Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman


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  • Kyle McCown
    Kyle McCown 18 hours ago

    They still love each other.

  • Egemen Yıldırım
    Egemen Yıldırım 22 hours ago

    This is the funniest thing i have ever saw hdjdjdjshajahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahah poor man

  • aa0201
    aa0201 23 hours ago


  • Jack Hamilton
    Jack Hamilton 23 hours ago

    God no doubt. I mean I'm sure Nicole was gorgeous back then, and he basically ignored her? I have no pity.

  • semi shepperd
    semi shepperd Day ago

    I just felt like this is one of the FRIENDS episode😂


    The worst frustration ever

  • curious pug
    curious pug Day ago

    Imagine being jimmy and yhen Nicole kidman says she likes you out of nowhere.
    I think i'm gonna passed out

  • peter still
    peter still Day ago

    Hard to believe that Kidman lives with a rock star. She seems so goodie two shoe and a control freak.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams Day ago

    Classic Interview..!!!

  • chello70
    chello70 Day ago

    People are so gullible. 😂

  • Anton Boludo
    Anton Boludo Day ago

    This is before his accident.

  • Anton Boludo
    Anton Boludo Day ago

    If this is true, then he really blew it.

  • Milk And Honey
    Milk And Honey Day ago

    Rick F’d up!

  • rocko44444444
    rocko44444444 Day ago

    Maybe I'm the only one who noticed: the band is playing Never Never Gonna Give You Up from Barry White.

  • En1gma Kish
    En1gma Kish Day ago

    Jimmy is funny lol Nicole too.. beautiful.

  • Dany Mora
    Dany Mora Day ago

    Jimmy trying to change the subject

  • lolipedofin
    lolipedofin 2 days ago

    Looking back at this... I guess Pete Davidson took a clue and managed to not blew it with Ariana Grande. Well.... didn't blew it at the start at least.

  • Anugrah Paul
    Anugrah Paul 2 days ago

    This is the best proof that in general men are very bad at getting subtle cues and reading between the lines !!!
    We literally weren't designed to understand these subtle cues that women put in conversations it doesn't matter where you from men all around the world suck at this !!!
    Feel bad for Jimmy Fallon though ! 😂
    P.S If you're women reading this comment mind giving some helpful bullet points for us men !
    This can be fun Comment down below !

  • manu M
    manu M 2 days ago

    now thats a funny charism beautiful, talented actor and still with feet on the ground. I just saw a jennifer aniston all pist off at one of this shows. she was so uncomfortable because she didnt want to follow some lines with the host for an act in a friends set.

  • David Dehorta
    David Dehorta 2 days ago

    Jimmy's face of realization at 1:15 and then on kills me. Freaking Nicole freaking Kidman liked you and was in your house my god... I can't even

  • uwu
    uwu 2 days ago

    Nicole's eyes says it all

  • Nik Ner
    Nik Ner 2 days ago


  • John G
    John G 2 days ago

    Jimmy is an embarrassemant for the manhood

  • Alicia Kelly
    Alicia Kelly 2 days ago

    Tom Cruise

  • Dureza 10Mohs
    Dureza 10Mohs 2 days ago +1

    4:27 and forward, jimmy is doing his best to continue with the interview lmao... is awkward and cute

  • Charlie George
    Charlie George 2 days ago

    they should fuck

  • vianserpong
    vianserpong 2 days ago

    "I know you love Keith more than I do"... 😂😂

  • tsuki97
    tsuki97 2 days ago

    before jimmy was slapped with water by jason momoa, he was slapped with the truth that he blew a chance with nicole kidman

  • Lucia Sea creature
    Lucia Sea creature 3 days ago

    Nicole Kidman is very tall woman I think she may be tower over Jimmy

  • T.Q
    T.Q 3 days ago


  • Jeff Bardot
    Jeff Bardot 3 days ago

    Omg i wanna fuck Nicole so bad!

  • Taran
    Taran 3 days ago

    Poor Jimmy, poor Nicole.

  • yourkind ds
    yourkind ds 3 days ago

    She wants Jimmy's johnson so bad. She tries to hold his hand, touches his arm, and taps his ass. At 4:49 you can tell she still has a crush on him. At 8:38 it's Jimmy's eyes she's talking about. You F'd up Jimmy.

  • Darkreapah psn
    Darkreapah psn 3 days ago

    Nicole Kidman comes to your apartment and you don't think she likes you?You think she wants to cast you in a movie that she is not in charge of casting for. Nicole is a actress not a casting agent.😂My man she came there for you to press her love buttons. Not the ones on the controller 😂😂😂

  • Ranalcis Rajkumar
    Ranalcis Rajkumar 3 days ago

    8:09 The way Nicole stared at Jimmy 😍 Well, some things never end!

  • CommanderOtto
    CommanderOtto 3 days ago

    lol failed date stories

  • Pryansh Sethi
    Pryansh Sethi 3 days ago +1

    Dude's whole life flashed before his eyes smh

  • Con More
    Con More 4 days ago

    they should fuck

  • Katie A.
    Katie A. 4 days ago

    how does one dislike this video? I mean sure I could account for a few of them... relatives of Jimmy and Nicole (particularly their spouses).. but c'mon...over 4 k? This was adorable

  • Laurel Deneuve
    Laurel Deneuve 4 days ago

    She's way too Hot for that Nerd anyway.

  • Whiistling Winds
    Whiistling Winds 4 days ago

    I watch this video once an hour. Every day. There has to be fanfictions of this, right?

  • Divine Agbana
    Divine Agbana 4 days ago +2

    6:51 when they say overseas at the same time... so CUTE hahaha.

  • Teresa Melendrez
    Teresa Melendrez 4 days ago +5

    Ive watched this so many times that I almost memorize their every word 😬

  • Chuck Hampton
    Chuck Hampton 5 days ago +1

    Clearly, she's cool with short guys; Tom Cruise then Jimmy.

    • Tanyahachi 07
      Tanyahachi 07 4 days ago +1

      Jimmy is 6'0" i think hes quite tall, the tallest of them all for sure

  • Brakkeleer Thuis
    Brakkeleer Thuis 5 days ago

    When she came home...she came twice actually!

  • JDoactive
    JDoactive 5 days ago +2

    3:32 She tapped him on the ass xD

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Jimmy slept at the couch that night.

    EDIT: After fully watching the video, I realized Jimmy didn't sleep at home at all that night

    TORCHMAN TIMES 5 days ago

    Jimmy you need to find build a time machine man.

  • Margaret Njeri
    Margaret Njeri 5 days ago

    This is so damn cute!!!!

  • MusicTiana
    MusicTiana 5 days ago +1

    2:43 You can see the dread in his face...

  • J C
    J C 5 days ago

    Wait WHAT

  • Jeremy Householder
    Jeremy Householder 5 days ago

    So whatever about Nicole Kidman and she is one awful person. And really is a dude

  • Maha Nasef
    Maha Nasef 5 days ago

    She is so sweet and beautiful

  • amarlene94
    amarlene94 5 days ago

    How am I just seeing this now. LMAO

  • Savage Alphawolf
    Savage Alphawolf 6 days ago

    Probably one of the funniest segments on Jimmy pretty hilarious

  • pravin pursuthman
    pravin pursuthman 6 days ago

    any chance this could be a scripted fake experience?

  • Ahad hossain
    Ahad hossain 6 days ago

    if they got together

  • Jayden Le
    Jayden Le 6 days ago +1

    Didn’t anyone else notice she saying that he didn’t make a good decision @3:40 ;) employing that she would be good for him

  • Chasing Arches
    Chasing Arches 6 days ago

    Here after the story about Kate Hudson 🤣

  • PositiveSarcasm
    PositiveSarcasm 6 days ago

    jimmy u dun goofed.

  • Levi Levi
    Levi Levi 6 days ago

    Imagine ruining a date with Nicole Kidman and missing your chance + in 2000-2005 when she was drop dead gorgeous wow I feel bad for the guy

  • Jake & Cynthia
    Jake & Cynthia 6 days ago +1

    Subscribe To Our Channel! We Love you guys!

  • Kevin O
    Kevin O 6 days ago

    This is one of the few Fallon interviews I’ve actually laughed out loud at

  • MMALiveNewsToday
    MMALiveNewsToday 6 days ago

    They want each other

  • Sid Junior
    Sid Junior 6 days ago

    The best no Love story

  • Lisa Ward
    Lisa Ward 6 days ago

    Brie cheese is good

  • Lisa Ward
    Lisa Ward 6 days ago

    Jimmy is adorable,she liked him.

  • Pink Blush
    Pink Blush 7 days ago

    I'm still watching this and i still love it.

  • da96103
    da96103 7 days ago

    Realistically, Nicole probably think Jimmy does not like older women at that time. Then Jimmy marries someone who is born the same year as Nicole. Nicole must be like WTF?

  • Seda aydin
    Seda aydin 7 days ago

    The most awkward moment ever 8:13 😂😂

    OFF CLAN 7 days ago

    That was cool loved it

  • Excelzer
    Excelzer 7 days ago

    a woman like that means a serious commitment. sometimes video games are better🤷🏻‍♂️

  • C MayR
    C MayR 7 days ago

    Jimmy was looking for a partner who is interested in video games as well so they can play together in harmony, he felt that she wasnt interested on what he was into so he backed off as well..thats a funny story..coulda been one of the great celebrity coulples

  • EmeGeBe
    EmeGeBe 7 days ago

    "Not that way"... oh come on, totally THAT way... haha

  • acerman66
    acerman66 8 days ago

    She is sooo beautiful and talented!

  • Thierry Collin
    Thierry Collin 8 days ago

    Rick is the worst wingman ever

  • Milwaukee Brewers
    Milwaukee Brewers 8 days ago

    I would be deep in my feelings if she was my wife and im watching her connect with jimmy and both seem like they wished they had hooked up and still interested lol.

  • Alnir Zaly
    Alnir Zaly 8 days ago

    Thank Jimmy. This is for all losers out there to not repeat what he has done.

  • keiko Kiyoko
    keiko Kiyoko 8 days ago

    Nicole is wonderful, she is hilarious and witty. She ruled this interview

  • C. K.
    C. K. 8 days ago +1

    This BY FAR is the GREATEST moment on his show “to-date” ... unbelievably hilariously awkward... pure GOLD!
    # 🤓

  • Nohemi Rivera
    Nohemi Rivera 8 days ago +2

    I ship them hardcore🤧

  • john gonzales
    john gonzales 8 days ago

    How much would you bet they both had an argument with they’re spouses after this 😂

  • Yeezy LeVixen
    Yeezy LeVixen 8 days ago

    lets do it again!!!

  • Yeezy LeVixen
    Yeezy LeVixen 8 days ago

    this was great....!!!

  • getfit40
    getfit40 8 days ago

    Hilarious 🤣

  • knight warrior
    knight warrior 8 days ago

    Video games kills life. Here is the proof

  • Anika Orpa
    Anika Orpa 8 days ago

    its so adorable how they say Overseas at the same time! full on chemistry 😂😂❤️

  • Warshaddow
    Warshaddow 8 days ago

    Yep. She'd still smash.

  • Irsi Montero
    Irsi Montero 8 days ago +2

    44M views and 37M are me😅
    In my opinion, these 2 will hook up at least once before Jesus comes🤷🏼‍♀️
    Wayyy too much chemistry🥰

  • Şahin Sargın
    Şahin Sargın 8 days ago

    he was damm Nicole Kidman Coming My HOUSE and open the Video Games american guys stubid

  • piere pierouu
    piere pierouu 8 days ago

    This lady will never look ugly

  • Miss Mismagius
    Miss Mismagius 8 days ago

    This Story Is Amazing, Poor Jimmy, I Feel Sorry For Him. Anyway, I Must Have Watched This Episode At Least 20 Times!

  • flowerdaisies
    flowerdaisies 9 days ago


  • Zeeadster TV
    Zeeadster TV 9 days ago +1

    that moment when you scream: ''FUCK MEEEE!!!'' hhh

  • Kari Boersheim
    Kari Boersheim 9 days ago +1

    Most legendary talk show moment of all time

  • Duncan Sacks
    Duncan Sacks 9 days ago +2

    I watched this over and over, too many times to count, because it’s too cute and I LOVE jimmy Fallon!!

  • Tatsuya Kondo
    Tatsuya Kondo 9 days ago

    U blew it up jimmy

  • Nya Sings
    Nya Sings 9 days ago +3

    Nicole planted herself in Jimmy's brain forever

  • Javier Oliveras
    Javier Oliveras 9 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • Riot FiftyThousand
    Riot FiftyThousand 9 days ago

    Damn Jimmy, Nicole would have violated you in bed. Just watching her turns me wild. whew! she's sexy as hell.