I Adopted A Baby. The Biggest Screw Up In My Life

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Story By David | Subscribe: bit.ly/2J5HP7j
    This is David, and this is the story of the biggest screw up he ever made in his life.
    Seventeen years ago, David and his wife, Caroline, adopted a baby from an Asian American family. He never got to know them at a personal level, and as far as he knew they were very keen to maintain their privacy. They therefore had very few details about the kid’s background, and never tried to find out more. The only thing they knew was that the real parents were too young to look after children.
    But David and Caroline were definitely ready to adopt a child. They’d been on a waiting list for a long time, and they were so eager to become parents that they really weren’t interested in where the baby came from. This turned out to be a big mistake.
    Soon enough, David and Caroline adopted a handsome, intelligent and affectionate little boy, whom they named Justin. It was love at first sight. When Justin was about eight months old, David and his wife began to feel guilty that they were bringing him up without a connection to his ethnic background. Fortunately, they lived in an area with a sizeable Chinese population, so they figured it’d be easy to introduce him to his roots.
    And so for the next seventeen years, David and Caroline did everything possible to honor their son’s ethnic heritage. He attended Chinese language courses, and by the time he was five he could speak both Mandarin and English fluently. They also found a Chinese couple who became friends with Justin and took responsibility for his cultural upbringing. They invited him round to their home to celebrate Chinese holidays, took him out for a Chinese meal every couple of weeks, and practised Mandarin with him. From the time Justin was eight, David took him to China every two years. They never forced him to adopt his ethnic culture, because they didn’t want him to feel there was a difference between them. But they were determined not to rob him of his heritage either. Both David and Caroline were sure they were doing the right thing.
    Everything was going well for them until a week ago, when David was filling in Justin’s financial support application for college. He had to track down some old documents he hadn’t looked at in a while. As he was browsing through them, his eyes suddenly fell upon his son’s old adoption records. The surnames of Justin’s biological parents suddenly jumped out at him. He broke out into a cold sweat. Their names were PARK and KIM.
    Those are Korean last names. David’s son is not from China. Not one little bit. He’s Korean!
    David had never been one of those people who assumes every Asian person is Chinese, and often laughed at others for doing so. But that's what he ended up doing with his own son! Now, he has a seventeen-year-old Korean son who thinks he’s Chinese. He’s spent nearly two decades guiding Justin towards ethnic roots that are not his real ones.
    And the best part of the story is that he now has to reveal the truth to his son and wife. Although he’s not sure if he ever will.
    I adopted a baby 0:07
    We introduced a baby with his roots 1:10
    I felt literally petrified 2:15
    The worst part of all the story 2:56
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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  6 months ago +4880

    What do you think?
    Should David say the truth to his son and wife?

  • Kaitlynn Howard
    Kaitlynn Howard 13 hours ago

    I think yes, DON’T KEEP IT A SECRET!

  • Trifoon Channel
    Trifoon Channel 14 hours ago

    I am Korean.

    I am very offended

  • Idyle Wild
    Idyle Wild 15 hours ago

    I wouldn't tell him. Perception is very thing. If he perceives himself a part of a certain culture, he's good. What will it matter in the end?

  • Pls Don’t fucking sub

    *plot has been twisted*

  • Main Strain
    Main Strain 17 hours ago +1

    Why didn't you have saw the paper's in the first place

  • Motshan Ridge
    Motshan Ridge 19 hours ago

    Does that really matter? I don't think that just because your son has slanty eyes he has to grow up as a Chinese or Asian person. You taught your son that the color of his skin and the shape of his eyes should affect the way he thinks. In my opinion this is your only mistake.

  • Unboxing nintendo1290
    Unboxing nintendo1290 19 hours ago

    if youu tell him it will messhim up

  • Something Inhumane
    Something Inhumane 20 hours ago

    Dem plotwists tho

  • Shadøw Qūēēn
    Shadøw Qūēēn 21 hour ago

    I thought he would regret adopting him because of the title like what😂
    He should tell him

  • Soudamini S
    Soudamini S 21 hour ago +1

    But he is also chinese

  • Soudamini S
    Soudamini S 21 hour ago


  • Ms B S
    Ms B S 21 hour ago

    Tell truth

  • San and Lin ' s Production

    Justin? As in Justin from Lanky Box?

  • Amna Tassan
    Amna Tassan 23 hours ago

    You should tell him and if you need help I'm ready

  • yeobo
    yeobo Day ago


  • Payton L
    Payton L Day ago

    Rip Justin

  • pineapple_rainbow

    *DiD* *yOu* *AssUMe* *mY* *-gENdER-* *RacE*

  • Two girls and a Camera

    Each like is a step closer to telling Justin 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Catherine He
    Catherine He Day ago


  • ι fσυи∂ тαєнуυиgѕ вαgѕ

    I am adopted from Thailand, and Just few days ago, I found out that I am half Korean. I was Just shocked, I can't believe it. I am not sure yet, but still, thats what in my folders says. Even my parents didnt know about this...

  • Nicola Boryn
    Nicola Boryn Day ago

    Tell him he needs to know himself

  • Kennedy Faith Rene’e

    Yes because if he has kids he will think they are Chinese but they are Korean

  • Maddie E
    Maddie E Day ago

    no one gonna point out how the Asian people are drawn with closed eyes orrrrr?

  • I SEE MY FUTURE 0-0 why me

    How do you think the child will feel if he comes across this video

  • mushfequl haque
    mushfequl haque Day ago

    You have to say:Son you are adopted but me and your mom love u very much.I hope he will understand.

  • Blueberry Cupcake
    Blueberry Cupcake 2 days ago

    He should because telling lies is sometimes *MORE* offending than telling the truth...

    Also Koreans are awesome people I have met one she is Lee (I won't mention her surname) and she is really nice!

  • silvia oey
    silvia oey 2 days ago

    Internationale booms out loudly

  • Marianne Markus
    Marianne Markus 2 days ago

    Hahahahhahaha Omg Omg this is so bad 😂😂😂😂

  • Commenter of Awesome

    Hey this is JUSTIN! I Hate you

  • New PLAYER Gaming
    New PLAYER Gaming 2 days ago

    Well tell him and he will get many friends

  • I Like Spuds YT
    I Like Spuds YT 2 days ago

    No he shouldn't, if no one knows it doesn't matter.

  • Some random Girl
    Some random Girl 2 days ago

    *(◎ー◎) *

  • Kelly Garris
    Kelly Garris 2 days ago

    Tell him, he deserves to know and it was an honest mistake.

  • Kelly Garris
    Kelly Garris 2 days ago

    Oh my god😰

  • 2na
    2na 3 days ago

    you are korean

  • Anna Morton
    Anna Morton 3 days ago

    its not good to keeps secrets from your own family

  • CottonQueenie XD
    CottonQueenie XD 3 days ago


  • stupendousgamer Valdebenito

    tell him and ask God for help the lord with help you and you son might take it well

  • 지민
    지민 3 days ago +1

    Tell your son the true👍

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 3 days ago

    Actually Happened: I do t think so. Mai my Because well what if Dave’s white didn’t belive him and Justin gets offended?

  • Bugsy1108
    Bugsy1108 3 days ago

    Justin might run into this video you know that right..?

  • Sara Ransom
    Sara Ransom 3 days ago

    Not now they are going to be mad at you

  • Mehek Niwas
    Mehek Niwas 3 days ago

    Just tell the truth about they find out themselves.

  • Yur Mum
    Yur Mum 3 days ago +1

    Not hating but...
    HE MIGHTTT not be Korean
    If you want to know for sure, do a DNA test, or one of those race things on google

  • TextStories_Official

    dad i figured that a long time ago.

  • TextStories_Official

    daddy. please do

  • it's ye boi sub to pewds

    He should tell the truth look what happened to Johnny when he told lies

  • mad bastard
    mad bastard 4 days ago

    Loool I dont even know hownto could fuck that up that badly

  • Nuti Fanam
    Nuti Fanam 4 days ago

    Bts kpop

  • nanarts
    nanarts 4 days ago

    but I think they messed up with the title?

  • Giraffel Tower
    Giraffel Tower 4 days ago

    I’m ASIAN

  • Ethan Im
    Ethan Im 4 days ago


  • QwQ OwO
    QwQ OwO 4 days ago

    ( sons turns 20 )
    Dad: Oh ya son btw your not Chinese
    Son: WHAT?!?!?!

  • Katie Preston
    Katie Preston 4 days ago

    by the title i thought his screw up was actually the adopted kid

  • fatima Touray
    fatima Touray 4 days ago

    He should tell the true before is too late

  • Lincoln Loud
    Lincoln Loud 4 days ago +1

    it not right to avoid his real culture but maybe if he wants he can be chinese

  • Erika Wright
    Erika Wright 4 days ago +1

    Tell him! Tell them both or someone else will!

  • Syifa Naurah Khadijah
    Syifa Naurah Khadijah 5 days ago +1

    His wife and his son will be understand (sorry for broken English)

  • Diana Maria
    Diana Maria 5 days ago

    Yes he should. Keeping the truth from his son is not what a real and good father should do. Justin will understand and they'll just be as happy as they were already ^^ ( just my opinion )

  • dragonite 0002
    dragonite 0002 5 days ago

    Well korean learns chinese sooo maybe he can learn korean too

  • Amelie Desroches
    Amelie Desroches 5 days ago

    Yes tell him! I am a Chinese adoptee and if I found out I was Korean I would absolutely want to know and so will Justin. He will not hate you for it... he will just be a little confused about his identity. His race doesn’t define him but it is a part of him.

  • Epic Fan2933
    Epic Fan2933 5 days ago

    You should tell him. You just can't keep it from him when he finds out he is going to be mad

  • Evevine 12
    Evevine 12 5 days ago

    Oh my gosh I feel offended I am a Korean

  • Gamer Luna
    Gamer Luna 5 days ago

    I think he should tell him. He will understand what you were trying to do. In the end your a family and families make mistakes.

  • David Caissie
    David Caissie 5 days ago

    I Think it would be better that way

  • notesfromeden
    notesfromeden 5 days ago

    Buddy, you gotta own up to it. The upside is, Chinese culture is rich and interesting and Mandarin is the widest spoken languages in the world! Plus, now he’ll get to discover a whole new side to him he never knew he had!

  • Chickenchicken :3
    Chickenchicken :3 5 days ago

    It's better to tell it

  • Candy queen
    Candy queen 5 days ago

    Yes he should tell the truth because otherwise he will find out one day, and he won't be happy you hadn't told him earlier what you found out.

  • Christy Louis
    Christy Louis 5 days ago

    Aaaand queing the koreaboo kpop fans in the comments in 3....2....1....

  • sólveig Diðriksdóttir

    2:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • pat iseregwu
    pat iseregwu 5 days ago

    David should tell Justin and his wife after all it is about Justin and it does involve his wife .

  • itstoywoman machado
    itstoywoman machado 5 days ago

    No don't tell the son because he might hate then and

  • Marcy Forever
    Marcy Forever 6 days ago

    Holy moly guacamoly

  • Megalo Don
    Megalo Don 6 days ago

    David it’s best if you tell your son and wife I am just letting you know.

  • Vbucky The first
    Vbucky The first 6 days ago

    Bruh that’s sad 😔

  • LP Loves Pandas
    LP Loves Pandas 6 days ago

    He deserves to know

  • Natasja K
    Natasja K 6 days ago

    Don't tell them! And burn the proof! Problem solved.

    • Natasja K
      Natasja K 6 days ago

      +Victor Gan why would they do a DNA test?

    • Victor Gan
      Victor Gan 6 days ago

      Natasja K burn the dna test results too?

    THE CRAZY CREW 6 days ago

    You should tell a kid if there adopted when there 8,9,10,15 or 17

  • Reeva Aryal
    Reeva Aryal 6 days ago


  • CanEHdian Cuber
    CanEHdian Cuber 6 days ago

    Yes, I think you should. It's his right to know his back ground. And the title is screwed up to. The biggest screw up of your life wasn't adopting a baby, it was not looking into his origins. Good video, and I hope all goes well with the realization that he is not Chinese, but Korean.

  • Abbu Luvs u
    Abbu Luvs u 6 days ago

    you're screwed

  • Marty Nicole
    Marty Nicole 6 days ago +1

    Kinda rude title eh?

  • green ranger alex
    green ranger alex 6 days ago

    Davide should say the truth

  • Andi Bedard
    Andi Bedard 6 days ago


  • Lele Kim
    Lele Kim 6 days ago

    momma taehyung and daddy jimin

  • Dok Sampson
    Dok Sampson 6 days ago

    I'm sorry it's both sad and funny. I think he will understand, it came from love dad. He might laugh too.

  • zakko42 thezakko
    zakko42 thezakko 7 days ago

    it is scery

    BAISHALI MAZUMDER 7 days ago

    This is so cute😂

  • Candy S’mores
    Candy S’mores 7 days ago

    David! You have to tell him! If he really does enjoy all of the Chinese traditions, he probably won’t feel any different! He’ll love them still! Just like how some people from Mexico come to live in America, and enjoy the Fourth of July, even though they know that they’re Mexican! Trust me, I know that I’ve never met you, but it’s the right thing to do.😃

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie 7 days ago +1

    Accidental racism

  • Kokichi ouma and cross chara and Nagisa

    Oof hope it goes good for you and you should so things don't get worst

  • The Lady Blog
    The Lady Blog 7 days ago

    What if he ends up seeing this video

  • Snehal Pande
    Snehal Pande 7 days ago +3

    Well this man looks like Tony Stark

    Please don't judge me 😅

  • Dariela G. Macías
    Dariela G. Macías 7 days ago


  • Hell oWorld
    Hell oWorld 7 days ago

    Streireo tipe math homework

  • DarinaLovesHorses
    DarinaLovesHorses 7 days ago

    omg I think they shouldn't tell justin, I think they should marry him with a Korean though :)

  • Iceiss Brooks
    Iceiss Brooks 7 days ago

    My cousins are half Korean.

  • 4 S C E N D E D
    4 S C E N D E D 7 days ago

    The real screw up was naming him Justin.

  • Ava Lennington
    Ava Lennington 7 days ago

    You can tell them