R. Kelly OUTS victims with NEW WEBSITE called Surviving LIARS! Asante McGee LIED (EXCLUSIVE details)

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • R. Kelly has responded to the Surviving R.Kelly Lifetime show saying that the women are LYING! According to a TMZ report R.Kelly is going to have a new website where he is going to go one by one showing us who is allegedly lying on him!
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  • Daytime Tea Time
    Daytime Tea Time  6 months ago +378

    I am so sorry i see that the audio cut out at the 10:17 mark in this video... she said "I had to literally lie to be able to go get clothes...Everyday I would ask can I go home to get clothes and everyday was an excuse of why I couldnt" FULL INTERVIEW is here at this link tvclip.biz/video/LhzpCoQ-ZEc/video.html
    Here is the Link to the FULL audio of Asante Mcgee's Daughter and Ex Boyfriend saying that she is LYING on R.Kelly! tvclip.biz/video/vETD-ZacLr8/video.html

    • Edwin Collins
      Edwin Collins 4 months ago

      Fi Yah Big facts. Those black ass heffas are ridiculous. It’s just like you stated. If someone makes up a lie on a black celebrity they’re gonna dog him without even knowing if it’s true or not, and some of the brothers are just as bad.

    • Edwin Collins
      Edwin Collins 4 months ago

      One Boss Writer the mother’s story isn’t true.

    • Daytime Tea Time
      Daytime Tea Time  4 months ago

      @Claritsa Cruz DaytimeTeaTime@gmail or @daytimeteatime on Instagram

    • Claritsa Cruz
      Claritsa Cruz 4 months ago

      How can I message you ? @tea time

    • Gina Santi
      Gina Santi 5 months ago

      Did anyone catch her say she has no clientele cause they moved and she would have to get a real job. Then he says something about him coming over to help her. Did she teach her kids to prostitute themselves for money? I swear he is her client. This isn’t stuff that you say to your girlfriends daughter. Not the way he responded to that.

  • violet divine spiritual readings Reiki practitioner

    Asante is a lair and she old as hell

  • violet divine spiritual readings Reiki practitioner

    This girl looks like she can be a whole parent like she around 40 years old wth

  • violet divine spiritual readings Reiki practitioner

    Lol R kelly camp hilarious but in all honesty i do believe most of these victims are lying and taking advantage and their parents are in cahoots to get the bag using their children which makes it hard to see who the real victims are even the book daddies little freak is fake

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    Kelly hire her as a maid come on she not his ttype

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    What a ugly girl R Kelly went blind after money.

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    I believe R Kelly and not these loser ,user and gold digger who are after money.R Kelly is the victim

  • Marlena Kent
    Marlena Kent 2 months ago

    Trash BAG !

  • carnice dixon
    carnice dixon 2 months ago

    Oonly ppl with weak minds believe he's a pedo. The media can brainwash you every other word listening ppl.

  • miss dior
    miss dior 2 months ago

    yes they are extorting r Kelly and most of them are doing too thanks for the information the surviving r Kelly is a manufacturedmade up drama to bring the man down. no one was vetted or real proof and only the liars where on the show. the real people that told the truth was cut out. The Justice will prevail and Law Enforcement should go the docuseries and #metoo and #timesup #mute as this violates the law....

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    I wish people would stop calling R Kelly a pedophile until he is convicted as one. J Edgar Hoover once said the greatest threat to America is Negro Unity. Marrying Aaliyah does not constitute him a pedophile, and none of us know if this man is guilty of these unvetted stories, but the Black community has promulgated the one sided narrative. There are many suspicious angles. Weinstein owns the Lifetime Network that produced the docuseries, and he is good friends with Gayle King. Kim Foxx literally advertised for victims to build a case and pass them on to Avernatti as clients -- ILLEGAL. One thing is for sure, the alleged new tape puts R Kelly at greater risk of being convicted, and if so, he will never complete his efforts of deploying CPAs and other financial professionals onto the trail of theft of the 700+ million dollars absconded from him, nor will he get the masters to his music. I don't condone abuse of women, and I am not an R Kelly fan -- I just don't like the media pulling on the heart strings of the public with a false narrative of rape, pedophilia and sex trafficking to convict R Kelly in the court of public opinion, only to cover up and protect extortionists and criminal industry moguls.

  • Suh Che
    Suh Che 3 months ago

    if those women are really lying,, then they should get the death penalty

  • Crystal Nutgrass
    Crystal Nutgrass 3 months ago

    I for real believe her. She stated she dated him for years as a "fly in" . That she would just go on the weekends during the school year and then during the summer she would go on week days too. She said she was only in his house as a "live in" for 2 weeks when she managed to leave. That she knew he was controlling to date but I kinda see it as it was something she was willing to deal with for the benefits, money. But once she was moved in she was being trained on the rules of the house, having to ask for everything like food and when you could go to the bathroom and how you could dress. That's when she realized like oh hell no I didn't sign up for all this. She also knew what about my kids and my house, I gotta get out of here cause she really didnt have family watching over her kids all the time, that really her daughter was the one baby sitting on the weekends and during the summer. I get it she doesnt want to look like a neglecting mother and had rationalized it in her head during her as a fly in girl friend that it was worth it for the money. So I really do hope the fact that she is trying to hide that she made bad choices as a mother doesn't make her experience of only being in the house for 2 weeks make people think that she was any less of a victim. She luckily was smart enough that she got out fast and didn't stay longer. Probably the fact that she did have kids and outside responsibilities helped her to not get brainwashed and sucked into it.

  • Lashay Yates
    Lashay Yates 3 months ago

    That girl is lying #RealTalk

  • corviaus
    corviaus 3 months ago

    Lol I dont believe rkelly a pedophile ....if he was he would be locked up

  • Oletta Wisemon
    Oletta Wisemon 3 months ago

    I said it when I first heard it, I knew exactly what it was all about!!, They are all lying, saying basically the same thing, he didn't harm them!!. Make them stay!!. Tim Savage was coaching that ghetto lying slut!!, Looking Stupid, stupid extortionist, wrecking this man's life, making him seriously I'll!!. Told you it's hard to fool me!!. I got that sharp insight/instinct into human behavior!!. Never met any these ghetto greedy women, it's what I hear, the way they worded, what they say!!!!. She & the Savages was blackmailing RK, expressions/body language, a telling sign!!. Tim Savage is trying to manipulate everybody, his no 1 prob, not about his love for his daughter, I already said this awhile ago, he's trying to get her back because he's afraid she's going to talk, she do he's going to jail, and others, the bottom will fallout!!!. Evil hearts, grevious lovers of money is at the root of all evil!!!. Savage is Soo mad he want to beat her head in, he's dangerous if he can he will kill her or have her killed, to save his own but from going to prison. His wife is drained, scard to death, her mouth is so dry when she talks you can hear popping sounds, tongue sticking to the roof of her mouth, decreases in salavia due to extreme fear!!.in listen closely to his words, closely watch his body language, see it, hear it, see the cold bloodied, his eyes, posture, the stark raving maddness!!. murderous vicious inhumane RAGE, I get my hands on Jocelyn!!,_"I kill that..... I fear for her life!!. R K is not going to prison either, he will be back in due time!!!. 04/01/19. Mon.@6:03PM.

  • Nia Govan
    Nia Govan 3 months ago

    , they all need to be thrown in jail

  • Leona Shaw
    Leona Shaw 3 months ago

    I knew asante was lying from day one especially when she said she dont remember the address to the house she was staying in

  • John Dillinger
    John Dillinger 3 months ago


  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell 3 months ago

    This girl wasn't a victim, she is a liar imo.


    If you got a chance to get out, why did you go back??? Were you kidnapped and taken back? And why didnt you ever report to police if you got a chance fo get out of hostage??????? Hhmmmmmm!!!!

  • George Herrera Jr
    George Herrera Jr 3 months ago

    So do u know rkelly or know someone close to r Kelly

  • George Herrera Jr
    George Herrera Jr 3 months ago

    Fuck the other hoes

  • George Herrera Jr
    George Herrera Jr 3 months ago

    Dis bitch

  • C B
    C B 3 months ago

    let him without sin cast the first stone,who are you to be judging the man for your five minutes of fame on youtube you need to put all that energy towards getting a real job and stop with your bullshit gossiping for likes better yet i know the R will accommodate your broke ass if you ask him nicely you sorry poor excuse for a bitch lucipher's concubine you are jealous of the mans success and jealous that he didn't look your way hope your mom is proud of you for helping to drag the mans name through the mud i hope and pray to god that none of your relatives ever get caught up on no rape allegation you low life wanna be now crawl back in your hole and melt slowly and let the brother live his life i am pretty sure he will have his day in court where all will be reveal then boom he will be a free man again while you still remain trapped,broke and hungry put that in your crack pipe and smoke it thot

  • Jahmal Bynum
    Jahmal Bynum 4 months ago

    Shits fake bruh, I’m with Kells

  • Mickey Hunter
    Mickey Hunter 4 months ago

    Why are you calling them victims? Has anything been proven in a court of law.

  • Celeste Luke
    Celeste Luke 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who feels like the one who recorded the conversation was the guy or either he talked over the recorded conversation of the female.Record a phone conversation and you'll know the difference.

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez 4 months ago

    Did y’all not hear the daughter say I don’t have N e clients over her ima have to get a job?? Hmm

  • mana loop
    mana loop 4 months ago

    Bing and there's the light bulb in this mess that interview is ham

  • Gra Hajas
    Gra Hajas 4 months ago

    Asante been exposed

  • Lady
    Lady 4 months ago

    Asantis ass is a liar!!!

  • Charlene Keith
    Charlene Keith 4 months ago

    Wow!!!!kellz gonna win this case

  • abbie4949
    abbie4949 4 months ago

    I'm sorry but I did not see him mouth move at the "3 years" part only at the "yes". And really it's not real proof. Unless you were there and heard him say things right BEFORE her. I still don't believe her, but that's how gov't gets people, by saying words that we then think are true. The word "proof" is very misleading, like as if this were investigated by a professional. Video could be doctored, etc. Even though her mama is hella wrong, I don't think that boyfriend should be clownin the girl's mom on the telephone like that. I can talk about my mama, but no one can. He was disrespectful and she was just agreeing w/ him by laughing most of the time. That is sad. From a mama that tells her what to do. to a boyfriend that tells her how to feel. Just sayin'...

  • A Fet
    A Fet 4 months ago

    Drugs, Sex without love and Money............
    Parents educate your children to study hard for college and be independent. When you marry make sure its for love not money

  • ItsACurlyThing
    ItsACurlyThing 4 months ago

    Is it just me Or did something sound real sketchy about the ex and the daughter? When he said he needed to come over there, I was like 👀. What they got going on for her to be that comfortable talking to him like that. I maybe be Wong but sounds off to me

  • Lucy Espino
    Lucy Espino 4 months ago

    It's sad cause all the real victims out there if she is lying that f*** up cause I feel bad for the real victims out there cause his a dog always was and aways will be

  • goddess faithful
    goddess faithful 4 months ago

    She is tripping, LIES!!!!! She went home and went back. She is totally telling Lies.

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom 4 months ago

    She ready got paid for the docuseries. Yall too late trying to expose her.

  • char j
    char j 4 months ago

    Who signed THE marriage certificate, it had to have been one of her parents, i dont understand why the parents are not at fought, when are they going to charge these parents?

  • rblackiston
    rblackiston 4 months ago

    Ummm why is the ex so “friendly” with the daughter...that don’t sound right.

  • Chad Johnson
    Chad Johnson 4 months ago

    R kelly wuz guilty last time but that's no excuse for these women and men to take advantage.. I think they all lying and R kelly was just easy target.. He's beat the system but Karma never plays by any rules.. This time he's innocent but going down for past sins...Lmao

  • Jay Tha Ganxsta
    Jay Tha Ganxsta 4 months ago

    Bottom line is R Kelly represents a regular way of living meaning man and woman he still teaches the way of Love is man and woman he's fighting the Twisted establishment I knew it was going to be a problem when he wore the leather skirt fast forward 5 years later it's a distraction and reality TV

  • Elonna Spears
    Elonna Spears 4 months ago

    How do we even know if this is the ex and her daughter?🤷🏽‍♀️. This could be his staff pretending. I believe the women.

    • Sasha
      Sasha 4 months ago

      I believe Kellz. There's something about all their stories. I've watched them all on different interviews and shit does not add up. Their stories are all twisted and with fake personas. Kellz, is going to get off of this. These women are plotting but their plots are not that convincing.

  • black stars
    black stars 4 months ago

    Jz raps about raping children and women
    But since he's the white mans most loyal puppet he's protected.

  • SaKatherine Johnson
    SaKatherine Johnson 4 months ago

    They seriously need to do a lie detector test on all this women. Smh

  • SaKatherine Johnson
    SaKatherine Johnson 4 months ago

    Honestly the news need to catch that phone call recording..... how did you get that? Who released the call smh?

  • SaKatherine Johnson
    SaKatherine Johnson 4 months ago

    Awww WOOHOO GEEESSHHHH....yep I caught that right off the back but you pointed it out.....its lies with that savage family

  • Dior105
    Dior105 4 months ago +1

    @daytime did you see how the ex boyfriend looked at the dad right when he said yes right before she said yes clearly he heard it too 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 4 months ago

    Why is no one doing to white rocks star what is happening to R. Kelly. I am sure there must be a few that have done nasty things to groupies. Why do we always have to try to bring a brother down. I am not saying R. Kelly is 100% innocent. I am just saying there are other races to pick on too, you know...

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 4 months ago

    I will leave the decision of R. Kelly being a pedophile to a court of law. But him holding women hostage, the evidence I have seen so far will not hold up in a court of law.

  • Nik Scrapolla
    Nik Scrapolla 4 months ago

    "You know if I come over there you know what happens" WHAT TF DID THAT MEAN?!

  • Nik Scrapolla
    Nik Scrapolla 4 months ago

    Why is the ex-boyfriend trying to have a fun-relatable-conversation with his ex-girlfriend's daughter?? HOW OLD IS THAT GIRL??? She sounds no older than 16! This ex-boyfriend sounds like another R.Kelly! I don't believe any of it! He's crazy & he recorded himself! Why would he do that?! Probably got paid off by R.Kelly!

  • Danielle
    Danielle 4 months ago

    All this started with the damn metoo shit! I’m sorry but I’m not saying he’s an innocent man of doing wrong in his life BUT there’s a lot of bullshit mixed in with a tiny bit of truth. This metoo Movement has done absolutely nothing for true victims of sexual crimes! I truly believe the metoo movement is nothing more than a scam to make people hate men! I really think he’s done wrong in his life but let’s not forget that some of the young women should’ve had their asses at home with their parents!

  • Robert Dillon
    Robert Dillon 4 months ago +1

    This bitch lying

  • mooky
    mooky 4 months ago +1

    🤣🤣 Don't no one care about these dusty black lying hoes. It's all about this bogus #metoo witchhunt against men.

  • Harry S.
    Harry S. 4 months ago

    It is always a greedy female looking for money that brings down high profile men. In very rare cases are they truthful. In most cases, they are greedy liars. Just stating what I have seen. Look at the history yourself.

  • Out Spoken
    Out Spoken 4 months ago +1

    I am for right if those Bitch'es are lying they need to go to prison but I still think that R Kelly is a rapist but don't lie on him it's just not right stop that shit before ya'll's ass get into serious trouble now she has made it hard for the one's that is telling the truth!

  • Movie Kangz
    Movie Kangz 4 months ago

    This some excccccciting shit 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍟

  • diamond hadnot
    diamond hadnot 4 months ago

    We don't no R Kelly is a pedifile

  • Claritsa Cruz
    Claritsa Cruz 4 months ago

    I say that this is just to messy ..leave that man alone these women are gold diggers not right to lie on him .🏧🏦⛏️🤔

  • Alma Blue
    Alma Blue 4 months ago

    some of these woman will beat yo ass if you brush up against them in the supermarket.......please

    LG BUSINESS 4 months ago

    How about Black low life females stop twerking and showing their babies how to twerk and bounce that a$$ like sluts. How about trashy Black girls stop showing their teenage girls how to sell pu$$y and nudes on CASH APP. How about Black people raise their children to have self respect and morals and not be over sexually involved instead of learning in school. It was all good when R.Kelly was paying the bills for the parents to play with their daughter but the parents aren't wrong huh, SMH. How about Chicago focus on BLACK ON BLACK crime and murder and gang problems destroying the Black areas. How about Black people in America focus on being better people and building up Black communities again like Black Wallstreet in 1921 when It was destroyed by White people. Black people are such hypocrites just like the DEMOCRAPS that fought for slavery and created the KKK. BLACK PEOPLE REFUSE TO LEARN ABOUT THAT!!!

  • marcom Ternoir
    marcom Ternoir 4 months ago

    Do not prostitute thy daughter to be a whore.

  • Mike Rock
    Mike Rock 4 months ago

    Love it- take these Black men down by WHITE MEN!!! Just gotta love it yes??? Vote Kamala Harris- this is the best Black History Month EVER! Gotta love The Democrat Jew Gloria Allred! I do!

  • Shannon Butler
    Shannon Butler 4 months ago

    Hell them girls was lying!!

  • Hennessy Cozart
    Hennessy Cozart 4 months ago

    Bs, they want that check 😩😩

  • Sheria Becton
    Sheria Becton 5 months ago

    Shut uppppp you dirty nasty evil bitch you need to go to jail for lying. Your Daughter have a conversation about you lying

  • Sheria Becton
    Sheria Becton 5 months ago

    R Kelly leave all these women alone they are no good.

  • Sheria Becton
    Sheria Becton 5 months ago

    People do anything for money and fame

  • Bongumusa Trevor
    Bongumusa Trevor 5 months ago

    a millionaire couldn't buy clothes lol

  • ADK 77
    ADK 77 5 months ago


  • Deondra Clay
    Deondra Clay 5 months ago

    Her mother n father lie about her age and I'm tlk bout Aaliyah

  • Sophia Harris
    Sophia Harris 5 months ago

    I been said these how was lying kellz can get anybody he want bitches gone follow suit cause he have the lime light money cars n clothes he dnt have to force nothing

  • #1 Negans Girl - the original

    No one really gives a damn about that old ass dumb uneducated R Kelly!! The Illiuminati has and everyone else should do so too, FORGET THAT LOSER!! Because that's what R Kelly is, A Loser!
    When he was chasing females, he should have been getting an education and obtaining his own self worth, instead of getting it from being a pedophile and signing his name on the dotted line, thinking that he had it all, not realizing that he had to, must obey the Illuminati orders and decree when it was assigned and told for him to do so. But NO, when he thought he had it all and he didn't have to answer to NO ONE, what did the Illiuminati do? They took it ALL away from him and now this dumb fool is standing and looking like a jackass and now he's blaming everyone else and saying that they all are lying.
    Fuck R Kelly and with him having a new web site, the females better be aware. This fool has nothing, and he's only setting this new website, is to get or obtain new females he can target. Females better be careful of this perverted pedophile. He has nothing and never will be nothing, except for the title that he has already obtained.
    Don't feel sorry for him and never will. He's now a bald headed wantta be, with no money, working wherever he can, with the side kick on the side and that's having a harem of females that he can boss around and transfer to others males sexually and if need be, he be sexual with them as well, if his diluted mind and aged body is able to. R. Kelly can go straight to Hell!! He's no more a idol of mine and he shouldn't be to anyone else.
    I'm sick of hearing about this old aged man and he should be put away, so that his name or whatever about him should never exist any longer. SMDH

  • NvrChange 4Socialmedia
    NvrChange 4Socialmedia 5 months ago

    Even if shes lying the whole shit aint a lie.

  • Shaborn WILSON
    Shaborn WILSON 5 months ago

    This the shit in The book so the storyline is fabricated

  • Shaborn WILSON
    Shaborn WILSON 5 months ago

    They all are lying period. Next person call these brawds a victim. Need to kick rocks ain't no damn pedophilia going on neither. @Daytime Teatime you better investigate all of those hookers they all are lying. Tim Savage ,said Tamara knew they were lying and still allowed this fuck shit.

  • Rosendo Botello
    Rosendo Botello 5 months ago

    My concern is.. why is her ex super friendly talking about her to her own daughter.. 🤔 I don't think anyones daughter would sabotage their own mother especially if she about to get paid too 😂 & why ain't Nobody interviewing ole girl who turned herself out that was standing right next to josselyn

  • Kin Slayer
    Kin Slayer 5 months ago

    She mad because r kelly wasn’t interested in her that way, u can tell she tried and failed

  • linda I am right here waiting !! love you jackson

    All hell bound bitches lies doing what that money bully ass savage say

  • Tenay Dade
    Tenay Dade 5 months ago

    Maybe Tim was coaching her because she was nervous about doing her 1st press conference...? like an attorney would do...

    the recording is just her daughters opinion... yes she saw her mom came home (when Rkelly let her) with money and designer... but what did she have to do to get all that... its basically a pimp and a hoe situation... kids just have their own point of view, but that doesnt mean her mom is lying...she probably has some resentment against her mom anyway for making her take care of her siblings to go live w a nigga... so....

  • S Wats
    S Wats 5 months ago +1

    The vlogger seems afraid of calling a spade a spade bkuz she's afraid of losing subs. Don't pussy foot around the truth. This girl is lying and the Savage girl parents are lying bkuz the daughter said she wasn't a hostage also. Be more focused on the truth and not pacifying your viewers.

    • datgizza50
      datgizza50 5 months ago

      No you're just not smart enough to grasp psychological concepts and you really like R Kelly's music

  • ayanda martinus
    ayanda martinus 5 months ago +1

    Don't ask about the ex boyfriend and daughter conversion no just watch the video and you will C that the King is innocent. Video people video

  • Rock ta Natural
    Rock ta Natural 5 months ago

    All these lies just makes it harder for the girls to get out and for someone to actually believe them. I’m going to be warring for them in prayer. Great Chanel Candice.

  • Nicholas Morgan
    Nicholas Morgan 5 months ago

    All dumpass r Kelly fan there still a tape with a 14 year old girl I care less about the rest I hope u support all child molester even the ones that mess with ur kids. Just saying

  • Kevin Byrd
    Kevin Byrd 5 months ago

    Timothy is "savage"

  • Mic Wms
    Mic Wms 5 months ago

    Don't subscribe to this fake ass CHANNEL

  • Catherine Moore
    Catherine Moore 5 months ago

    Y’all people lack basic common sense. And the cycle of abuse. You get a lot of material things from abusers once your abused. It all about mental abuse. That’s what we lack in the black community. When your mentally abused by something it takes over you it’s changes you. Read a psychology book. Educate yourself.

  • Anastasia UNDER CONSTRUCTION! garcia ross

    Yeah and this hoe ugly af too I didn’t believe it

  • stephanie d
    stephanie d 5 months ago +2

    Considering this Asante woman is lying, Tim Savage is lying, it's not farfetched for me to believe that the other women are lying too. They were there bc they wanted to be there and were getting paid. They were coming and going as they please. I'm so over this.

  • The man
    The man 5 months ago

    R kelly could stop this if he want to. All he have to do send every body home kelly this is your life stop playing with it

  • Charolette Hudson
    Charolette Hudson 5 months ago +2

    Don’t believe none of them

  • Charolette Hudson
    Charolette Hudson 5 months ago +1

    R Kelly former group members Public Announcement sheds light on lies & inconsistencies being told by Ex Wife & Sparkle. tvclip.biz/video/ZwsxepFh2Qo/video.html
    R Kelly former Nutritionist sheds light on the inconsistencies & lies in #SurvingRKelly docuseries. tvclip.biz/video/gseE66ma_7U/video.html
    Tim Savage (Father that says R Kelly is holding his daughter against her will & brainwashed her) recorded saying Faith (R Kelly accuser) is lying). tvclip.biz/video/xgVFTW7gRqU/video.html
    The Lying 🤥 Savages: tvclip.biz/video/JSn-E8D_dIo/video.html
    Asante McGee DAUGHTER says her mother is lying 🤥 over phone call with her ex boyfriend about R Kelly abusing her
    I Admit

  • S H
    S H 5 months ago +6

    Tired of the Jerry Springer show, I WOULD like to hear more OF R Kelly music

  • hollywoodz bishop
    hollywoodz bishop 5 months ago

    Her daughter seem very intelligent I feel bad that her ex boyfriend did this to her wow

  • Andreanna Hughes
    Andreanna Hughes 5 months ago +2

    They need to stop lying on this man!

  • hollywoodz bishop
    hollywoodz bishop 5 months ago +1

    Oh hell no the father is a scammer and ASHANTI IS A dirty money hungry bitch! WOW

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn 5 months ago

    I hate when people lie like that because it makes the whole story look fake just because a few people want clout and to be in the public eye