REFRIGERATOR ORGANIZATION IDEAS | Clean and Organize with me | Tara Henderson

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Deep clean and organize my refrigerator with me! The before and after is amazing. I am so happy with it! Thanks so much for watching!
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  • Shamasa Almussabi
    Shamasa Almussabi 2 days ago

    Tara plzz if you saw my comment just let me know, I really enjoy your posts 😍❤

  • Shamasa Almussabi
    Shamasa Almussabi 2 days ago

    girls do you know how to watch her videos from the first video she posted it ? cuz I really loved her channel so i decided to watch her from the first video

  • Kristen Warren
    Kristen Warren 3 days ago

    What type of refrigerator do you have?

  • Asa Langstrumpf
    Asa Langstrumpf 3 days ago

    all the plastic, all the waste

  • Esra Hassan
    Esra Hassan 5 days ago

    HIOW Tara lm from lraq love you all video

  • shahad alsubhi
    shahad alsubhi 8 days ago

    love you too all❤️

    DAN LIN 8 days ago

    I am addicted to your videos!

  • Nohaila Eyas'sb
    Nohaila Eyas'sb 12 days ago

    This vid is so motivating

  • GeneviaThe Blogger
    GeneviaThe Blogger 14 days ago

    What do y’all eat?? You only have snacks. 😂 love you girl. 😘

  • Mohneet & Amberneet Pawar

    Love your Vlogs,Tara Henderson😍

  • Henry Bascombe
    Henry Bascombe 17 days ago

    How much was all this 5k?

  • Maria Barnet
    Maria Barnet 19 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the empty eggshells left in the egg boxes? Like how can you claim to be organised and clean and yet be lazy to throw away egg shells? And what is the point of an 'egg organiser' - so pointless! The Costco egg box is good enough, protects them, is see-through and it can take some other product being on top of it.

    FREEDOM FIGHTER 21 day ago

    Where are going to put leftovers? Just wondering. Looks very nice though.

  • Gabriella Buscaglia
    Gabriella Buscaglia 25 days ago

    Oddio le uova bianche !! Qui non ci sono !!

  • Janira Navarro
    Janira Navarro 26 days ago

    Omg here in Peru that organization brand is so expensive :(

    • Yesenia
      Yesenia 7 days ago

      Janira Navarro it’s expensive in the U.S too 😢 it’s an expensive brand. I would never be able to afford containers there so I stick to the cheap dollar store ones.

  • idiotenkiller61
    idiotenkiller61 26 days ago +1

    Is it usual in USA to put all the fruits into the fridge? They will lose all their taste and the aroma.

  • Alisha A
    Alisha A Month ago

    Might be cheaper to go to home goods, tj maxx, and marshalls for storage containers. Probably cheaper

  • Toxic Toxic
    Toxic Toxic Month ago

    So wat did u do with the rest of the eggs 🤣🤣

  • حبيبتي فريدة والدلع ديدا

    بتابع كل ڤيديوهاتك بجد جميلة جدا🌼🌼🌼

  • bennaidja hayet
    bennaidja hayet Month ago


  • Indi Bonez
    Indi Bonez Month ago

    I really hope you recycle. Yikes!😬

  • I. Bosquez
    I. Bosquez Month ago

    Kudos to you! This was such a great video that it has inspired me to organize my fridge. You are a great teacher.

  • Idalmis Hurtado
    Idalmis Hurtado Month ago

    Love it! Today our new refrigerator arrived and I had those containers to organize my fridge!!! I’m so excited!!!

  • Denise Mz
    Denise Mz Month ago

    Do you have to clean our the containers very often? Like when you change fruit etc probably?

  • Taylor Cruz
    Taylor Cruz Month ago

    I stumbled across your page when I was pregnant with my son, I actually had my little boy a week after you! I have been watching you ever since and I notice and organized you are and it’s made me more motivated to do the same! Have you always enjoyed being a very organized person or did you just start this with your new home? And I’m curious as to what you do for a living because your home is gorgeous!

  • melania maria teresa emanuele


  • Kausar Shaikh Kausar

    Loved it, your organisation is amazing

  • Queen Iram
    Queen Iram Month ago

    Well managed.. but I didn't know that you put tomato ketchup and mayo in the fridge LOL..

  • Am omar Halab
    Am omar Halab Month ago +1

    ترجميلنا فديوهاتك السابقة 😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Zahide Ünlü
    Zahide Ünlü Month ago



    Muy linda familia. Es bonito ver cómo viven en norte América. Yo soy de Costa Rica y vivo en zona rural, pero aprendo de ustedes mucho, para vivir con mi familia lo mejor posible.

  • Feona Lee Jones
    Feona Lee Jones Month ago +4

    Organizing is so good for the flow of good energy. Any one else experience this?

  • Matisse Cowan
    Matisse Cowan Month ago

    I’m literally watching organisation videos at 12:00am on a school night lol

  • نور المصطفى


  • امل امل
    امل امل Month ago +1

    فين الترجمة باللغة العربية

  • سحر الترتيب العراقية sahar altirteeb aliarqai

    So nice I like it very much you are positive Energy I like your videos

  • Choo Lee Ng
    Choo Lee Ng Month ago +2

    I bought a egg holder for
    14 eggs.
    I ❤️ it.

  • Choo Lee Ng
    Choo Lee Ng Month ago

    If only we have this store in Singapore🙄.
    Love❤️ your videos.

  • Lucia Braga
    Lucia Braga Month ago


  • nor lessmann
    nor lessmann Month ago

    excellant love your content

  • Toufika N
    Toufika N Month ago

    So good vlog

  • miss nexus
    miss nexus Month ago

    11.30 who is the singer? Which song or album? Can anyone tell me plz

  • misshollie Lanier
    misshollie Lanier Month ago

    U did great now I got to do it lol

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    المراءه مراءه ان كانت عربيه او اجنبيه لامعذره من المشتريات للمطبخ والبيت والكرف الكرف في النظافه والشغل يعني خساره وراك وراك ايها الرجل 😂😆😅😂😂😂

  • Fatma Nasr
    Fatma Nasr 2 months ago

    Very good 👍👍

  • Sun
    Sun 2 months ago

    Why do this while wearing a coat and hat?? LOL!

  • &
    & 2 months ago

    Thanks for the great video! Love your organizational skills. Your food choices, not as much! :)

  • Loni Padilla
    Loni Padilla 2 months ago

    The point of the video started for me at @, just sayin.

  • Dianah Nachande
    Dianah Nachande 2 months ago

    I want that refrigerator.

    JEFF TV 2 months ago

    Marry like this kind of woman :)

  • Grace Goodwin
    Grace Goodwin 2 months ago

    I love your Kitchen!!!

  • jonathan dobbins
    jonathan dobbins 2 months ago

    Did she throw out like 2 dozen eggs? Like what happened to the rest of the eggs?

  • chelsy Hope
    chelsy Hope 2 months ago

    January 3 is my birthday

  • Cinthia Patricia
    Cinthia Patricia 2 months ago


  • Em ma
    Em ma 2 months ago +1

    Liked how it turned out!❤💙

  • Ms Magnificent
    Ms Magnificent 2 months ago

    Hi which refrigerator do u hv??

  • Janis Behrens
    Janis Behrens 2 months ago +1

    Where did you put all the other eggs that you had? I hope you didn't throw them away. Fridge looks good though.

  • Jooon Namjoon
    Jooon Namjoon 2 months ago

    Wow watching this (and loving it) I realised (as a 14yr old girl) I am such an adult

  • Paula Watkins
    Paula Watkins 2 months ago

    It's cold in your house. Lol

  • Lacey Thompson
    Lacey Thompson 2 months ago

    I spent half of the video trying to see if someone in the comment asked where your jacket was from😂 it’s so cute! Now I need to rewatch so I can pay attention! I’m obsessed with your videos!