Why Avengers: Endgame's Biggest Plot Hole Actually Makes Sense

  • Published on May 13, 2019
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    While we enjoyed nearly three hours of epic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Avengers: Endgame, all anyone seems to be debating is one of the final moments. You know the one -- Old Man Steve Rogers shows up on the lakeside bench, reveals he spent the rest of his lifetime in the past and decides to pass his shield onto the Falcon.
    According to the film’s own timeline rules -- people were pretty quick to cry FOUL and point out the major issues with old man Captain America, but we’re here to tell you -- this wasn’t a plot hole at all. The writers and directors didn’t just go all willy nilly and toss the scene in for story closure. Everything was meticulously thought out and planned -- just not fully explained on screen. So, now we will become the true heroes of the story and break down how Steve Roger’s off-screen adventures were not a plot hole at all and how he didn’t break up Peggy Carter’s family or erase them from a timeline -- even though it clearly seems that way.
    Thankfully, the three hour runtime of Endgame allowed the filmmakers to squeeze in plenty of exposition, explaining their rules of time travel and what we would all expect when the Avengers traveled back in time and through multiple eras. The rules were laid out by Professor Hulk, questions were asked, we were given answers, and everything all seemed to make sense. Right up until Steve Rogers goes to return all of the Infinity Stones and comes back as an old man. So what exactly happened there?! Learn how Captain America was able to travel back through time, live his whole life in happiness and return to the present day where he secured the future of the Captain America mantle for everyone!
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Comments • 4 203

  • boz baymax
    boz baymax 21 hour ago

    so capt. america just go with every event?? of all avengers movie?

  • Blink Once on Sunday!

    I think the biggest plot hole is actually the contradiction between the Hulk's time travel theory and the Ancient One's. If going to the past doesn't actually change anything, merely create alternate realities as per Hulk's explanation, nothing would change by removing Thanos or the Infinity stones from the past. OK fine. But the Ancient One said the opposite in regards to removing the Infinity Stones. So if the past can't be changed, why return the stones to the past at all? It seems that either the Hulk or Ancient One were wrong.

  • Alexander Forbes
    Alexander Forbes 6 days ago

    Well to be honest he didn't go back and stop himself from being frozen for all those years, so nothing really changed

  • Lil Jashy
    Lil Jashy 9 days ago

    I don't think you can call this the biggest plot hole of Endgame... the whole movie was a gaping plot hole. It was just a 3 hour plot hole.

  • T Drippy
    T Drippy 10 days ago

    I never thought of this as a plot hole. If you didn’t understand it you’re just slow

  • Abner Cestari
    Abner Cestari 13 days ago

    For god sake can you please tell me the name of the song at 4:53 since you didn't credited the composer

  • Liam Donohoe
    Liam Donohoe 13 days ago +1

    They could have gone right before Thanos destroyed the stones

  • RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer

    I kinda like this theory. *nodnod*

  • Obadiah Auta
    Obadiah Auta 15 days ago

    What happened to the other cap when steve returned to the past

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    The only reprehensible aspects of Avengers Endgame is Tony Stark dying, Steve Rogers giving his shield or moniker to a non-superhero, and Captain 'Marble' being in the film.

  • brightwolfz
    brightwolfz 16 days ago

    This doesn't work though. If you go back on the second timeline you would end up in 2023 of the same timeline and would end up starting a third timeline. You brought up the GPS thing, but that would still bring him back to his anchor point in the first timeline, which is the machine.

  • Ax Chameleon
    Ax Chameleon 16 days ago +1

    Didn't the ruso bros say cap was the dad of Peggy's kids?

  • marco mcdowell
    marco mcdowell 17 days ago

    Two months later...still nah.

  • Techdog
    Techdog 17 days ago

    You went too deep. He had the gems and could have simply insert himself into everything without disrupting anything I think what they did with Captain America in endgame is perfect to do Captain America as a member of the Invaders if you remember the first Captain America movie when they went to the fair there was a display of an Android that was the original human torch and if he went back into the past to reclaim his life with Peggy the marvel cinematic universe can spin-off with the Invaders.this was a team comprised of the original human torch Captain America Bucky the sub-mariner. Just to name a few it would be excellent to set what else he did in the Because not many people know that before he went into hibernation he was part of that team. And that the first movie condensed all that so there was a lot more history of what Cap did in world war II. since they're trying to bring X-Men and avengers together you could see wolverine and Captain America . Excelsior.

  • MotorHead Tech
    MotorHead Tech 17 days ago +2

    so why can't we bring gamora & black widow, tony stark etc before they died & bring them into the future? but how does it makes sense that 2014 thanos & gamora were brought to the future, yet gamora was killed for the soul stone?? wtf smh

  • Olivia Pope
    Olivia Pope 17 days ago +3

    I'm sorry but your wrong
    Creators wanted to chop America head instead of thanos and throw it in front of avengers

  • Ariel Deleon
    Ariel Deleon 17 days ago

    Where did he get the shield to give to Sam!?

  • Travis Hall
    Travis Hall 17 days ago

    What about his sheld it was broken before he left. But was not broken in the end

  • Dean Boswell
    Dean Boswell 17 days ago

    Interesting, but I am guessing because of the super soldier serum Captain America is at least 100 years older (or more) at the end of them film then when he went back in time.

  • Tamim Ahsan
    Tamim Ahsan 17 days ago

    from the video i feel like Steve Rogers had more story than what we saw from all his 7 movies. i wish they made a movie about it.... six infinity stones in a briefcase...we lierally had two avengers movies with space and mind stone...it would have been great

  • Z The Canadian
    Z The Canadian 18 days ago

    i always thought the avengers were living in an alternate timeline the whole time meaning that steve going back in time wouldn't change anything

  • Macay Clelland
    Macay Clelland 18 days ago

    Guys, Cap went back to the timeline where he returned the space stone, or any timeline he wants really, spends his life with Peggy and returns to the main timeline presumably after she dies. The reason he didn't return on that platform he left is because he just moved himself 50 yards away on his wrist thing which controls both the new timeline you enter and where you enter it in.
    Simple, no plot holes, leave it be.

  • Gboy 480
    Gboy 480 18 days ago

    Not valid. If cap traveled back in time to the bench, he would be in an alternate reality. But we clearly saw him in our main reality

  • killjoy cola
    killjoy cola 18 days ago

    but steve didnt go back to the 70s after returning the stones.. look at the cars outside peggys house.. not a single one is 60"s model or older... he went back to the 50's

    APPOLE 18 days ago

    If you’ve watched Agent Carter, then you know who her husband is😉

    CAIDENROX 19 days ago +3

    That moment when you realise Captain America kissed his niece in Winter Soldier.

  • Trainer Shayne
    Trainer Shayne 19 days ago +3

    They should make an hour long movie of cap returning the stones and a run down of his life when he went back in time to spend his days with Peggy

    • Trey Olive
      Trey Olive 15 days ago

      Disney, "No I dont think I will."

  • pmcclo 06
    pmcclo 06 19 days ago

    Use this is a wtf is going on button

  • Kepler Burger
    Kepler Burger 19 days ago

    the biggest plot hole is the fact that in the quantum realm time just slows down, and they harnessed how much they could slow down.

  • Tête à-tête
    Tête à-tête 19 days ago


  • dylan unwin
    dylan unwin 19 days ago

    where did the PIM particles come from?

  • _The Nice Gamer_
    _The Nice Gamer_ 19 days ago

    Carter doesn’t take the kids
    Karen does

    Sign petition in the comments so I can see the kids again

  • Max Valera
    Max Valera 19 days ago +1

    Nobody is wondering wether Steve had to inject the the reality stone (I know what it's called I just can't spell. At all) into a rock or Jane. Either way super awkward.

  • T- Series
    T- Series 19 days ago

    So what about the steve in the timeline he went to where is he?

  • Adam Sayed
    Adam Sayed 19 days ago +1

    Theory: he used the time stone to reenact the tesseract case and Loki’s sceptre

  • mrpanicy
    mrpanicy 19 days ago +1

    Or... and this is much more likely... he was always there in timeline with them. But knew better than to interfere. Peggy can keep a secret, so that isn' a problem. Him staying in the past was just completing that loop. This is the one that makes more sense and feels more correct.

  • Morphic c
    Morphic c 20 days ago

    Hope he was gentle with Peggy :P

  • ᗷᖇᑌᖴOᖇᑕE GAMING YT

    So, Captain time travelled at the present day he time travelled to find her present age or life, he time travelled to the find her present, he not time travelled to the past

  • The Salty Gamer
    The Salty Gamer 20 days ago

    What if, the universe that we have been living in was always the alternative universe, where Steve Rogers had already gone back and was living in the shadows. That would hopefully fill the plot hole

  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill 20 days ago

    This video was published on my birthday 😊

  • Harrison Delap
    Harrison Delap 20 days ago +1

    That last part, when Steve and Peggy dance look so much like in the 40s, not 1970.

  • paul mendham
    paul mendham 20 days ago +4

    Yup, all makes perfect sense....er, could you just run that by me one more time??

  • roy kosta
    roy kosta 20 days ago

    So Steve Rogers is from alabama?! Right?

  • Shiza Masih
    Shiza Masih 20 days ago

    Well how can cap get old because he's a super soldier
    When he didn't get aged in the icy 70 years then why now

  • Justang
    Justang 20 days ago +1

    You could have explained this in 1 minute and you stretched it to 12. Great job for -monetization- great content!

  • MmmChestnut
    MmmChestnut 21 day ago

    This does actually cover it and I'm very satisfied

  • Vizh Muller
    Vizh Muller 21 day ago

    Captain America's time travel wasn't the biggest plot hole in Endgame.

  • Raine
    Raine 21 day ago

    they didnt need a 3 hour runtime to explain how time travel works, they literally summed it all up in a 4 minute long scene

  • Grifon011
    Grifon011 21 day ago


  • malchior
    malchior 21 day ago +18

    So, the screenwriters for Endgame confirmed that it was Cap that fathered Peggy's kids and was married to her the whole time.
    So... I guess a soldier that saved her husband... metaphorical I guess.

  • Gian Capulong
    Gian Capulong 21 day ago

    But Thats Just a Theory, A SCREENRANT THEORY

  • Darius Greystone
    Darius Greystone 21 day ago

    I have a headache

  • Boltens
    Boltens 21 day ago

    The biggest plot hole is that there should be 2 Captain America I haven't watched the video yet

  • Joseph Gharis
    Joseph Gharis 21 day ago

    The husband was definitely intended to be Steve Rogers. The reason the timeline is undamaged is because the event wasn't major enough to make another timeline, since time is reslient in this universe. It takes something like a missing or misplaced Stone to make a different timeline is my theory.

  • Ethan Quartana
    Ethan Quartana 22 days ago

    Hulk said changing the past that past becomes your future so how did nebula kill her past self and still live

    • Archean
      Archean 21 day ago

      I think you're confused. He didn't mean that you'd eventually become your past self(if that's what you were thinking). He meant that in your future, you'd be traveling to the past(I think). Changing the past doesn't change your current timeline, it just creates a new branched timeline whilst leaving yours alone.

  • NHV303
    NHV303 22 days ago

    What he did was he returned to the time after the past Captain America was already frozen, he met and stayed with Peggy Carter, he basically stay hidden after the past Captain America gets unfrozen and joined the Avengers, then he shows back up again after the past Captain America returned to the past to return the stones. He was able to stay hidden because he knew exactly what will happen.

  • GrandsonOfVader
    GrandsonOfVader 22 days ago

    No the MCU just takes place in the timeline Steve has "changed"

  • Payton Jacobellis
    Payton Jacobellis 22 days ago +1


  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 22 days ago

    What does he tell Peggy about kissing her niece? Does he tell her?

  • Rachel Costa
    Rachel Costa 22 days ago

    I really want to see Steve returning the stones