I Adopted A Baby. The Biggest Screw Up In My Life

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Story By David | Subscribe: bit.ly/2J5HP7j
    This is David, and this is the story of the biggest screw up he ever made in his life.
    Seventeen years ago, David and his wife, Caroline, adopted a baby from an Asian American family. He never got to know them at a personal level, and as far as he knew they were very keen to maintain their privacy. They therefore had very few details about the kid’s background, and never tried to find out more. The only thing they knew was that the real parents were too young to look after children.
    But David and Caroline were definitely ready to adopt a child. They’d been on a waiting list for a long time, and they were so eager to become parents that they really weren’t interested in where the baby came from. This turned out to be a big mistake.
    Soon enough, David and Caroline adopted a handsome, intelligent and affectionate little boy, whom they named Justin. It was love at first sight. When Justin was about eight months old, David and his wife began to feel guilty that they were bringing him up without a connection to his ethnic background. Fortunately, they lived in an area with a sizeable Chinese population, so they figured it’d be easy to introduce him to his roots.
    And so for the next seventeen years, David and Caroline did everything possible to honor their son’s ethnic heritage. He attended Chinese language courses, and by the time he was five he could speak both Mandarin and English fluently. They also found a Chinese couple who became friends with Justin and took responsibility for his cultural upbringing. They invited him round to their home to celebrate Chinese holidays, took him out for a Chinese meal every couple of weeks, and practised Mandarin with him. From the time Justin was eight, David took him to China every two years. They never forced him to adopt his ethnic culture, because they didn’t want him to feel there was a difference between them. But they were determined not to rob him of his heritage either. Both David and Caroline were sure they were doing the right thing.
    Everything was going well for them until a week ago, when David was filling in Justin’s financial support application for college. He had to track down some old documents he hadn’t looked at in a while. As he was browsing through them, his eyes suddenly fell upon his son’s old adoption records. The surnames of Justin’s biological parents suddenly jumped out at him. He broke out into a cold sweat. Their names were PARK and KIM.
    Those are Korean last names. David’s son is not from China. Not one little bit. He’s Korean!
    David had never been one of those people who assumes every Asian person is Chinese, and often laughed at others for doing so. But that's what he ended up doing with his own son! Now, he has a seventeen-year-old Korean son who thinks he’s Chinese. He’s spent nearly two decades guiding Justin towards ethnic roots that are not his real ones.
    And the best part of the story is that he now has to reveal the truth to his son and wife. Although he’s not sure if he ever will.
    I adopted a baby 0:07
    We introduced a baby with his roots 1:10
    I felt literally petrified 2:15
    The worst part of all the story 2:56
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Comments • 8 076

    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  8 months ago +5627

    What do you think?
    Should David say the truth to his son and wife?

    • ツAcidcat
      ツAcidcat 13 days ago

      He should tell his wife and tell justin when he is 18 since he is 17

    • Silver Spotted Hyena
      Silver Spotted Hyena 2 months ago

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED, I think he should tell them. They might think it’s funny, and the kid could learn all over, and telling your kid you screwed up is the best thing a parent can do instead of lying to them.

    • New Justice
      New Justice 2 months ago


    • Slime and Squishies
      Slime and Squishies 3 months ago

      yes. tell them. your family loves you, and they will understand.

  • Maria De la cerda
    Maria De la cerda 22 hours ago

    I said yes because if he waits and his son finds out about it, he will get mad at them for not raising him himself you know. 😕

  • chaniboo Chantoya
    chaniboo Chantoya 23 hours ago

    he should be he wouldnt want to know if he is father is japanese or american so he should

  • Ayan Robleh
    Ayan Robleh Day ago

    dumb dad

  • xd Grim
    xd Grim Day ago +1

    No! Don’t tell him, not after _17 years_ of believing he is Chinese! If you do, God knows how he will react and how on earth will he forgive you? Keep him happy the way he is, without ruining his life all of a sudden.

  • Revealing Numbers

    I feel like an Asian should know if a kid is Chinese Korean or Japanese
    I’m not being racist

  • Crystal Palacios
    Crystal Palacios 2 days ago

    The title was very missleading 😂 loved the plot twist thought

  • Forgotten Roleplays
    Forgotten Roleplays 2 days ago

    Oh I thought he meant the baby was his biggest screw up. The title should be "I adopted a baby. THEN I made the biggest screw up in my life."

  • Catastrophic Cat
    Catastrophic Cat 2 days ago

    Everyone: hmmmmmm this person has small eyes they must be Chinese!
    btw I’m not Chinese or am I?

  • BFFS Forever
    BFFS Forever 2 days ago

    Well they know now

  • Yaren OMG
    Yaren OMG 2 days ago

    Its better of to tell them then just keep it in.If you tell them 4 years later they will get mad for not telling them a few years earler.Tell the wife first

  • Bella Law
    Bella Law 2 days ago

    It would make a great video

  • محمد و حسين 1


    SEAN LANARIO 2 days ago

    It's not a screw-up it's a mixup

    SEAN LANARIO 2 days ago

    It's not a screw-up it's a mixup

  • Winda Kartika
    Winda Kartika 2 days ago

    Yes david should tell them beacuse hoestlty

  • Lily Lulu
    Lily Lulu 2 days ago

    You should it’s the right thing to do

  • Filza Wajid
    Filza Wajid 2 days ago

    YES,It's the only way to do it's ok even though you are going to tell them does not mean they will hate you

  • Luca Rc master
    Luca Rc master 2 days ago

    Epic fail

  • Summer Is Cool
    Summer Is Cool 2 days ago

    Plot twist his child watches this channel

  • Video Kat877
    Video Kat877 2 days ago

    There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. And there’s nothing wrong with being a part of a culture you’re genetically not actually a part of. I think we should all be more open minded to all of the different cultures out there.

  • Princess
    Princess 2 days ago

    Yes because honesty is best

  • H-TownBaby Boss Squad

    He deserves to know and i'm sure he'll look back and laugh about it someday after

  • Leaf Thrower208
    Leaf Thrower208 3 days ago

    How about rosa parks and kin jund un

  • Victoria Mathieu
    Victoria Mathieu 3 days ago

    Sir if you ever tell your son I hope he finds it as funny as I do.

  • key key16
    key key16 3 days ago

    thay will find out in a hard way 😭

  • Kate Alewood
    Kate Alewood 3 days ago

    Yes Because his son needs to know

  • Uinisitoni Hopoi
    Uinisitoni Hopoi 3 days ago

    its ok g

  • cardea jackson
    cardea jackson 3 days ago

    Chances are hes going to find out his real ethnicity at some point in his life whether you tell him or not, but yea tell him so he wont be mad when he finds out

  • cardea jackson
    cardea jackson 3 days ago

    You better not tell nobody. XD 🤣🤣

  • Top The Mop
    Top The Mop 4 days ago

    would be very cruel if he didnt

  • Maddie Carroll
    Maddie Carroll 4 days ago

    He should tell his family because they can guide him toward Korean s

  • Idcwatusay Teehee gachatales

    I cried and laughed in the same time

    FADHLI ZAFIR 4 days ago


  • Haruka Tenou
    Haruka Tenou 4 days ago

    How did u miss his parents last names

  • Emma’s Vlogs
    Emma’s Vlogs 4 days ago

    Yes to know so he can be what he is

  • Stari i
    Stari i 5 days ago

    Anyone else looking through the comments for his kid?

  • Delia Molnar
    Delia Molnar 5 days ago

    He needs to find out. Korea is a part of him

  • Optimistic Onon
    Optimistic Onon 5 days ago

    I think he should open up cuz it's better late then never(yep it's from the last video lol)

  • Redfather
    Redfather 5 days ago

    Chinese Korean what's the difference they are all Asian

  • muhammed YASeen
    muhammed YASeen 5 days ago

    There is only one culture love or human .

  • BaNgTaN Chicken Oppa JTN

    Just make him learn korean like i am

  • Jason Sparks
    Jason Sparks 5 days ago

    no he will get mad at you and might go to his real parents

  • ZiibruhStrypz 108
    ZiibruhStrypz 108 6 days ago +1

    If I was in this situation, I would say the truth. But otherwise, I would wait until April fools day, then tell them the truth. If it goes wrong, say it was an April fools joke. If it goes well, live your life just like before. Don't change anything.

  • James Khalil
    James Khalil 6 days ago

    You racist?

  • fuzake runa
    fuzake runa 6 days ago

    the kid be like: "oh no, learning a new foreign language again"

  • Sherryl Natasyas
    Sherryl Natasyas 6 days ago

    The baby is cute

  • Marie Foxy
    Marie Foxy 6 days ago

    Dude tell them u made a mistake they will forgive u I know from experience that if ur adopted ur adoptive parents shouldn’t keep secrets about who u r it will turn out bad cause mine did and I’m adopted but after a bit I calmed down and forgave them the only bad thing is he will hate u for a bit then realise u made a mistake and forgive u again and she will forgive u cause she’s ur wife and she loves u so just tell them

  • Deadly Pandaz
    Deadly Pandaz 6 days ago

    Honestly my friend is Vietnamese and I thought she was Chinese too....

  • Morgan Rogue
    Morgan Rogue 6 days ago


  • Ricarda Bautista
    Ricarda Bautista 6 days ago

    He might lose the relatioship with his son

  • Britney Broadnax
    Britney Broadnax 7 days ago

    Now when they watch this vid it’s gonna be a whole family blowout

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh 7 days ago

    Yes , you should tell your wife and adopted son because one day he will know everything

  • Jaden Alfonzo Agpaoa

    i was like whats so wrong until i saw the ending

  • Melissa McKain
    Melissa McKain 8 days ago

    Wow!!! I assume people would have mentioned it before 17 years. I'm sure there slight facial features that are different between Chinese and Koreans. I can't tell but I'm assuming Chinese people would have.

  • How to Eat Croissants

    You should tell them this!

  • Evimations
    Evimations 8 days ago

    Hey, if Justin finds out, my grandma can make him some really good bulgogi!

  • Fronnie Fazbear
    Fronnie Fazbear 8 days ago

    I think he should tell his family because 1. It's important to be connected to your roots 2. It's the right thing to do 3. He needs to know the truth just as much as he needs to know what speaking is

  • Alex Nonito
    Alex Nonito 8 days ago

    Do it just do it nothing can stop you do it just do it

  • Mimikyu Fan Boy
    Mimikyu Fan Boy 9 days ago

    Before you got him, you could had done a DNA check.
    Now, idk.

  • beyonce williams
    beyonce williams 9 days ago

    He should tell his son and his wife because if he founds out himself their would be a lot of questions and such

  • Jwcob
    Jwcob 9 days ago


  • annoying troll
    annoying troll 9 days ago

    Wtf dad?

  • Cena Singleton
    Cena Singleton 9 days ago

    u should because if u tell him sooner he will be mad

  • aysa ibrahimov
    aysa ibrahimov 9 days ago

    Wow this is sad and funny at the same time

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 9 days ago


    I thought the plot twist would be that the Chinese couple was the one who helped Justin learn about Chinese traditions

  • Narda Garcia
    Narda Garcia 9 days ago

    I honestly think you should.. it's part of him.

  • oof oof
    oof oof 10 days ago +1

    Ice ice baby

  • LoudSilentEs
    LoudSilentEs 10 days ago

    just stick with it

  • Foxes Eye
    Foxes Eye 10 days ago

    I fin

    • Foxes Eye
      Foxes Eye 10 days ago

      I fink Devid shod tel the truff

  • Bail3y W1xon
    Bail3y W1xon 10 days ago

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Cali Tapia
    Cali Tapia 10 days ago

    You should tell him

  • Psyluxx •
    Psyluxx • 10 days ago

    Kinda pissed that they made his eyes look like that

  • I cant relate
    I cant relate 10 days ago

    I ate a monkey

  • Laderek Smith
    Laderek Smith 10 days ago

    Oh Boy, What if ypur sun saw this video..

  • sherifa forrester
    sherifa forrester 10 days ago

    David should tell his son & wife because that the right thing to do if he doesn't do it his son or wife will find out sooner or later

  • cqrlyn c
    cqrlyn c 11 days ago


  • sans
    sans 11 days ago

    does that mean that his uncle is kim jong un?

  • Jungkook's Wifeu :3
    Jungkook's Wifeu :3 11 days ago

    Maybe the baby was from park jimin and kim taehyung??😏😏 where army at?

  • MangoPlayz희 :3
    MangoPlayz희 :3 11 days ago

    Hey I'm Korean!
    Like if your Korean too

  • Natalia Ines Andrade
    Natalia Ines Andrade 11 days ago

    Yes David should tell his don and wife be honest

  • raulesc 322
    raulesc 322 11 days ago

    i chose yes because yes

  • AM S
    AM S 11 days ago

    The ending...it's so sad 😭
    Should the REACT channel have the generations react to this??

  • epapa217
    epapa217 11 days ago

    I’m more concerned about how the Chinese teachers & friends and other associates did not say anything about why they were teaching a little Korean boy everything about China 🇨🇳🤔.. most people are able to identity if they are the same ethnicity just by looking at them, especially Asians.

  • Izzykenza :3
    Izzykenza :3 11 days ago

    You two look like fgteev moomy
    And fgteev duddy

  • CathyZeCuteWolf xoxo
    CathyZeCuteWolf xoxo 11 days ago

    Yes to give him a better life and don't get him into a fight if he is Chinese or not. Come on David! You can do this! Who's with me?

  • kitty unicorn
    kitty unicorn 11 days ago

    Make him listern to bst music..

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe 11 days ago


    STARR MARCELIN 11 days ago


  • Tracy Everon
    Tracy Everon 11 days ago

    Dammm good luck ou need it i feel so bad...

  • Gamernoob YT
    Gamernoob YT 11 days ago

    You have to tell them, if you don’t, it will only make your life worse

  • Everything girl
    Everything girl 11 days ago

    Maybe they can try and change his language and culture

  • xxĶìòñàxx Vlogs
    xxĶìòñàxx Vlogs 11 days ago

    U should bc if his parents vist him one day he will hate u bc u didn't tell him

  • Yohan Kim1
    Yohan Kim1 12 days ago


  • Susana Sanabria
    Susana Sanabria 12 days ago +1

    🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️this is a big mistake

  • Still Candle
    Still Candle 12 days ago

    Tell your wife not your son

  • Yasmine Mcmanus
    Yasmine Mcmanus 12 days ago

    I ate a lemon.

    No i would not eat a lemon

  • Caca Koala
    Caca Koala 12 days ago

    U should tell them it should cum from u dont let them find out by them selves it would be bad

  • Matei Bobes
    Matei Bobes 12 days ago

    Idk, he gotta find out sooner or later, but Korea is a dangerous place, practically the only communist place that still exists, i know he must learn his roots and will be hard for him to believe, might not even know how Korea is....It's kinda dangerous, if we were talking about Japan would be something different, but Korea....is not the place you would call home from what i heard in news, games, interviews etc. etc.

  • magali ardon
    magali ardon 12 days ago

    As long has you tell him he won't get mad he needs to know what he is here in his life