15 Things You Didn't Know About SIEMENS

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • 15 Things You Didn't Know About SIEMENS | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: tvclip.biz/channel/UCNjPtOCvMrKY5eLwr_-7eUg
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    In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
    Who owns Siemens?
    Who founded Siemens?
    How big is Siemens?
    What is Siemens' net worth?
    What products is Siemens making?
    Why is Siemens one of the most top regarded companies?
    How is Siemens becoming carbon neutral?
    Why did Siemens bought Rolls-Royce energy business?
    Did Siemens broke any records?
    What is Siemens' best product?

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Comments • 160

  • Alux.com
    Alux.com  2 years ago +2

    Hey Aluxers, what do you think about the direction Siemens is heading?
    Make sure to join: www.alux.com
    Samsung: tvclip.biz/video/uzcVDsY__Kc/video.html

    • Lily Singha
      Lily Singha 8 months ago

      make a video on Alstom , french company

    • kasey martin
      kasey martin Year ago

      My dad works at siemens

    • Brett Moore
      Brett Moore Year ago

      Yes,but their,wind,mill direction is,antiquated

    • Matt Gibbons
      Matt Gibbons Year ago

      @Kaibil Balam but at least we can all agree we live in peace time with our European neighbours.
      Harbouring the notion that Siemens is to be regarded with a negative response because of history, then we'd all be guilty of our misgivings, understanding that we're all responsible for atrocities committed, historically with respect, of course.

    • Edgar Carrillo Vázquez
      Edgar Carrillo Vázquez 2 years ago +1

      Alux.com 15 things you did not about General Electric

  • BRad From The Valley

    Do they collect semen and for the nazi cloning sex machine?

  • Moses Tanui
    Moses Tanui Month ago

    yea, their managers loan out their wives to supervisors for promotions. hoagland is one such shameless motherfucker.

  • Kin Chung Cheuk
    Kin Chung Cheuk Month ago

    ch need. autono. Mahu. to up. value. for general. Salary rise exchan. for. License. in. Shang. detla. 毛

  • Frost_ Claps
    Frost_ Claps 2 months ago +1

    Who else loves Siemens all over their face? 😂😂

  • Aggretsukodublin🇮🇪3345

    This is very interesting. Siemens sure are best known for manufacturing wind turbines, automations, medical technologies, ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and trains. Siemens used to make mobile phones years ago and sadly they don't make mobile phones anymore. I wish Siemens would be back in its mobile phone business again. Anyway greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪.

  • Rah Mel
    Rah Mel 5 months ago +1

    If you’re a fellow New York Subway rider like me, you will know this name from the R160 siemens
    I moved 3 years ago and I am a child.

  • sandip patel
    sandip patel 5 months ago

    Siemens cell phone

  • Ray Jacobsen
    Ray Jacobsen 5 months ago +2

    The Healthineers branding was a disaster at launch yet they continue Healthineers today. Siemens treatment of their Healthcare Field Engineers (MRI, CT, X-Ray, etc) is awful, heavy workload, long hours, pay lower then industry standard. While it's an honor to work for Siemens, I got a better offer from another great engineering company, informed my manager Siemens pay was too low, they didn't match it so I resigned after 14 years, they were great maybe 5-6 years ago today they are just abusing smart hard working people.

  • arun kelkar
    arun kelkar 6 months ago

    did these assholes automate their forced labor factories in Auschwitz too?

  • Swapnil Kadam
    Swapnil Kadam 6 months ago +10

    Came here after receiving Offer letter from Siemens... Excited to be part of Siemens 😄😄

    • Anay kumar Dubey
      Anay kumar Dubey 6 months ago +1

      Sir plz ...can u tell me how to get job in siemens

  • Derek hallenstein
    Derek hallenstein 7 months ago

    you forgot the motor factory at Auschwitz utilizing slave labor and the gas vans used in chelmno...terrific record thru 1933-1945...

  • Nathan Lejeune
    Nathan Lejeune 7 months ago +5

    i love Siemens all over my face.

  • R 1
    R 1 7 months ago

    Great company

  • Ramesh Kumaran
    Ramesh Kumaran 7 months ago +4

    Signalling system CT and MRI not mentioned.

  • Ramesh Kumaran
    Ramesh Kumaran 7 months ago

    In the late 70's in Mumbai when Dr dutta samant's Union goons were on a killing spree to stop the opposite camp workers from going to work, they provided ample support to them.

  • Ramesh Kumaran
    Ramesh Kumaran 7 months ago +1

    Aren't countries doing business with countries who are in the business of arms trade? Russia and America have killed several innocent millions of people than the Nazis. Their own people or outsiders.

  • Ramesh Kumaran
    Ramesh Kumaran 7 months ago +1

    Who isn't doing business with corporate thugs and rogue countries in the 21st century? Every country, every politician whatever be their ideology.

  • Ramesh Kumaran
    Ramesh Kumaran 7 months ago

    While in Germany, Siemens can only ill afford to non cooperate with Nazi.

  • NeTriXz
    NeTriXz 9 months ago +3

    I have job interview with Simens tomorrow so Im here to learn LUL

  • Alec Hänninen
    Alec Hänninen 10 months ago

    Siemens had slave workers in their factories during WWII; POWs, Jews and Polish etc. Did you know this about this "great" German company?

  • e o n
    e o n 10 months ago


  • GLR
    GLR Year ago +1

    How come Alphabet is considered trustworthy as well when people don’t trust google at all, no one asked me in any of those surveys. What’s the survey done on google campus?!

  • GLR
    GLR Year ago

    Trustworthiness? Hahahahaha

  • GLR
    GLR Year ago +1

    Spread all over the place and making less money than 40 over companies. Even UPS,. In Greece Siemens is the most corrupt brand that has ever worked here.

  • EZG
    EZG Year ago +1

    Samsung only has a 250 million slush fund for bribes.
    Much rather be bribed by Siemens!

  • Hendrik 00
    Hendrik 00 Year ago +2


    OFFLINE Year ago

    Number 2. Siemens is owned by Sal Volcano

  • Time-Lapse Dude
    Time-Lapse Dude Year ago +1

    Awsome company to work for!!

  • H3000
    H3000 Year ago

    1:43 Ultron? is that you?

  • Cameron
    Cameron Year ago

    All I could think about during the entire video was the dodgy Siemens fan in my BMW that lasted a mere 4 years...must have invested heavily in planned obsolescence too

  • Maloy7800
    Maloy7800 Year ago +4

    What you REALLY didn't know about Siemens is that it is pronounced Zee-mens. The rest you took from wikipedia. Thumb down. www.adblockplus.org

  • Raees Khan
    Raees Khan Year ago +2

    I love this company
    German great allows great company

  • Ramesh Kumar
    Ramesh Kumar Year ago +1

    I like SIEMENS History The powerfull Gmbh,,, by IND citizen ''''''

  • Pritam Singha Roy


  • Thakur Timmy
    Thakur Timmy Year ago +2

    Siemens have a respect for his best tec German brand....

  • Rondeep Bora
    Rondeep Bora Year ago

    @ 3:56 American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • St0ner1995
    St0ner1995 Year ago +1

    what an unfortunate name in english

  • Attila RZA
    Attila RZA Year ago +2

    Read Zimens not semens!!

    • Lame Name
      Lame Name 10 months ago

      Attila RZA she pronounces it very accurate in the video, saying it with a z would be wrong

  • Hensar Lews
    Hensar Lews Year ago +1

    At 3:57, American Society of AMERICAN Engineers...?

  • Gary Clouse
    Gary Clouse Year ago

    Well then, if Siemens won't deal, let them go bankrupt! All globalist and unlimited immigration? Sink them! There is no question that they are uninterested in ANY middle class person!

    • Asshole Destroyer420
      Asshole Destroyer420 10 months ago

      Gary Clouse I would say me dad is pretty middle class I’ve never heard him complain about he’s job

  • Luis Morales
    Luis Morales Year ago

    Number 11 is another Come on....!!!!!
    (Business is game of cards too !!!!)

  • Luis Morales
    Luis Morales Year ago

    Thanks for your videos , ALUX.....
    and about this big enterprise , you Alux just confirmed what I always think about this company .
    And about NUMBER 14 : Come on ....!!!!!!

  • redbeard19833
    redbeard19833 Year ago +3

    Apparently #16 is that it's pronounced Zeemans.

  • Jan K.
    Jan K. Year ago +6

    Hey Alux can you du "15 things you didn't know about BOSCH "

  • ganesh gohan
    ganesh gohan Year ago

    explain about fanuc & mitshubishi

  • brawner brian
    brawner brian Year ago +2

    siemens is a unit of conductance.

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell Year ago

    I come here because although I don't currently have a single dime to my name, I know I have a millionaire mindset.

    • T3chn0ph0b3
      T3chn0ph0b3 Year ago

      George Orwell
      Keep going. Dont make the mistake of working for these money hungry Nazi bastards.

  • spooka770
    spooka770 Year ago +4

    They make fire alarms too

  • Patel Vidhu
    Patel Vidhu Year ago +2

    Great research oriented company.

    • T3chn0ph0b3
      T3chn0ph0b3 Year ago

      Patel Vidhu
      Evil Corp that will use you and no severance. Corp greed only there Patel.

  • Tyler Grainger 2018

    I thought Siemens was Owned by Bosch

    • Dominik
      Dominik Year ago +1

      Oh hell no. They are like rivals in some departments

  • seola
    seola Year ago

    germans use alien technology. damn those germans.

  • Gerald Laumeyer
    Gerald Laumeyer Year ago +28

    I worked for Siemens for 38 years in medical xray systems. The best company you could work for

    • The Anime Addict
      The Anime Addict 6 months ago

      If your not white your super screwed, it is one of the most racist company’s around

    • rmpat path
      rmpat path 7 months ago +1

      My husband is working for Siemens for last 30 years& I would say, long term investors need Siemens in theirs portfolio..😊I surely have deep association & respect for Siemens 👍.

    • Mari P
      Mari P 9 months ago

      Sir I need a one help I have completed in diploma electrical and electronics engineering I have experience for Maintenance and testing and commissioning now I am go to next level choose for plc scada dcs I no ideas please give me a any ideas useful

    • Jeffrey Templeton
      Jeffrey Templeton Year ago +2

      @Sebsty You will. You will.

    • Sebsty
      Sebsty Year ago +1

      I started my apprenticeship about a year ago. dont regret my decision quitting school

  • Tek18x
    Tek18x Year ago

    3:55 ASME = american society of mechanical engineers, not American engineers.

  • Amar Murjani
    Amar Murjani Year ago


  • LORDE 2729
    LORDE 2729 Year ago +26

    currently doing internship in Siemens. love for all german companies

  • Mr.Sceptic
    Mr.Sceptic Year ago +1

    How the fuck does a baby poop carrying company even make it to the list, let alone get ahead of the likes of Siemens.

  • Nicholas Lilly
    Nicholas Lilly Year ago +1

    its pronounced zi menz

    • T3chn0ph0b3
      T3chn0ph0b3 Year ago

      Pronounced "Shitb4g Libt4rds"

  • Murad Indris
    Murad Indris Year ago +11

    7:36 they were forced to bribe the US and Germany so they won't admit to charges of bribing other countries, classic Corporate America.

  • Shiv Chopra
    Shiv Chopra Year ago +5

    Also do a video on Cummins

    • Luis Morales
      Luis Morales Year ago

      PLEASE !!!!! , DON'T BRO....:
      You just mentioned that name , and I feel vertigo and nausea.....That's two things that kind of engines produced when I was a kid ....high levels of CO and high level of vibration , plus their bearings did contain a lot of lead ( for friction reduction )....
      My late father operated vehicles with engines of that kind/brand....