How The 36-Foot-Tall Coachella Astronaut Was Made

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • The most photographed installation at Coachella 2014 was the 36-foot-tall animatronic astronaut known as Escape Velocity. It was made by Poetic Kinetics, a group of artists that focuses on large-scale art installations, experiential design, and performance production.
    In 2019, they made another astronaut, called Overview Effect. Both astronauts are made from a shell of wire mesh and fitted fabric with radio-controlled animatronic arms and hands. The astronaut’s visor has video projection mapping and a live, interactive facial-capture system.
    For Overview Effect, authentic NASA footage collected by astronauts at the International Space Station in addition to curated messages by former astronaut Chris Hadfield were broadcasted specifically for the festival.
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    How The 36-Foot-Tall Coachella Astronaut Was Made
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