How America Accidentally Invented The Nazis


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  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa Day ago

    You forgot the part about the American Government performing illegal or unethical experiments on minority groups overseas. Or secretly toppling democracies to control their natural resources.

  • N C
    N C 3 days ago

    Liberal Anti-American propaganda. You people are skewing facts, citing laws that did not actually exist like you describe them, and you’re totally ignoring thousands of years of European antisemitisism. Did you forget about the codes noir or do you just choose to ignore that because the French are leaning towards socialism and let their country become overrun with migrants? And captain America didn’t just punch Hitler in the face. America liberated concentration camps. Fking unbelievable.

  • Zephier Netecke
    Zephier Netecke 7 days ago

    Yeah. You left out how Thousands of those Nazi's were brought over here under Operation Paperclip, given new identities, & installed in posintions in NASA FBI, & CIA. And how they went on to create Projects Bluebird, Monarch, & MKUltra...And how the whole Mental Health Program was influenced by Eugenics.

  • Moustafa Elwahiby
    Moustafa Elwahiby 7 days ago

    So the democratic party made nazis and the kk k too

  • Peter Kauffner
    Peter Kauffner 8 days ago

    This argument is so stupid that for a while I thought it might be drunk history. For the record, Hitler didn't learn anti-Semitism from the United States. He picked it up from Karl Lueger, who was mayor of Vienna when Hitler was growing up.

  • steelersguy74
    steelersguy74 11 days ago

    Didn’t the Boer Wars concentration camps also help create the Nazis?

  • Jeanne D'Arc
    Jeanne D'Arc 11 days ago

    I love all the upset comments upset at the title on the behalf of America. Granted, the title is flanderized but the history behind it still stands. This is your country. This is the history of the United States. I'm sorry that bothers y'all so much.

  • Jerry Samuels
    Jerry Samuels 13 days ago

    Adolph Hitler was uneducated. He was a high school dropout. So it would make sense that he would get most of his policy ideas from somewhere else. He was also not a monster. Adolph Hitler was in many ways like an average white man. He was also pretty much like all the other heads of state of his time. They all had the same dreams about conquest and murder. Hitler simply made his mad dreams more real-than most-but not all. That he would get some of his most cruel ideas from the U.S. should not be a surprise to us, when we think about it. Since the U.S. had committed genocide against The Native Americans. And of course there was slavery. Hitler also got his ideas about concentration camps from The Bolsheviks in Russia. And Mussolini certainly helped him shape his fascist' ideas. Israel is now working from Hitler's playbook against the Palestinians.

  • Willie White
    Willie White 15 days ago

    These white people and their ideology still exist today.

  • ThePatriot
    ThePatriot 16 days ago

    Last time I check Anton Drexler and Adolf Hitler weren't American, nor did the American government ever fund the Nazi party. In fact your only evidence to support your claims is that the Nazis admired the white supremacists in America. This does not mean that America created the NSDAP.

  • Vaughan Goff
    Vaughan Goff 17 days ago

    Great video, hecka clickbait title.

  • Stanislav
    Stanislav 26 days ago +1

    Phqhqh accidentally if USA didn't exist, the whole world would be better. However we can't change anything

  • Fallen Star Gaming
    Fallen Star Gaming 28 days ago

    I finally figured it out. Why cracked stop making videos.
    The videos used to be widely popular because they were about pop culture and enjoyable by everything.
    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with any of their political views....
    But they got too political ..
    I want people arguing about dumb movie plots again pls?...

  • Where am I?
    Where am I? 29 days ago +1

    In other words the United States inspired some parts of the Nazi party of that time, but not create them truly.

  • Amos A Lee
    Amos A Lee Month ago +1

    tell them how the founders women's rights movement in America were racist "I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman." Susan B. Anthony
    "What will we and our daughters suffer if these degraded black men are allowed to have the rights that would make them even worse than our Saxon fathers?"-Elizabeth Stanton

  • Talio Divino
    Talio Divino Month ago +1

    This logic is so retarded that I feel like I would be better off asking an actual mentally challenged person to give me a history on the subject.

  • Глеб C.
    Глеб C. Month ago


  • Manuel Munoz
    Manuel Munoz Month ago

    Not that I disagree with you, but could I get the sources?

  • duke silver
    duke silver Month ago

    How the people at cracked are stupid liberal fuck tards

  • Todd J Piascik
    Todd J Piascik Month ago

    Eugenics was implemented in American law before Germany...and right in my own home town of Rocky Hill, Connecticut was the first state sponsored eugenics program initiated as a prototype model to be developed and later instituted on a larger scale...until it was prematurely scrapped when a new governor was elected!

  • waypasthadenough
    waypasthadenough Month ago

    They also funded the Russian revolution resulting in app. 100 mil. deaths.
    What’s the ultimate question?:
    A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”:

  • Laura H. Padilla
    Laura H. Padilla Month ago

    Isn't funny that its always white liberals crying about racism in the past when it didn't affect them or minorities today smh
    Damn they REALLY want the dems to win

  • Johnny McIvor
    Johnny McIvor Month ago

    jesus christ shut the fuck up.

  • SpyGuysX
    SpyGuysX Month ago

    the weimar republic created nazis

  • SpyGuysX
    SpyGuysX Month ago

    American Education

  • Juan Leonardo Cruz Martínez


  • Buck Ovens
    Buck Ovens Month ago +1

    Another day, another jewish bitch lying through her teeth. Your days are over, stop being so cocky or your demise will be so much more painful than it has to be.

  • Vita Min
    Vita Min Month ago

    Evil nazis is nothing more than a manufactured myth created by international jewish propaganda in which germany was hellbent on taking over the world that the allies had to step in to save western civilization, they never called themselves nazis either.

  • Tyler F
    Tyler F Month ago

    Thankfully America will become Mexico soon enough and then the world will have peace and tranquility just like present-day Mexico does. :)

  • alksdjf;alsdjf
    alksdjf;alsdjf Month ago +4

    This video makes more sense when you remember Cracked is a rip-off of MAD magazine. Revisionist history is hilarious.

  • Courtney Hineman
    Courtney Hineman Month ago

    How he was inspired by our Sterizations Laws Cough Cough Buck V. Bell Cough Cough

    GORILLA OMEGA 2 months ago

    White Americans made Nazis... Native Americans had nothing to do with this shit...

  • Felix Maier
    Felix Maier 2 months ago

    Interesting video, very misleading title (how unexpected, I know)

  • REAVER 14
    REAVER 14 2 months ago +1

    Jews came here and ruined America

    • Vita Min
      Vita Min Month ago

      like they do in every nation that graciously accepts themin, no wonder they've been given the boot 1030 times.

  • Geo HVL
    Geo HVL 2 months ago

    Damn this b&$%h is on the wrong planet.

  • lesmizzle
    lesmizzle 2 months ago

    Oh look! Steven Crowder and Anita Sarkeesian had a baby.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 2 months ago

    Actually, the French help created the Nazi. After defeating Germany (technically, America defeated Germany, France flat out were defeated), France pressed Germany too hard and caused lots of post-war suffering to Germany. Things like that naturally lead to dictatorships. Thanks France for World War II.

  • Shandel Roll
    Shandel Roll 2 months ago

    Anne Frank was refused refugee status by the U.S. twice.

  • parker469a
    parker469a 2 months ago

    What was left of Atlantis was already found in upper Africa but it's just a multiple mile long hole in the ground that you can only really tell was ever something to begin with from space.

  • Titus Schütz
    Titus Schütz 2 months ago

    this way to simplistic to be considered good

  • GERMANS 4truth
    GERMANS 4truth 2 months ago

    Well it looks like you have somthing against boobs and brains. Somebody shut this dumb ass dude up.

  • Lennon Dorris
    Lennon Dorris 3 months ago +2

    I didn’t laugh once

  • shawn's video archive
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  • Clayon Gayle
    Clayon Gayle 3 months ago


  • Ewan H
    Ewan H 3 months ago

    Americans are so fucking self centred. It is literally amusing how you’d can turn everything about your self. Aw laws came fae Rome if your wantin to dae shit lit that
    Lit I’m just sayin that a wee Scottish guy invented the Coal mining extraction in the sea on an artificial island by Sir George Bruce of Carnock (1575). Regarded as one of the industrial wonders of the late medieval period. (Aye a did just copy n paste than) dosnt mean Scotland fucking caused global warming
    So man up and just take the fact you didn’t cause the fucking nazis mate

  • Dylan Rees
    Dylan Rees 3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure nationalism inspired nazism

    • Vita Min
      Vita Min Month ago

      Im certiain it was a response to jews oppressing natives in germany.

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan 3 months ago

    History doesn't exist

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago

    America right is going through what Germany went through in the 1930s just a little different that’s why we had the Charlottesville, VA rise up The real American purists are fed up with the democratic DEMOGOG party 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Tudor Mureșan
    Tudor Mureșan 3 months ago +1

    Trying to rewrite history I see

  • dewaynekoonce
    dewaynekoonce 3 months ago

    Russia was actually more responsible for the Allied victory than the U.S.A but yeah, I can see how we birthed the Nazis.

    • Vita Min
      Vita Min Month ago

      While germany was battling france, russians attacked germany from behind but germany defeated the russians in every battle they encountered them in.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 3 months ago

    It is funny that when everyone bags on how much America sucks because we had many despicable things happen during our history, they don't mention that our history is very short. Look at the history of any country that has been around longer than we have. You will find at least as many, and typically many more, instances of absolute horror. One of the things that makes America great, is the ability to overcome past misconceptions and change for the better, in what amounts to a very short time, historically speaking. Yes, it's taken hundreds of years to get to where we are and it will likely take hundreds more to overcome issues we're dealing with today. But there are thousand year old nations that only relatively recently stopped certain horrendous acts, like slavery. Be sure to thank America for our part in that, too.

  • Irish Trash
    Irish Trash 4 months ago


  • Chris Warburton
    Chris Warburton 4 months ago

    America was also pretty big into eugenics before the Nazis decided that was a good idea. We were just a goldmine of terrible ideas for Hitler.

  • Jake Keller
    Jake Keller 4 months ago

    Fuckin clickbait. This video was good and informative but you guys should strive to attract viewers with quality content instead of misleading titles.

  • Friederike Spratte
    Friederike Spratte 4 months ago +2

    Good to know, that everything is about America🤣

  • tavi Bowstrings
    tavi Bowstrings 4 months ago

    this entire video is a stretch tbqh saying america invented nazi's in a time where neonazi's have made a massive resurgence is literally just clickbait.Also i wish youd site your sources to where you got this piss poor information.But at least you got all kinds of good buzzwords in.

  • Vincent Campaert
    Vincent Campaert 4 months ago +1

    Socialist pig

  • Ecoli ESRein
    Ecoli ESRein 4 months ago

    Why are you saying it like your quoting hitler. Not ever did he once or any evidence other than copieing jim crow is pretty week, but that's cool our grandparents where Terrible ignorant monsters.
    And no, not in any way does the way your saying this mean anything than just that. Thanks, ever think the way you say things offends others ofcorse your a feminist after all.

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 4 months ago

    The world is consumed in violence because people like you condemn and throw hatred upon the one soul that did everything he could to protect all life and existence before his own life ... I feel sorry for you if you really want to be our enemy that is fine I will warn you that our enemies do not win EVER

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 4 months ago

    Don’t watch this channel they are anti white and promote the satanic agenda of synagogues and churches who secretly operate with banks and many corporations to keep power out of our hands we will exterminate you and everyone at this channel just wait .... you have spoke against the gods and the gods desire many things and you are in the way you will blessed with a swift death blow

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 4 months ago

    Why is hitler evil ? Holohoax? What did he do? Expose the truth ? Set back the Jews plans a little? Hahah give up now we are killing your ideas and false truths keep spreading lies and the truth will flood your soul with pain since you hate the truth you don’t live the truth and that is why this channel hates hitler

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 4 months ago

    You got a prOblem do something about it before I do ... haha your so racist against us Aryan nationalist calling us Nazis hahah your probably a satanist who participates in child sacrifice rituals yet somehow hitler is evil

  • troy sigurd
    troy sigurd 4 months ago

    WoW take your jewish lies somewhere else you honestly think your information is accepted by the public hah lol everyone knows you support satanist and attend synagogue atleast once a week your anti white and racist to the Aryan race a threat to my existence I will end your ideas and message just wait .... all of you who participate in running this channel will come down with a sickness like never before

  • Robert St.Marie
    Robert St.Marie 4 months ago

    We did not make Nazis. We just made them better. Huge difference. :P

  • G i e g u e
    G i e g u e 4 months ago

    All what I searched up was Harold Von Braun

  • Francesco Gaspari
    Francesco Gaspari 4 months ago

    Oh America, the cause of most shit today.

  • MordanGeeman
    MordanGeeman 4 months ago

    Can you people do anything besides dwell in the past and invent bullsiht reasons to hate the country that garuntees you the right to shit on it daily?

  • phoebe doering
    phoebe doering 4 months ago

    The swastica (or however you spell it) was originally a Native American symbol (and was a good thing) until hitler stole it and made it ugly

    • Vita Min
      Vita Min Month ago

      Native indians aren't true natives, they wiped out the previous people occupying the land, have tales of it and kept locks of their red hair as a trophy.
      They want to portray it as they were always the first but that simply just isn't true, only accepted.
      As for the swastika, it's recent negative connotation is because of jewish propaganda which portrayed germans negatively for giving them the boot. The oldest swastika found is from 12000B.C, in Ukraine, it means peace and good fortune and is the symbol of our ancestors, jews turned the symbol into something hateful and have done a superb job of fooling the world.
      So instead of asking what the germans did to jews, ask what the jews did to the germans.
      They don't assimilate into their host nations that are kind enough to let them in.
      Rather, the leech from it and create a society from within it to exploit it.
      1030 is the number of time they've been kicked out of different countries for various reason, one being blood sacrificing children.

  • Sibbe God
    Sibbe God 4 months ago

    She is very annoying

  • E. Lin
    E. Lin 4 months ago

    No, it was the Democratic party that came up with Jim Crow, you liars! You speak as if the entire population was behind it. Piss off!
    Liberal click bait BS. Unsubscribed. Goodbye, Cracked!

  • Xenia Torres
    Xenia Torres 4 months ago

    The sea monkey inventor was also a jew himself might I add. His own parents here in New York City were Jews. And he poured his funds into the aryan nation. How ironic. Von wasn’t even in his name. I guess he just thought it sounded more aryan!

  • Hey Steph
    Hey Steph 4 months ago

    Why am I not surprised

  • José Assumpção
    José Assumpção 4 months ago

    Being the inspiration for a small portion of their laws is not sufficient to claim that US "invented the nazis". Eugenics were developed by nazis and practiced in America. So by your logic we should all be saying that the nazis "invented America". Dumb, right? Nazis were nazis way before their anti interracial marriage and one drop rule laws of 1935, the Jim Crow laws were not influential in the creation of the nazi mindset, which would have developed regardless of Jim Crow or even America itself, and I'm sure you guys at know that.

  • 3ooth c
    3ooth c 4 months ago

    Roger was great these kids really sux to listen to

  • SupahFans Streetwear
    SupahFans Streetwear 4 months ago

    why so much redundancy in your script??

  • Al DEE
    Al DEE 4 months ago

    Ever notice how these people only have the same three things to talk about? Race, gender and Beyoncé. That's it.

  • dragomxsoldier
    dragomxsoldier 4 months ago

    American history books America never did anything bad
    But they have done every evil thing any other country has done
    Nazis killing Jews America killing blacks

  • Strange Manta
    Strange Manta 5 months ago

    Cracked is pro leftist now? She speaks like a true sjw

  • Edd Grs
    Edd Grs 5 months ago

    Why do you say Hitler hated innovation and the "can do" attitude ? The whole Third Reich was based on that (and white supremacy).

  • Steve Reynolds
    Steve Reynolds 5 months ago

    These snowflakes whining about this and that, without realising in many countries they would be imprisoned, probably raped or killed for speaking like this about their "awful country" smh 🔫

  • Jonathan Carmona
    Jonathan Carmona 5 months ago

    Those being DEMOCRAT Jim Crow laws. So these NAZI ideals came from only one particular part of our American history.

  • Ashton Carter
    Ashton Carter 5 months ago

    wow that was lond

  • thisisruss_vwk
    thisisruss_vwk 5 months ago

    to be fair..... sea monkey weren't "invited," they evolved.
    They are actually called brine shrimp.

  • KayloMaster
    KayloMaster 5 months ago

    I like how 4500 red necks are pissed off at history

  • know413J1S
    know413J1S 5 months ago

    That intro was funny..good acting.ha

  • Franky G Man Entertainment

    So they were already nazis ,with already racist and socialist ideals, that looked at some of our racist laws to help write their racist laws. Definitely different than creating nazi's. However the treaty of Paris and the mistreatment of Germany after world war 1 definitely did play a part and would have been a more interesting video.

  • jonnyhatter35
    jonnyhatter35 5 months ago

    Ghandi was racist too. So was William Falukner (should I burn my copy of The Sound and the Fury?). The Nazis put in place the first ever laws concerning the fair treatment of animals in Europe. Our own animal rights are based on theirs, so are the rest of Europe's. No one is a complete saint, and no one is a complete asshole

  • Willie White
    Willie White 5 months ago

    those people along with white south africans were one of the same.

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 5 months ago

    Lol nice try with the self loathing American narrative. This should be titled “Nazis borrowed racist US legislation for already existing Nazi ideology” as we did not even come close to inventing them. There was once a man named Eckhart who had racist Aryan views and sought to overthrow the Weimar Republic which was complacent in regaining German pride after the country was left ruined after the treaty of Versailles. Eckhart discovers a fiery, unrefined Hitler at a worker’s meeting and takes him under his wing to polish him up into a marketable spokesman which works splendidly for their ideas as one compliments the other. Over time they accumulate their inner circle through ways that are honestly unexpected and more dynamic than “A few racists in a cellar”. Anyway, although fascism, bigotry and racism were all hallmarks of The National Socialist Worker’s Party (The original platform of the Nazis for those with minimal history knowledge), they all had specific purposes for appealing to the German people like Aryan supremacy gave a tragically downtrodden German peoples a sense of pride that, although erroneous, drew people to Nazism due to the source of their elevated spirits. As far as the Jews, given anti semitism already ran through the entirety of Europe (Yes the entire continent) and his Aryan claims, they served as the perfect scape goats for Germany’s troubles as many of them were involved in government...... in just going to stop becuase there’s far too much to cover on one reply. All you need to know is Nazism’s emergence is very complex and was not in any way an unintended consequence of American society; it evolved all on its own and for its own specific reasons It may have borrowed the Jim Crowe model but all they did was see a successful racist system and if they hadn’t seen ours they would’ve developed their own so don’t be fooled by the bullshit seeping from this woman’s mouth, what a crock of Cracked shit. Also, I no way agree with the Nazi doctrine, I’m just tired of left wing kids with zero historical knowledge committing it to memory for left wing social justice fuckedy.

  • connor Conner
    connor Conner 5 months ago

    No completely wrong but still wrong

  • Jason Saglado
    Jason Saglado 5 months ago

    America suck Nazi is good

  • MYwinters1945
    MYwinters1945 5 months ago

    Without the Americans ruining the global economy with their fucked up game in the stock market, the nazis would never win the elections. Never.

  • Anthony Kattan
    Anthony Kattan 5 months ago

    Women's suffrage movement aka the inventor of white feminism

  • Matthew PDK78
    Matthew PDK78 5 months ago

    Don't forget the Pet Rock- a monumental American achievement... and Jersey Shore.

  • Jake Law
    Jake Law 6 months ago +1

    When will the nazis take full responsibility for their actions? Clearly we should have kept bombing germany untiil all life forms were extinguished...

  • Camryn Christenberry
    Camryn Christenberry 6 months ago

    This video is poorly writen

  • Duece Lee Productions
    Duece Lee Productions 6 months ago

    Hitler was inspired by Henry Ford

  • Johnny Ray
    Johnny Ray 6 months ago

    Applause for You ... Great demonstration of PROGRESSIVE BULLSHIT ... 🤣
    #1 ... "Jim Crow" was 💯% DEMOCRATS doing
    #2 ... Civil Rights Act of 60ies were passed by REPUBLICANS
    btw ... Hitler learned how to "exterminate" human beings from SANGER and her antics ...
    ROFLMAO , YUPPERS , you've did an Excellent job of Exposing the Ways and Means of PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS , ie... DEMOCRATIC PARTY

  • Calum Muriur
    Calum Muriur 6 months ago

    America entered the war late and so they didn’t really “win the war for the world” actually Canada joined before America did

  • Critter Cosner
    Critter Cosner 6 months ago

    Now the U.S.A is a huge pool of liquid shit. Were a joke. We have a reality T.V. star for a president.