Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman


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  • mandar kumthekar
    mandar kumthekar 14 hours ago

    How would someone like this jocker.?

  • Ankur Ghosh
    Ankur Ghosh 17 hours ago

    Thats why being too nice and waiting things to happen will never work and get rid of the video game

  • Elvis Van
    Elvis Van Day ago

    *"Maybe he's gay~". Well that's really fucked up😌😌👏👏*

  • Dylan Cooper
    Dylan Cooper Day ago

    Huh, I was at that Keith urban concert. It was freezing.

  • royxss
    royxss Day ago

    Jimmy then asked his friend "Rick Sanchez" to take him to some alternate reality.

  • kristy k
    kristy k Day ago

    I think he is attractive I don't blame her one bit.

  • Aruna K
    Aruna K Day ago


  • profanum
    profanum Day ago


  • TheGreatTwo
    TheGreatTwo Day ago +1

    Rick = worst wing man ever. LOL

  • philip aremo
    philip aremo Day ago

    jimmy fallon started the hard on thots movement.

  • Draken T
    Draken T Day ago

    3:40 that slap on the ass!

  • zco9
    zco9 Day ago

    Key words/phrases:
    -niagara falls
    -make me laugh
    -beautiful eyes

  • Eduardo Villalta

    fuuuuuuun haha

  • Nastya Memphis
    Nastya Memphis Day ago

    2018? :D

  • Steffins
    Steffins 2 days ago

    Funny segment. But the New York side of the Falls is awesome!!!!

  • Duval Najera
    Duval Najera 2 days ago

    Fallon has zero game

  • Digitalbumpin
    Digitalbumpin 2 days ago

    I guarantee this woman is a dirty dirty nasty skank in the bedroom.
    I can read people pretty damn good and if these 2 weren't fucking in a motel room that night I would be shocked. Just look at how she is looking into his eyes. She was feeling it here.

  • Max Chamine
    Max Chamine 2 days ago

    what a player

  • Tom Gardner
    Tom Gardner 2 days ago

    I watched this so much I think I tripped the last million

  • G Fleming
    G Fleming 2 days ago

    I used to like Nicole. She is so self absorbed. That damn hair...too complicated if you have to touch it every few seconds. Just another phoney, disconnected Hollywood type, trying to appear sweet and normal.

  • Marian Emelio
    Marian Emelio 2 days ago

    Should've stayed with Tom Cruise 💙

  • Rturtle W
    Rturtle W 2 days ago


  • Brian Saenz
    Brian Saenz 3 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud to a talk show interview

  • Katallylos
    Katallylos 3 days ago

    Alright....as a man I know what it feels like to be rejected by a woman.....but this story is just 1000 levels above this feelings. To find out after years that I could score a celebrity but I blew it....just must suck soooo baaad.

  • Sonia Glez Flo
    Sonia Glez Flo 3 days ago

    And suddenly the interview was like... Awkwaaaaard!!😰

  • I am a Latvian
    I am a Latvian 3 days ago

    Nicole is very beautiful and lovely.

  • colin mindak
    colin mindak 3 days ago

    Cheese and crackers, disgusting

  • penny lane
    penny lane 3 days ago

    Ahahahaaa 😂😂😂 nicole you are the best ..Jimmy you are unbeliAvable

  • Sudeep Neupane
    Sudeep Neupane 3 days ago

    why do I feel like I lost a chance to date Nicole Kidman?

  • The Pilot
    The Pilot 3 days ago

    Jimmy, I feel that bro:

  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez 3 days ago

    I hate that they cut away to Nicole after she says she likes him . I wanted to see his reaction .

  • Annie
    Annie 3 days ago

    That is the realest interview I've ever seen. He could have dated her but blew it. He's probably kicking himself.

  • Ozamataz Buckshank
    Ozamataz Buckshank 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this whole story is bullshit. Nicole sell the story well maybe bcos shes a great actor

  • Federica Cipolla
    Federica Cipolla 3 days ago

    they are so adorable! I love when Jimmy is talking about Niagara Falls and Nicole is kinda giggling, they look like high school sweethearts!

  • Pen B Amaro
    Pen B Amaro 3 days ago

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  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 3 days ago

    Its wierd why Nicole Remember this with all ditails 😅

  • Sayak Ray
    Sayak Ray 3 days ago

    Jimmy you dumbo

  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez 3 days ago

    Rick is the worst wingman ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Hazard
    Johnny Hazard 3 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is such a tool Craig Ferguson would had hit it

  • Filli Croc
    Filli Croc 4 days ago +1

    I still come back to watch this whenever I feel down and it cheers me up

  • Matt D
    Matt D 4 days ago

    Didn’t even raise a smile

  • Andrea Zotomayor
    Andrea Zotomayor 4 days ago

    Still coming back to this video in 2018. God they look good together. Totga

  • Anna  Bratt
    Anna Bratt 4 days ago

    Just learned Nicole is satanic. Pretty good evidens aswell. Scary skit

  • Awais Khan
    Awais Khan 4 days ago

    42 M view !

  • Conrito Yeliab
    Conrito Yeliab 4 days ago

    if only jimmy was like this all the time, everything else feels so forced

  • Nathan Tiffen
    Nathan Tiffen 4 days ago

    Dude I would’ve hung myself on the show once she told me.

  • Kavinda Isuru
    Kavinda Isuru 4 days ago

    😂 you put the video game on ?Jimmy

  • Alex Morel
    Alex Morel 4 days ago

    That woman is insanely beautiful.Im sure Jimmy has asked himeslef"what if"

  • nicolo italia
    nicolo italia 4 days ago

    how beautiful this woman is, god

  • Time.Arq I Taller RT

    I hate Jimmy’s show but this was the Absolute best I’ve seen him, (maybe it’s because he wasn’t faking it 🤔)

  • Annas Welt
    Annas Welt 4 days ago

    Watching it for the 10th time, hilarious over and over again!

  • AirFouly
    AirFouly 4 days ago

    first time I thoroughly enjoyed a clip from J.Fallon.

  • Emily
    Emily 4 days ago

    This is the funniest, most awkward thing I have ever seen!

  • Bast I
    Bast I 4 days ago

    Nicole Kidman's father was a pedophile. google it

  • Bast I
    Bast I 4 days ago

    A masculine man like Donald Trump would have not hesitated to get romantic like this sissy liberal man

  • Bast I
    Bast I 4 days ago

    I think he's gay

  • Bob Kerbs
    Bob Kerbs 5 days ago

    Closet homo.

  • Mahmoud Nasrallah
    Mahmoud Nasrallah 5 days ago +3

    another example why gamers always singles , he played a video game when nicole kidman trying to get close to him before she get married lol

  • Logan Randall
    Logan Randall 5 days ago

    Jimmy you blew it big time

  • Jon Guajardo
    Jon Guajardo 5 days ago


  • Jameson Holbrook
    Jameson Holbrook 5 days ago

    This is gold. The crowd reactions are priceless

    FORC3OFX F3AR 5 days ago +2

    Damnit rick.

  • tchesh
    tchesh 5 days ago

    I like that in this interview Nicole says that she remembers meeting Jimmy, but on Stephen Colbert she doesn't remember Stephen and says "I have the worst memory".

  • Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

    still watching this in 2018

  • binaya chauhan
    binaya chauhan 5 days ago

    somebody give jimmy a time machine

  • B T
    B T 5 days ago +2

    Truly one of the top great moments in live television history. Both of them are very endearing.

  • princess melody
    princess melody 5 days ago

    No Wayyyyyy 😱🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Glenn Jimenez
    Glenn Jimenez 5 days ago

    Nicole Kidman is a truly beautiful woman and I’m loving this whole gag with how close he was to dating her.
    By what she’s saying it’s pretty obvious he was nervous lol

  • Jeven John
    Jeven John 5 days ago

    she is sooo pretty 😍😍😍

  • dame ovo
    dame ovo 5 days ago +1

    Such a great story haha

  • BiddNo Ro
    BiddNo Ro 5 days ago

    Hands down top 5 Jimmy moments

  • apiedra19
    apiedra19 6 days ago

    😍 he is very handsome!

  • ko 015
    ko 015 6 days ago

    3 years later, I am still watching this...

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M 6 days ago +3

    3:35 her laugh!! 🤣🤣 she clearly still has a crush on him! I love this so much

    • Ashley M
      Ashley M 6 days ago

      8:17 ...and then Jimmy's laugh...😂 beside themselves

  • Rebel Empire WesD.
    Rebel Empire WesD. 6 days ago +2

    She still likes u Jimmy! It's oblivious

  • Montana
    Montana 6 days ago +3

    Remember seeing this on tv one of the most genuine and funniest scene ever

  • yasmeen Aqell
    yasmeen Aqell 6 days ago +1

    there must be a fanfiction

  • steppenwolf
    steppenwolf 6 days ago

    So scripted

  • andrea collins
    andrea collins 6 days ago

    Back again aug 2018!!!

  • Genesis Delagon
    Genesis Delagon 6 days ago

    7 years ages difference

  • We are gamers
    We are gamers 6 days ago

    Rick here...Now she's Mine..... HMmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Mr. Locke
    Mr. Locke 6 days ago

    Anyone else notice her touch his ass at 3:33

  • Pete F
    Pete F 6 days ago

    Jimmy is a douche

  • Carmen Paola Dávila Miloš

    Eso les pasa a algunos hombre tímidos jaja si es verdad y no es broma .. Estaba nervioso jaja

  • High_as_fuck
    High_as_fuck 6 days ago

    i would have killed myself

  • No Pasa Nada
    No Pasa Nada 6 days ago

    Damnnn id regret not being with her for the rest of my days

  • Omar TK
    Omar TK 6 days ago

    Nicole kidnap

  • Giovanni Gabrielli
    Giovanni Gabrielli 6 days ago

    I would have considered suicide seriously at this point.

  • ArtistEgo
    ArtistEgo 6 days ago

    I wonder if that was staged

  • Paul
    Paul 7 days ago

    Didn't like him til I found out he acted like a little boy when he had the chance to bang Nicole Kidman!

  • Ruguoser Liegise
    Ruguoser Liegise 7 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh this video just won’t stop getting more views

  • MR noname
    MR noname 7 days ago

    His attempt to make this look candid fails---he always fails.

  • Randy N
    Randy N 7 days ago

    3:33 and 8:07 and 8:35, just a few awkward moments, loved it so spontaneous.

  • Samantha Granados
    Samantha Granados 7 days ago


  • Miranda Palmer
    Miranda Palmer 7 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon’s wife is at home watching this and pounding her fist into her hand 😡😂 I also don’t get why people in the comments keep saying that he is regreting not marrying Nicole Kidman because he has a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters!👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • melola
    melola 7 days ago

    this is so disgusting. He is married

    • William Abraham
      William Abraham 7 days ago

      Its a normal human thing to be embarrassed when ya run into a former crush, etc, ya nazi. Simmer down.

  • jishwa dunn
    jishwa dunn 8 days ago

    This is the fuckijg best thing ever

  • watchingrob
    watchingrob 8 days ago +2

    Why don't she like video game?

  • v mol
    v mol 8 days ago +1


  • Ron Murphy
    Ron Murphy 8 days ago +4

    Guys are dumb. You literally have to tell us that you want to sleep with us. Lol.