Hong Kong Airport with ATC

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • ATC Starts at 05:00 (only just arrived there and wanted to catch the 747) aircraft movements at Hong Kong Airport

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  • Blame Yourself
    Blame Yourself 2 hours ago

    No. I'm watching high-speed trains now.

  • Aviatorspot
    Aviatorspot 23 days ago

    Awesome spotting from the hill! Wonder what hill is that/

  • The Human Instrument
    The Human Instrument 28 days ago


  • simon booth
    simon booth Month ago

    much appreciated,great video
    much appreciated,great video

  • Kang Mas Ulul
    Kang Mas Ulul Month ago

    Sapa yang pernah kesitu,,,Tekan jempol bos ku

  • Chris Ruth
    Chris Ruth Month ago


    JABEL NEVES Month ago

    sou fascinado por essa movimentação imensa da aviação,sou brasileiro do interior mineiro e me sinto tão longe,dessa realidade

  • Atmen Dh
    Atmen Dh Month ago


    EENEOGIM Month ago

    Hong Kong Airport is THE place to do some plane spotting .

  • Hatini Nai Hussain
    Hatini Nai Hussain Month ago +3

    Happy to c this video..

  • Duck Koon Chung
    Duck Koon Chung Month ago

    Avion es bonita A 380 elegante y seguro espacio🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫💖💖💯💯👍👍👍👍🇬🇧🇪🇺🇰🇷🇨🇴🇪🇸🇩🇪🇲🇩🇺🇸💖

  • Duck Koon Chung
    Duck Koon Chung Month ago +2

    Viaje avion muy bien.💖💯👍✈✈✈✈✈

  • Alliance/ Belizean
    Alliance/ Belizean Month ago

    Great video best I've ever seen

  • HandSome Chow
    HandSome Chow Month ago

    How u find the atc

  • David Montgomery
    David Montgomery Month ago +2

    I wanted to see that Kalitta Air 747 take off; use to work as a ramp agent for IAS at KIAH in 1999 and Kalitta Air (we called them "Kitty Hawk") used their 727-200's in and out of Houston. Great video!

    HARBHAJAN SINGH Month ago +1

    Hongkon airport is one of the best airport and nice vidio good efforts to make it.

    • Dr Moriarty
      Dr Moriarty Month ago

      Possibly...but some of us miss Kai Tak.

  • Statriani1
    Statriani1 Month ago

    16.56 аэрофлот))) в терминале

  • FredeC
    FredeC Month ago

    Is the A350 as big as an 747, ..it looks so

  • bigplameuk
    bigplameuk Month ago +2

    Why is the audio quality as bad as ordering fast food from a drive through?

  • David Dương
    David Dương Month ago +1

    I was watch more video in your channel, but i enjoy this video only
    I hope you have a same video in the future

  • Arslan Bek
    Arslan Bek 2 months ago +1


  • Steve Davey
    Steve Davey 2 months ago +2

    Yeah great video,love the scenery,ocean,and ships in the background. .

  • Nguyen Quynh Lan
    Nguyen Quynh Lan 2 months ago

  • Gökhan Tekin
    Gökhan Tekin 2 months ago

    not so busy

  • hayat sediqi
    hayat sediqi 2 months ago +1

    Istanbul new airport cool

  • sergiovascon
    sergiovascon 2 months ago +2


  • hayat sediqi
    hayat sediqi 2 months ago +1

    Hong kong airport cool and itanbul airport

  • Andrey Soldatkin
    Andrey Soldatkin 2 months ago

    In Nepal, air travel is more interesting, although more dangerous tvclip.biz/video/8MOau5HkhJc/video.html

  • Ben
    Ben 2 months ago

    Where are you recording this from? A building? , mountain, control tower?

  • Md Elias Hosen
    Md Elias Hosen 2 months ago +1

    Very nice airport

    FLY JLM 2 months ago


    TÙNG PHẠM 2 months ago


  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson 2 months ago +7

    How in the world do those pilots understand the Air Traffic Controllers?

  • Edgard Pinzon
    Edgard Pinzon 2 months ago +2

    Felicitaciones a quien realizó este video

  • Edgard Pinzon
    Edgard Pinzon 2 months ago +1

    Sencillamente espectacular ver volar y aterrizar éstos gigantescos aviones, es emocionante para mi ya que me emociona la aviación y he tenido la oportunidad de volar varias veces y esto se debe a la inteligencia que Dios la ha dado al hombre

  • Oviy Oviy
    Oviy Oviy 2 months ago


  • Maira Casari
    Maira Casari 2 months ago

    inmenso y con un trafico imcreible

  • aries fu
    aries fu 2 months ago +7

    This is the best looking airplane takeoff and landing film I have ever seen.

  • Скептик Сети
    Скептик Сети 2 months ago +1

    J am leave in Ukraine Hong Kong thisis my dream, video very beautiful, plane is very big!

  • Kushal Kumar
    Kushal Kumar 2 months ago +1

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  • Raphael Mota
    Raphael Mota 2 months ago

    Flamengo 🔴⚫

  • jose silva
    jose silva 3 months ago

    Mui Buenos😆✈️

  • Captmemo
    Captmemo 3 months ago +2

    Thanks for the video ! Very interesting

  • Martin Trade
    Martin Trade 3 months ago +4

    really cool view with the original radio. pls more! ♠

  • Melly Melly
    Melly Melly 3 months ago

    Hem brekendk dest dest

  • Alexander Gorobets
    Alexander Gorobets 3 months ago

    workplace with best dream view.. thanks for video

  • Francisco Gomes
    Francisco Gomes 3 months ago

    Aeroporto não para,e só aviões enorme!

  • Rence Law
    Rence Law 3 months ago +1

    Why there were some mandarin conversation ?

  • Basharat Ali
    Basharat Ali 3 months ago +1

    Masha ALLAH
    Very big AirPort
    From Pakistan

  • Doohee TV
    Doohee TV 3 months ago

    The plane looks like a toy! I can not imagine what my c208 would look like over there.

  • Andrés Britez Sanabria
    Andrés Britez Sanabria 3 months ago +1

    Que capacidad tiene este aeropuerto al igual a la de itacurubi del Rosario Paraguay

    SALAH ATC 3 months ago

    How many flights depart and land at this airport?

    • Captmemo
      Captmemo 3 months ago

      In 2018, there were 427,725 in total arriving and departing from this airport

    SALAH ATC 3 months ago +7

    thanks from the deep of my heart I love watching this video

  • 小魚魚巨星
    小魚魚巨星 3 months ago +1

    7:37 why is there a hawaiian at hong kong?

  • teddy muhammad
    teddy muhammad 3 months ago +1

    what game is this? so realistic

  • aja
    aja 3 months ago

    huacani naajinisaa. tee caanaatee caasuba cuusaani.

  • im am Giuseppe
    im am Giuseppe 3 months ago +22

    Just realised I was using my mobile data😭😭 "1080p60"😢

  • Gildardo Duque G.
    Gildardo Duque G. 3 months ago +1

    Gran video

  • Awesome PlaneSpotting
    Awesome PlaneSpotting 3 months ago +1

    Wow. How do you do to listen the ATC?

    • Clock watch
      Clock watch 3 months ago

      Awesome PlaneSpotting Airband radio or liveatc.net vhhh

  • Bijay Sunuwar
    Bijay Sunuwar 3 months ago

    Hong kong is super🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • nasar hajj
    nasar hajj 3 months ago

    روعه في الإقلاع

  • Alpachino Khan
    Alpachino Khan 3 months ago +2

    This walkie talkie is too irritating 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Emily Neu
    Emily Neu 3 months ago

    Did United Airlines at 13:54 have a shorter than normal roll and faster than normal rotation or am I imagining things? The climb rate looked fast too, climbed like it was empty!

  • Jared 2nd Channel
    Jared 2nd Channel 3 months ago


  • Rajendra Kumar Maharana
    Rajendra Kumar Maharana 3 months ago +1

    i love sharing Hong Kong Airport with ATC.

    MARCOS VILLARIM 3 months ago

    very good, congratulation

  • Marlon Piazza
    Marlon Piazza 3 months ago +3

    What an amazing view

  • Dedé de Zé Luca
    Dedé de Zé Luca 3 months ago +3

    Lindo demais, parabéns.

    LEUS JENGX 3 months ago

    Where Garuda Indonesia

  • Saeid Ahangari
    Saeid Ahangari 3 months ago

    Why are most of the 747s being used for cargo and not for passengers nowadays?? any technical issue??

    • sandrisaug
      sandrisaug 3 months ago


  • Cê Tá Doido Produções

    Coloquem na velocidade 2x

  • Mabu Hussain Shaik
    Mabu Hussain Shaik 3 months ago


    FLOREN MIJA 3 months ago +2

    i miss this airport..

  • J Foster
    J Foster 3 months ago +2

    This was one of the coolest plane spotting videos I've watched. Thanks for posting!

  • MrKhalsa55
    MrKhalsa55 3 months ago +8

    I just wanted to watch same kind of video since long. Great video enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks a lot. Regards from N.Y

  • Elvis Mario Biassetti
    Elvis Mario Biassetti 3 months ago

    Que belleza sin duda la reina de los cielos.

  • Emr Cftc
    Emr Cftc 3 months ago +1


  • Nielson Oliveira
    Nielson Oliveira 3 months ago +3

    Muito top essa posição pra filmar, parabéns pelo vídeo

  • brasmedic modelos anatômicos Brasil

    Quando santos Dumont fez seu 1 vôo não imagina está evolução.. parabéns a brazuca

    • Luciano Gomes
      Luciano Gomes 3 months ago

      Nem imaginou tantas mortes por ganancia.

  • Dhe Angelis
    Dhe Angelis 3 months ago +11

    Espetacular o vídeo, pra quem é apaixonado em aviação assim como eu, é um show de imagens ...Parabéns !!!🇧🇷👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Collin
    Collin 3 months ago +1

    Hello. Can you please tell us what camera did you use for this video ? Thank you.

  • Brandon Martinez Bello
    Brandon Martinez Bello 3 months ago +2

    I LOVE IT!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Jaison Schneider
    Jaison Schneider 3 months ago

    Very good 👍

  • Davide Barraco
    Davide Barraco 3 months ago

    Eccezionali immagini, considerando la distanza, in cui si trova l'operatore video.
    Grande video camera, e grande Zoom.
    -Exceptional images, considering the distance, in which the video operator is located.
    Great video camera, and great Zoom.

  • Mr French Tickler
    Mr French Tickler 3 months ago +1

    English subtitles are slightly off

  • Edgar Vickers
    Edgar Vickers 3 months ago +5

    Unmatched Air Traffic Control , the game

  • Шохруххон Султонмуродов


  • Шохруххон Султонмуродов


  • محمد محمد محمد

    فديو جميل جدا
    أحب الطائرات

  • Edísio Vieira
    Edísio Vieira 3 months ago +3

    Muito bom. Amo aviação!!!

  • Biswajit Pinku
    Biswajit Pinku 4 months ago

    Hong Kong says that such a good

  • Preet Dhaliwal
    Preet Dhaliwal 4 months ago +1

    Nice I like Cathay Pacific

  • Ismail Jaam007
    Ismail Jaam007 4 months ago +1

    I think u r on a mountain

  • Henry Diaz
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  • Valter Antonio
    Valter Antonio 4 months ago +2

    Congratulations, very nice video, awesome movement in Airport !

  • Ming Lai
    Ming Lai 4 months ago +2

    I lived in HK for 4X years but never been there. And now I left HK for years and no more chance to get there!

  • Văn Giàu Nguyen
    Văn Giàu Nguyen 4 months ago