How America Accidentally Invented The Nazis


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  • Shandel Roll
    Shandel Roll 7 days ago

    Anne Frank was refused refugee status by the U.S. twice.

  • parker469a
    parker469a 10 days ago

    What was left of Atlantis was already found in upper Africa but it's just a multiple mile long hole in the ground that you can only really tell was ever something to begin with from space.

  • Titus Schütz
    Titus Schütz 10 days ago

    this way to simplistic to be considered good

  • GERMANS 4truth
    GERMANS 4truth 10 days ago

    Well it looks like you have somthing against boobs and brains. Somebody shut this dumb ass dude up.

  • Lennon Dorris
    Lennon Dorris 23 days ago +1

    I didn’t laugh once

  • shawn's video archive
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  • Clayon Gayle
    Clayon Gayle 25 days ago


  • Ewan H
    Ewan H 25 days ago

    Americans are so fucking self centred. It is literally amusing how you’d can turn everything about your self. Aw laws came fae Rome if your wantin to dae shit lit that
    Lit I’m just sayin that a wee Scottish guy invented the Coal mining extraction in the sea on an artificial island by Sir George Bruce of Carnock (1575). Regarded as one of the industrial wonders of the late medieval period. (Aye a did just copy n paste than) dosnt mean Scotland fucking caused global warming
    So man up and just take the fact you didn’t cause the fucking nazis mate

  • Dylan Rees
    Dylan Rees 27 days ago

    I’m pretty sure nationalism inspired nazism

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan Month ago

    History doesn't exist

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    America right is going through what Germany went through in the 1930s just a little different that’s why we had the Charlottesville, VA rise up The real American purists are fed up with the democratic DEMOGOG party 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Marele Solomonar
    Marele Solomonar Month ago

    Trying to rewrite history I see

  • dewaynekoonce
    dewaynekoonce Month ago

    Russia was actually more responsible for the Allied victory than the U.S.A but yeah, I can see how we birthed the Nazis.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    It is funny that when everyone bags on how much America sucks because we had many despicable things happen during our history, they don't mention that our history is very short. Look at the history of any country that has been around longer than we have. You will find at least as many, and typically many more, instances of absolute horror. One of the things that makes America great, is the ability to overcome past misconceptions and change for the better, in what amounts to a very short time, historically speaking. Yes, it's taken hundreds of years to get to where we are and it will likely take hundreds more to overcome issues we're dealing with today. But there are thousand year old nations that only relatively recently stopped certain horrendous acts, like slavery. Be sure to thank America for our part in that, too.

  • Irish Trash
    Irish Trash Month ago


  • Chris Warburton
    Chris Warburton Month ago

    America was also pretty big into eugenics before the Nazis decided that was a good idea. We were just a goldmine of terrible ideas for Hitler.

  • Jake Keller
    Jake Keller Month ago

    Fuckin clickbait. This video was good and informative but you guys should strive to attract viewers with quality content instead of misleading titles.

  • Friederike Spratte
    Friederike Spratte Month ago +2

    Good to know, that everything is about America🤣

  • tavi Bowstrings
    tavi Bowstrings 2 months ago

    this entire video is a stretch tbqh saying america invented nazi's in a time where neonazi's have made a massive resurgence is literally just clickbait.Also i wish youd site your sources to where you got this piss poor information.But at least you got all kinds of good buzzwords in.

  • Vincent Campaert
    Vincent Campaert 2 months ago

    Socialist pig

  • Ecoli ESRein
    Ecoli ESRein 2 months ago

    Why are you saying it like your quoting hitler. Not ever did he once or any evidence other than copieing jim crow is pretty week, but that's cool our grandparents where Terrible ignorant monsters.
    And no, not in any way does the way your saying this mean anything than just that. Thanks, ever think the way you say things offends others ofcorse your a feminist after all.

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 2 months ago

    The world is consumed in violence because people like you condemn and throw hatred upon the one soul that did everything he could to protect all life and existence before his own life ... I feel sorry for you if you really want to be our enemy that is fine I will warn you that our enemies do not win EVER

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 2 months ago

    Don’t watch this channel they are anti white and promote the satanic agenda of synagogues and churches who secretly operate with banks and many corporations to keep power out of our hands we will exterminate you and everyone at this channel just wait .... you have spoke against the gods and the gods desire many things and you are in the way you will blessed with a swift death blow

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 2 months ago

    Why is hitler evil ? Holohoax? What did he do? Expose the truth ? Set back the Jews plans a little? Hahah give up now we are killing your ideas and false truths keep spreading lies and the truth will flood your soul with pain since you hate the truth you don’t live the truth and that is why this channel hates hitler

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 2 months ago

    You got a prOblem do something about it before I do ... haha your so racist against us Aryan nationalist calling us Nazis hahah your probably a satanist who participates in child sacrifice rituals yet somehow hitler is evil

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 2 months ago

    WoW take your jewish lies somewhere else you honestly think your information is accepted by the public hah lol everyone knows you support satanist and attend synagogue atleast once a week your anti white and racist to the Aryan race a threat to my existence I will end your ideas and message just wait .... all of you who participate in running this channel will come down with a sickness like never before

  • Robert St.Marie
    Robert St.Marie 2 months ago

    We did not make Nazis. We just made them better. Huge difference. :P

  • G i e g u e
    G i e g u e 2 months ago

    All what I searched up was Harold Von Braun

  • Francesco Gaspari
    Francesco Gaspari 2 months ago

    Oh America, the cause of most shit today.

  • MordanGeeman
    MordanGeeman 2 months ago

    Can you people do anything besides dwell in the past and invent bullsiht reasons to hate the country that garuntees you the right to shit on it daily?

  • phoebe doering
    phoebe doering 2 months ago

    The swastica (or however you spell it) was originally a Native American symbol (and was a good thing) until hitler stole it and made it ugly

  • Sibbe God
    Sibbe God 2 months ago

    She is very annoying

  • E. Lin
    E. Lin 2 months ago

    No, it was the Democratic party that came up with Jim Crow, you liars! You speak as if the entire population was behind it. Piss off!
    Liberal click bait BS. Unsubscribed. Goodbye, Cracked!

  • Xenia Torres
    Xenia Torres 2 months ago

    The sea monkey inventor was also a jew himself might I add. His own parents here in New York City were Jews. And he poured his funds into the aryan nation. How ironic. Von wasn’t even in his name. I guess he just thought it sounded more aryan!

  • Hey Steph
    Hey Steph 2 months ago

    Why am I not surprised

  • José Assumpção
    José Assumpção 2 months ago

    Being the inspiration for a small portion of their laws is not sufficient to claim that US "invented the nazis". Eugenics were developed by nazis and practiced in America. So by your logic we should all be saying that the nazis "invented America". Dumb, right? Nazis were nazis way before their anti interracial marriage and one drop rule laws of 1935, the Jim Crow laws were not influential in the creation of the nazi mindset, which would have developed regardless of Jim Crow or even America itself, and I'm sure you guys at know that.

  • 3ooth c
    3ooth c 2 months ago

    Roger was great these kids really sux to listen to

  • SupahFans Streetwear
    SupahFans Streetwear 2 months ago

    why so much redundancy in your script??

  • Al DEE
    Al DEE 2 months ago

    Ever notice how these people only have the same three things to talk about? Race, gender and Beyoncé. That's it.

  • dragomxsoldier
    dragomxsoldier 2 months ago

    American history books America never did anything bad
    But they have done every evil thing any other country has done
    Nazis killing Jews America killing blacks

  • Strange Manta
    Strange Manta 2 months ago

    Cracked is pro leftist now? She speaks like a true sjw

  • Edd Grs
    Edd Grs 2 months ago

    Why do you say Hitler hated innovation and the "can do" attitude ? The whole Third Reich was based on that (and white supremacy).

  • Steve Reynolds
    Steve Reynolds 2 months ago

    These snowflakes whining about this and that, without realising in many countries they would be imprisoned, probably raped or killed for speaking like this about their "awful country" smh 🔫

  • Jonathan Carmona
    Jonathan Carmona 2 months ago

    Those being DEMOCRAT Jim Crow laws. So these NAZI ideals came from only one particular part of our American history.

  • Ashton Carter
    Ashton Carter 2 months ago

    wow that was lond

  • thisisruss_vwk
    thisisruss_vwk 3 months ago

    to be fair..... sea monkey weren't "invited," they evolved.
    They are actually called brine shrimp.

  • KayloMaster
    KayloMaster 3 months ago

    I like how 4500 red necks are pissed off at history

  • know413J1S
    know413J1S 3 months ago

    That intro was funny..good acting.ha

  • Franky G Man Entertainment

    So they were already nazis ,with already racist and socialist ideals, that looked at some of our racist laws to help write their racist laws. Definitely different than creating nazi's. However the treaty of Paris and the mistreatment of Germany after world war 1 definitely did play a part and would have been a more interesting video.

  • jonnyhatter35
    jonnyhatter35 3 months ago

    Ghandi was racist too. So was William Falukner (should I burn my copy of The Sound and the Fury?). The Nazis put in place the first ever laws concerning the fair treatment of animals in Europe. Our own animal rights are based on theirs, so are the rest of Europe's. No one is a complete saint, and no one is a complete asshole

  • Willie White
    Willie White 3 months ago

    those people along with white south africans were one of the same.

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 3 months ago

    Lol nice try with the self loathing American narrative. This should be titled “Nazis borrowed racist US legislation for already existing Nazi ideology” as we did not even come close to inventing them. There was once a man named Eckhart who had racist Aryan views and sought to overthrow the Weimar Republic which was complacent in regaining German pride after the country was left ruined after the treaty of Versailles. Eckhart discovers a fiery, unrefined Hitler at a worker’s meeting and takes him under his wing to polish him up into a marketable spokesman which works splendidly for their ideas as one compliments the other. Over time they accumulate their inner circle through ways that are honestly unexpected and more dynamic than “A few racists in a cellar”. Anyway, although fascism, bigotry and racism were all hallmarks of The National Socialist Worker’s Party (The original platform of the Nazis for those with minimal history knowledge), they all had specific purposes for appealing to the German people like Aryan supremacy gave a tragically downtrodden German peoples a sense of pride that, although erroneous, drew people to Nazism due to the source of their elevated spirits. As far as the Jews, given anti semitism already ran through the entirety of Europe (Yes the entire continent) and his Aryan claims, they served as the perfect scape goats for Germany’s troubles as many of them were involved in government...... in just going to stop becuase there’s far too much to cover on one reply. All you need to know is Nazism’s emergence is very complex and was not in any way an unintended consequence of American society; it evolved all on its own and for its own specific reasons It may have borrowed the Jim Crowe model but all they did was see a successful racist system and if they hadn’t seen ours they would’ve developed their own so don’t be fooled by the bullshit seeping from this woman’s mouth, what a crock of Cracked shit. Also, I no way agree with the Nazi doctrine, I’m just tired of left wing kids with zero historical knowledge committing it to memory for left wing social justice fuckedy.

  • connor Conner
    connor Conner 3 months ago

    No completely wrong but still wrong

  • Jason Saglado
    Jason Saglado 3 months ago

    America suck Nazi is good

  • MYwinters1945
    MYwinters1945 3 months ago

    Without the Americans ruining the global economy with their fucked up game in the stock market, the nazis would never win the elections. Never.

  • Anthony Kattan
    Anthony Kattan 3 months ago

    Women's suffrage movement aka the inventor of white feminism

  • Matthew PDK78
    Matthew PDK78 3 months ago

    Don't forget the Pet Rock- a monumental American achievement... and Jersey Shore.

  • Jake Law
    Jake Law 3 months ago +1

    When will the nazis take full responsibility for their actions? Clearly we should have kept bombing germany untiil all life forms were extinguished...

  • Camryn Christenberry
    Camryn Christenberry 3 months ago

    This video is poorly writen

  • Duece Lee Productions
    Duece Lee Productions 3 months ago

    Hitler was inspired by Henry Ford

  • Will Terz
    Will Terz 3 months ago

    Pretty sure Hitler didn’t hate innovation.
    Genocidal maniac: yes
    Luddite: definitely not

  • Johnny Ray
    Johnny Ray 3 months ago

    Applause for You ... Great demonstration of PROGRESSIVE BULLSHIT ... 🤣
    #1 ... "Jim Crow" was 💯% DEMOCRATS doing
    #2 ... Civil Rights Act of 60ies were passed by REPUBLICANS
    btw ... Hitler learned how to "exterminate" human beings from SANGER and her antics ...
    ROFLMAO , YUPPERS , you've did an Excellent job of Exposing the Ways and Means of PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS , ie... DEMOCRATIC PARTY

  • Calum Muriur
    Calum Muriur 3 months ago

    America entered the war late and so they didn’t really “win the war for the world” actually Canada joined before America did

  • Critter Cosner
    Critter Cosner 3 months ago

    Now the U.S.A is a huge pool of liquid shit. Were a joke. We have a reality T.V. star for a president.

  • Duane Locsin
    Duane Locsin 3 months ago

    America has had it's own dedicated specialized racist, violent and oppressive group in the KKK for at least 150 years long before Hitler's Nazis and may have had racist groups even older than that.
    Of course America would have it's hand in inspiring or even creating racist political groups around the world.

    There are Nazis right now who openly campaign in the Republican Party.
    Which leads to an peculiar question.
    Why did Americans go, fight and die against the Nazis for in World War II?

    • Duane Locsin
      Duane Locsin 3 months ago

      learn history pal.
      the KKK early on sided with the Democratic Party due to Republicans push for a civil war, but shortly after realized they related more with the Republican Party, so joined and stayed with the Republican Party for 140 years event to this day there are open white supremacist groups and individuals that campaign within the Republican Party.
      racist ideology has and remains mostly within the Republican Party, there is no hiding this fact.
      The only person you are a fooling is yourself dude.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Duane Locsin well, You would do well to LEARN that the ENTIRETY of Hitlers atrocious behavior , well , It was modeled , actually directly lifted, from the Democratic Party Agenda .... WTFU

  • Todd Shockley
    Todd Shockley 3 months ago

    Attention dumb conservative mother fuckers: The South was a one-party system, and the entire country was racist. So drop your ignorant talking points and get the rest of the story, including the fact that the parties have changed ideologies and issue positions, that the South was different than the North, and you can slap a label on anything.
    Those name cards slide in and out.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Todd Shockley Dumbass, you actually met someone Here who knows better than to believe the BULLSHIT that Democratic and Republican party "swapped" 🤣
      Wake the fuck up ya arrogant ass...

  • Jimmy Cincinnati
    Jimmy Cincinnati 3 months ago

    You left out a lot of stuff that didn't suit the narrative. Gerald Nathan Braunhut was Jewish.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Jimmy Cincinnati ALSO, the FACT that ALL NAZIS ATROCIOUS ACTS were modeled from the Democratic Party

  • Reny Vas
    Reny Vas 3 months ago

    This is dumb

    BOGGLE KING 4 months ago

    Does she think she's funny?

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch 4 months ago

    Funny we did not end Nazi or racism here just transformed them into new forms

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Michael Enoch still alive and well within the brain washed halls of PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS , ie... Democrats

  • Dontreadthis
    Dontreadthis 4 months ago

    clickbait AF titled but actually pretty interesting. history.

  • OCSJC :.
    OCSJC :. 4 months ago

    Eveb if america did do thst hitler would have still gone to power nd fid the same thing

  • crippledcommie
    crippledcommie 4 months ago

    Actually America turned away many Jewish immigrants at the time including Anne Frank.

  • the truth news channel
    the truth news channel 4 months ago

    Don Trump Sr........aka Hitler

  • Dead Kings
    Dead Kings 4 months ago

    But hitler god bless him wasn’t wrong.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Dead Kings Hitler was duped by the same fuckers that back Democrats...

  • zor zor
    zor zor 4 months ago

    Proud to be American..lady go sell your sh/t somewhere else

  • tobias bolhuis
    tobias bolhuis 4 months ago

    6 min waste of time haha americans invented nazi hahaha really funny you dont get it ay racism will never die it wont its now living in the dark and wil never be forgotten by the way the russians beat the germans

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      tobias bolhuis ACTUALLY, it was DEMOCRATS PLATFORM ... Nazi used it 💯% ...

  • mizshgen maholob
    mizshgen maholob 4 months ago

    I know a similar event. America made Chinese Communist Party. Financial capitalists never change.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      mizshgen maholob then MOVE you Communist dumbass

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago

    Henry ford, disney, Coca-Cola, wall street, and some others i may have to look up.

  • UndeadGaming
    UndeadGaming 4 months ago +1

    No we did not make nazis.Misleading titles.Just cuz they took insperation from our laws does not mean we made them.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      UndeadGaming Actually , NAZI used the Democrat Platform for ALL of the nefariously shennaigans ... Every bit , came from Democratic Party Bullshit since days of Jackson 😡

  • Tracy Brooking
    Tracy Brooking 4 months ago

    The one percent doesn’t control one percent of the economy. Closer to 40 percent. I think she misspoke.

  • smilsmff
    smilsmff 4 months ago +1

    What a dumb thing to say America invented stuff , they got all that from other places , also got that from history and so on, try not blaming , and why now explain, why not speak up when the internet was first invented or write books ?

  • duntkerr
    duntkerr 4 months ago +1

    this channel is just a bunch of left millenial clickbait with pretentious fucking morons misrepresenting information about history and twisting the already twisted "facts" about the past to suit themselves. the past isn't burger king, you don't get to "have it your way". get the fuck off the internet lol

  • Gil E Soto, jr.
    Gil E Soto, jr. 4 months ago

    Hitler was jealous he couldn't do what George Washington did

  • baha mas
    baha mas 4 months ago +1

    Republicans är nazis in duisguie..... They'll fuck science up and American liberals will be forced to live like the talibans in fifty years. Everyone will be looking at rocks for entertainment and everyone will be forced to believe earth is 20 years old lol hahahah

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Bahaddin Mohammadi Dumbass... IF you look at FACTS you'll learn that NAZIS pulled EVERY NEFARIOUS ACT from the DEMOCRATS 😡

  • Obadiah Buls
    Obadiah Buls 4 months ago +1

    America is the greatest... at inspiring dictators and oppression all over the world.
    1. We accidentally created the conditions in Germany by imposing such harsh penalties at the end of World War I, that helped to give rise to the Nazis.
    2. We then inspired the Nazis after their rise to power, when they patterned their own laws after our slave codes and Jim Crow laws on how to deal with their own minority populations.
    3. We inspired the Afrikaans of South Africa, when they decided to implement Apartheid, based upon America's own laws of oppression.
    It does not matter how much America tries to talk about democracy, Liberty, and freedom, when the world isn't listening to what we're saying they're watching what we're doing. The world will not follow our empty words and promises, but rather they follow our example and deeds. Until America comes to grips with its own history and devastatingly destructive influence upon the world stage, we will never move ahead as a society or a nation.

    • Obadiah Buls
      Obadiah Buls 3 months ago

      Johnny Ray - yesterday's Dixiecrats became today's Republicans, while yesterday's Republicans became today's Democrats, the pmrc led by Tipper Gore used to Champion the religious right and now the religious right is being hijacked and brainwashed by the Republicans. Technically speaking, in this country most white folks really don't give a damn Republican or Democrat, just whichever one will allow them to keep their privileged position in society.

    • Obadiah Buls
      Obadiah Buls 3 months ago

      Johnny Ray - no I mean America. Because whether you be Democrat or Republican it doesn't matter.

    • Johnny Ray
      Johnny Ray 3 months ago

      Obadiah Buls Actually , Not America but the Jacobin Democrats ... You know, the one who LOST 🤣

  • Mark Lanzarotta
    Mark Lanzarotta 4 months ago +2

    The Title of this video should be “Southern People Inspire Everything In The World That is Evil, and They Talk Funny Too. Jerkoffs.”

    • Gil E Soto, jr.
      Gil E Soto, jr. 4 months ago

      Mark Lanzarotta it's like they're running out of breath before every sentence

  • Mark Lanzarotta
    Mark Lanzarotta 4 months ago +2

    And here I was thinking that America invented the Nazis when we elected Donald Trump. Some of those Nazis who run over girls with cars are very nice people. Judge Roy Moore is nice too. And Vladimir Putin is the nicest one of all.

  • Stephen DeKoning
    Stephen DeKoning 4 months ago +1

    Yeah, but historically, the Hebrews were lying about a lot of persecution they supposedly were innocent victims of throughout the world.. like Exodus. Lol

  • Roy Prim0
    Roy Prim0 5 months ago +1

    Cock eyed

  • Mitchell Ellicott
    Mitchell Ellicott 5 months ago +1

    Also like the incredible poverty that Germany experienced after WW1 which lead to massive and deep anger in the German people which went on to fuel the rise of populism and therefore the nazi regimen was created by the treaty of Versailles which was incredibly lob sided to America (and their allies). So yeah America kind of cause the holocaust 🤷‍♂️

    • Gil E Soto, jr.
      Gil E Soto, jr. 4 months ago

      Mitchell Ellicott that's exactly the reason we stepped in

  • Slovenian Mapping
    Slovenian Mapping 5 months ago +1

    Cracked has fallen from grace
    From entertaining videos to SJW bullshit. You are the new BUZZFED

  • Richy
    Richy 5 months ago +1

    Fun, horrible, fact! The Nazis actually toned the one drop rule down. The Nuremberg laws do not go as far as the one drop rule, from what I know. I studied history for quite a while and live in Nuremberg, but I never dug really deep into the laws themselves, so I might be missing something. Also, I think there were some inaccuracies / possibly weird sources in this vid, but I enjoyed it as a whole.

  • piccolo917
    piccolo917 5 months ago +4

    the US defeated the Nazi's? really? and you rip up a book while yelling liars? hahahahah, oh the american hypocracy!

  • Manny A. Arias Chapman
    Manny A. Arias Chapman 5 months ago +1

    Are you kidding
    Learn you history!!!

  • Heinrich Müller
    Heinrich Müller 5 months ago +1

    Goodbye monetization

  • Winaska
    Winaska 5 months ago +1

    Actually you can think Britain for the suffragette movement

  • Winaska
    Winaska 5 months ago +1

    Thank you for proving that it’s the United States that can be blamed for the rise of Nazi Germany and exonerating the Catholic Church haha. I appreciate it lol

  • spy4863
    spy4863 5 months ago +1

    Christians started Nazism. And before you start hating on me let me state that I'm a Catholic. But as long as we're blaming everyone for all the world's ills I want to put my two cents in. During the Black Death Jews were seen by Christians as the reason for their suffering just because they were seen as "Christ-killers" (Which is a big load of bullshit in my opinion since historically it was the Romans who sentenced Jesus to death and furthermore Jesus and the twelve apostles were all Jews, a fact that Anti-Semitic "Christians" seem to conveniently "forget"!). Perhaps the Nazis were inspired by the Jim Crows laws........but then who "inspired" the Jim Crow laws? Truth is you can't blame the bigoted actions and beliefs of one people on another since when you really look back into history you will find that hatred and bigotry have existed everywhere ever since people were "invented"-long before either the Nazi Party or the USA ever existed! People have been bigoted towards the Jews ever since biblical times when the Bible says they were enslaved by the Egyptians. (There's some historical doubt about that but you get what I mean!). And how about the pograms during the Russian Revolution? Perhaps THEY might have had some influence on the Nazi views! And let us not forget that Hilter hated the Jews namely because he blamed them for Germany's loss of WWI. This was long before he joined the Nazi party. I can site dozens of other examples of how the hatred and bigotry and horrible actions of one people can have numbers of contributing factors-you can't just pin it all on one factor. Little discussed fact about Nazi Germany-they were gassing disabled people, deformed people, the elderly, the sickly, and homosexuals long before they started gassing the Jews! Including children! YES, CHILDREN!! Just for being born disabled, deformed or sickly!

  • Sticknodes Maniac
    Sticknodes Maniac 5 months ago

    like the civil war, they created a evil thing, like the confederates