• Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • Bloody Trapland 2 continues ETHAN joining Bob, Wade, and I for an AVALANCHE OF PAIN AND SUFFERING!!
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Comments • 4 149

  • Angelique Burgos
    Angelique Burgos 20 hours ago

    OOOH this was the stream where he got the u rite sound bite

  • Ghostly._.Angel -

    I’m gonna snort out my fucking butter beer I can’t stop laughing

  • KobeCheesy554
    KobeCheesy554 5 days ago +1

    *Getting under it with Markiplier*
    (Like if you got the joke)

  • Elijah Tamayo
    Elijah Tamayo 5 days ago

    just go under it

  • Arabella Eatman
    Arabella Eatman 5 days ago

    49:30 WhyYyyYyyYy-

  • PersonWhoPlaysGames
    PersonWhoPlaysGames 7 days ago

    who else remembers when he screamed "shut up wade"

  • Ace5665
    Ace5665 9 days ago


  • Hydra Salesman
    Hydra Salesman 10 days ago

    Can someone please make a compilation of wade noises?

  • Panda :-3
    Panda :-3 10 days ago +1

    You guys it’s not that hard.

    *Just go under it*

  • Yu Mi
    Yu Mi 10 days ago +2

    Mark: UNDER IT
    Wade: *does it a different way*
    Mark: I don't remember what I did

  • Bongo Gaming
    Bongo Gaming 12 days ago +2

    Bob:Can you walk on this water?
    Jesus: YOU can't, I can
    Bob: walks on water
    Jesus: Am I a joke to you?

  • Anonymous Optimistic
    Anonymous Optimistic 16 days ago

    Did anyone see Ethan walk on the saw at 13:35

  • Alpha
    Alpha 17 days ago


  • SamanthaPinkEye
    SamanthaPinkEye 17 days ago

    u right

  • [useless text] Gosen
    [useless text] Gosen 17 days ago

    Imagine this but as a try not to laugh challenge

  • Mallowfly !
    Mallowfly ! 18 days ago

    “Ok so Mark I’ll see you in thirty minutes and we can do World three!”
    “ *N o* “
    “ *Im done* “
    “Come on”

  • Alpha
    Alpha 18 days ago

    53:53 "I don't feel bad but I am sorry."

  • Alpha
    Alpha 18 days ago

    53:07 "You ever get so tired that death could claim me and I wouldn't actually feel anything?"

  • Random Momentz
    Random Momentz 19 days ago


  • Alpha
    Alpha 19 days ago

    *Bob held the button.*

  • Savannah Mallery
    Savannah Mallery 19 days ago +3

    Is it just me, or does Mark's character look like the duolingo bird?

  • David Garner
    David Garner 20 days ago

    "You gotta go under it, see? You go-you gotta go under..."

  • Brianna Doxey
    Brianna Doxey 20 days ago +1

    My favorite part is when Mark says "You're sitting on the button of under it" at 19:31

  • BigManRestless
    BigManRestless 21 day ago

    oh. nvm

  • BigManRestless
    BigManRestless 21 day ago

    what is ghe game called

  • Jordan Bedard
    Jordan Bedard 21 day ago

    Go under it

  • Jordan Bedard
    Jordan Bedard 21 day ago

    Go under it

  • Matthew Snell
    Matthew Snell 23 days ago

    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying 😂

  • Mr. Red gaming and more
    Mr. Red gaming and more 24 days ago +1

    47:38 sounded like he said onion lol

  • Cammy Grace
    Cammy Grace 25 days ago

    51:17 what's this a reference to

  • S.S.Scorpion
    S.S.Scorpion 26 days ago +12

    Bob,Wade,Ethan: This level is really hard!
    Mark:Hold my beer

  • Klaudia Kedra
    Klaudia Kedra 27 days ago +1

    *go under it*

    jumps into it

    *GO UNDER IT* --- Markiplier 2019

  • Abigail Manning
    Abigail Manning 27 days ago +11

    Mark: Alright Wade, we gotta work together on this one
    Wade: *immediately kills Mark*
    Mark: *does that weird laughing crying thing he does*

  • ParisAJ
    ParisAJ Month ago +2

    absolutely nobody:
    not even wade:
    mark and bob: ETHAN IS BABIE *aggressively babies ethan*

    • That One Cool Gamer
      That One Cool Gamer 12 days ago

      Literally fucking no one:
      Not even nothing:
      Mark: juSt gO UnDEr It!

  • justin isp
    justin isp Month ago

    so... as horrible as it would be... could you guys finish this? please?

  • beth britt
    beth britt Month ago

    47:28-47:38 everytime i go to these parts i always laugh at wade's weird noise😁😁

  • NathanTheMan
    NathanTheMan Month ago

    This is the first time I've even Ethan play a game.

  • Hydra Salesman
    Hydra Salesman Month ago

    Mark and Wade at the end is like when your younger sibling drags you to the TV to help them finish a hard level.

  • Protagonistical
    Protagonistical Month ago +1

    I like how Mark always complains about continuing on with Wade, but he always does. Solid friendship right there.

  • Protagonistical
    Protagonistical Month ago

    Sometimes, Mark is a big goof who fails miserably and screeches about the unfairness of life, the universe, and everything. And sometimes, Mark is a chaotic neutral god ignoring the pleas of his people for relief and laughing at their failures. Truly, a complex individual.

  • Protagonistical
    Protagonistical Month ago

    -Don't- run into the -bullets- friendliness pellets!

  • Latasha Hall
    Latasha Hall Month ago

    oh geez

  • Blake Bowen
    Blake Bowen Month ago

    Did anyone else get flashbacks to Highschool Musical at 51:15?
    No? Just me?
    Okay then.

  • Five Fox movie
    Five Fox movie Month ago

    Mark u will always win this and every game

  • Kamille Marie
    Kamille Marie Month ago

    Oh um when you click on a video thinking its 15 mins long and its really an hour and your over filled with joy cause you love the game and the people playing it

  • Julian Sunkara
    Julian Sunkara Month ago

    🖕 wade

  • HappyDangoDay
    HappyDangoDay Month ago

    Forbidden slip n slide

  • Lukas Juel Michelsen

    "Bob no!" 47:08

  • nobody _
    nobody _ Month ago

    Why is mark so good at this game??

  • Adrisaurus X
    Adrisaurus X Month ago

    2:47 Ethan has hax

  • lucyphonic
    lucyphonic Month ago

    If Sorry! was an an arcade game, it would be this!

  • BuckEye49
    BuckEye49 Month ago

    33:50 _"It has to do with not having your body there. It has...It has...that-..."_
    33:54 *Boulder 1* _"OW!..."_
    34:53 *Boulder 2* _"NO!!"_
    35:34 *Boulder 3*

  • Durkle Georgeson
    Durkle Georgeson Month ago

    Am i the only one who unironically hates wade

  • GameBossBot
    GameBossBot Month ago +1

    Poor Mark

  • Hello fellow armys, I’m weirdcatperson33

    “Come in the hole, Wade.”

  • Camryn Speights
    Camryn Speights Month ago +1

    *sEeKy SeCrEt*

  • Isaac Allen
    Isaac Allen Month ago

    What's the song in the background when Mark stutters at 51:12 ? Can someone please help me? Its driving me insane

  • NeoAnimeFreak _
    NeoAnimeFreak _ Month ago

    12:12 Wades scream XD

  • Harri Goston
    Harri Goston Month ago

    Bob: “Guys... this time, I’m the one.”
    Bob five seconds later: “I’M BURSTING INTO FLAMES!!”

  • Violet Universe
    Violet Universe Month ago +2

    But mark is a WiZaRd

  • NERF DUDE 1987
    NERF DUDE 1987 Month ago


  • A kid did some heroin And turned into me

    Mark looks like a German scientist in WW2

  • Nico The Crab
    Nico The Crab 2 months ago

    Ethan’s voice is so squeaky 🤣

  • Phantom __
    Phantom __ 2 months ago +1


  • Isaiah Wilde
    Isaiah Wilde 2 months ago

    i love marks glasses tho

  • Rayven Jie Dong
    Rayven Jie Dong 2 months ago


  • Christi Cobban
    Christi Cobban 2 months ago

    I love how superior Mark is in this game😂

  • Jayden Alston
    Jayden Alston 2 months ago

    Yes that is how you burn

  • hannah paz
    hannah paz 2 months ago

    that’s it wade can catch these hands

  • Bananasauros Rex
    Bananasauros Rex 2 months ago

    Markiplier in a way is like me in that he is always disappointed that his friends don’t match his skill