 girl and we even rep the same city of Detroit together! There will never be another! RIP love and may we get justice for this beautiful soul please?!

  • Water Gods
    Water Gods 27 days ago

    Aaliya loved her curly hair, she was very talented and she believed in true love, all that followed was not her.

  • Monalisa Bee
    Monalisa Bee 27 days ago

    Why don't you look into Aaliyahs uncle Barry who SOLD Aaliyah to Kelly and had her performing for R. Kelly up in a hotel room when she was 13yrs old!!!!!! And that photo that you showed of Aaliyah with a man's hand covering her mouth Is actually Jayz hand!!!..... And Aaliyah has many songs that have messages In... Aaliyah has a song where she sings about being the other female to a dude who Is already In a relationship....

  • 71donkrider
    71donkrider 27 days ago

    Great video shawtty

  • YourzTruely, Anastasia

    Im glad babygirl got out

  • Vonda Lanell Napoleon
    Vonda Lanell Napoleon 27 days ago

    I always thought it was Dame Dash that was abusing her!Because why was she so in a hurry to get back to the States?They said she was scared of small planes.R.Kelly may by have when she was younger but I believe and I did say I,that Dame Dash did also!That last album is all about a woman hurt!🙁

  • NoneWhatsoever
    NoneWhatsoever 27 days ago +1

    Just one thing; can we please stop referring to the victims of R Kelly as "his former sex slaves" and just refer to them as his victims? It's disrespectful.

  • jaidynicole23
    jaidynicole23 27 days ago

    Why would she be talking about R.Kelly 6 years after the fact?

    • Shortyjored88
      Shortyjored88 8 days ago

      Because it still affected her like all trauma usually do. There are some things people never shake from their lives especially being so young and being taking advantage of by an older man. People who are song composers draw from their emotional pains and past experience at times when writing songs. Even if they moved on for the experience and didn't feel pain from it anymore, song writers tend to write about their experiences because it can therapeutic. In this case, the song writer must have ask Aaliyah about experiences and Aaliyah must have told them something even if it's not the whole story. So the composer wrote lyrics from Aaliyah's experience or perspective. But 6 years after experience such major trauma at a young age is not even that long.

  • junior Bovell Aka legendary

    This girl look like a 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Brianna Rene
    Brianna Rene 28 days ago

    Maybe that explains the baby noise on the “Are you the somebody” beat

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 28 days ago

    I wasn't there so I can't say one way or the other...the information coming out makes it appear truthful. But how convenient is it to say all of this when Aaliyah is not here to confirm or deny. Its funny how when funny business is going on no one says or notices anything but when the time is convenient the speculations run rampant. Rip Aaliyah. I wish only the truth for R. Kelly it will either convict or exonerate.

  • MZ. Bozzy *****
    MZ. Bozzy ***** 28 days ago +2

    Yes you are on point 100%. I agree missy and timberland need to tell what they know.

  • copgirl11
    copgirl11 28 days ago

    He wrote age ain’t nothing but a number. She sang it because he had her brainwashed

  • Sarah jayne Wilkes
    Sarah jayne Wilkes 28 days ago +1

    This is exactly why she was murdered.
    She was a strong young woman who was moving through the ranks, probably thought she had enough cred behind her, ready to expose EVERYTHING. She wouldn't have continued to just take that shit.
    I think the stronger she got, the more scared the big shots were and inevitably "took care of her."

  • Lanessa. and. Danise. show Johnson

    Age ain't nothing but a number. I can see what your talking about

  • addy shell
    addy shell 28 days ago

    How come no one is talking about marriage laws that allowed this to happen?

  • Britt Nb
    Britt Nb 29 days ago

    U crazy

  • Noelia SoBizarre
    Noelia SoBizarre 29 days ago

    She was a child a victim of rkelly and her parents for selling her out, its still happening now with all the young artists and actors

  • Lovely Bishh
    Lovely Bishh 29 days ago

    Poor girl she was passed around like a blunt