🔴 TheReportOfTheWeek Live Stream Round 2

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
  • Going LIVE!
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Comments • 86

  • han36solo
    han36solo Year ago

    Ithsue : )

  • Luciana
    Luciana Year ago +2

    When you drink water I get thirsty

  • lily cam ツ
    lily cam ツ Year ago +1

    "to perfection"
    *points at camera*

  • Juliana Bezáková

    Please stream more 🙂🙂🙂

  • John Adams
    John Adams Year ago +2

    You are a great Teacher of all things big and small 👍🏻😎

  • Sem
    Sem Year ago

    good try bud, i can't imagine how difficult it is to do it for the first time

  • A Black Guy
    A Black Guy Year ago +1

    I really hope I don't miss your next live stream if you ever decide to do this again 😢😢😢

  • Ignacio Freiberg
    Ignacio Freiberg Year ago +1

    I cannot believe I missed this :(

  • Andrew Franklin
    Andrew Franklin Year ago +1


  • Wubbywub
    Wubbywub Year ago +3

    at 1mil subs, reviewbrah should wear casual t shirt and jeans

  • Nick Cross
    Nick Cross Year ago

    Btw big fan

  • Nick Cross
    Nick Cross Year ago

    How old is reviewbra

  • uriahfiiya
    uriahfiiya Year ago

    Sad I missed this historic event live

  • Liana Kamal
    Liana Kamal Year ago

    big shoot out to liana

  • Vicki Hankins
    Vicki Hankins Year ago

    Rockin' the live stream Reviewbruh!🕴

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise Year ago +6

    I am honestly so in love with you

  • Ellkawaii
    Ellkawaii Year ago +2

    Oh my god that shout out was for me 😄😄

    • Phoebe H
      Phoebe H Year ago +1

      Hi Ellie it's ya boi Phoebe, congrats on the shoutout

  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes Year ago

    Kim Jong Un got to him

  • sameeha
    sameeha Year ago +2

    it’s just amazing how he’s just, like this. godly. no scripts, nothing.

  • Amber No
    Amber No Year ago

    What a sharp lad

  • Idunnイドゥン

    Thiftshop haul coming soon?

  • III
    III Year ago +44

    "Nicolia: 'I can see Reviewbrah, but can Reviewbrah see me' Well I can, I can see you right now. ...I think...unless that's not real... Unless nothing's real..."

  • RBrocolli
    RBrocolli Year ago +2

    Hey Review Brother, where's your paypal so I can send you a christmas present?

  • Andrey Andreyevich
    Andrey Andreyevich Year ago +3

    Whi is ReviewBrah so great?

    I guess that's one of the misteries of the world.

  • lilKKona
    lilKKona Year ago +2

    You are born to do IRL stream, please dont quit working on live stream.

  • rck ism
    rck ism Year ago

    think about getting on twitch man you know you have a serious following thatd follow you over there no doubt. goddamit, youre reviewbrah! get on twitch, theyre alot fairer than youtube superchats too, youtube take waaay too much from superchat. consider it reviewbrah, it would be the start of something beautiful!

  • Sketch999999
    Sketch999999 Year ago +2

    Is reviewing food not an art?

  • Weekwah
    Weekwah Year ago +1

    Omg, I’m sad I missed this. If you do a live thing again I hope I’m not sleeping lol.

  • Freddie Foodie King
    Freddie Foodie King Year ago +13

    "Im not an artist by any means" i just chuckled inside

  • Freddie Foodie King
    Freddie Foodie King Year ago +9

    Popeyes stock just went down 10 points

  • Jacob Griffin
    Jacob Griffin Year ago +10

    Sat through a 1 minute ad and didn't skip so I could support reviewbrah 🤘

    SOLID Year ago

    4:24 nice xD

  • Freddie Foodie King
    Freddie Foodie King Year ago +14

    Is this a dream? If it is i dont want to wake up

  • Freddie Foodie King
    Freddie Foodie King Year ago +2

    Proof god exists

  • Gumbo
    Gumbo Year ago


  • gang
    gang Year ago +8

    proof god exists

  • Willy D
    Willy D Year ago +12

    Do an irl video where you go to thriftstores and buy suits

  • Willy D
    Willy D Year ago +1

    Merry christmas

  • The Kilo 23 Group


  • Juan Carlos Sosa Serrano

    Dude i was 2am here in Virginia

    • The Don
      The Don 2 months ago

      333am massachusetts

  • JnPSteen
    JnPSteen Year ago +16

    What a wonderful thing to wake up to ❤️ I love how genuine you are. Enjoying my coffee while watching all three of these.

  • Johnny Rebel
    Johnny Rebel Year ago +3

    You look sharp .

  • Kiarra Brynn
    Kiarra Brynn Year ago

    can anyone share the time stamp for shirtless ReviewBrah?????? plz

  • Dam Son
    Dam Son Year ago +21

    Reviewbrah, I recommend /r/thriftstorehauls, if you haven't perused the sub already.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall Year ago

    551,000 adoring subscribers, and more humbleness and sincerity then all of us combined. #learnfromhisways

  • BunnyFluffies
    BunnyFluffies Year ago +14

    oohh thrift store haul would be nice!! 💛

  • GDouble3K
    GDouble3K Year ago +2

    I’m so mad I was asleep for this! Why did it have to be 3 am east coast!?!

  • PlanetPowerHD
    PlanetPowerHD Year ago

    I think the deep state wants you out of the equation

  • vasya vasili
    vasya vasili Year ago +9

    What is our leader saying!! ??

  • ElementoF12
    ElementoF12 Year ago +1

    whats his twitch name??

  • Tanya Kulova
    Tanya Kulova Year ago +1


  • Caleb Kormann
    Caleb Kormann Year ago +6

    GOD is now with us live \^0^/

  • Alolan Vulpix Getting Railed

    did you hear me knocking on your door review brah?

  • Squidlove
    Squidlove Year ago +7

    Love the pinstripe suit man looking good

  • Outlaws Generation
    Outlaws Generation Year ago +17

    I issue you Reviewbrah a Carolina reaper one chip challenge do u want to challenge me?

    • Outlaws Generation
      Outlaws Generation Year ago

      John Marshall I have my own playlists I created for them which helps.

    • Outlaws Generation
      Outlaws Generation Year ago +1

      John Marshall Wrestling I do like once a month my channel is mainly about Food, Videogames, Anime and podcasts

    • John Marshall
      John Marshall Year ago

      Outlaws Generation By the way, just subbed to your channel. Have you thought about splitting your channel into 3 separate channels? Perhaps a food review channel, a wrestling channel, and a gaming channel?

    • John Marshall
      John Marshall Year ago +1

      Outlaws Generation Well then, you, fine sir, are a dumb ass. LOL! Kidding! I've seen a lot of people try the Paqui one chip and it never ever ends well. My friend over at 'Excel on Fire' loves the hot stuff and the Paqui chip got him pretty good.

    • Outlaws Generation
      Outlaws Generation Year ago +2

      John Marshall yep

  • Mati c
    Mati c Year ago +8

    Set up an account with streamlabs its way better than Superchat on youtube. They don't take a % of the donations + you get a text to speech to pop up for every donation message.

  • Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard Year ago +9

    I love you

  • poogars poo
    poogars poo Year ago +7

    Also twitch is a way better live stream application.

  • Garret Jacobsen
    Garret Jacobsen Year ago +4

    n o r t h k o r e a

  • ka_okai
    ka_okai Year ago +3


  • Dominic DeRose
    Dominic DeRose Year ago +61

    Why does TVclip recommended this to me after it's over :(

    • Andrey Andreyevich
      Andrey Andreyevich Year ago

      totally understandable man, I got to watch it live, but missed like a half cuz of some issues, so I rewatched the 3 videos later xD

    • Idunnイドゥン
      Idunnイドゥン Year ago +1

      My internet was down the whole day so I didn't get to watch ;( feelsbadman

    • rck ism
      rck ism Year ago +1

      well yeah i can rewatch it, it lightens the blow. but i could have been LIVE... possibly chatting with REVIEWBRAH. if you dont understand that i cant help you man.

    • Andrey Andreyevich
      Andrey Andreyevich Year ago +1

      cuz it's never too late to watch it )

    • rck ism
      rck ism Year ago

      i know that feeling. i heard it gets better, hang in there man.

  • Chxmpz YT
    Chxmpz YT Year ago +1

    Lmfao what is this (pretending)

  • Dustin Burns
    Dustin Burns Year ago +4

    Whattup bois

  • brandon
    brandon Year ago +5


  • Ocean
    Ocean Year ago +51


  • Dankwalker
    Dankwalker Year ago +1

    First bae